John Kelly Speech Keynote Address Dec 17 2014 Interview 1

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  1. yeah I mean great question I think
  2. I think the reason this this Southern
  3. Command has probably you know 15 or 20
  4. years ago Joel and I don't know how long
  5. ago but it's quite a while it was my
  6. idea by the way it's a great idea though
  7. I wish I had it I think it's because the
  8. unique aspect of Latin America Central
  9. America and the Caribbean the other
  10. combatant commands you might think of as
  11. wall fighting commands obviously Central
  12. Command involved in a in a war now
  13. Europe European Command just this side
  14. of peace believe me with Russia and the
  15. Ukraine what's going on in Africa I
  16. think probably Africa would be better
  17. served to have a stand alone it's not to
  18. say that the other combatant commanders
  19. don't care about human rights I just
  20. think it was unique to this because of
  21. the the history of the particularly of
  22. the Civil War period the civil wars
  23. during the during the 80s and I think as
  24. as democracy came to places like
  25. Argentina Chile Brazil I in in the rest
  26. of the the area middle yes miss I think
  27. it it made sense because those countries
  28. were coming out of some pretty pretty
  29. tough human rights times and I think
  30. probably someone that sat in my seat 15
  31. or 20 years ago said you know this would
  32. make sense as these militaries
  33. out of the Pinochet era whatever that
  34. that we helped them get their heads
  35. straight relative to human rights yeah
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