Philippa Warr & Terry Cavanagh

Apr 18th, 2015
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  1. Subject: Philippa Warr & Terry Cavanagh.
  2. Sources: Twitter, Rock Paper Shotgun, Wired.
  3. Date Compiled: April 18th, 2014.
  4. Credits: Original Investigation. Second article from Pure Anarchy Network found by @Logan_910
  6. **************************************
  8. Entries in quotes are previous tweets to provide context to the reply.
  10. May 12, 2013: That time @terrycavanagh found me a boat control console to wear
  11. May 24, 2013: @terrycavanagh was the burger worth the drive to London, Terry?
  12. Jun 26, 2013: Paging @terrycavanagh RT @fashionfoiegras: Breaking #burger news: @Five_guys is opening in London's Covent Garden next week!
  13. Jun 26, 2013: @terrycavanagh @fashionfoiegras @Five_Guys Road. Trip.
  14. Sep 15, 2013: @terrycavanagh let me know when you do - excited :) [sidenote: london, burgers, soon pls]
  15. Sep 15, 2013: @terrycavanagh I went to shakeshack without you but I would happily go again. or to any burger restaurant. oh dear, I am now hungry :/
  16. Nov 20, 2013: "@Seniath @v21 @hyper_linda @laurakirsop yes, let's discuss burgers" @terrycavanagh @seniath @v21 @hyper_linda @laurakirsop *hears "burgers"* HI THERE.
  17. Nov 20, 2013: "@philippawarr HI PIP let's get burgers" @terrycavanagh @bucksexington Friday?
  18. Nov 22, 2013: @BuckSexington @terrycavanagh @v21 @rclarke @Seniath shall we all burger? as long as there is meat I am happy
  21. Potential Conflicts of Interest.
  22. Multiple references to hanging out, which do not seem to imply relevance to any actual coverage but rather hanging out as friends. The articles were not written until 2014, but these quotes are from 2013. Thus they are included as references to potential conflicts of interest.
  24. Articles with potential conflicts of interest.
  25. Jan 27, 2014: VVVVVV creator's copyright appeal denied over his own game trailer (
  26. Jan 05, 2015: Moving Stories Tells Tales Through Your Suitcase (Rock Paper Shotgun)
  27. Feb 27, 2015: Grab Them By The Eyes: Signs From Terry Cavanagh (Rock Paper Shotgun)
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