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luckytyphlosion Aug 27th, 2015 171 Never
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  1. So feeble minded user, you may be asking yourself, "How does World Record Holder Shenanagans_ know all these tricks for his 151 run that seem so convoluted and impossible to find?". Well here's the real secret. Luckytyphlosion is a fraud; he never discovered any of these "glitches". Same thing with Former Gold Glitched WR Holder Dabomstew. Truth is, Shenanagans_ actually has secret connections with Satoshi Tajiri and the rest of the original programmers of Pokémon, who trade him these top secret features which were intentionally programmed into the game for unknown purposes, in exchange for the glorious sound of his mic buzzing. Yes, Satoshi has known Shenanagans_ for more than a year, sharing these features of Pokémon kept away from the public. This also shows how much of a fraud Luckytyphlosion and Dabomstew are. They never found LG-Fly, Double Distort, Dry Underflow etc. All of these so-called glitches only came to the light because of Shenanagans_'s connections with Satoshi and the Kreygasmic sound of ShenBuzz .
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