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  1. These exact coins must be compiled. Again, utilize bootstraps and snapshots for quicker syncing, .26 has more power and space than .33 and .51.
  3. Also for all .confs you must add:
  4. rpcuser=(given by daemon)
  5. rpcpassword=(given by daemon)
  6. rpcallowip=
  7. rpcport=(unique port number is required for all nodes/daemons, not 1 can be the same)
  8. walletnotify=php /var/www/walletnotify.php COINCODE %s
  9. daemon=1
  11. Example for litecoin
  12. rpcuser=litecoinrpc
  13. rpcpassword=3259829352
  14. rpcallowip=
  15. rpcport=7239
  16. walletnotify=php /var/www/walletnotify.php LTC %s
  17. daemon=1
  20. rpcallowip is the same for all daemons
  21. rpcport has to be unique for all daemons
  22. walletnotify must be the coins code, e.g litecoin is LTC, for bitcoin it would be BTC, and so on
  23. you can find the code on a  site like CoinMarketCap
  25. Please record the RPC User, RPC Port and RPC Password for each and every daemon, it must be forwarded to me after you complete the job
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