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  1. Firs of all, is the aesthetics. What does their city look like. Imagine dozens of sand spires, of varying height, clustered
  3. around each other and the giant worm resting in the center of the crag. These spires themselves resemble some sort of
  5. strange termite nests, but much larger, their surfaces dotted with holes, for ventilation and pathways.
  7. Large sheets of leather have been suspended between these spires and structures, to provide shade from the scorching sun.
  9. Bridges, though present, aren't that common, due to the obvious reasons which is the suzumou ability to fly.
  10. Most bridges are located in place where material is expected to be moved from one building to another.
  11. Hundreds of suzumou buzz around these structures, each doing the task their superior has assigned them.
  12. These spires do not exist only above the ground. No, they are merely the tips of the massive tunnel network that spans
  14. underneath the crag and the nearby deserts.
  15. In these tunnels, the Zu-nul store water and other resources, as well as move from one building to another, if they wish to
  17. avoid the scorching sun.
  18. suzumou actually evolved to be nocturnal creatures, as their prey, the sandworms also moved mostly during the nights.
  19. The Zu-nul tunnel network is mostly dug underneath the sands of the desert, though it is connected to a large, mostly
  21. unexplored network of natural caverns, which have large water reservoirs, which the Zu-nul are using.
  23. Zhen-qual, is slowly, and steadily creating a firm caste system for the Zu-nul.
  24. She herself, will of course be the absolute ruler of the tribe, though not directly. Her orders are carried out by her
  26. wormborn agents. The worm seers are the leader caste, who use their skills of manipulation and charming to sway the suzumou
  28. population to the direction Zhen-qual desires.
  29. The Praetorians are the elite warriors, as well as enforces of Zhen-qual's rules. They eliminate heretics and hostile races
  31. outside of the City, and inside of it, they root out dissenters and potential rebels. Those who do not fall in to the line
  33. with the rest of the population, are forcibly subjugated or punished.
  34. There are of course other types of wormborns, some more apparent than others. The overseers are tasked with keeping the
  36. workers in line, and seeing that the projects they are assigned to succeed.
  37. Whereas watchers, are spies, externally, barely different from normal suzumou, but their minds have been made absolutely
  39. loyal to Zhen-qual. She uses them to keep an eye on her subjects, as well as infiltrate other suzumou tribes.
  40. Then there are the assassins. Deadly, bestial creatures, who were created to hunt down high priority targets, such as other
  42. worms that might be a threat.
  43. And then, there are the normal suzumou, who themselves are divided into different roles, depending on their job
  44. There are the workers, who are generalists and make up a large portion of the population. Then there are the hunters, who
  46. also work as warriors of the tribe. Finally, there are the builders, who construct and maintain the structures and tunnels
  48. of the tribe.
  49. Worker term, is just a generalization for a large span of different professions that the normal suzumou in the Zu-nul
  51. society might have, such as gatherer, gill worm feeder, care taker and so on.
  52. Hunters are also warriors and raiders. They are as willing to loot and blunder traders, for their usable resources, as they
  54. are to forcibly convert a heretical tribe
  55. The builders also have many different professions. Some are tunnel diggers, others prepare the cement that is used in their
  57. buildings and so on.
  58. Then, there are still the slave caste, who are the lowest of the low.
  59. No suzumou in Zu-nul society is born in to slavery
  60. Slavery is a form of punishment, that also involves degrees of body mutilation.
  61. The wings of the slaves are removed, so that they may not flee as easily. The slaves often do the most dangerous and
  63. laborious tasks, such as carrying water from the cavern lakes, or feeding the juvenile sandworms the tribe keeps for
  65. breeding purposes.
  66. And if food is scarce, the slaves will be used as food for the worms themselves.
  67. You see, the Zu-nul do not waste good meat, even if it was once their kin.
  68. The slaves are kept in line, with fear, and the promise that trough loyal service, they will be allowed to join with Zhen-
  70. qual's flesh upon their death.
  72. The Zu-nul feed their dead to Zhen-qual. Not to feed her really, as their bodies contain too little meat to make much
  74. difference for the massive worm. The reason forfeeding their dead to the godworm is a religious one.
  75. For the Zu-nul believe, that the only way to reach afterlife is to join with the Divine Flesh of Zhen-qual.
  76. Which is why, all other suzumou must be either converted, or slain and fed to Zhen-qual.
  77. Otherwise, they would be left to wander the desert winds alone, forever. Truly, a fate worse than death.
  79. The Zu-nul society, resembles a dystopian control society
  80. The population is strangely cheery and content with their roles in the society.
  81. They toil away mostly thanklessly, praising Zhen-qual for the wisdom and protection she offers.
  82. But for those who do not buy into the facade, and wont stay in the line with the rest of the tribe, the place is a
  84. nightmare.
  85. Watchers lurking among their work mates, ready to alert the overseers and the praetorians at them moment of a slightest
  87. hint of dissent. Their "friends" might turn against them at the moment they went against something that their "friends"
  89. perceived as a rule or a norm.
  90. And fleeing from the Zu-nul tribe will only help in the short term.
  91. For the Zu-nul are not content on allowing other suzumou tribes live their lives as they please.
  92. no, there is no cultural diversity in the Zu-nul understanding.*all* suzumou belong to Zhen-qual
  93. They will join her in her divine flesh, no matter if they want it or not.
  94. Because that is what is the right and compassionate thing to do.
  95. Doing otherwise would doom their souls for eternity of wandering in the desert, with no companions besides the wind.
  96. Those who resist have just not seen the light and truth of Zhen-qual yet.
  97. They will thank their killers in the afterlife, for then they will finally understand that what was done was done out of
  99. necessity.
  100. So yeah, running away will only push the threat of Zu-nul to ones children.
  101. Other races do not receive same treatment of course. The Zu-nul don't care if they believe or worship the worms. The
  103. opinions and practices of the other races are inconsequential as it is the Suzumou who are the promised people, who will
  105. achieve immortality in afterlife, trough the union wit Zhen-qual.
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