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Super Robot Wars Jump Gamma

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Nov 28th, 2014
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  1. Super Robot Wars Jump
  2. You've been to plenty of universes before, but how about one comprised of multiple universes?
  3. The Super Robot Wars universe is one where all robot anime can cross over and interact.
  4. Ever wanted to see how a Mobile Suit or a Knightmare Frame stack up against the
  5. super robot threats of the Dinosaur Empire? Ever wanted to see what would happen if
  6. all of these heroes met and fought together? This is the jump for you.
  8. First of course we need to get you some funds and generate the world for you, so you get
  9. +1000CP
  10. Roll 1d8 per table to determine what series is in your world, rolling an 8 gives you free choice from the table rolled on.
  12. Group 1
  13. SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors
  14. SPT Layzner
  15. Shin Getter Robo Armageddon
  16. SDF Macross
  17. Dancougar Nova
  18. Tetsujin 28 (80s)
  19. Daitarn 3
  21. Group 2
  22. New Getter Robo
  23. Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo
  24. King of Braves GaoGaiGar (TV, FINAL optional)
  25. Evangelion
  26. Code Geass
  27. Patlabor
  28. Armored Trooper VOTOMS
  30. Group 3
  31. Big O
  32. Xabungle
  33. Shin Mazinger Z
  34. Turn A Gundam
  35. Macross Plus
  36. Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos
  37. Gundam X
  39. Group 4
  40. Zambot 3
  41. Full Metal Panic (includes Fummofu, 2nd Raid, manga)
  42. Trider G7
  43. Tobikage
  44. Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu
  45. Fafner in the Azure
  46. Dragonar
  48. Group 5
  49. Godmars
  50. Metal Overman King Gainer
  51. Getter Robo and Getter Robo G (Toei 70s)
  52. Dai Guard
  53. G Gundam
  54. Macross 7
  55. Linebarrels of Iron (Anime or manga, your call)
  57. Group 6
  58. Gundam SEED/Destiny (Plus Astray and Stargazer)
  59. Mazinkaiser (OVA+Movie+series)
  60. Gunbuster
  61. Martian Successor Nadesico
  62. Brain Powerd
  63. Gear Fighter Dendoh
  64. Mazinkaiser SKL
  66. Group 7
  67. Tekkaman Blade
  68. Gaiking (Toei 70s)
  69. Heavy Metal L Gaim
  70. Great Mazinger and Mazinger Z (Toei 70s)
  71. Gundam 00
  72. Kotetsu Jeeg (70s) and Kotetsushin Jeeg
  73. Macross Frontier
  75. Group 8
  76. Gundam (All of the Universal Century)
  77. Gundam Wing
  78. Aura Battler Dunbine
  79. Gurren Lagann
  80. Grendaizer
  81. Dancougar
  82. Virtual On MARZ
  84. -50CP to add an additional series from the tables
  85. -100CP to add a series not on the tables
  87. Drop in anywhere on Earth or space for free, but remember to keep in mind the series in your universe.
  88. I mean it would really suck to be stuck on a colony designated to drop, or Mars, or Jupiter.
  91. Origin
  94. Roll 1d8 + 14 for age, minus a few exceptions, Originals are fairly young.
  95. Drop in: No memories or connections made, robot is dropped in alongside you, alongside piloting ability for it. Discount to all Equipment.
  96. Test Pilot (50):As a test pilot, you haven't seen much in the way of combat, however you have access to technology not yet mass produced. Discount to all Power Sources
  97. Ace Pilot (100): Your experience in previous combats has earned you your own custom machine. Discount to all Weapons.
  100. Pilot Feats
  102. HALT! (100, Discount Drop in): Your foreign presence is enough to interrupt even the most well laid plans. You are able to pause
  103. all around you, regardless of sentience capability and language barrier, by your arrival.
