KTEST - 26/01/2017

sunhwapark Jan 26th, 2017 3,550 Never
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  1. KTEST - 26/01/2017
  3. ▣ Updates
  4. 1. Addition of a Hidden Class to the game.
  5.     *(Appraiser Job)
  7. 2. Game Optimization Work
  8.     - Effect particle limitations and optimizations
  9.     - Improved the CPU Usage when windows are minimized.
  10.     - Internal Improvements to the Graphics Engine
  12. 3. Changes to Item Drop Methods
  13. - Item drop rates will gradually increase the more kills the player does to the enemy being killed.
  14. - However, this drop rate will reset back to its original rates under certain criteria.
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  17. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums
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