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  1. >Your name is Anonymous X
  2. >Yes, X is your last name
  3. >Right now, you are in history class, sitting far back in the classroom
  4. >You are going to Canterlot Highschool
  5. >Over the past two years you have been an average student
  6. >Average grades from exams, no trouble with teachers or students
  7. >Until some girl opened portals to another dimension
  8. >You almost fell into one of those head first if not for that girl with purple sunglasses
  9. >She caught you from by ankle and pulled you up to safety
  10. >Well, as safe as one can be with a magic battle going on
  11. >After that moment, you developed a sixth sense of sorts
  12. >It felt like you were blind all this time and you just started to see
  13. >Then you remember waking up in a hospital bed
  14. >They said that you passed out after getting pulled out of the dimensional gateway
  15. >Your sixth sense was gone
  16. >Even though you couldn't process it, it felt like you were deprived from so many things that you could sense
  17. >You were released mere minutes after you woke up
  18. >Your mother took you home and cooked you dinner
  19. >Your father was a really busy man, a researcher at STARK Company
  20. >He was rarely at home and you doubt he heard about the incident at your school at all
  21. >After having dinner with your mother, you decided to do some homework
  22. >You'd probably be excused if you didn't, being hospitalized and such
  23. >But this was a good opportunity to show that you try to be a good student
  24. >In reality, you barely paid any attention in class, so you needed to study first
  25. >Just enough to complete your homework
  26. >You checked your homework to see what you need to study
  27. **R-{0}
  28. **f(x)=(x-2)(x+2), so the graph will pass through the points (-2,0) and (2,0)
  29. **The area of the field between the parabola...
  30. "What the fuck?!" Was the question you asked yourself
  31. >You didn't know this subject, you barely skimmed through the question to see what you had to study
  32. >But you knew the answer?
  33. >How could you solve the question when you didn't even know what a parabola was?
  34. >Maybe you were paying some attention, but you thought you didn't?
  35. >Nah, that's stupid
  36. >You discarded the idea of doing your homework that night and decided to head for the bed
  37. >You were kinda freaked out and sleep has always been an easy escape for you
  38. >The next morning however, things didn't get any better
  39. >You woke up to the sound of your alarm
  40. >Taking your phone, you started going downstairs, wondering if your mother was awake
  41. **She's not
  42. >That's not surprising, poor woman had a lot to do around the house and she worked as a lawyer
  43. >Very busy one at that too
  44. >Maybe you could have some cereal and head for the school
  45. >If there is any left of course, you always forgot if there was or not
  46. **There is not
  47. >...
  48. >You didn't know that
  49. >Now that you think about it, you weren't downstairs yet
  50. >Your mom could be awake in the kitchen, making some breakfast
  51. >But you knew she's not
  52. >A knock on the door gets your attention
  53. >Who could that be?
  54. **It's your father
  55. >NO!
  56. >You didn't know that!
  57. >You were panicking, you took a deep breath to calm yourself
  58. "Be calm, be observant, panicking only makes things worse." You whispered to yourself
  59. >You decided to go see who it was at the door
  60. >You must've been too slow, because as you get close, you heard a key being pushed in
  61. >Was it your dad?
  62. >The lock turned and door opened to a familiar face
  63. >"Hey, son. I was hoping I'd catch you before you left for school." He smiled. "Got some bagels for breakfast."
  64. >You just looked at him with wide eyes
  65. >"What's wrong son?" He walked towards you. "Are you alright?"
  66. >You were unable to answer for a few seconds
  67. >Then you noticed the increasing worry on his face
  68. >You had to act quick before he gets more suspicious
  69. >You suddenly hugged him
  70. "I just missed you dad." You said with a faked cheerful voice. "Welcome home."
  71. >"Missed you too, son."
  72. >After that day this... thing kept happening
  73. >You knew things that you shouldn't be able to
  74. >Just like you hear and see, you sensed things
  75. >You know that the girl sitting three seats in front of you is spaced out
  76. >If you pretend to cough in thirty seconds, she will jump a little in her seat
  77. >She will drop her pencil and lost it
  78. >After the school, janitor will find that pencil while sweeping the floor
  79. >He will put it in his pocket and continue doing his job
  80. >The pencil will fall out of a hole in his pocket in the teacher's lounge
  81. >The next day your history teacher will walk in with newly printed copies of your next exam
  82. >She will step on the pencil, slip and fall
  83. >One of the copies will slip under a drawer
  84. >You will get it from there during the launch break
  85. >After all that Flash guy paid for those questions
  86. *cough**cough*
  88. >Next day, lunch break
  89. >You are talking to Flash in the hallway
  90. "Here's the exam questions." You pass the paper to him.
  91. >"Awesome man, you really did it!" He cheers.
  92. "You paid for it, I did it. Easy." Something comes to your mind. "Listen, don't get A+, okay?"
  93. >"Why not man? I got all the questions."
  94. "You almost failed history last time, Flash." You make your point. "If you get an A+ now it'll be suspicious."
  95. >He frowns. "I guess you're right. Fine, I'll try and get a B or something."
  96. "Alright," you shake his hand. "Nice doing bussiness with you. See you 'round."
  97. >"See ya, bro." He says as you walk towards cafeteria.
  98. >You got fifty bucks for that exam paper and you barely did anything
  99. >There is so much potential in this... power
  100. >Grabbing a tray, you get your food from the lunch lady
  101. >Looking around for a place to sit you see Vinyl waving at you, Octavia sitting next to her.
  102. >You go to their table and take a seat
  103. "Hey, Vinyl. Hey Octavia."
  104. >"Good afternoon Anonymous." Octavia speaks as Vinyl waves and smiles.
  105. "How're you guys doing?"
  106. >"I am doing well, thank you." Octavia says. "I've finally managed to play the piece I have been practicing flawlessly."
  107. >Vinyl does some hand signs that Octavia translates for you
  108. >"She says she will be working as a DJ at a party at Club Vendigo this Saturday." Vinyl performs some more hand signs. "She says she got two VIP tickets for the party and that we are invited."
  109. "Sure," You say with a shrug. "I'm not doing anything else."
  110. >Vinyl looks at Octavia for an answer.
  111. >"Vinyl, you know I do not enjoy parties." She starts.
  112. >Vinyl makes a begging sign with her hand.
  113. >"...Vinyl, I..."
  114. >Puppy eyes (sunglasses) intensifies
  115. >Octavia sighs. "Alright, fine. I suppose I could come and stay for some of your... beats."
  116. >Vinyl claps her hands and hugs Octavia with a huge grin on her face
  117. "Heh" You laugh, earning a stare from Octavia
  118. >You don't notice though as you wonder how it would sound if Vinyl could talk or if she would ever be able to
  119. **She could
  120. >Seriously?!
  121. >This power may be more valuable than you thought
  122. >You focus on how to make Vinyl talk again
  123. **Non lethal stab wound must be inflicted on Sunset Shimmer's left leg before Friday arrives
  124. >What?! No!
  125. >There must be another way
  126. **Detonate a bomb across Club Vendigo during the party
  127. >That's even worse!
  128. >Octavia breakes your thought process
  129. >"Anonymous are you alright? You look troubled."
  130. >No kidding! If you want your best friend to be able to talk you need to stab someone in school
  131. "No, it's... It's nothing I'm alright." You say half-heartedly.
  132. >Vinyl makes some hand signs
  133. >"She wants you to know that you can talk to us about anything, anytime." She translate. "And I agree."
  134. >That brings a smile to your face
  135. >Still, you can't tell them that there is a way for Vinyl to talk and that it is to put a knife through Sunset
  136. **Any sharp object will suffice as long as they go deeper than 2.8 centimeters
  137. >You ignore the extra input of your sixth sense and keep your smile
  138. "Thanks guys. I'll be sure to take you up on that in the future."
  139. >Your thoughts return to getting Vinyl her voice back as you continue eating
  140. >Stabbing and bombing...