  104. This allows you to deliver a speech before taking an action.
  106. Adaptable (100, Discount Ace): All weapons and robots, regardless of origin, are familiar to you. In the case you ever lose your
  107. robot or default weapons, you can easily pick up the slack in any kind of robot.
  109. E Save(100, Discount Test Pilot): With full knowledge about the capacity of your weapons and systems,
  110. you can reduce the energy needed to power them.
  112. Psychic(200, discount Drop In): Whether the world calls them Psychodrivers, Newtypes, or Espers, among other names, the fact is that you have psychic powers.
  113. These powers can range from Newtype levels of precognition and reaction speed to physical manifestation or telekinesis.
  115. Prevail (200, Discount Ace): You take the proverb "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" almost literally.
  116. The more danger you are in, the stronger your skills become.
  117. Things such as accuracy, evasion, attack power, and defense increase, and also reflect on your robot.
  119. Reclaimer (200, Discount Test Pilot): You know the engineering and the vital details of most robots, allowing for easier disabling of enemy robots for
  120. capturing with minimal damage done to them.
  124. Now it's time to start making the robot you have a choice of these frames:
  126. Power Armor (100): A human sized glorified armor, much faster than a real type robot.
  127. Can equip 3 weapons, however weapons become human sized and do less damage.
  128. Extremely fragile in the face of anything resembling a giant robot.
  130. Real Robot (150): A much smaller robot focused on agility. Wears less armor,
  131. can equip 4 weapons
  133. Hybrid (200): Middle of the road between a real and a super robot, can equip 5 weapons
  135. Super Robot (250): A massive robot with durable armor. Extremely slow though.
  136. It can equip up to 6 weapons
  140. Power Source
  142. Basic Generator (free): A simple generator, much akin to what powers mobile suits from the Universal Century. Nothing special, but it powers your robot just enough.
  144. Nuclear Generator (100): A much more efficient generator that can power more energy weapons than
  145. the basic generator while still powering the rest of the mech. If it gets damaged it may be a hazard.
  147. Black Hole Generator (150): A generator that not only can generate more energy than
  148. the above two generators, but can fire energy akin to black holes through weapons that require
  149. energy. While there is more untapped potential, there's an even bigger risk if this engine goes critical
  151. Spirit (200): A device that converts spirit, whether it be life force or willpower, into a form
  152. of energy. While it sounds like an efficient and powerful energy source, it may prove
  153. taxing for those who are weaker.
  155. Elemental (200): Inspired by the Masoukishin of La Gias, your robot runs on magic dedicated to a
  156. particular element: Fire, Water, Wind, or Earth. Other forms of magic may react to this technology depending on the element...
  160. Weapons
  162. Vulcan (Free, does not take a weapon slot): Small guns equipped into the sides of the head of the robot,
  163. solely designed for light armored and mobile enemies, don't expect it to do much against robots
  165. Melee weapon(50): Whether it's a beam saber, a solid axe, a pilebunker, or a ball and chain,
  166. you know how to bring the fight closer to your enemy
  168. CQC(50): Melee weapons? Your robot IS the weapon, able to replicate human martial arts 1:1.
  170. Missiles(50): Basic ballistic homing missiles, pick a style (large, micro, etc) for them.
  172. Rifle/Machine Gun(50): A basic assault weapon, comes in beam and ballistic flavors
  174. Rocket Punch(100): A Super Robot classic, punch your enemies afar at fast speeds.
  176. Sonic Breaker (100): Pylons attached to the robot used to create an energy field designed for ramming enemies
  177. More effective on faster robots.
  179. Laser(100): A weapon designed to fire a more consistent beam compared to the traditional beam rifles.
  180. Much better at piercing than the average beam rifle.
  182. "Impractical" Weapon(100): Whether it's a bow, assorted ninja weapons, or the power of rock, it's a deadly weapon in your robot's hands
  184. Bazooka/Shoulder Cannon(100): An anti armor bazooka or shoulder mounted cannon that shoots ballistic rounds
  186. Remote Weapons(150): Weapons that detach from your robot in order to flank the enemy.
  187. Comes in both "Fang" melee and "Funnel" ranged variants
  189. Variable Rifle(150): A special rifle that can change between a Beam/laser shooting mode
  190. and a physical ballistic shooting mode.
