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  1. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
  2. You both like frostserver.
  3. You: h-hi
  4. Stranger: which /cpg/ would you fucj
  5. You: etaoi
  6. You: shes da qtest
  7. Stranger: >not emily
  8. Stranger: i want to take her purity
  9. You: whoa lewd
  10. Stranger: is she saving herself for marriage?
  11. Stranger: did she even have her first kiss?
  12. You: Idk why d-dont you ask her
  13. You: ?!?!
  14. Stranger: she's not online
  15. Stranger: do you have pics?
  16. You: oh emily or etaoi?
  17. Stranger: both
  18. You: *of
  19. You: yeah I got both
  20. You: :DDD
  21. Stranger: can you post pls?
  22. Stranger: i promise i won't leak.
  23. You: I am sworn to secrecy
  24. Stranger: pls
  25. Stranger: I'll ERP for them
  26. You: pmma no
  27. Stranger: plssssss
  28. You: nu-uh
  29. Stranger: come on man
  30. You: Can't do it
  31. Stranger: what do they look like?
  32. You: etaoi looks like a hipster, emily looks like a so cal grill
  33. Stranger: does etaoi look like a dyke?
  34. You: naww shes pretty feminine
  35. Stranger: does she have pics of her lezzing out?
  36. Stranger: what are their full names?
  37. You: idk she's never shown me if she does
  38. You: Kek I dont know their full names tbh
  39. Stranger: what's etaoi's first name?
  40. You: Alison
  41. You: but dont tell her I told you
  42. You: !!!
  43. Stranger: is it legit Alison?
  44. You: y
  45. Stranger: how did she tell you?
  46. Stranger: how did you even get her pics?
  47. You: I just asked
  48. You: Its p ez if youre not awkward
  49. Stranger: how did the convo go?
  50. Stranger: how long have you known each other?
  51. You: uh Idk ever since she popped up in cpg a couple months ago
  52. You: and kek cant really remember we traded pics
  53. Stranger: what do you look like?
  54. You: it is a mystery
  55. You: :DDD
  56. Stranger: how did u trade with emily?
  57. You: shes given pics to a few cpgsies
  58. You: I still havent seen what ego looks like though
  59. Stranger: who the fuck cares about ego
  60. Stranger: she's barely on anyway
  61. You: kek
  62. Stranger: can you pls
  63. Stranger: nobody will ever know about the pics
  64. You: You gotta have honor mannnn
  65. You: I swore I wouldnt share
  66. You: besides I didnt save them and I cant be assed to look through my history atm
  67. Stranger: come on :c
  68. Stranger: or else I'll post this chat in /cpg/
  69. You: Lol I dont care
  70. Stranger: and i'll tell etaoi you told me her name was alison
  71. You: Youll be outing yourself too ya know
  72. You: go ahead
  73. You: :DDDD
  74. Stranger: i'll use an alt
  75. You: I'll just get a mod to altcheck you
  76. You: kek
  77. You: go ahead bruh
  78. Stranger: well, i'll use a different ip
  79. You: you dont even know if I was lying about her name or not. kek.
  80. Stranger: you seemed pretty confident
  81. You: Of course I did. ;)
  82. Stranger: i'll track you down
  83. You: thats hot
  84. Stranger: who are you?
  85. Stranger: is this c0mp?
  86. Stranger: is this ary?
  87. You: keep guessing
  88. Stranger: is this chwag?
  89. You: n
  90. Stranger: is this aaron?
  91. Stranger: dick ticks?
  92. Stranger: shura?
  93. You: n
  94. Stranger: apathis?
  95. You: n
  96. Stranger: temp?
  97. Stranger: fortey?
  98. You: n
  99. Stranger: gay4?
  100. You: lol dood no
  101. You: ;__; everyone always forgets about me
  102. Stranger: zom0g
  103. You: n
  104. Stranger: jenkies
  105. You: n
  106. Stranger: are you online rn?
  107. You: nawww
  108. You: well Im not in the room at lease
  109. You: *t
  110. Stranger: mush?
  111. You: naww
  112. You: give up?
  113. Stranger: are you pmma?
  114. You: n
  115. Stranger: can u tell me who you are?
  116. You: few more guesses
  117. Stranger: gimme hint pls
  118. Stranger: is this korl?
  119. You: gimme the letter your main starts with and Ill give you mine
  120. Stranger: A
  121. Stranger: now give me yours
  122. You: B
  123. Stranger: are u trolling
  124. Stranger: because there are no /cpg/s that have b in their name
  125. You: kek this is omegle why would I be trolling
  126. You: >there are three
  127. You: >that start with b
  128. Stranger: gimme another hint
  129. You: I am a g o d
  130. You: :DDDD
  131. Stranger: basswins?
  132. You: maybe
  133. You: maybe not
  134. Stranger: :/
  135. Stranger: guess who i am
  136. You: Apathos?
  137. Stranger: maybe
  138. You: lol
  139. You: I know youre not apathos
  140. Stranger: who do you think i am?
  141. You: 2hard2tell
  142. You: tell you what
  143. You: tell me who you are
  144. You: and Ill send you the girls pics
  145. Stranger: on here or pm?
  146. You: sec
  147. You: /msg cpg girls on showdown
  148. You: but its gotta be from your main
  149. You: okay?
  150. Stranger: is this a ruse?
  151. You: n
  152. You: I just dont want
  153. You: it to get back to them
  154. You: I shared
  155. You: kek
  156. Stranger: will you keep it low key?
  157. Stranger: like you won't tell anyone about this
  158. Stranger: ?
  159. You: yeah definitely. I dont wanna get caught sharing either
  160. Stranger: after this, we both forget about this?
  161. You: thats the plan
  162. Stranger: like nobody brings this up
  163. You: yes
  164. Stranger: surprise
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