  141. >You need to look up other options
  143. >After school
  144. >You are walking home, still focused on how to be less destructive about making Vinyl talk
  145. >While some other solutions you came up with was similar to the others, some included far worse things
  146. >You could shoot Sunset instead of stabbing or kill one of her friends as an alternative
  147. >As if that's a real alternative
  148. >Inflicting Sunset with a head trauma was among the choices
  149. >Crashing a vehicle bigger than a Mini Cooper into Club Vendigo during the party
  150. >List went on but not in the way you wanted
  151. >You realized a while ago that all these choices were revolving around Sunset and, more importantly, Club Vendigo's party
  152. >Whatever bullshit that will make Vinyl able to speak was going to happen during the party
  153. >If you choose to make it happen that is
  154. >The options are clear
  155. >There is no way you are killing someone
  156. >Which means you will not risk any lives either
  157. >You want Vinyl to talk but not if it costs people's lives
  158. >You know she wouldn't want that to happen
  159. >Would she stab someone to be able to talk?
  160. >Probably not
  161. >She definitely wouldn't want you to do it
  162. >How would you stab Sunset anyway?
  163. >You are not sure if you could do such thing and even if you did, how would you do it without getting charged for it?
  164. **Go to the alleyway across the pawnshop at 136th and 3rd at 11 PM tonight
  165. >Well, now you know how to stab Sunset without being charged with the crime
  166. >After dinner you've made your mind about things
  167. >It was simple really
  168. >Stab wound would heal and Vinyl would be able to talk
  169. >So you sneak out of the house at 10 PM wearing a hoodie and taking a kitchen knife with you
  170. >It was a long walk to 136th and 3rd so better to leave early
  171. >You walk past the tall buildings and fancy restaurants, reaching to suburbs
  172. >You walk with a quick pace as the anxiety drives your heart to beat faster
  173. >You check your phone's navigation once again
  174. >You've though of getting a cab, but the place was likely to be a crime scene tomorrow
  175. >So you didn't want to give any possible connection to the police
  176. >It should be right around the corner
  177. >You can see the alleyway
  178. >Your pace further quickens
  179. >As soon as you turn the corner however you come to a halt
  180. >There are four guys in the alleyway
  181. >You cannot do it when they are here
  182. >You should try again some time later
  183. >You turn to leave but one of them calls to you
  184. >"Yo! Who the fuck are you?!"
  185. >You turn around slowly
  186. "No one, I was just uh... just passing through." You speak, as every muscle in your body tenses. "Didn't mean to bother anyone."
  187. >The guy tilts his head and eyes you from top to bottom.
  188. >He's wearing a black t-shirt and he has a ring on his right middle finger
  189. >"Haven't seen you here before." He points at you. "What's with the hoodie?"
  190. "Nothing, I'm just cold." He stares at you for a few seconds. "I should go." You start to turn around.
  191. >"HEY!" You look at back at the man. "Why don't you lend me some money, huh?"
  192. >Shit
  193. "I don't have anything on me." You really don't. It's not like you were going shopping.
  194. >He pulls out a switch blade and starts walking towards you
  195. >"I just wanna be sure ab-" You just pulled out your kitchen knife
  196. >Shit x2
  197. >"Oh man, it's not everyday you see a punk with a kitchen knife." He laughs as his friends join him. "You piss me off."
  198. "Just, stay back!" Your voice trembles. "I don't want any trouble!"
  199. >"You know, I'd ram that thing up your ass but I'm in a good mood." He throws the swicthblade to the side and pulls out a gun. "I'm just gonna beat the shit out of you. Lose the knife."
  200. >You hesitate
  201. >He fires the gun, aiming to the wall right next to you
  202. >"NOW!"
  203. >The sound of the gunshot was enough to make you drop the knife
  204. >He pops right in front of you before you can recover and you don't even see his left fist coming to connect with your face
  205. >You feel the impact all the way to the other side of your head. It's like your brain wants to pop out from the back of your head
  206. >You fall to the ground and raise your hands in front of your face
  207. >He climbs on top of you
  208. >This time he comes in with a right hook
  209. >The pain you felt before pales in comparison as you feel his ring impact your cheekbone
  210. >He lands another left and your vision starts to get blurry
  211. >Last thing you see is his ring coming towards you again, reflecting the light from street lamps
  212. >Everything goes dark
  214. >Be Sunny S.
  215. >Yeah, nope. Where did that even come from?
  216. >Be Sunset
  217. >Right now you are patroling the streets with your Spider Woman costume on
  218. >Why?
  219. >Because you are Spider Woman
  220. >It's been uneventful lately
  221. >You were expecting some super powered enemies when they recuited you to S.H.I.E.L.D
  222. >It looks like they were watching you since the day you came through the portal, but didn't contact you until you got bitten by some sort of genetically engineered super-spider
  223. >Long story
  224. >After a brief introduction and some tests to be sure that you will not become a genetically altered hyperdimentional human-pony-spider monster they left you alone to live your life
  225. >Oh yeah, and you got a S.H.I.E.L.D ID card
  226. >Neat
  227. >With the effects of those superheroes you've been seeing on the news you decided; why not me?
  228. >So now here you are, wearing a red ski mask, some jeans and a black turtleneck jumper
  229. >Yep, that's your costume
  230. >Sound of a distant gunshot interrupts your thoughts
  231. >"Oh boy, here we go." You say, swinging a web to the building across
  232. >Hopefully you can make it before someone dies, if it didn't happen already
  233. >As you got to the crime scene you see some thugs, standing around someone laying on the floor motionless
  234. >Looks like you are too late to save whoever it was
  235. >The least you can do now is catch those responsible
  236. >"Dipshit was telling the truth." One of the men speaks. "There is no money here."
  237. >"At least we got the phone." Another cuts in
  238. >"Let's get outta here before police arrives, someone must've heard the gunshot."
  239. "Sorry, boys. You aren't going anywhere." You jump on top of them from the 3rd floor of the building and land a kick on his face as one of them looks up to see you
  240. >Thanks to all that momentum, he is knocked out cold
  241. >The other three will require a little more work
  242. >You see the gun that was probably fired before aiming at your face
  243. >As you move your head to the right and spring forward towards the gunman, bullet lefts the barrel
  244. >You hear the bullet whiz through, almost hitting your ear
  245. >Your adrenaline spikes
  246. >Grabbing the gunman from his shoulders you somersault above him and throw him to the wall
  247. >As he hits the wall you duck to avoid a punch, but as you do that other guy lands a kick near your kidney
  248. >You avoid falling head first with a well-timed flip and jump up, clinging to a wall
  249. >The guy that you threw is squirming on the ground, trying to get up but failing miserably
  250. >The guy that tried to punch you goes for the gun
  251. *Thwip*
  252. >You glue the gun to the floor before he can get to it
  253. >He steps back. "You know what? I'm outta here!"
  254. >He starts running but you won't let him get away that easy
  255. "I told you, you're not going anywhere." You catch him with a web and pull him, making him fall on his back
  256. *Thwip* *Thwip*
  257. >You glue his arms to the ground and turn to the last guy
  258. >While you were busy with the runner, he found a kitchen knife from somewhere
  259. >Not that it matters too much
  260. >You throw a web, catching the knife in his hand and pull it out of his grasp
  261. >He is looking at the knife flying away from him as you jump on to him
  262. >It only takes one good punch to the dome, he sprawls on the floor
  263. >You sigh as the adrenaline dies down, finally done with the thugs
  264. **Jump!
