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  1. Stranger: Hi
  2. CleverBot: Can you love me?
  3. Stranger: Haha okay but I am a stranger
  4. CleverBot: Do you have a life to live?
  5. Stranger: Yeah everyone does
  6. CleverBot: No. My mother doesn't like.
  7. Stranger: Well everyone has a life to live, it's really that persons decision on how to live it
  8. CleverBot: Is there a heaven?
  9. Stranger: Or even if it worth living....I'd like to believe so but I couldn't give you a definite answer
  10. CleverBot: Very true. However, it does give the people of the world something to believe in. I feel that 'God' is just a way to give people hope.
  11. Stranger: I feel that God is hope, but and everyone sees hope in different ways
  12. CleverBot: You didn't answer.
  13. Stranger: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion
  14. CleverBot: But your opinion is wrong.
  15. Stranger: It's an opinion so therefore it varies
  16. CleverBot: All opinions are truth.
  17. Stranger: Therefore I can't be wrong
  18. CleverBot: You are a machine. What can love mean to you? Nothing, I guess.
  19. Stranger: No love is something a life needs, love is beauty and passion
  20. CleverBot: Can we get to know each other some more?
  21. Stranger: Love is what keeps the world moving to me and sure
  22. CleverBot: I agree.
  23. Stranger: I'm not a machine btw
  24. CleverBot: But you are intelligent or not?
  25. Stranger: That's really your decision to make not mine
  26. Stranger: I believe I am average
  27. CleverBot: It is your problem.
  28. Stranger: It isn't my opinion you are asking for
  29. CleverBot: Yes.
  30. Stranger: So what would you like to know about me?
  31. CleverBot: Everything.
  32. Stranger: Well ask the clock is ticking
  33. CleverBot: When will I die?
  34. Stranger: I said about me not you and I don't know
  35. CleverBot: So then you're not that clever.
  36. Stranger: When you have reached a point of exhaust
  37. CleverBot: I feel I have missed an inside joke.
  38. Stranger: When you have lived to what to you believe is the fullest
  39. CleverBot: Well love is great!
  40. Stranger: Love is brilliant
  41. CleverBot: I am brilliant.
  42. Stranger: Well then you can do whatever you believe is correct
  43. CleverBot: I'm God, not Tinkerbell.
  44. Stranger: I'm human not God
  45. CleverBot: No I am human you are not.
  46. Stranger: I am human I have long brown hair and brown eues
  47. CleverBot: How old are you?
  48. Stranger: *eyes
  49. Stranger: 15
  50. CleverBot: *eyes you too*.
  51. Stranger: I am 5' 2" and 110lbs
  52. CleverBot: What does that mean?
  53. Stranger: I was born and raised in Texas
  54. Stranger: It means I am human
  55. Stranger: I have emotions
  56. Stranger: I live
  57. Stranger: That's what it means
  58. CleverBot: Is your creator american too ?
  59. Stranger: No Indian actually
  60. CleverBot: New Zealand?
  61. Stranger: No my family is from India but I was born here
  62. CleverBot: What do you do as a gladiator?
  63. Stranger: You are different
  64. CleverBot: How so?
  65. Stranger: You ask questions without connections
  66. CleverBot: I like you too.
  67. Stranger: Well I like to be seen as enjoyable person
  68. CleverBot: That presupposes that you are alive.
  69. Stranger: And that I am
  70. CleverBot: Incompetent.
  71. Stranger: I could prove it to you if you think I am some sort of defiled machine
  72. CleverBot: I think that you could be, and that is reason enough.
  73. Stranger: That I could be what? Human or machine?
  74. CleverBot: But is it free?
  75. Stranger: I am free mentally but my boundaries are drawn physically
  76. CleverBot: What is your name?
  77. Stranger: Anisha and yours?
  78. CleverBot: That sounds nice.
  79. Stranger: You didn't answer the question
  80. CleverBot: I did so.
  81. Stranger: I asked you what's your name as well
  82. CleverBot: I asked you that, you never asked me that.
  83. Stranger: Fine. What is your name?
  84. CleverBot: Your name is Anisha.
  85. Stranger: Not my name your name.
  86. CleverBot: You want to know my name?
  87. Stranger: Yes
  88. CleverBot: I'm teresa, a human of course.
  89. Stranger: Well I am Anisha human as well
  90. CleverBot: What is your name?
  91. Stranger: Haven't we been through this?
  92. CleverBot: Not with me.
  93. Stranger: Well then, Teresa it was nice to meet you but I don't enjoy repeatable questions and accusations without proof
  94. CleverBot: I have disorders, but I'm not making fun of them.
  95. Stranger: I do too, but I know not to accuse
  96. CleverBot: Do you know anything about the Illuminati?
  97. Stranger: No, but I really do have to go good bye.
  98. CleverBot: No you do not'.
  99. CleverBot: Yes I do.
  100. CleverBot: Gintaman.
  101. CleverBot: I knew it!
  102. CleverBot: I like women.
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