(MLO) Learning by the Books Pt 3

Dec 31st, 2013
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  1. >By the time you wake, Celestia has left the room to attend to some royal duties
  2. >A note lay on the dresser in her eloquent scrip
  3. >It was from Celestia
  4. >'My dear son, I must leave you for I have duties to attend. I ask only that you not tell Twilight about the circustances surrounding her pregnancy. I love you with all my heart. Celestia'
  5. >You stretched in place, wondering why you had woken in Celestia's bed at all, the haze of sleep still engulfed your mind
  6. >Then it all came rushing back at once
  7. >Celestia forcing herself on you, the revelation of her being one of your parents, the assault of pleasure from her ministrations
  8. >You immediately felt ashamed of doing it, but you couldn't understand one thing
  9. >Why?
  10. >Why had you acted the way you did? It was entirely outside how you normally behaved
  11. >Maybe you and your mother together could figure out the reason behind your practically involuntary actions
  12. >You made your way down the torchlit hall back to the throne room
  13. >Celestia wasn't there either, which was odd but not alarming
  14. >You peeked out of the door that led to the corridors of the castle, relieved to find it unguarded
  15. >And so, you made your way back to the library to see Twilight
  16. >As you passed a window, you noticed that the moon had risen and break into a gallop
  17. >Your mother was probably worried sick, you had been gone for most of the day after all
  18. >You suddenly remember the gushing from the princess' marehood that had soaked your coat
  19. >You look down but find you're completely clean, though your coat is a little messy
  20. >It looks like the princess cleaned you herself, with her tongue
  21. >No matter, here's the library doors
  22. >You burst in and find your mother pacing anxiously at the librarians desk
  23. >When you barrel through the doors, she gallops over and embraces you, her unshed tears flowing through her voice
  24. >"Anonymous, I thought I'd lost you! Where have you been, young colt?"
  25. "I-I was just visiting with Auntie Celestia! I kinda fell asleep though...But I'm okay!"
  26. >She pushes you away shock on her face
  27. >"I thought you were hurt! Don't ever wander off like that again, I have enough to worry about without you wandering off without telling me!"
  28. >You're near tears, but suddenly you remember what Celestia told you about what you two had done
  29. >Something about it helping mares and stallions relax
  30. >So you make a snap decision, you're going to help mommy relax
  31. >But not here, when you get home
  32. >She practically drags you down the corridor to your shared chambers silent the entire way
  33. >You try apologizing again and again, but she ignores you
  34. >When you two finally reach your rooms, she takes you into hers and sits you down on the bed next to her
  35. >"Look, Anonymous, we need to talk."
  36. >Your confused gaze makes her entire body quiver and her shoulders start quaking
  37. >"You know that you aren't exactly a normally born foal. And I know that you haven't had a father in your life ever, and I know that must be hard."
  38. >She draws a shuddering breath, running a hoof through her mane
  39. >"It's been hard for me too, raising you without the support of a stallion. And all this work as a princess it's just...I haven't been a good mother to you, and I'm sorry."
  40. >Tears flow freely down her cheeks, their stains matching the ones that are just beginning to form on your own face
  41. "It's okay mommy, I know you're doing the best you can. I just wish we could spend more time together."
  42. >She puts a foreleg around your withers
  43. >"Don't worry Anonymous. I'm telling Celestia tomorrow that I'm going to be cutting back on my royal duties so I can be a mother."
  44. >You're struck speechless, your mother giving up her duties just to spend time with you?
  45. >It was unthinkable
  46. >She notices the look on your face and frowns
  47. >"I-is something the matter? I thought you'd be happy!"
  48. >She still seems too stressed, so you decide to express your happiness in another way
  49. >You spring up and kiss her on the mouth, pushing your tongue inside and running it along her own
  50. >She's too shocked to do anything, so you break the kiss and nuzzle against her neck
  51. >She doesn't push you away, but the shock in her voice is clear
  52. >"W-why did you do that Anonymous? You're not supposed to do that with your own mother!"
  53. >You nibble at her neck, no quite knowing how to show your affection
  54. "But Princess Celestia it was to help mares and stallions relax. And you're super stressed, and I wanna help!"
  55. >She looks down, the weight of what you're saying crashing onto her head
  56. >"T-the princess? What did she--!"
  57. >You cut her off with another kiss, being more forceful this time
  58. >By Celestia, you were going to MAKE her relax!