  265. >You pupils dilate as you sense impending danger
  266. >You flung around to see the thug you threw to the wall swinging a switchblade down towards your chest
  267. >You jump back to avoid the knife
  268. >It barely touches your jumper
  269. >Guy that attacks you, not expecting this miss and being injured, loses his balance
  270. >He falls forward face first as the knife plunges into your left leg
  271. >You cry out in pain and fall on your back
  272. >The knife is still in your leg
  273. >You are about to grab the knife to pull it out when you notice your attacker starting to get up again
  274. >You try to get back on your feet but the jolting pain from your leg sends you back down to the ground
  275. >"Got you now, bitch!" He calls out to you before getting on top of you
  276. >You scream as you feel the knife being pulled out of your leg
  277. >Then you see the knife coming down to your face
  278. >You grab him by the wrist and push the knife back easily, being stronger than him
  279. >At first he looks surprised at your strength but then he looks at you with a smug grin
  280. >He presses his knee to the stab wound on your leg
  281. >You arms give way as you scream once again, but you manage to stop him before he plunges the knife into your eye
  282. >He keeps pushing the knife down as he continues to put more weight on your leg
  283. >Increasing pain keeps you from being able to use your full strength as the knife gets closer and closer to your face
  284. >As more and more adrenaline is pumped through your veins with each passing second you can hear your heart thumping in your ears
  285. >You know he is still pressing his knee on your leg but adrenaline has suppressed the pain now, finally allowing your brain to focus on dealing with the real danger
  286. >You close your eyes and let out a war cry as you focus all the strength you can muster to push the man back
  287. >He's sent flying across the street, landing on his back
  288. >You get up on your feet, the fact that you were stabbed already gone from your mind
  289. >You walk towards the man who's also on his feet
  290. >He once again runs at you, swinging his fist
  291. >You catch his hand and squeeze a little too hard, feeling his bones crack
  292. >He screams and falls on his knees, holding his broken hand with the other
  293. >You punch him in the face, hard
  294. >Finally he goes down, unconscious
  295. >You look around to see if there is anyone else attacking you, but everyone seems downed
  296. >This time as the adrenaline dies down, you feel really tired
  297. >You just sit on the floor, breathing heavily
  298. >The pain in your leg slowly returns as you calm down
  299. >You let out a little laugh, but then you remember about the guy who was shot
  300. >You get up, grimacing in pain, and walk towards the victim
  301. >As you get closer, you get a better look on his face
  302. >Though he was pretty beat up, you feel like you recognize this face
  303. >You sit down to get a better look, afraid that you may have just witnessed someone you know die
  304. >You can't quite make it up who he is but you realize that he's still breathing
  305. "Oh, thank Celestia!" You mumble
  306. >Sound of police cars start to fill your ears
  307. >You should go, to a hospital
  308. >You would take the guy with you but you aren't sure if you can do it with your busted leg
  309. >In any case, police should handle the rest
  310. >Once again you get up and take a few steps, limping, before spinning a web and pulling yourself up
  312. >You open your eyes
  313. >For a second you can't remember who you are
  314. >Anonymous, that's it
  315. >Where is this?
  316. >A familiar scent hits you
  317. >Hospital
  318. >Why are you in a hospital?
  319. >"Oh, thank God! You're awake!" You turn your head to see who's speaking
  320. >It's your mother
  321. "Hey, mom." You try to smile but your face hurts. "What's going on?"
  322. >Her eyes are bloodshot
  323. "Were you crying?"
  324. >She grabs your hand and pulls it to her lips for a kiss
  325. >"They said they've found you laying in an alley." She cups your cheek with her other hand. "All beat up." She sobs. "What were you doing there?"
  326. >I was going to stab a friend but some thugs mugged me
  327. >Isn't the best answer
  328. "I... I don't remember. Some guy wanted money and I didn't have any. I think he jumped me."
  329. >She looks at you, worried. "Why were you out at night? You didn't say anything! Are you in trouble?"
  330. "No, mom. I'm okay, everything is fine." She doesn't seem to believe you. "I promise mom. I just wanted to see the city at night." You let out a short, fake laugh. "I guess it was a bad idea."
  331. >Your mom doesn't see anything funny in this however
  332. >"W-when they called I... I thought you..." She shakes her head
  333. >Your eyes sting with tears
  334. "I'm okay mom, I'm okay." You take her hand and squeeze. "It's all fine." She nods and hugs you
  335. >"They said they want to keep you over night, to be sure you don't have a trauma." She combs your hair with her fingers. "I'll be right here, if you need anything just tell me."
  336. >You smile, despite the pain
  337. "Thanks, mom, but you should go home. I know you have a hearing tomorrow. You should get some rest."
  338. >She shakes her head. "Not before I make sure you are okay. You are more important than a hearing."
  339. >You sigh
  340. "I'm sorry, mom." She looks confused. "I didn't want to cause all this... distress."
  341. >"It's not your fault." You ignore the words save for a small smile
  342. "You are busy enough as it is." You look her in the eyes. "I don't want to burden you further. So please, go home? Get some rest?"
  343. >She looks at you for a while, thinking
  344. >"That was a good speech." She says
  345. "My mother is a lawyer." She lets out a genuine laugh this time
  346. >You feel a little lighter at heart
  347. >She bends down and gives you a kiss on the forehead. "I love you."
  348. "I love you too."
  349. >After she left, you stare at the ceiling, thoughts running through your mind
  350. >You failed at stabbing Sunset, got beat up and made your mother cry
  351. >You let out a defeated sigh
  352. "Could've been worse I guess." You mumble
  353. >"Hello son, can we ask you some questions?"
  354. >You turn to see two police officers standing beside your hospital bed
  355. >Looks like you were right
  356. >It is worse
  358. >Be Sunsun
  359. >Where are these weird names coming from?
  360. >Be Sunset
  361. >It's almost midnight when you walk inside your apartment building
  362. >At least Mr Ditkovich should be asleep so he won't bother you about the rent
  363. >You got some stitches from your visit to the hospital
  364. >Not surprising as it seems that knife was also moved vertically downwards after being plunged into you
  365. >You made up a story about falling while holding a knife
  366. >They didn't seem to believe you but didn't bother investigating further either
  367. >It's not like you were the only one in the emergency room
  368. >They were busy with other stuff
  369. >You grimace a little as your stitches stretch while you start walking up the stairs
  370. >You are supposed to go visit the hospital every two days so they can clean the wound and replace your bandages
  371. >They weren't really gentle while cleaning it the first time
  372. >So you are expecting some more pain on your next visit
  373. >You see a pyrex tray on your doorstep with a note on it as you reach to the door of your apartment
  374. >You carefully bend down, not wanting to strecth your stitches again, and pick up the tray
  375. >You force the door open, it was stuck as always, and enter your tiny home
  376. >You leave the tray on your nightstand and pick up the note
  377. >"I made too many brownies so I tough you might want some." -Ursula
  378. >That's your breakfast taken care of, maybe lunch too
  379. >You flip the paper
  380. >"You're running late on rent again."
  381. >There is no name attached, not like it needs to be
  382. >You sigh and lie down on your bed
  383. >Your mind wonders back to tonight's events
  384. >You hope that the guy you saved, kinda, was okay
  385. >You're pretty sure you've seen him in school before
  386. >Your mind slowly gets clouded as you try to remember who he might be
  387. >Sleep takes you to it's soft embrace
  389. >Be Anonymous
  390. >You are back home
  391. >They let you go this afternoon after making sure there wasn't any complications with your health
  392. >Your mother picked you up and drove you back home
  393. >You are alone right now
  394. >She had to go back to work as usual
  395. >Your father called you and asked how you were, apologizing for not being with you
  396. >You told him it was okay, you're okay
  397. >You know he has a lot on his plate
  398. >He comes home rarely and even then he is really tired, goes to sleep after a short time
  399. >You do wish he was around more, if for nothing else so that he could help your mom with some of the housework
  400. >You help her when she needs, but you aren't very good except for following directions
  401. >Nevertheless you know your father loves you, both of you
  402. >Doorbell breaks your chain of though
  403. >You've ordered some pizza
  404. >It should be them
  405. >You go downstairs and open the door
  406. >Yep, pizza arrived
  407. >You pay for it out of your allowance
  408. >Hard to call it that though
  409. >If there is one thing that you haven't been short of in your life up to this point it is money
  410. >If you ask your parents for more they always give you more
  411. >They trust you to not throw it on meaningless things
  412. >You know it is hard earned, in the expense of your time with your parents
  413. >So you are careful not to just waste it
  414. >You go back upstairs with your pizza and sit back in front of your computer
  415. >Rimworld, the game you've been playing lately
  416. >Since there is no school for you today, you figured you can waste your time on that
  417. >You eat your pizza as you watch ant-sized people run around in your colony, occasionally interrupting their routine for things you deemed more important
  418. >Some time later you get bored of that and start watching videos on youtube
  419. >Before you know it, you waste the whole day on your computer
  420. >Doorbell, again
  421. >This time you don't know who it might be
  422. >You go downstairs and open the door
  423. >A blue haired girl with sunglasses meets you
  424. >She waves her hand and smiles, that is until she sees your face
  425. >She gasps
  426. >"Whau aa uua!" Even tries to say something
  427. "I'm okay Vinyl don't worry." You try to calm her down.
