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  1. "Beautiful!"
  2. >You were Anon, and before you set your best work yet.
  3. >You had been baking for quite a while now as a hobby, but it wasn't until one of your more social friends was hosting a party that you had been able to use your skills.
  4. >You weren't sure if it was normal for cakes to be at those kinds of parties, but considering you had never really been to any before you weren't going to question it.
  5. >Only two more hours, and then the party would start.
  6. >Only two more-
  7. >You heard a crash as you clumsily knocked the cake down onto the floor.
  8. >The cake that took you almost four hours to make.
  9. "FUCK!"
  10. >You were pretty sure that everyone in your apartment could hear that one.
  11. >Oh well, you needed to work.
  12. >Fast.
  13. >You got out all the supplies you needed and got to work.
  14. >You add in butter and sugar to your mixer, turning it on low as you put in the eggs.
  15. >You fumbled with the tools you had grown so accustomed to as you started adding the flour, baking powder, and salt.
  16. >You felt a sharp pain in your crotch as you continued.
  17. >You ignored it, chalking it up to dehydration, and continued.
  18. >Around halfway through the process, you felt the bones in your legs... Shift?
  19. >You had no idea what happened, but it was damn painful.
  20. >And you could barely use your fingers at this point-
  21. >You glanced at the clock.
  22. >Only an hour left.
  23. >Actually cooking the cake took forty-five minutes, and the drive to the party took five.
  24. >Against all logic, you continued.
  25. >You didn't care if you died, you were finishing this damn thing.
  26. >You rushed through the last portions of the mixing, and prayed that you didn't fuck anything up.
  27. >You quickly put your cake in the oven (Thank christ you had turned it on earlier).
  28. >You walked, awkwardly, over to a chair and sat down.
  29. >You had no idea what was happening with your legs, but you really needed to see a doctor.
  30. >After you were done, of course.
  32. >You could finally rest after that mess.
  33. >Actually, speaking of mess...
  34. >The mess from your original cake was still on the ground.
  35. >You really needed to clean that up, actually.
  36. >Didn't want to drag in ants.
  37. >God knows how bad they would be if they got into your cabinets.
  38. >Getting yourself back on task, you grabbed a broom and threw away the main portion of the cake, grabbing a washcloth from your sink to clean up the remnants.
  39. >Bending down to clean up the mess, you heard a sickening crack as a sharp pain came from your back.
  40. >You screamed like a girl.
  41. >You weren't even going to lie, that sounded exactly like a girl's scream.
  42. >Well, more like a woman.
  43. >Suddenly, you were brought back to reality by the stabbing pain in your back.
  44. >Oh yeah, you almost forgot. Your spine hurt like all hell.
  45. >In fact, you could barely stand up properly.
  46. >This would make getting the cake to the party much harder...
  47. >You glanced over at the oven.
  48. >It was finally ready.
  49. >You quickly got it out of the oven and started walking to your car.
  50. >No time to ice it, or let it cool down.
  51. >Twelve more minutes.
  52. >Your whole body suddenly started tingling.
  53. >You didn't care, you were getting to your car.
  54. >Thank god no-one saw you on your way to your car, you probably looked ridiculous with the way you were walking.
  55. >You had no idea what sick disease you were stricken with, but your skin seemed to be turning... Blue?
  56. >It wasn't even as if it was cutting off oxygen access, it looked too light of a blue to be that.
  57. >You shook your head and started your car, brushing a pink hair from your face.
  59. >You were going to get the damn cake to the party.
  60. >As you started driving, you felt your fingers tense up even more, drifting together.
  61. >Fuck no.
  62. >Of course this happens as you're driving.
  63. >You, painful as it might be, manage to keep your dexterity for most of the drive.
  64. >Your vision starts to blur as you approach the party.
  65. >Your fingers fuse together as you stumble out of the car, your clothes tearing off of your now out-of-proportion body.
  66. >As a cold breeze goes over you, running through the blue hair covering your form, a shiver runs down your spine (Which, luckily, no longer hurts) as you realize that somehow you were now a woman.
  67. "Fucking fantastic."
  68. >Yup, that definitely was not your voice.
  69. >Giving up on walking normally, you bring it out of the car.
  70. >Fuck. Oh yeah, you were on all fours and had no fingers now.
  71. >You had no way to get it to the party.
  72. >You got this far, you weren't turning back now.
  73. >You, somehow, managed to get the cake from the car to your back, your... Hooves? The word came to mind for some reason... Seeming oddly dexterous for their looks.
  74. >For some reason you found yourself thanking 'cartoon physics'.
  75. >Odd.
  76. >Your vision blurred further as you slowly trotted towards the party, your mind becoming fuzzy.
  77. >Whatever was happening, it was not good.
  78. "What in Celestia's name did I do to deserve this..."
  79. ---
  80. "Beautiful!"
  81. >You whistled a tune as you trotted in the direction of the party.
  82. >Sliding the cake off your back and onto the table, you happily walked over to Twilight, the mastermind behind this party.
  83. "Sorry, but it's not my best quality. There was an accident just two hours earlier. I know you and me both wanted the best for Pinkie, but I just couldn't do it fast enough.
  84. >"It's fine, I'm sure she'll love it all the same. I'm honestly amazed you managed to scrape something together in such a short time."
  85. "It's really no problem. I would never let down a friend."
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