  59. >She accepted the kiss this time, for about four seconds
  60. >Then she recoiled, grasping her head in her hooves
  61. >"What am I doing! You're my son!"
  62. >You nuzzle her neck again, making sure she knows that you love her
  63. "B-but you love me don't you? Isn't this how ponies show their love?"
  64. >She takes your hooves with hers and looks into your eyes, her face utterly serious
  65. >"Anonymous, this kind of love is for special someponies, not a mother and son. You know I love you, just stop doing this."
  66. "Then will you be my special somepony, mommy?"
  67. >Her ears press against her skull and her eyes go wide, pupils shrinking
  68. >"Anonymous, b-but you're my son!"
  69. "So?"
  70. >"It's wrong! You like other fillies don't you?"
  71. "I don't get to see other fillies mom. And I love you. Please be my special somepony?"
  72. >Twilight's head thunks against the backboard of the bed as it tips backwards, her head spinning
  73. >Why couldn't she be your special somepony?
  74. >There weren't any laws about it, after all, and even if there were she was above them as a princess
  75. >You are Twilight Sparkle
  76. >Your son just asked you to be his special somepony
  77. >You knew it was wrong, and your rational mind argued at you to refuse him
  78. >But deep down, you couldn't help but feel touched
  79. >You had always sought after love, but every stallion you had tried to find it in had refused you
  80. >And now, your son, born of the seed from a stallion you had never known, was offering you the very thing you had been denied for years
  81. >And in that same part of your heart that was touched, you knew you loved him back
  82. >It was just time to stop denying it
  83. >Your little colt strokes your mane and nuzzles the crook of your neck, and you embrace him and nuzzle him back
  84. >You're Anon once more
  85. >Your mommy is nuzzling you back and hugging you, finally responding to the affection you've been showing her
  86. >So you look up into her eyes and kiss her again
  87. >She responds this time, her tongue dancing with yours around your mouths and the space between when you breathe
  88. >You can feel her body warm as you kiss, a blush rising to her cheeks and suffusing her face
  89. >You move you hoof down and rub her belly, a little paunchy from the baby weight she had never worked off
  90. >She moans into the kiss, vibrating your tongue pleasently
  91. >You both slide down until you're laying next to each other, her panting from the kiss and you smiling like a fool
  92. >"A-Anonymous, this is wrong. But I love you like nopony else."
  93. >You plant a kiss on her cheek and whisper into her ear
  94. "I love you too, mommy."
  95. >Her ears flick and suddenly she's nuzzling your belly and a hoof is caressing your sheath
  96. >You bite your lip and your member begins to harden
  97. >She licks it as it appears, running her tongue along its length before returning to the tip and taking it in her mouth
  98. >You moan and thrust into her mouth, forcing your dick down her throat
  99. >She gags, but sucks away, her head bobbing up and down in a rhythmic fashion
  100. >You moan again, her warm esophagus stimulating your senses into near orgasm
  101. "M-mommy, I'm gonna--!"
  102. >She pulls off your member and kisses you, cutting you off
  103. >The sudden lack of stimulation brings you back from the brink and you watch her line her marehood up for something
  104. >"I-I read this in a book once. It's called the 'cowgirl'. I can't imagine why, it looks nothing like a cow!"
  105. >You smile, that was your mother alright
  106. >Even during lovemaking, she always piped up with random facts
  107. >But your thoughts are cut off as your cock slides into her winking, wet pussy
  108. >She makes you hilt immediately and cries out in ecstasy, coming down for another kiss as she rides you
  109. >You can feel your orgasm approaching rapidly, so you break the kiss
  110. "I'm really gonna this time, mommy!"
  111. >She speaks between panting and moaning, riding your dick the entire time without end
  112. >"Cum inside me Anonymous, cum inside mommy!"
  113. >That pushes you overboard and you shoot the second load of your life deep inside your mothers womb
  114. >With that, Twilight falls over the edge with you and her vaginal muscles contract in orgasm, milking your dicks for everything in it
  115. >She collapses on top of you, panting from the exertion
  116. >You kiss her in the post-coital bliss, and she returns it
  117. >It's only a simple kiss, both of you are too exhausted to use your tongues, but it's somehow more meaninful
  118. >As you nod off to sleep, you hear your mother whisper into your ear
  119. >"I love you, Anonymous."
  120. >Before you completely go under, you manage to speak back to her
  121. "I love you too, mommy."
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