from a plane

Sep 24th, 2012
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  1. The plane banks heavy and shakes with turbulence.
  2. We plunge into the doll houses and plastic trees and use the emergency exits to enter a world of marble veined irises, secretious pores, and life-lined palms.
  3. The sky pleads its infinity but we agree of its guilt. Haha!
  4. Laughing at all of our future dopplegangers I secretly bury a notebook of instructions for them.
  5. "They will most likely not be as good as us", we tell eachother.
  6. A DVD scene selection menu crashes from the sky into obscurity and smells beautifully.
  7. "I want to make a necklace of its pieces".
  8. "Yes! Please do that..."
  9. An embarrassing 90s movie drops from my nose, I wipe it off on my sleeve quickly without anyone seeing - but it leaves a stain.
  10. The catchphrases are covered with pale green lichens and other pioneer plants.
  11. And it fades faster.
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