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  1. DEBUG [GP4] [connector.VM.0.dispatcher.2] (ManageSession.java:244) - ::checkKeyword: done
  2.  INFO [GP4] [connector.VM.0.dispatcher.2] (ManageSession.java:132) - ::doTransform pre-checkSession:From:ctpp://ericsson:28295/?carrier=31003&address=5165923683,To:,Body:Yes;
  3.  INFO [GP4] [connector.VM.0.dispatcher.2] (ManageSession.java:137) - Message receiver is null and calling checkSession.
  4. DEBUG [GP4] [connector.VM.0.dispatcher.2] (ManageSession.java:250) - ::checkSession: start
  5. DEBUG [GP4] [connector.VM.0.dispatcher.2] (ManageSession.java:255) - ::checkSession: sender = ctpp://ericsson:28295/?%&address=5165923683%;
  6. DEBUG [GP4] [connector.VM.0.dispatcher.2] (DBConnection.java:77) - ::connect: Creating connection.
  7. DEBUG [GP4] [connector.VM.0.dispatcher.2] (ManageSession.java:281) - ::checkSession: getLastMsg done
  8. DEBUG [GP4] [connector.VM.0.dispatcher.2] (ManageSession.java:293) - ::checkSession: current timestamp: 2011-11-08 16:18:45.212 deadAfter: 2011-10-28 18:25:23.0
  9. DEBUG [GP4] [connector.VM.0.dispatcher.2] (ManageSession.java:298) - ::checkSession: call checkkeyword2
  10. DEBUG [GP4] [connector.VM.0.dispatcher.2] (ManageSession.java:354) - ::checkKeyword2: start
  11. DEBUG [GP4] [connector.VM.0.dispatcher.2] (ManageSession.java:363) - ::checkKeyword2: after LRKF init
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