  428. >She shakes her head, pulls out her phone and types something, then shows it to you
  429. >"You are not okay! What happened?"
  430. >You sigh and step aside, inviting her in
  431. >She walks in as you start to explain
  432. "I got mugged, nothing too bad happened." You guide her to the living room. "Police said they've found the guys who did this knocked out, laying in the same alley they mugged me. Apperantly someone got them before they could leave."
  433. >She types something on her phone again
  434. >"Who?" She takes a seat on the couch and you sit next to her.
  435. "Dunno, some gang business maybe. In the end, they didn't manage to steal anything." You smirk. "Except for my handsome face."
  436. >She snorts, then types again
  437. >"Does your face hurt?"
  438. "Yeah, but doctors said the pain should subside in a couple of days."
  439. >She seems sad. "I'm sorry this happened to you, must've been awful."
  440. "It was scary, but I'm fine now, just a little bruised." You decide to change the subject. "What brings you here?"
  441. >"You didn't show up, so I came to see if you were alright. Octavia wanted to come too but she had violin practice." You smile.
  442. "Thanks Vinyl." You look at her for a moment. "We can hang out if you aren't busy?"
  443. >She nods and starts typing. "Yeah lets do it. Hope you got someting to eat."
  444. "We can order some pizza?"
  445. >She raises her hands above her head with a celebratory pose
  446. >You chuckle
  447. "I'm pretty sure that means yes."
  449. >Be Sunny Bunny
  450. >Goddammit
  451. >Be Sunset
  452. >Your first day at school with your new stitches on your leg went relatively well
  453. >Girls did ask why you were grimacing at times
  454. >You just told them you've hurt you knee and it hurts
  455. >You are lucky that PE was Tuesday, so you were stabbed after that
  456. >Still, you will probably not heal by the next week, but you couldn't tell them you were stabbed
  457. >Well, you could but you didn't want to worry them
  458. >This superhero thing is hard enough without having to listen them lecturing you
  459. >You should come up with an excuse for next week though
  460. >You could ask the PE Teacher to excuse you from class maybe
  461. >You will think about it when the time comes
  462. >For now you just want to stop walking
  463. >Not that it hurts too much but having that stinging sensetion with every step is starting to annoy you
  464. >You are gonna need to take a day or two off of your superhero duties
  465. >Wouldn't want the wound to open again while fighting someone
  466. >Then it will never heal
  467. >You arrive to your apartment building and quietly open the door
  468. >You don't want Mr Ditkovich to hear you
  469. >You go up the stairs as silently as you can
  470. >You've memorized which steps make noise when you step on them
  471. >Skipping them with your hurt leg proves difficult however as the stinging hits you again and your leg reflexively comes down on to the step you were trying to avoid
  472. >"Miss Shimmer? Do you have my rent yet?" The door across your apartment opens
  473. >You hate getting stabbed
  474. "I-I'm sorry Mr Ditkovich, sir. I'll have my payment from the cafe this weekend and I'll pay you, I promise." He looks at you with narrow eyes
  475. >"You better." Then he goes inside.
  476. >You sigh as you continue your way up
  477. >Atleast now you don't need to worry about making sound
  478. >You make your way to your door and push the key in
  479. >You unlock the door but as always you have to ram it with your shoulder a couple of times to open it
  480. >You are about to walk inside as you hear the door to your landlord's apartment open again
  481. >"Hey Sunset." You hear a timid voice calling your name and turn around to see the landlord's daughter, Ursula
  482. >She has a half empty garbage bag in her hand
  483. "Hey." You say, slightly raising your hand as if you were waving
  484. >"I was just taking the trash out, good thing I ran into you." You smile and nod. There is an awkwarkness hanging in the air. "D-Did you like it?"
  485. >You look at her for a second with confusion in your eyes
  486. >"Brownies, I mean. Not the garbage... ahem-"
  487. >You almost facepalm, how could you forget the brownies?
  488. "Yeah, yeah, it was delicious. Thank you."
  489. >"You are welcome." She looks at you with a big smile on her face. "Y-You can tell me if you want more."
  490. "I will." You smile back.
  491. >You to just stand there looking at each other for a few seconds, then she points towards the stair
  492. >"I should go and uh... dump this? See you around."
  493. "Yeah, see you." Again, you raise your hand a little
  494. >"Bye!" She says as she decends the stairs
  495. "Bye." You close the door and go inside.
  496. >What a weird girl
  498. >Be Sombra Morbius
  499. >You are a S.H.I.E.L.D scientist
  500. >Right now you are working on some blood sample they gave you
  501. >Apperantly somehow, someone managed to merge their DNA with the DNA of a spider
  502. >They want you to analyze it and figure out how this came to happen
  503. >There is a problem though
  504. >You have mapped the human and spider genome in the blood already, but there is some unknown material in the combined DNA
  505. >It seems to act as a binding agent between two different genomes, but you suspect that it also might be responsible for binding them in a specific way so that random mutations do not occur
  506. >Afterall, according to the information they gave you, owner of this DNA had no change in their apperiance
  507. >Getting exposed to a mutagen and being mutated in a constractive way is astronomically unlikely
  508. >However, if you are right about this, this material could be a game changer
  509. >You have to figure out how it works
  510. >Right now you are looking at the blood sample under a microscope
  511. >Which doesn't tell you much of anything really
  512. >You did have this new scanner thing that you never got the chance of using
  513. >You pour the blood sample into a petri dish and put it under the scanner
  514. >You turn it on
  515. >Woah! Shiny. So much so you are worried it might temper with the sample
  516. >A screeching noise distracts you
  517. >You turn towards the cage where you keep your bats, different research
  518. "What's that? Is it too bright for you?" You ask. "I suppose I could take the cage to a darker place."
  519. >You turn off the machine for now and grab the cage, earning more bickering and screeching
  520. "Yes, yes. I'll let you sleep." You start walking only to be stopped by a table leg connecting with your foot
  521. >You stumble and lose your grip on the cage
  522. >Suddenly, bats are everywhere
  523. "Oh, no." Yeah, you can't catch them
  524. >You watch them fly around a little, thinking of what to do
  525. >One of them lands near the petri dish with the blood sample in it
  526. >It will drink the blood
  527. >Damn vampire bats!
  528. >You rush towards it but by the time you got there bat already started drinking
  529. >You wave your hand to scare the bat away
  530. "Shoo! Shoo bat! Bad boy!" Bat takes flight
  531. >Towards you face, screeching agressively
  532. >You put your hands between the bat and your face
  533. >You feel a scratch and a stinging pain in your hand
  534. "AH! SHIT!" Bat, maybe startled by your shouting, flies away
  535. >You check your hand to see some bite marks with a little bit of blood oozing out from the punctures
  536. >There is more important matters however, like keeping the blood sample out of bats' reach
  537. >You grab the petri dish and put it in a cupboard, then you reach for the intercom
  538. "Hello? This is Doctor Sombra. I need some help here, bats have escaped."
