Nov 1st, 2015
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  1. liblog: optimize code hotspot
  2. logd: optimize code hotspots
  3. logd: log_strtok_r deal with nuls
  4. logd: Add LogUtils.h
  5. logd: klogd deal with nuls in dmesg
  6. logd: klogd: sniff for time correction on Mediatek
  7. logd: klogd and Mediatek part deux
  8. logd: klogd and Mediatek
  9. healthd: logd: add timestamp to kernel logged battery messages
  10. Logd: Handle unused variable and fields
  11. logd: refine is_prio
  12. healthd: Support QC2.0 type charger
  13. healthd: Stop logspam
  14. healthd: Disable the RTC wakeup timer
  15. healthd: fix LED color on 100%
  16. healthd: more descriptive LED path opening error message
  17. healthd: remove useless goto in charger mode
  18. Healthd: charger: allow override of LED/BACKLIGHT paths
  19. healthd: increase healthd fast timer to 10mins instead of 1min
  20. Core: fix compile issue of healthd
  21. charger: allow home button to wake
  22. healthd: charger: Add tricolor led to indicate battery capacity
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