  192. Buster Cannon(200): A powerful cannon designed to rip through everything. While it normally fires ballistics,
  193. maybe you can power it with your power source...
  195. Finisher Weapon(200): A powerful move not definable through the above listed,
  196. often associated with super robots.
  200. Equipment
  202. Theme(Free): Every robot needs a theme: cowboy, ninja, knight, samurai,
  203. fancy robot ballerina, or anything else.
  204. Your robot and it's weapons will be reflected to fit that theme.
  205. You also get a theme song that enemy and ally alike will hear when you appear in battle.
  206. Of course you can always not get a mechanical theme, take the musical theme at least
  208. Shield(50): A basic physical shield to block all sorts of attacks. Despite letting some damage through it manages to mitigate most of the brunt of any attack.
  210. Stealth(100): Your robot can now go invisible visually and on the radar for a short period of time, giving a window to sneak behind enemy lines or dodge a critical attack.
  212. Transformable (100): Your robot now has an alternate form to transform into. This can either be
  213. a ground vehicle or an air vehicle. You may pay an additional 50 CP to add both forms
  215. Plug Output (100): You can now plug in your energy weapons into your robot, causing their
  216. shots to change based on your power source.
  218. EWACS (100): Advanced radar useful for recon and detecting enemies from a long range.
  219. Capable of missile and funnel jamming, along with other forms of electronic warfare
  221. Lifter Pack(150): A jetpack with wings that can attach and detach on your robot,
  222. allowing flight. Will not work on massive super robots.
  224. Barrier(150): A basic energy field that absorbs more damage than a shield, but
  225. uses energy from your robot's power source. Basic generators may drain as a result
  226. of using a barrier for too long
  228. Tesla Drive(200): An advanced device that allows flight on robots that don't even follow the
  229. theory of aerodynamics. Can lift much more weight than a Lifter Pack.
  231. Psychic Frame(200, Psychic required): An inner frame designed to match the robot's performance to a psychic's.
  232. Along with enhanced reaction speed and performance, remote weapons and psychic powers will be enchanced as well.
  234. G Territory (200, Black Hole Engine required): A much stronger barrier that uses manipulation of the
  235. Black Hole Engine to negate damage up to a certain point, which then it will reduce damage more efficiently than a barrier
  236. Equipping this will boost the power of a Sonic Breaker.
  238. Magical Enhancement (200, Elemental power required): Magic you possess is castable by your robot, and is enchanced and scaled appropriately.
  240. Spiritual Enhancement (200, Spirit power required): Any powers you own associated with spirits or life force, such as Chi, Stands, or Hamon, can now be
  241. recreated by your robot and enhanced and scaled accordingly to your robot.
  242. Note: Any spiritual power enhanced by your robot will be visually manifested for all, including things that are invisible normally, like Stands.
  244. Co-Developed(300): Your robot takes direct inspiration from or was developed side by side from another robot in your universe. Gain 2 functions associated with
  245. the robot of your choice. May not take the robot's power source as a trait.
  248. Additional Bonuses:
  249. TROMBE! (100): Your theme song will override all enemy and allied themes. Even if the world is tumbling down or if the villain trumpets the end of days,
  250. your music will play instead.
  252. Project V (200): Create a mass produced version of your suit by using 3/4ths of the points you used to make yours.
  253. You may use this version for your imported companions. If so, each companion is limited to 400 CP for background and pilot skills.