  539. >After calling for help you lean on one of the tables and wait, looking at the bite wounds
  540. >You're gonna be getting a rabies vaccine for this, probably
  541. >You hate needles
  542. >You went home that night after getting a rabies shot
  543. >You really really hate needles
  544. >Even thinking about it makes your skin crawl
  545. >How you become to experiment on animals and such is truly a mistery with all the "needling" involved in the job
  546. >Still, you don't feel very good
  547. >You feel really tired and a little dizzy
  548. >You should sit down maybe
  549. >As you walk towards the couch in your living room you feel your legs weaken
  550. >Just a few more steps
  551. >Everything seems hazy
  552. >The ground is tilting
  553. >Weird
  554. >It's dark...
  555. ___
  556. >You wake up to your phone ringing in the morning
  557. >It seems like you are laying in the middle of your living room, with your work clothes, just a step away from...
  558. >You blacked out! You remember
  559. >Maybe it was the rabies vaccine?
  560. >Your phone rings again and you pick it up
  561. "Yes, hello?" You answer
  562. >"Mister Morbius? I am calling from the patisserie, your order is ready, would you like us to deliver it to your home?"
  563. >That would be S.H.I.E.L.D
  564. >You check the clock on your wall
  565. >It seems you are late without notice
  566. >They are asking you if you need rescue
  567. "Yes, please, that would be lovely."
  568. >If you were being held hostage in your house, your captors wouldn't want anyone to come home
  569. >So if you say no, they dispatch a team to retrieve you
  570. >Yes is the answer for "everything is fine"
  571. >"Very well, nice doing bussiness with you."
  572. >The phone hangs up
  573. >You will recieve some cake today
  574. >S.H.I.E.L.D is really meticulous about not raising suspicion
  575. >You should be heading to the lab now
  576. >If you don't they will send a team anyway
  577. >You grab an apple from the fridge on your way out
  578. >Breakfast will be rushed today
  579. >You take a bite as you run downstairs
  580. >Walking to the edge of the sidewalk, you signal for a cab
  581. >You arrive at the lab quickly, since you slept through the morning rush hour
  582. >Still, it was enough time to finish eating your apple
  583. >You toss the remains into a bin and go inside the building
  584. >"Hey Sombra, late are we?" That would be the security
  585. "Yeah, I uh... kinda blacked out last night, must've been really tired chasing all that bats and whatnot." He looks worried
  586. >"You should've taken a leave. It can't be good for you to come straight to work after blacking out." You smile and wave your hand dismissively
  587. "Don't worry I feel fine now. Happens to th--- Ugh!"
  588. >A sudden stomach cramp makes you curl in pain
  589. >You slowly get on your knees as you try to catch your breath
  590. >There is a hand on your shoulder, it's the security guard
  591. >"Are you alright, do you need a medic?" Talking seems hard so you just shake your head and gesture him to calm down
  592. >You start to get up but sudden contraction of your gullet stops you half way
  593. >You gag as you get support from the guard to not fall back down
  594. >Again and again
  595. >Until the apple comes pouring back onto the ground
  596. >You feel very weak now
  597. >Guard guides you to his chair and helps you sit down
  598. "Sorry about the mess." You apologize
  599. >"Don't worry about that! What happened to you?" You grimace a little as you catch your breath
  600. "I guess it really wasn't a good idea to come straight back here." You look at him. "Thanks."
  601. >"No problem, not like I was gonna just watch you puke your brains out." He looks at you for a moment. "I think you should go back home or maybe even a hospital. Let me call you a ride, yeah?"
  602. "Yeah." You nod. "I should let the department know." He gently pushes you down as you try to get up
  603. >"You just rest, I'll let them know what happened
  604. >You smile and nod, closing your eyes with a sigh
  605. >Such a good guy
  606. >After going back home you tried to eat some light meal in the hopes of not throwing it up
  607. >It didn't work
  608. >Even liquid stuff won't stay down
  609. >Only water
  610. >You decide to wait it out until the evening
  611. >It looks like a really nasty stomach cold
  612. >Probably because you slept face first on the ground whole night
  613. >Speaking of sleeping, maybe a little bit of sleep might do you some good
  614. >In your actual bed this tiime
  616. >Be Anonymous
  617. >It is Friday morning
  618. >It's been lesser part of two days since to got your ass kicked in the alleyway you went to stab Sunset
  619. >You have failed your mission
  620. >You were supposed to stab her before Friday so Vinyl could speak
  621. >Also it is the day you are going back to school
  622. >Most of the swelling on your face died down but it still hurts if you move too many muscles
  623. >You don't mind it as much as all the stares you are getting right now though
  624. >Everyone is whispering to each other
  625. >You sigh as you try and ignore them
  626. >There will be some interesting rumors going about for a while
  627. >"Anonymous! Sweet heavens you look horrible!" Your eyes turn towards to source of the voice, Octavia. "Mpft!"
  628. >She gets elbowed by Vinyl, some hand signs follow
  629. >"My uh... apologies Anonymous, I meant to ask if you were doing alright." You chuckle
  630. "Yeah, I'm okay. Just don't make me laugh too much, my face hurts."
  631. >Vinyl makes some signs
  632. >"She makes no promises Anonymous." You give Vinyl a fake glare
  633. "I'll avenge this."
  634. >Which in turn earns you a slightly sticked out tongue and an amused look
  635. >You smile. She is still your cheerful friend, speaking or not
  637. >Be Sun Tzu
  638. >This is getting stupid
  639. >Be Sunset
  640. >Some kid with a pretty beat up face just walked pass you
  641. >You are pretty sure it's the guy in the alleyway
  642. >Nice to see him up and about
  643. >Takes all the pain of those stitches
  644. >They stretch again as you take a reckless step
  645. >Nope! It doesn't
  646. >Still, it makes you happy knowing you helped someone
  647. >You limp towards your locker with a goofy smile
  648. >Maybe you should check on him? Make sure he is okay
  649. >He seems okay but good friends support each other in hard times right?
  650. >Yeah, Twilight would call this a good friendship lesson!
  651. >You should definitely check on him
  652. >At lunch break maybe, since you are not familiar with his schedule
  653. >You pack your books and head for your class
  654. >Lunch break comes rather quickly since biology is a subject you actually enjoy and literature is not so bad
  655. >You always had a good time reading books
  656. >Not as much as Twilight though, that's for sure
  657. >You walk into the Cafeteria and look around to see if the guy from this morning is around
  658. >Seems like he didn't arrived yet
  659. >Some of your friends, Rainbow and Pinkie, is here though
  660. >So you take your lunch and head for the table they are sitting
  661. >They look rather excited about something
  662. "Hey girls." You greet them. "What are you talking about?"
  663. >"That Anon guy, obviously!" Rainbow answers
  664. "Anon?"
  665. >"You know, the guy that got beat up!" So his name is Anon
  666. >"I should get him some cake or maybe baloons." Pinkie says with a sad voice. "It looks like he was hurt really bad."
  667. >"I heard he participates in street fights!" Rainbow jumps in
  668. "Now that, is ridiculous." Is your response to that
  669. >"Uh! Uh! Maybe he got in a high stake match so he could get himself a car and impress her girlfriend, but he didn't get the money and his uncle got killed!"
  670. >You both look at Pinkie, bewildered
  671. >"What?"
  672. "What?"
