Jack Walker

Aug 25th, 2016
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  1. Name: Jack Walker
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Mule
  4. Class: Stalker (Rogue/Tracker)
  5. Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  6. Age: 35
  8. Skills:
  9. -Unbreakable Will: passive; famously stubborn, donkeys are immune to mind control, domination, intimidation and suggestion.
  10. -Heightened Senses: passive; Your senses are sharp as a knife. Few things can escape your perception. You have a +1 bonus to spotting, hearing, tracking and other perception-based rolls.
  12. -Unseen Foe: Recharge 1, Instant Automatic; Makes a fast attack from the shadows before retreating again. Your other action this turn will not break Stealth, but also cannot crit.
  13. -Stealth: become hidden. Enemies cannot attack you until you reveal yourself. An attack used in stealth Autocrits. Can be used at DC8 in combat.
  14. -Custom Job: Passive, your weapon, regardless of type, also counts as Ranged, and your basic attacks benefit from Trick Ammo
  15. -Trick Ammo Instant Automatic, recharge 1; Adds an additional effect to a skill that can benefit from it (Marksman Shot, Custom Job, Repeating Fire or Barrage). This effect can be any of the following ,but they all share the same recharge.
  16. --Silence: On hit, the enemy cannot cast a spell next two turns
  17. --Knockout: On hit, the enemy is unable to counterattack next turn, and is considered helpless, but does not lose a wound. He instantly and automatically gets up on the turn after that.
  18. --Split: Hits 2 targets at once
  20. Talent: Swift Justice: Stealth can be used as an automatic/instant on recharge 2 (ala Vanish)
  22. Inventory:
  23. Trenchcoat (off-brown, heavily stained over years)
  24. Utility belt
  25. -Investigation tools (Hoof/Finger/Clawprint set, magnifying glass, swabs/blood collection tools, specimen packets, syringes, scapel, forceps, rubber gloves, etc)
  26. -Flashlight
  27. -Camera
  28. -Lighter
  29. -Hoof-cuffs
  30. -Extra bullets
  31. -Smoke Pellets
  32. Grappling Gun (Ranged)
  33. Bowie Knife (Single)
  34. 6-Round Revolver (Great)
  36. Appearance: Grey coat and dark brown hair, medium length but slicked back like a guy with too much hair gel. Commonly wears his trenchcoat to hide his black utility belt, knife, grappling gun and magnum. Wears dress shirt and tie with khaki's underneath the trenchcoat, usual work attire.
  38. Background:
  40. Jack is a police detective out of Manehatten, experienced in both crime scene investigations and the forensics science needed to analyze them. A keen analytical mind, he prides himself on using observation, deduction, and scientific knowledge (chemistry, psychology, medicine) to crack the grittiest cases of the Big Apple. Mixing in a genre of pulp and noir, Jack is a hardened cop who has dealt with cases ranging from the mundane to the supernatural, and believes himself to have seen just about all there is to see in the darkest corners of the city. In addition to his skills in analyzing crime scenes, evidence, and suspects, Jack is also a trained fighter, preferring to take out perps and punks from the shadows. He uses a large serrated bowie knife for close combat and his classic straight-out-of-a-western revolver to settle things from a far. He's equipped with a series of custom tools he's made for more unusual cases, including smoke bombs, a grappling hook, and unique ammunition rounds to fit the case. He possesses a dry wit, somewhat skeptical, and has an interest in science outside of his fields.
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