T1-T3-quests (v2.7) script for Age of Conan

May 7th, 2017
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  1. <FONT COLOR='#ffff00'>T1 - T3 Questlines: [</FONT><a style="text-decoration:underline" href="text:// <center><font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANLarge' >============= Please extend the script =============</font></center> <FONT FACE='small'> <br><font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANSmall' > DESTINY QUESTS <FONT COLOR='transparent'>====</FONT> OTHERS.. </font> <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>==================</FONT> || <br> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> The Grim Grey God <FONT COLOR='transparent'>======.</FONT> Black Dragon Recruit <FONT COLOR='transparent'>====</FONT> Trail to the Dragon's Lair </FONT> <br> Kalanthes:Kheshatta[1070,705] <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> King Conan <FONT COLOR='transparent'>===========.</FONT> Kurtz:AtzelsA[280,265] <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>==================</FONT> || <br> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> Master of the Silver Peacock <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Black Dragon Knighthood <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Draconis Hex </FONT> <br> Kalanthes:Kheshatta[1070,705] <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> King Conan <FONT COLOR='transparent'>===========.</FONT> Kurtz:AtzelsA[280,265] <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>==================</FONT> || <br> talk to Cha <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=============</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> Kill Dragon Vistrix <FONT COLOR='transparent'>======</FONT> Crown of Acheron </FONT> <br> Cha:Kheshatta[761,696] <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=====</FONT> King Conan <FONT COLOR='transparent'>===========.</FONT> Kurtz:AtzelsA[280,265] <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>==================</FONT> || <br><center><font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANLarge' ><br>== Go on T1 raid to kill Vistrix ==</font></center> <br> || <br> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> The Immortal Hand</FONT> <br>return to Kalanthes : talk to Zelata : return to Kalanthes <br>take a ring and a letter from a shrine [850,640] : click on the letter <br> || <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> The Cursed Treasure </FONT> <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> of Constantius <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=========</FONT> Bowls of Set <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=======.</FONT> Master of Gargoyles </FONT> <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Kalanthes:Kheshatta <FONT COLOR='transparent'>======.</FONT> Kalanthes:Kheshatta <FONT COLOR='transparent'>====.</FONT> Cha:Kheshatta[761,696] <br> || <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> Mistress of the Shadows <FONT COLOR='transparent'>==.</FONT> The Hunt <FONT COLOR='transparent'>==========</FONT> Minions of Living Stone </FONT> <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Hashima:Kheshatta[777,617] <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Kalanthes:Kheshatta <FONT COLOR='transparent'>====.</FONT> Cha:Kheshatta[761,696] <br> || <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> A curious recipe <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=======.</FONT> Army - Gates - Abyss <FONT COLOR='transparent'>==</FONT> Stone to Flesh </FONT> <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> near Catha [recipe to craft Ibis] <FONT COLOR='transparent'>.</FONT> Dexitheus, Conan's Castle <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Gargoyle near entrace Wing1 <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Only soldiers should take this <br> || <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> <FONT COLOR='transparent'>====================================</FONT> Fangs of the Ring </FONT> <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>====================================.</FONT> Tuktopet:Kheshatta[833,638] <br> || <br><font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANLarge' > <br> = T2 Wing 3 = <FONT COLOR='transparent'>===</FONT> = T2 Wing 2 = <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=.</FONT> = T2 Wing 1 = </font> <br> <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> <br> || <br> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> Death to Thoth Amon </FONT> <br> King Conan <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> <font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANSmall' > Others... </font> <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> || <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> Phoenix Sword <FONT COLOR='transparent'>============================</FONT> The Four Sent </FONT> <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Dexitheus, Conan's Castle <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=======================</FONT> poster on bookshelf left <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>====================================.</FONT> of entrance (T3 lower) <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> Defense of Asgard <FONT COLOR='transparent'>======</FONT> Guardians from Beyond </FONT> <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Wulfhere, Conan's Castle <FONT COLOR='transparent'>====</FONT> Nadir:Kheshatta[665,1216] <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> || <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> Keeper of Artifacts <FONT COLOR='transparent'>======</FONT> Betrayal </FONT> <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Hashima:Kheshatta[777,617] <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Moulay:Kheshatta[760,645] <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> || <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#ffa500'> Master of Blades <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=======</FONT> Face of Evil </FONT> <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> Ettival:Kheshatta[763, 622] <FONT COLOR='transparent'>==</FONT> Scipio:Old Tarantia[964,709] <br> || <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> || <br><font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANLarge' > <br> = T3 Upper Floor = <FONT COLOR='transparent'>==.</FONT> = T3 Lower = </font> <br> <FONT COLOR='transparent'>=</FONT> <br> || <FONT COLOR='yellow'> <br>Remember to claim cloak from King Conan after killing Thoth-Amon <br> <br>ALSO: Remember to check loot boxes (for quest items) <br>AFTER loot has been distributed properly. </FONT> <br><center><font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANLarge' ><br>________________</font></center> <br>T1 - T3 Questlines v.2.7 by Aesghuld <br>information based on and </FONT> </center>"> Click Here </a>]
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