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  1. Once upon a time, a raven met a fox. After noticing that the other could speak they would speak to the other about the things they have seen and their opinion on it and it's meaning. After many moons of friendly back and forth the two friends got into an argument as to who would be better at tricking humans into believing them to be one of their own. To prove to the other who would be the best. A contest, designed by both of them with a piece of their own as part of the prize for the winner. With the other half of the secret to immortality being the main prize, they both put their most precious possession on the line. Where the raven put their magical powers to control the earthly energies such as the flow of the wind or the warmth of fire, the fox put their own ability to control the life of plants around them. After many moons and floods, the raven lost after falling from a roof, determined to not lose he stayed in his human form and fell to their end. Making the fox the winner of the contest. Yet a loser, for having forgotten their original form and with the additional influx of power. Incapable of going back to their primordial form of an ethereal fox. Yet gaining eternal life in the process.
  3. Traveling the world, as a fortune teller who got by with warning folks of the elemental shifts or the way nature would behave if they kept their act up and telling stories of times long gone by or soon to happen. Advicing humanity on how to appease to the spirits and beings surrounding them. Until one day...
  5. Until that one day Nana got hunted down by a village she had been protecting for several years, blamed for not warning them of the invasion of a group of demons that slowly corrupted the people and the lands. Killing their crops and herds with the wild life turning violent. Their women turning into sick beings and the children into their little thralls. The surviving group made sure the fresh immortal would not escape that night. Ready to kill her the group was destroyed, annihilated. Eaten or scorched from existence by a long tall lord, with the longest and biggest horns she had ever seen in her already somewhat long life.
  7. The dark being laughed and barked at Nana. "Give your life to me, and I will give you the power you deserve and need. Give your body over and it won't hurt. Too much." The unnamed demon not expecting the young looking woman before him to be one with power. Remembering she knows more than to read the winds and fates. She used them to attack, forming a lance of air to stab right through him. Unnamed, yet hurt. The demon kept on cackling, throwing hellish fire from his wound at the sorceress. In her last attempt to survive and escape, she uses one of her mementos to Raven and casts a spell they both had been working on. One to catch a demon and absorb it's essence into one's own being. Combining its foul essence with their own in the hopes they would be purified and become one with nature or the AEther once more. It was her last chance, with little preparations and no practice. Nana casts her merging spell to bind the being to her very own being. Mixing and combining inside of a black orb. Buried deep inside the landscape with plenty of corpses to warn who ever thought it wise to come closer.
  9. A decade later, the swirling, translucent egg cracked open. A completely bare woman in its place. Nana could remember herself as two different beings. Yet as one, one being her original form. Nana and the other that of a high demonlord. One by the name of...
  11. Vri'tri.
  13. Just thinking the name alone filled her with power and a voice deep within her laughing at her, like it had so many moons ago. Even if she had won this battle. They were now one, yet not. With these new emotions and feelings. She could feel her energy rising, powers growing from the thought of worship.
  15. Thus she went on her way again.
  17. Instead of telling fortunes, she has decided she would go back to where this all started. With a contest, one where she would be among humans, except of tricking them into believing her to be human. She would be sure to put the name of her demonic part into the mouths of these mortals. Sure to grow her powers.
  19. Nana Vritri, yes, that would be her new name. Priestess of Vri'tri. She would aim high and become great.
  21. Even if she knew she would regret it in the future.
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