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  1. MUSIC: Remove intro from Maple Treeway music
  2. MUSIC: Undo revert to BRSAR. Be sure to resave after Wi-Fi music is placed properly!
  3. MUSIC: Menu SFX BRSEQ -> BRWAV if possible.
  4. MUSIC: Is it true that the game doesn't load BRWAVs or BRSEQs as BGM during a race?
  5. MUSIC: SADX Twinkle Citcuit custom music slot? (If so, n_BossMI_32.brstm can be restored.) (ISO version)
  6. MENU: OoT3D/MM3D cup icons. Zelda Wiki rips; maybe rips from CIA if it's possible to decrypt them on PC or get them pre-decrypted. Also, maybe retrive encrypted CIA from NUS rather than a ROM site? Of course, we still need the title key, but still...
  7. MENU: TWC hurricane icon could be rendered as I4/I8. This will need a BRLYT edit, but it's still better than IA4/IA8 which needs more space in RAM/SZS. It will also look a little better in SZS Modifier. (CTGP Menu Pack)
  8. MENU: Re-do timer numbers from scratch. Maybe use the same font TWC uses, and also for Time/Lap/Score textures. (CTGP Menu Pack)
  9. MENU: CTGP menu pack will need four additional cup icons.
  10. MENU: Font.szs edits! Maybe use IS1 (Interstate Regular) font. For Japanese characters, use some other font; IDK which one yet. Leave Font_K.szs (outside of English characters) alone. OUTLINES ARE KEY! (CTGP menu pack)
  11. MENU: Number fonts (Font.szs) - TWC font? (CTGP menu pack)
  12. MENU: Look into symbol fonts. (CTGP menu pack)
  13. MENU: Obviously, Title.szs needs updated for the new version. Maybe make the version text part of the BRLYT instead of the title screen textures?
  14. MENU: I've been trying to make the game load custom BMG messages for at least a year. All attempts have either not worked or it outright froze the game. What's up with that? The BRCTR might have more info about that, but...
  15. MENU: Make online track votes zoom in instead of moving from right. Preferably, also make them fade out instead of moving to left. (CTGP menu pack)
  16. MENU: Backmodel.szs could use some work. (CTGP menu pack)
  17. OVR1: Speedometer pack. Also, the default speedometer should be cyan-sky-blue.
  18. ISO: Continue testing opening.bnr. Also, customized MKC (preferably with custom title ID)?
  19. ISO: Wiimms MKW Fun 2016-10-based ISO patcher. (also for Pro CT Pack)
  20. MKC: Can BRSTMs be loaded from like the disc version?
  21. MKC: Boot/Strap/us/English.szs: CT-Code textures. Does the game load StaticR.rel/main.dol from disc when starting ghost races/joining friends/other action that requires the game disc? If so, (assuming Dolphin) can we branch to BAD0 -> BAD1 -> GCT -> Character select? And if not, can we branch to code that loads Riivolution/USB Loader GX/other patcher?
  22. MKC: Wiimmfi patches
  23. MKC: CT-Code port to MKC possible? The addresses are obviously different, but whatever. It's not even that detremential, as MKC only cares about the first 32 tracks anyway.
  24. MKC: Distribution-specific competitions? Comps on CTs? Needs more testing. From what I can deduce, it won't work as expected. (Topmen arena comp loads Mario Circuit assets, but it could have just been caused by a lack of proper settings in regard to ring_mission's entry in the CT-Code)
  25. TRACKS: Speaking of ring_mission, does it have the KMP object "entry"?
  26. TRACKS: MSPT/KMP "coin" object/multi-start points on EVERYTHING. (Start with the Nintendo tracks; Heart of China needs no adjustments.)
  27. TRACKS: Likewise, CKPT/ENPT/ITPT on battle arenas.
  28. TRACKS: Make loser_demo, winningrun_demo, ending_demo, and ring_mission fully playable.
  29. TRACKS: Remember my "flat-plane" test CT? (If you don't, that's because I never recorded it, let alone release it.) Unused track slots could use a little "dressing-up". Maybe add some KMP objects to test item settings. Maybe mesh OBJs together to form some sort of cannon testing area? Fall boundary stuff? The possibilities are endless, using nothing but flat planes! (Although, there seems to be a problem with UV mapping when I do it this way.) In addition, maybe find a flat circle OBJ model to add on, a tad above the rest of the track as outlined on Also, once the KCL is done, optimize it with Wiimm's KCL tool. It's almost like making an old Paint CT! (If neccesary, actually make said CT in Paint, upscale it, and modify the UV mapping)
  30. TRACKS: Is there an OBJ of that one Ocarina of Time test map floating around?
  31. TRACKS: Update any tracks that got updates between the v1.1 release and now.
  32. TRACKS: Bring over the modified Majora's Castle KMP from Pro CT Pack v5.
  33. ITEMS: RK_Race.breff needs some tweaks. (CTGP Menu Pack)
  34. ITEMS: RK_Race.breft - drift sparks? RGB5A1 -> IA8; then do some optimization with the colors of said drift sparks (BREFF). Also, thunder (cloud) FX. (CTGP Menu Pack)
  35. PCTv5: Aquadrom updated
  36. PCTv5: Import the KMP from the latest Incendia Castle update, into Teknik's texture of the same track
  37. PCTv5: Get rid of the fog from Mushroom Peaks. (Exactly which KMP object or AREA setting controls this?) Also, if I already deleted the monitor from GCN Waluigi Stadium from the KMP, re-add it.
  38. PCTv5: Rush City Run 3 laps, Nightmare 2 laps
  39. PCTv5: Add ice.brres to Snowflake City. If it blackscreens, revert. KCL flag 0x10, variant 3 activates it. Also, splash FX if it isn't already there.
  40. PCTv5: Add lava splash FX to Icy Vulcan Valley. Also, retexture env_snow to look more like sand.
  41. PCTv5: There's a beautiful update to Dom Dom Islands in the works. If it doesn't get released in time, adjust the original track: Change scale of bouncy mushrooms; better item routes; and add splash FX. PCTv5.1 will have the updated version, provided it gets released at all.
  42. PCTv5: Test tracks marked with * in CT Code file.
  43. PCTv5: New title screen, strap screen, and GameTDB cover.
  44. PCTv5: BMG needs tons of changes. (For messages that don't end up being changed, look at AC's translations page)
  45. PCTv5: AC needs to be an intregal part of the testing team! After all, he did work on v4 during Huili's v2 MKWHP update. (If you're reading this Huili, please let me know if I'm wrong about that.)
  46. PCTv5: Countdown testing
  47. CTGPv2.2: Track collection
  48. CTGPv4.4: Track collection
  49. CTGPv1.00: Track collection
  50. CTGPv1.01: Track collection
  51. CTGPv1.02: Track collection
  52. WUP: HTTP/S monitoring. If Wiimmfi U/Wiimmfi3D becomes a thing, this info will help like it did for the Wii and Nintendo WFC.
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