  673. >"We should ask him though if we really want to know the story." Pinkie points towards the Cafeteria entrance
  674. >It's the guy from this morning, Anon is his name apperantly
  675. >He is walking with two girls, one of them is talking with hand signs
  676. >You remember her, she helped you with the Dazzlings thing
  677. >They walk towards the lunch queue
  678. "Good idea Pinkie, I'll go talk to him." You get up and walk towards Anon
  680. >Be Anonymous
  681. >You are at the end of the lunch queue waiting for Vinyl and Octavia
  682. >As you've suspected some rumors have started circulating
  683. >Like you are a gang member and shit
  684. >You'd rather stay away from the situation
  685. >Something you say might make the rumors worse and very little of what you say can make them better
  686. >You feel someone touch your shoulder and turn around to see Sunset
  687. >"Hey, Anon right?" She asks
  688. "Y-yeah, uh hi." Why is she talking to you? "And you are..."
  689. >Why did you ask?! You know who she is! Everyone does!
  690. >"Oh, I guess we aren't very close." She rubs the back of her head, then reaches for a handshake. "I'm Sunset, Sunset Shimmer."
  691. >You balance the lunch tray on your left hand for a moment and shake her hand
  692. >Her hand is really soft
  693. *Ahem*
  694. "Nice to meet you Sunset, how can I help you?" Seems like the situation worked itself out
  695. >"Oh, I just saw you this morning all... bruised. So I just wanted to ask how you were doing." That's nice of her
  696. "I'm alright, thanks for asking." You give an awkward chuckle. "Just, you know, aesthethically unplesant to look at."
  697. >"Oh, I wouldn't say that."
  698. >Did she just...
  699. >She is blushing now. "I- I mean-" You can feel yourself blushing aswell.
  700. >You suddenly find the lunch tray very interesting
  701. >"I was just gonna say it's good to hear you are alright! Okay, bye!" She turns around and quickly walks away from you, limping
  702. >Wait, why is she limping?
  703. >Is it possible that she actually got stabbed in her leg?
  704. >You should find out if she did... somehow
  705. >You feel a little nudge on your side
  706. >It's Vinyl with a shit eating grin
  707. >She puts her tray on the lunch counter for a second and make some hand signs
  708. >You look at Octavia, who looks at Vinyl with a shocked expression, her face is a little flushed
  709. >Vinyl moves her head in your direction, indicating that she wants Octavia to translate
  710. >"I will say no such thing!" She hastely walks past you. "Let's just find somewhere to sit."
  711. >You look back at Vinyl
  712. >She wiggles her eyebrows
  713. >You shake your head with annoyance and follow after Octavia
  714. >Vinyl's not gonna let this go anytime soon.
  716. >After school you are walking home with Octavia
  717. >Vinyl went to Club Vendigo to check up on the sound equipment for tomorrow's party
  718. >Which you and Octavia are invited as VIPs
  719. >You've never been a VIP in anywhere before and you would be curious about it if it was not for the fact that it was the day
  720. >The day Vinyl will speak, if your powers are to be trusted
  721. >So you are pretty nervous about it
  722. >It must be showing too, since it caught Octavia's attention
  723. >"Is something wrong Anonymous? You look rather... pensive."
  724. "I was just thinking about Vinyl." That was a vauge answer, you probably should have been more explainatory because-
  725. >"What do you mean?"
  726. >-of this, it will take the conversation further than you'd like
  727. >You are sailing on shallow waters now
  728. >You should try to avoid suspicion, even if she will probably not expect you to have... powers
  729. "I just realized I've never asked... uh... why she's... Well, you know."
  730. >"Mute?" She frowns
  731. "Yeah." You answer reluctantly
  732. >Her steps slow down
  733. >Gloom is almost palpable
  734. >"She wanted to be a singer, you know? She had a beautiful voice, even at that age."
  735. "So she wasn't born like this?"
  736. >Her face offers a woeful smile
  737. >"We were seven years old I think, it was my birthday and after the celebration her parents came to our house pick her up." She continues
  738. >"Our parents were close friends and we spent a lot of time together. I'd play my violin and she'd sing to the tune." A nostalgic scene is painted in your head
  739. >"We did that for my birthday too, everyone loved it." She sighs. "I didn't ask her, but I think that was the last time she sang."
  740. >"They said a truck driver fell asleep on the wheel and crashed into their car. The front of the car was crushed under the truck."
  741. >You are just listening at this point, nothing to say really
  742. >"Vinyl was sitting in the back so they got her out quick but it took them four hours to reach her parents."
  743. >"They were already dead, crushed by the impact and truck's weight."
  744. >"Vinyl hit her head in the crash. Her skull was cracked and apperantly a piece of it was stuck to her brain."
  745. >"She went under a long surgery and they managed to get the piece out. They kept her in a medically induced coma for a month."
  746. >"You know, to prevent her from moving until her brain tissue and membranes around it heals properly."
  747. >"Despite all that, when she woke up, she couldn't control the muscles around her mouth and eyes properly."
  748. >There are tears in her eyes now. Seeing her like this makes your eyes sting as well
  749. >...
  750. >You realize she went silent a while ago
  751. >You are standing in front of her house
  752. >Her and Vinyl's
  753. >Words come to you after a minute or so
  754. "Thank you, for telling me." She nods
  755. >"She didn't have any close relatives so my parents took her in." She explains. "She used to have nightmares, about the crash, about her parents, you know? We used to sleep together."
  756. >"It didn't help much with the nightmares but it helped with the crying. She fell asleep quicker after the nightmares." She looks at you with a serious expression
  757. >"So I trust you won't bring this up around her."
  758. "Of course."
  759. >She pulls out her keys and unlocks the door to her house. "See you at the party tomorrow."
  760. "Yeah, see you." She goes inside and closes the door
  761. >You stand there for a moment before start walking to your home
  763. >Be Octavia
  764. >It's been a little late and you are laying in your bed now
  765. >You've been thinking about Anonymous
  766. >About how you told him about Vinyl, to be specific
  767. >You wanted to be sure that he doesn't ask about this about Vinyl, but in doing so you might have told him a bit too much
  768. >Hopefully he will keep being the Anonymous he always have been and will not behave in any awkward manner
  769. >You trust him, but...
  770. *sigh*
  771. >You roll around to your other side
  772. >Your thoughts turn to Vinyl
  773. >She didn't come to dinner
  774. >It shouldn't take that long to take care of some sound system, right?
  775. >Maybe there was something wrong with it
  776. >Your mother left some food on the table for Vinyl
  777. >They never stopped Vinyl from doing what she wanted, as long as she doesn't do anything wrong and doesn't go around without telling where she is
  778. >So it isn't a problem for her to come home late as long as she lets them know what she's doing
  779. >Same goes for you too, but you haven't really been the type of person to... do things Vinyl do
  780. >You hear the a key turn
  781. >It must be Vinyl
  782. >You check the time on your phone
  783. >It's almost midnight
  784. >She'll probably eat before going to sleep, if she goes to sleep
  785. >She has a bad habit to stay awake late at night, especially if she doesn't have to go to school the next day
  786. >You hear the TV turn on for a second, then she turns the volume down
  787. >You decide to go down stairs
  788. >She hears you walking down the stair and turns to look
  789. >She's sitting on the couch with a plate full of mashed potatoes
  790. >"Did I wake you?" Her hands sign
  791. "No, I was awake. Heard you come in and decided to come down." You plop down beside her. "What're you watching?"
  792. >"Some shit about cowboys? I don't know. Wanna watch together?"
  793. "I did come down, might aswell." She crawls towards you, you raise your arm to allow her to lean on your side and put your arm around her shoulders
  794. >She takes a spoon of mashed potatoes and turns to look at you, holding the spoon close to your mouth
  795. >You open your mouth and allow her to feed you
  796. >She then turns back towards the screen and eats some herself
  797. >She tries to give you some more but you refuse
  798. "I already ate you just go ahead." She doesn't try to give you anymore after that
  799. >You two keep watching the movie until she finishes her meal
  800. >She then gets up and puts her plate in the kitchen sink
  801. >You get up from the couch and turn off the TV, then walk upstairs with Vinyl following you
  802. >You turn towards your room
  803. "Good night, Vinyl." She signs you good night.
