Club Roadmen Application

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  1. 🐧 Look at all those Chickens 🐧
  3. Wattpad username;; @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  5. Slot;; @PhatCoinPhrank
  7. Backup slot;; NIL
  9. Face claim;; Choi Yoojung (Weki Meki)
  11. Backup face claim;; NIL
  13. Love interest;; Zhong Chenle
  15. 🐧 I have to restart my potatoes 🐧
  17. Full name;; Alexis Gou MingXing [苟明星]
  19. Nickname(s);;
  20. » XingXing; All her friends and family call her this. It's was made by her Mother and everyone loved it and it became her official nickname.
  21. » Alex; Only her gang calls her this. It's basically a shortened form for Alexis and it less feminine.
  22. » Phrank; Because of her username, people online call her Phrank. The gang though it was funny and started calling her Phrank in real life as well.
  24. Birthday;; 17/08/01
  26. Age ;; 18 | 17
  28. Birthplace;; Sydney, Australia
  30. Nationality;; Australian-Korean
  32. Ethnicity;; Australian-Chinese
  34. Height;; 160cm
  36. 🐧 It's Free Real Estate 🐧
  38. Background;; She was born into a rich family in Sydney. She was extremely pampered throughout her life, but she didn't really think much of it and didn't boast about it, which is how most of her friends never knew. She was a girly and loud child when she was younger, but as she grew older she had more male friends and became more tomboyish, still remaining as loud as ever. During her free time, she'd leave her family's private estate and go around the skateparks and parkour on the rooftops of buildings. She wasn't much of a sleeper and would spend late nights. Her parents weren't very fond of her teenage behaviour but what can you say? She's quite a rebel sometimes, and they've learned that there's no bossing her around. When she was 5, her beloved little brother came into her family. She loved and cared for him a lot and they were very close. She grew up taking care of him, but when he started to get bullied in school, she dealt with the idiots and became a tough person. When she turned 14, their family moved to their house in Seoul, South Korea. She found Club Penguin through the gang who she met in high school and started playing with them when she wasn't studying, messing with chenle next door or working her part-time shift at Starbucks.
  40. Personality;;
  41. » Playful; "Why don't we go throw snowballs at Mr. Lee's house?" She's a childish and playful one. She loves to have fun and mess around. She's a pretty mischievous one too, playing pranks on others and trolling people online.
  43. » Smart; "It's spelt as D U M B A S S, dumbass." Though she can seem and act like a real idiot and dumbass, she's really smart in every way. She aces her academics, is witty at her comebacks and actions. She just prefers to act like she has no braincells.
  45. » Crackhead; "My Best Friend and I saw Lewis the Llamacorn vomiting rainbows on my lawn the other day-" She's honestly such an deafening loud and idiotic meme that never runs out of energy and will definitely brighten the mood, anywhere and anytime. She's there to brighten your day.
  47. » Badass; "Lay a finger on my brother and oh boy, you're going to die bitch." Honestly, she isn't really a girly you'd want to deal with. However, she's mostly understood because of this. She's landed in dentention in school a lot of times for confronting students in unsatisfactory ways, but she only does so because the students have been asses to her or other students.
  49. » Soft; "Are you okay? Here, let me help you." She's actually really sweet. She can be very helpful, caring, kind and cheesy. She had this side from young but only showed it to those who she was close to, leaving the rest to think that she's a bold and intimidating girl.
  52. » Coffee
  53. » Lollipops
  54. » Plushies
  55. » Late Nights
  56. » Neon Colours
  58. Dislikes;;
  59. » Nagging
  60. » Extremely Girly Stuff
  61. » Roadtrips
  62. » Creepy Crawlies
  63. » Illness
  65. Habits;;
  66. » Biting or Licking her lips
  67. » clapping her hands when excited
  68. » dabbing (and no one can tell her that it dead or else they're dead)

  70. Hobbies;;
  71. » skateboarding
  72. » listening to music
  73. » dancing
  74. » eating

  76. Trivia;;
  77. » If she's hungry, you better watch out. She'll get really grumpy, so that's why she's always snacking to keep her sanity.
  78. » She doesn't sleep more than 4 hours per night.
  79. » Shes really good at acrobatic stunts, skateboard stunts and parkour.
  80. » Her Korean Name is Kwon Eunbyul [권은별] but she prefers not to be called that.
  81. » She's on the school's dance team as well as in gymnastics and Taekwondo outside school.
  82. » She prefers to hang around boys than girls, resulting in her being a slight tomboy.
  83. » She has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) but no one but her family and gang knows.


  85. 🐧 Fuck Your Chicken Strips! 🐧
  89. How did you meet your love interest?;; Well I was throwing snowballs around the puffle hotel at random penguins and he started throwing them back at me and shouted "I'll pay you 0.001 bitcoin to egg my friends house" and I immediately liked him and we started trolling Club Penguin together. I had no idea he was my annoying neighbour in Seoul who throws snowballs or paper airplanes with notes in them through my bedroom window.
  91. On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly do you want to meet your love interest in real life?;; uhh 11. what? don't judge me .-.
  93. Who of the other girls are you closest to?;; Maybe @NicolasCage420?
  95. 🐧 You Got Eczema? 🐧
  97. Requested scenes with love interest;;
  98. » The rest are offline so they mess around Club Penguin by themselves.
  99. » He found out that she's PhatCoinPhrank when he came over to her house to hang out and she accidentally left her computer on while they were playing UNO.
  101. Requested scenes with other slots;;
  102. » They left chocolate coins on her doorstep in her birthday with a note saying "enjoy your birthday money, phrank :)"
  103. » The rest meet her little Brother for the first time.
  105. 🐧 Iridocyclitis 🐧
  107. If you have any questions feel free to ask - just pm me.
  109. Anything I missed?;; Nothing that I know of?
  111. Message to me?;; Hi tysm for accepting me into your af. I really like this plot and I hope we can talk more ^_^ I honestly didn't know where this form was going HAHAHA so sorry for the bad quality
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