  254. If you don't want to use this, imported companions have 600 points to spend on robot and pilot skills.
  256. Rising Force(300): Your universe has characters from other Super Robot Wars games,
  257. Select up to 2 Originals from the series as allies. You may take them as companions later.
  259. Drawbacks
  261. Hopelessly Lost (50): Despite all logic and reasoning, you manage to get turned around at every possible occassion.
  262. Mechanical and human assistance means nothing, you will end up in places you never intended to be when the situation doesn't demand you to be somewhere.
  264. Missing Budget (50): Everything in this world moves like a no budget anime, the basic concept of movement seems to not exist as everything slides around or walks
  265. in an awkward fashion.
  267. Technology Embargo (100): For reasons unknown, you cannot use technology from other jumps
  268. into this universe. This rule does not apply to technology from jumps if they
  269. share a series in your universe (examples: Gundam Jump, Full Metal Panic Jump, Macross Jump,
  270. Vandread Jump if you pay for the costs to add it)
  272. We are Entering the Age of Fatso (100): Even with the equipment given, your mech doesn't quite
  273. stack up compared to the others, often in a comedic fashion. Expect to be the Original equivalent of the Boss Borot.
  275. Overburdened (150, add 2 weapon slots): So you're going to load up on more than the recommended
  276. amount of weapons? Well your robot is going to be much slower, and much more unwieldy to control.
  277. Buying a Tesla Drive will negate this effect, at the cost of it not allowing you to fly but rather keep you standing, but you're probably going to spend this on weapons.
  279. Once the Big Zam is mass produced (200): All enemy factions will immediately be mass producing powerful Ace or Prototype
  280. tier robots. Massive mobile armors, highly specialized robots, and overall more threatening foes will fight you en masse.
  282. Singularity (300): Jumping in has caused the universe to shift to the point where everything now revolves
  283. around you. Whereas plots would be happening at different times and places, everything
  284. now converges at you. Expect everything from each series to happen at the same pace, and take place
  285. in the same location as you.
  287. THIS WAS MY JUMP AS WELL (400): Your presense has attracted Euzeth Gozzo, a man who exists throughout the
  288. Super Robot Wars multiverse who transfers his memories to each version of himself through the multidimensional portal
  289. known as a Crossgate. While he will initially be behind the scenes and the cause of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING,
  290. he'll eventually take charge in his own robot that will utilize technology from all parts of the multiverse,
  291. along with an army using the same technology as a result of his usage of the Crossgate.
  292. Be prepared to fight someone who is essentially a Jumper in their own right.
  293. Note: For simplicity's sake you may say he just uses the Adamatron from OG 2nd.
  295. Super Villain Wars (600): Wait what do you mean you would rather join the likes of Dr. Hell,
  296. Emperor Gore, and the Principality of Zeon? Okay, hope you're ready for
  297. battle hardened protagonists at full power. I mean you CAN try to get the other
  298. villains to work with you, but do you really think most of them will be willing to cooperate with each other?
  299. Good luck anyways.
  302. Post Jump Bonuses:
  303. The robot will fit in "just right" in your warehouse. It will regenerate in 2 weeks if destroyed.
  305. Hero's Watch : A mysterious watch based on one owned by a universe traveler.
  306. Besides being self powered and able to tell the time in any universe, it can summon your robot from the warehouse
  307. to an empty space in whatever world you enter. You may remote control the
  308. robot to an extent, but it will be leagues below what you can do if you piloted it.
  310. Time Diver: You now possess the abilities to jump through the Super Robot Wars multiverse. When using Return to this jump, you may reroll a different cast list,
  311. or select one of the games to jump in.
  314. End Choice
  316. -Go Home: Maybe there was way too much crossover in one jump for you, and you've had enough.
  317. Return back home with all of your gains.
  319. -Stay Here: There's a multiverse IN the multiverse! Besides staying in the universe you found,
  320. your Time Diver perk will allow you to travel across it, allowing for as much heroics or villainous plans
  321. as you so desire.
  323. -Go to the Next Jump: While you're done with this universe, there are still many different ones waiting.
  324. Maybe your newfound robot will provide useful.
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