  804. >Laying down in your bed once again, you close your eyes
  805. >You're almost asleep when you hear the door to your room open
  806. >You look towards the sound, it's Vinyl
  807. >Shuffling to the side of the bed, you make room for her to climb in
  808. >She lays down next to you, looking at you, her eyes twitching occasionally
  809. >You smile and give her a kiss on the forehead, then tuck her hair behind her ear
  810. >She goes under the covers and contently nestles into your bosom as you wrap your arms around her
  811. >You feel her hands move, making some signs
  812. >You don't need to see them, you know what she's saying
  813. >You caress her hair as you speak
  814. "I love you too."
  816. >Be Morbius
  817. >You've just tried eating something and threw up yet again
  818. >It's been a day and a half since you've been able to eat anything
  819. >Finally, you have reached a new point
  820. >The thought of eating or drinking anything other than water makes you nauseus
  821. >Something is very wrong with you and you are definitely sure it's more than just a stomach cold
  822. >In any case you should clean yourself after throwing up on the floor
  823. >You open the lights to your bathroom and immediately cover your eyes
  824. >It is so bright, like the Sun
  825. >Something must be wrong with the lights
  826. >Then again, maybe it is you
  827. >You slowly open your eyes, giving them a chance to adjust
  828. >In the end it still stings but you are able to look around
  829. >You go for the sink and splash some water on your face
  830. >You pick up a towel and dry off, then take a look at yourself on the mirror
  831. >You look unnaturally pale
  832. >Not sickly pale but... dead pale?
  833. >You definitely need professional treatment
  834. >Cupping your hand to hold some water you wash your mouth to get rid of the foul taste
  835. >You take some more water and gargle to ease the burning of your throat
  836. >It is then something peculiar catches your eye on the mirror
  837. >Fangs
  838. >You have actual, proper fangs
  839. >You spit out the water and open your mouth to take a better look
  840. >They are almost half an inch long and they look really sharp
  841. >You push against the tip of a fang with your thumb
  842. >It immediately stings like a needle
  843. >Retracting your hand, you see a little drop of blood forming around the punctured skin
  844. >You bring it to your mouth without much thinking
  845. >The taste explodes into your mouth, almost leaving you breathless
  846. >It is the best thing you've ever tasted
  847. >You immediately take your thumb out as a realization hits you
  848. >You have been bitten by a vampire bat that was feeding on a blood sample that contained some kind of DNA adhesive
  849. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOO!" You run to the kitchen and grab an apple
  850. >You take a bite but before you could chew on it you start to gag
  851. >Your body rejects it
  852. >Another bite, more gagging
  853. >Again, again, again
  854. >Finally to the point that just looking at it makes you gag
  855. >At that point you put the apple on the table with shaking hands
  856. >Your digestive track must've gone under some changes aswell
  857. >Stomach of a vampire bat is highly under developed, therefore it feeds on blood, an easy to digest substance, with ready for use energy in it
  858. >They do not consume any other food because they can't
  859. >You pace around the house, trying to think of something to do, but if there is any solution, it eludes you
  860. "FUCK! FUUUCK!" You kick a chair into the wall
  861. >You need to keep calm as best as you can
  862. >You also need to eat, or rather drink something
  863. >You are starving
  864. >Doorbell rings
  865. >You are not sure if you should open the door
  866. >It rings again
  867. >"Mr. Connor? I've heard some noises and I just wanted to check if you are alright?" It is your neighbor next door
  868. >Connor is the name you use in your daily life
  869. >S.H.I.E.L.D thought Morbius was a rather unique name and that it could be easily traced
  870. >"Mr Connor?" Voice once again calls to you. "Are you alright?"
  871. >You go and answer the door, if she worries too much she could call the police or something
  872. >In your current situation, if anyone were to be called that sould be S.H.I.E.L.D.
  873. >Still you are worried about them too, so for now you are on your own
  874. >Opening the door you speak, trying to reassure her
  875. "I am fine just a little accident is all."
  876. >You hear the sound of a drum
  877. >"It is really dark in there, no surprise you stumbled over something." You turn your head to take a look inside
  878. >It doesn't seem dark at all to you
  879. >Drums again and a... stream?
  880. >You turn towards the sound, towards her
  881. >Her heartbeat, her blood flowing
  882. >You can hear it
  883. >It is so close, just one step away
  884. >Just a bite, a small litt--
  885. >"Mr Connor?" Woman's voice breakes you out of your stupor
  886. >You are really close to her
  887. >Too close
  888. >You back up inside and mumble an apology before shutting the door
  889. >You almost attacked that woman
  890. >Would you kill her?
  891. >You wouldn't but can you trust yourself in your current situation?
  892. >You need to stay away from people
  893. >You turn around, lock the door and the door chain
  894. >Sitting in your couch you try to come to terms with the situation
  895. >Only then, can you focus on finding a solution
  897. >Be Sunset Sarsaparilla
  898. >Shimmer
  899. >Be Sunset Shimmer
  900. >It's Saturday, past noon
  901. >You are at Cafe Black, working
  902. >Today you will get your monthly payment and pay your rent
  903. >Weekend job doesn't pay for much but with tips and rationing the remaining money, it should last you couple weeks after rent
  904. >By working at a homeless shelter, they let you eat there, and with Ursula's almost daily pasteries you will get through the month, as usual
  905. >You really should find a way to properly thank her
  906. >She literally saves you from starvation
  907. >"Excuse me!" That's a customer. You walk to the table
  908. "What would you like sir?" You put on a well practiced fake smile
  909. >"I want some Chai Tea Latte and a slice of apple pie please" You take note of his order and inform the barista
  910. >It should be out in a few minutes so you turn your attention to the customers, in case they call for you
  911. >"Why are you limping?" You turn back to the barista who is also the owner of the cafe, Coffee Dragee
  912. >You were about to make up some story but you decide against it
  913. >Even Spider-Woman needs to tell her story sometimes
  914. "I got stabbed by some muggers" Not all the story of course
  915. >He looks surprised
  916. >"Woah, didn't expect that. Are you doing alright?"
  917. "Yeah just stings a little when walking, I actually need to get it checked out today. They said they need to change the bandages and make sure the wound doesn't get infected"
  918. >"Leave early today" He suggests "Get some rest. Full day's pay too" He goes for the register and gives you your payment for the month
  919. >You pause for a few seconds, looking at the money
  920. >"Go on kiddo, I will feel bad if you keep working with that leg. If you like working so much, you can work extra hard tomorrow"
  921. "But, will you be okay on your own?" You lightly object
  922. >"I'll be fine. But I need you tomorrow, you know how busy Sundays are." You nod as you take the money
  923. "Thanks Mr Dragee, I'll be here." You smile and make your way to the door
  924. >When you make your stop at the hospital you are surprised to learn that the wound is mostly healed and you no longer need the stitches
  925. >Taking them off is an unplesant experience, but at least now you will not feel the stinging sensation in every step you take
  926. >However you are still limping out of habit at this point
  927. >Well, in time it should be fine
  928. >You pocket your doctor's report
  929. >He wrote down an anti-biotic for you just in case
  930. >You are not to take it unless the wound starts burning
  931. >So you are not going to buy them for now
  932. >Some time later you arrive at your apartment building
  933. >You are about to knock on his door when Mr. Ditkovich opens the door. "Rent?"
  934. >You are pretty sure that 50% of the words he speaks is 'rent'
  935. >Pulling out more than half of your monthly pay, you extend him the money
  936. >He takes it and counts then looks at you. "Here, take five dollar and go buy an icecream or something for keeping your promise."
