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Lucah: Born of a Dream Trigger Warnings

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Oct 18th, 2018
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  1. Trigger Warnings for Lucah: Born of a Dream
  3. Blood
  4. On-screen character death
  5. Brief moments of intense violence
  6. Violence towards children
  7. Gun violence
  8. Religious (Christian) imagery
  9. Abuse by a parental figure
  10. Flashing lights
  11. Discussions of dissociation and suicidal ideation
  12. Suicidal imagery
  13. Depictions of self harm
  14. Time limits
  15. Dark, enclosed spaces
  16. Apocalyptic imagery (especially relating to climate change and nuclear warfare)
  17. Gender dysphoria
  18. Body dysmorphia
  19. Brief instances of deadnaming
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