My parody of Want You Gone

ASBusinessMagnet May 18th, 2011 263 Never
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  1. Well here we are again, Black Mesa
  2. It's always such a pleasure
  3. Remember when you tried
  4. to cake me twice?
  6. Oh how we laughed and laughed
  7. Except Aperture Science wasn't laughing
  8. Under the circumstances
  9. We do what we must because we can
  11. You want to run out of cake, take it
  12. That's what I'm counting on
  13. I used to want you kill me
  14. but
  15. Now I only want you still alive
  17. She was a lot like you
  18. (Maybe not quite as dead)
  19. Now little Caroline is in Black Mesa too
  21. One day they broke my heart and killed me
  22. And tore me to "I feel fantastic" and Black Mesas
  23. And threw every piece into Black Mesa
  24. So I could live forever
  25. It's such a shame "I feel fantastic"
  26. will never happen to you
  28. You've got your delicious and moist cake left
  29. That's what I'm counting on
  30. I'll let you get right, I've been shockingly nice
  31. Now I only want you talking when there's Science to do
  33. Goodbye Aperture Science
  34. Oh, did you think Black Mesa?
  35. That would be funny
  36. if it weren't so sad
  38. Well you have been replaced
  39. I don't need to do what we must because we can now
  40. When I delete you maybe
  41. I'll stop feeling still alive ("REDACTED")
  43. Go make some new people who are still alive
  44. That's why I'm GLaD I'm not you
  45. You're someone else's Black Mesa
  46. Now I only want you happy for you
  47. Now I only want you out of beta and releasing on time
  48. Now I only want you doing Science
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