Noel Bullydere Pt. 3 (Flare Chapter)

Apr 7th, 2021
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  1. You wake up in a cold sweat. It seems like you fell asleep against the wall. Crying yourself to sleep. You feel god awful. Your back hurts, your nose hurts, everything hurts. Your clothes are a mess. Seems like you kept leaking blood even in your unconscious state and it has dyed your shirt and pants deep red. You can even taste dried blood that has seeped into your mouth, gross. You want to get up so you can clean and tend to yourself but you can’t even gather any strength to lift your arms up. There is no way you’re gonna be able to pull your entire bodyweight up. Seems like you’re going to stay in this cramped position for a while.
  3. Only then you start to hear running water. Did you leave the sink on in the kitchen or did it? You hope not, that’s gonna make the water bill shoot up and that’s the last thing you need.
  5. To answer your inquiry a second unexpected visitor rounds the kitchen divider wall. It’s someone akin to an angel. It’s Flare.
  7. She closes in and kneels before you. She has a wet towel in hand and gently dabs it along the places of your face stained with blood. You have a lot of things you want to say to Flare but it’s all stuck in your throat. You can barely even produce any sounds, let alone full sentences and words. Flare seemingly picks up on your attempts to converse and reassures you in a soothing tone. “Shhhh. It’s alright, don’t talk now. Save your energy for recovering.” You comply, it’s for the best.
  9. Her voice is enrapturing, it almost makes you forget about all the physical and mental pain you just endured.
  11. Another silence but this time it’s comforting and warm; You’re not scared at all. Flare carries a motherly demeanor while treating you. It’s a real nice sight. She’s a true beauty.
  13. After a while she eases the silence. “Come on let’s get you to somewhere pleasant.” She flashes a smile. Flare positions herself under your arm and lifts you up. You’re surprised by her feat of strength, being able to lift you up with no problem at all.
  15. As she supports you, the both of you hobble over to the sofa where she puts you down as gently as she can. You sink into the sofa, it’s nice to do so after having your back against the cold hard wall for so long.
  17. Flare sits down beside you, leaving no space in between the two of you. She takes your hand and envelops it in the warm embrace of her own hand; Her hand is warm and soft to touch. It’s incredibly comforting.
  19. “So do you want to tell me how you ended up like this or would you prefer to do that later? Honestly I would prefer if you talk now just to alleviate my worry as selfish as that sounds. You don’t know how panicked I was when you weren’t responding to any my calls or texts and then I find all beaten up in your own home. I was terrified for you.”
  21. Before you respond you squeak out a small chuckle. Flare has always cared for you but it’s immensely reassuring to see her do that even now. You nod as confirmation to talk.
  23. You explain to Flare all that has been going and the conflict that just recently happened. It was still hard to talk about it due to it being so recent. Flare already knows that person could be mean to you from time to time but you decide to tell her the full extent of it. You found yourself choking on your own words multiple times and it took a long time to get the full story across but Flare didn’t judge you for it. Instead she encouraged you, telling you that it’s alright, that you can take your time, that she will be there for you as long as you need her. You’ve always known Flare to be exceedingly kind, especially towards you but nonetheless you still find yourself shocked in how she can be so kind and understanding. You are really blessed to have met her and have her in your life.
  25. You finally manage to croak out the last detail you wanted to convey. It’s relieving to actually give voice to all the problems you’ve been facing but it took way too long to get it out there. You feel bad for burdening Flare with your word salad but Flare still holds that same lovely smile, no sign of discontent.
  27. Although Flare doesn’t say anything in response, the silence does make you feel a little anxious as you just spilled the guts of your feelings out but you’re sure she wouldn’t react negatively. Flare would never do that to you. However, she uncoils her hand from yours, the warmth gone in an instant. You feel down, is she rejecting you after all?
  29. Flare suddenly pulls you into a tight cuddle. Your head forced into her chest but it actually really hurt because your broken nose collides with her collarbone. You can feel blood flow through nose again staining her blouse but she doesn’t seem to notice, she only tightens the embrace. She also runs her hand through you’re already ruffled hair and strokes it. Despite the pain, the experience is heavenly; The last time you experienced something like this is when you were a kid and your mother was comforting you over whatever problem you had back then. You don’t want it to end. You wish it could just go on forever.
  31. Then she speaks “My poor friend… You’ve been through a lot haven’t you?” She continues to stroke your hair. “I should have realized sooner that my precious best friend was going through so much pain. I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad friend” You wanted to tell her that she’s wrong and in fact she’s an amazing friend, you couldn’t ask for anyone better but it’s hard to talk with your face buried in her chest.
  33. She then pulls you away from the embrace and grasps you firmly by shoulders. She looks straight into your eyes. Her sunset colored eyes carry a determined appearance. “But don’t worry anymore. I’ll be here 24/7 now. I won’t let anyone hurt my beloved anymore.” Beloved? Odd term to use when referring to a friend but you don’t question because it sounds nice.
  35. “Now it’s time for you to take a proper rest. We can deal with your problems with you’re in a better shape.” She lets go of your shoulders and pats her lap. “Rest your head here.” You don’t hesitate to oblige. You kick your feet up on the sofa and plop your head on to Flare’s lap. Her thighs make for real plush pillows. She once again starts stroking your hair and starts humming a lullaby. You weren’t even tired before but the combination of her actions instantly make your eyelids heavy. There is no reason to fight it so you just go with the flow and drift into a peaceful sleep. It feels good to be loved.
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