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  1. --domaci--
  2. SELECT substr(ime, 1, LENGTH(ime)-1) || UPPER(substr(ime, LENGTH(ime), LENGTH(ime))) ime, prz FROM radnik;
  4. WITH projinfo AS(
  5. SELECT mbr, avg(brc) ab FROM radproj GROUP BY mbr --stavio sam sve SVOJE projekte...nekako mi normalnije
  6. )
  7. SELECT r.mbr, r.ime, r.prz, r.plt FROM radnik r, radproj rp, projinfo pi WHERE r.mbr = rp.mbr AND pi.mbr = r.mbr AND rp.brc > pi.ab;
  9. WITH projinfo AS(
  10. SELECT r.mbr, COUNT(rp.mbr) bpod FROM radnik r, projekat p, radproj rp WHERE r.mbr = p.ruk AND p.spr = rp.spr GROUP BY r.mbr
  11. )
  12. SELECT UNIQUE r.mbr, r.ime, r.prz, pi.bpod FROM radnik r, projekat p, projinfo pi WHERE r.mbr = p.ruk AND r.mbr = pi.mbr;
  14. WITH projinfo AS (
  15. SELECT mbr, SUM(brc) ang FROM radproj GROUP BY mbr
  16. )
  17. SELECT UNIQUE r2.mbr, r2.ime, r2.prz, pi.ang FROM radnik r1, radnik r2, projinfo pi WHERE r1.sef = r2.mbr AND r2.mbr = pi.mbr;
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