Haachama Cookoff

Apr 14th, 2021
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  1. (You)’ve been working at Cover for a while. Getting to know some of the girls has sure been an experience, from Aqua trying (and failing) to maintain a conversation to Marine’s open flirting, they sure have been a handful (not that you mind, complaining about hanging out with vtubers all day would be insane). One you’ve never really spoken too much with was Haachama and in an effort to try and connect, you overheard from some of the girls that she seems to be interested in cooking (although you weren’t sure what all the snickering was about) and so you decided to cook something to bring to the break room for everyone, hoping in the process you might bond over a shared hobby.
  3. Deciding on truly bringing your A game, you decided to make Paella, a dish your not entirely sure how to pronounce, but it sure looked good online, it took a while to get some of the more obscure ingredients, but walking through the building and seeing some of the still busy girl’s eyes widen at the aroma as you walked to the break room made it all worth it (Nene nearly jumping out of her chair before telling her chat she might need to end stream early).
  5. Walking into the break room (you) just happen to see the girl herself, munching on…something. Her head tilts out of curiosity as you begin filing trays of food and utensils onto the large table in the middle. Putting away her meal she starts, “I didn’t know we were ordering catering today” looking at her with a glint in your eye as she begins making a plate you tell her “we aren’t, all this was made by yours truly”. As she looks up at you with a face up surprise, she suddenly purses her lips to the side as she starts intensely inspecting both you and her plate, suddenly the doors to the break room fly off their hinges as some of the more “excitable” girls begin to go for plates of their own, you look back to your side only to see Haachama at the end of the table sitting down and giving you the side eye as she eats your food. *sigh*, maybe next time, you think to yourself as you grab yourself some food and talk amongst the other girls for the rest of break.
  7. A couple hours near the end of your shift as you walk into the bathroom to relieve yourself, you open a stall and see Haachama inside wearing a chef’s hat, apron, and gloves looking at you expectantly “HA, I knew you would eventually have to come here!” you look at her slightly dumbfounded, had she been waiting here the entire day? “Haachama what are you doing in the men’s room?”, “Nevermind that!” she says, pointing her finger in your face “What are YOU doing thinking you can just show up Haachama like that!? everyone here knows that my cooking is far superior, now I’ll just have to prove it”, Before you can even reply she takes off one of her gloves before slapping both sides of your cheeks with it and throwing it on the ground “Tomorrow, my place, at 8, bring whatever you want and be ready to lose in a cookoff between me and you!” opening your mouth to reply she simply turns her nose up at you and walks out the bathroom.
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