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  1. Raising the Clan: (+40 Tokens)
  2. -Clan Name & Founding: (+7 Tokens)
  3.     -Name: Clan Clakerkz
  4.     -Capital Name: Vistrik
  5.     -History/Reason for Founding: Before Clakerkz, there were four Thrall-Clans vying for control of Vistrik - a sizeable transportation nexus between the Eshin holdings in Cathay and Nippon, and the Pestilens temples in Lustria. Clan Shishaka of Eshin, seeking to earn their shadowy masters’ favor by claiming the city; Clan Steekrik of Skryre, who maintained the trains and electricity, and so sought to maintain a monopoly on Vistrik’s transportation; Clan Gorr of Pestilens, who wished to control Vistrik to open Pestilens’ to the far East; and Clan Clazzik, a minor Warlord Clan who wished to establish a fortress of their own in the New World.
  7.     The politics waged between these four eventually erupted into all-out war over Vistrik, which saw the under-city burn and the rails between the two continents briefly interrupted. No one victor came over the others, as the clan war saw all four shatter against one another. One enterprising stormvermin, born from Vistrik’s own spawning pits, saw his chance and slaughtered the remaining leadership of all four clans. With no other warlords or chieftains to step in against the dominating new lord, the remnants of all four clans capitulated. In days, there was a new power ruling Vistrik: Clan Clakerkz.
  9.     To prevent rivals and other clans from seizing the opportunity to move into his new territory, the vermin warlord ‘Trolvaka’ swiftly commanded raiding parties to assault the trading fleets and ports of Nippon while commanding the remaining engineers to get the railways back into working gear. With the influx of goods returning from the eastern nations and the re-opened train stations and ports, Vistrik swiftly eh… “prospered,” as much as skaven can say they’ve prospered. It also gradually took on a more Nipponese culture, in reflection of how Eshin had taken on much of Cathay, Ind, and Nippon’s habits.
  11. -Clan Territory & Capital Location:
  12.     -Biome Choice - Tropical Island (Free)
  13.     -Location: The Turtle Isles (Subterranean)
  14.     -Population & Foundation: Fortress (-9 - Starting Populace of 555,555 Skaven)
  15.     -Territory Drawbacks:
  16.         -Local Enemies x3 - Vampires, Lizardmen, High Elves (+6)
  17.         -Vampiric Corruption (+3)
  18.         -Dangerous Predators - Dinosaurs (+3)
  19.         -Freshwater Source - River (-1)
  20.         -A Helpful Resource x2 - Oyster Beds, and Warpstone Mine (-8)
  21.         -Foreign Soil & Far-Off Land - Import Volkar Peak (-1)
  22.     -Capital Structures & Landmarks:
  23.         -Dreg Heaps (Free)
  24.         -Pens (Free)
  25.         -Farming Marsh x3 - Mushrooms, Black Corn (1st Free, -2)
  26.         -Breeding & Whelp Pits x2 (Both Free)
  27.         -Harbor & Shipyard (-2)
  28.         -Basic Defenses (Free)
  29.         -Warprail Station & Trainyard (-6)
  30.         -Bell Foundry (-4)
  31.         -Vermin Market (-1)
  32.         -Warp-Forge (-6)
  34. -Clan Specialties & Quirks: (+3 Discounts)
  35.     -Chieftain’s Mark (-1)
  36.     -Trader Rats (-0.5)
  37.     -Water-Rats (-1.5)
  38.     -Savage Rats (-2.5) (-1)
  39.     -Well Bred (-3.5) (-1)
  40.     -Magically Gifted (-3) (-1)
  41.     -Athletic Rats (-4)
  42.     -Loyal Rats (-3)
  43.     -Tech-Rats (-3)
  44.     -Forge-Rats (-3)
  46. Clan Drawbacks:
  47.     -Clan Nemesis (-3) - Gor-Rok
  48.     -Clan of Interest (-3)
  50. Scenario: The Scheme of Skabbicus’ Memory
  51.     -Reward: +10 Tokens (Sneaky Rats (-3); Herbalists (-3); Laboratories & Workshops - Flesh (-2); Digger-Rats (-2))
  52.     -Reward: Perk - ‘Become Something More’
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