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  1. **Item #:** SCP-XXXX
  3. **Object Class:** Euclid
  5. **Special Containment Procedures:** SCP-XXXX is to be contained in an room with with the size of 5x5 meters. The walls of the room have to be made out of Wolfram since its very heat resistance! There are to be no Materials with an Meltpoint under 1200° in SCP-XXXX containment Chambers.
  7. **Description:** SCP-XXXX is an Humanoid entity thats about 1.80 meters tall. SCP-XXXX wears a black suit under it, a White Shirt and a black Tie. The Subject have black wings approximately 1 meter long each that it can move inside its body. X-Rays have revealed that the bone Stucture of his wings are similar to birds but somehow very flexible and still hard to brake. SCP-XXXX can be very friendly however this can change quickly to very hostile. The subject seem to be very interested in History especially World war 1 and World war 2. The subject can produce a small sword of unknown
  8. red-pink glowing material that can heat up to 900°!
  10. **Addendum SCP-XXXX:**
  11. Due to the death of █ researcher only Class-D Personal is allowed contact to SCP-XXXX, even though he is friendly at first.
  13. > **Interviewed:**SCP-XXXX
  14. >
  15. > **Interviewer:**Class-D Personal
  16. > -----
  17. > **<Begin Log>**
  18. >
  19. > **Class-D Personal:** [speech]
  20. >
  21. > **SCP-XXXX:** [speech]
  22. >
  23. > [Repeat as necessary]
  24. >
  25. > **<End Log, [optional time info]>**
  26. >
  27. > **Closing Statement:** [Small summary and passage on what transpired afterward]
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