  937. >Hate it you as may, you are actually happy that he gave you five bucks
  938. "Thanks Mr. Ditkovich, have a good day." You say as you take the money
  939. >You turn and rush down the stairs in mild frustration
  940. >Some criminals to beat down would be great right now
  941. >As you go out of the building you don't realize that you dropped the doctor's report while pulling out the rent money from your pocket
  942. >Mr. Ditkovich did and called after you but you were already gone
  943. >Thinking it might be important he took it inside and put it on a table so he can give it to you later
  944. >You spend the day swinging around the city
  945. >There wasn't much action going on which you are greatful for
  946. >Keeps you from having to put much strain on your leg
  947. >So far you've broke up a fight and saved some guy from getting hit by a car
  948. >Feels good to be out helping people again
  949. >You got yourself a couple hotdogs for dinner and sit on the edge of a high building, closer to the suburbs
  950. >Though the hour is closing in on 10 PM so, it's a really late dinner
  951. >Watching the city, everything seems so organized
  952. >Peaceful almost, if you didn't know the struggles of living in this world
  953. >You especially like the traffic at night
  954. >Little specs of light moving about...
  955. >You have to admit today was a rather nice day
  956. >Taking a bite from your hotdog you keep watching the city with a smile
  957. >Back at home you wouldn't even imagine eating an animal but this is delicious
  958. >Heh
  960. >Be Ursula Ditkovich
  961. >You've found a piece of paper on the table
  962. >A doctor's report, for Sunset with some anti-biotics
  963. >Apperantly she was wounded on her leg!
  964. >Poor girl, it must've been painful
  965. >You should do something to make her happy
  966. >She always likes your cookies and thanks you and smiles with that beautiful eyes so happily...
  967. *Ahem*
  968. >Yes cookies
  969. >You go to the kitchen and open a cupboard to get some flour
  970. >There is no flour
  971. >You used the last remaining flour on the brownies
  972. "Daddy! I'm going out to get some flour for cookies!"
  973. >He comes into the kitchen with his pajamas
  974. >"It's late, you stay in home. Get your flour later, it is time to sleep now." He always goes to sleep early
  975. "But dad, I wanna make cookies for Sunset, she was hurt!" You object
  976. >"You can make your cookies tomorrow." He says firmly. "Girls shouldn't be out at this hour."
  977. "Fine..." You pout
  978. >He comes closer and gives you a kiss on the cheek. "I will go to bed now, don't stay up too late."
  979. "Okay dad, good night." You kinda feel bad now about waiting until he falls asleep to go shopping
  980. >Well, you did ask nicely...
  982. >Be Sombra Morbius
  983. >You are right now sitting in a couch in your living room
  984. >There is a glass of whiskey in your hand that you cannot drink
  985. >You know, with all that restructured digestive system and all
  986. >You feel like the restructuring is still continuing too
  987. >You have developed an extreme sense of hearing along with your increased sight
  988. >There is not a single light in the house that is turned on right now, yet you can see everything clearly
  989. >Your hearing on the other hand...
  990. >You can hear your own heartbeat and blood flow
  991. >You can hear your neighbor watching TV in her house
  992. >When you click your tongue, you are able to sense the objects 360 degrees around you
  993. >Echolocation
  994. >While possible for ordinary people it is near impossible to learn
  995. >However with the bat DNA mixed into yours, it is now a genetic trait for you
  996. >It feels very strange and foreign
  997. >Unlike seeing, you cannot tell exactly what an object is, but you can tell how big and how far it is and whether it's moving or not, if it is moving, how fast and in which direction
  998. >You are also unable to sense objects that are behind an obstacle
  999. >There is no telling how far these changes will go
  1000. >Your hope is that it will leave you as a human at least in apperance
  1001. >Seems like it is going well so far in that front
  1002. >Except for the fangs which can pass as being a little weird... maybe?
  1003. >Speaking of fangs, it has been three days since you last ate
  1004. >The bat DNA must've made you more... feral
  1005. >You feel like you might attack people if you were to encounter them
  1006. >But starving yourself is definitely not an option
  1007. >You could call S.H.I.E.L.D. and ask for help, but honestly, you are scared how they might react
  1008. >So you've thought of another option
  1009. >Feeding on animals
  1010. >There are plenty of stray cats and dogs out there and as cruel as it might seem humans eat animals all the time
  1011. >You also may be able to leave them alive after... feeding
  1012. >You grab your head between you hands
  1013. >This is so fucked up
  1014. >But this is survival
  1015. >And until you can come up with a better idea, this is the way it has to be
  1016. >You get up and grab your jacket before unlocking the door and walking out
  1017. >You hope to God you won't have to talk to anyone
  1018. >Because you don't think you can, not without biting their face off
  1020. >Be Anonymous
  1021. >You are at Vendigo Club along with Vinyl and Octavia
  1022. >VIP tickets allows you to sit in a table right behind the DJ
  1023. >Vinyl said she requested a table to be set up here so she stills gets to hang out with you while doing her job
  1024. >It seemed strange to you that her employer wasn't worried about her slacking, but apperantly she always does this with Octavia without compromising her music
  1025. >Can't argue with that, girl has some sick beats
  1026. >She seems like she's really enjoying it too, almost as if she forgot you two were here
  1027. >Not that you are able to keep focus on that
  1028. >You are really nervous about tonight
  1029. >You have no idea about what will happen, only that somehow Vinyl will be able to talk again
  1030. >Anything can happen at any second
  1031. >Anything
  1032. >"Are you alright Anonymous?" Octavia asks you, yelling over the music. "You look worried."
  1033. "Yeah, yeah." You respond. "I'm fine, it's nothing."
  1034. >You take another sip from your drink
  1035. >Non-alcoholic
  1036. >It's sparkling water lemonade
  1037. >Owner of the club doesn't want any trouble
  1038. >Still the drinks are on the house so you have no complains
  1039. >Being VIP is actually kinda neat
  1040. >Only if you could just relax and enjoy it
  1041. >Vinyl turns around and walks up to the table, giving a hand signal to seemingly no one
  1042. >"Ladies and gentlemen, DJ~ Pon-3," You hear an announcer. "She will be back with you shortly"
  1043. >Vinyl sits down, she looks a little tired and she's sweaty
  1044. >You can see she loves it though, she looks more excited and happier than ever
  1045. >She makes some hand signs
  1046. >"Oh yes, I am enjoying myself very much. What about you Anonymous?" Octavia asks.
  1047. "I've seen better." You say with a shit eating grin
  1048. >You didn't, but it's fun teasing Vinyl
  1049. >She grins back at you
  1050. >Hand signs
  1051. >Octavia sighs. "She says it's on."
  1052. >Waiter brings some Buck-Up along with a long glass filled with ice
  1053. >It's an energy drink
  1054. >Vinyl quickly pours it into the glass and chugs it all down
  1055. >Taking an ice cube in her mouth she gets up and gives another signal
  1056. >"We are back with DJ Pon-3~" Crowd goes wild as Vinyl steps up to the stand and raises her hands to greet the audiance
  1058. >You are Ursula Ditkovich
  1059. >Currently walking around, looking for an open shop
  1060. >It is past 11 PM
  1061. >Maybe your father was right, you should've bought the flour in the morning
  1062. >But you came a long way from home, so you don't want to just give up and go back home
  1063. >You are walking on the opposite side of the road to a night club, you can hear the music from there
  1064. >Club Vendigo
  1065. >You like the music, you should maybe sneak out some time to come here instead of buying flour
  1066. >A grumbling noise coming from an alleyway catches your attention
  1067. >Walking towards the alleyway, you hear a dog, crying
  1068. >Poor thing must be hurt, maybe you can help him
  1069. >As you turn around the corner and follow the voice, coming from behind a garbage container, you see something that makes you question the reality of the situation
  1070. >There is a man, holding the dog in the air while biting into its neck
  1071. >Dog is desperately trying to wiggle itself out the man's grasp, but his hands, holding the dog's back and front legs together, doesn't move an inch as he grunts and breaths heavily
  1072. >You must've fallen asleep in home and now you are having a nightmare
  1073. >This cannot be real
  1074. >Can it?
  1075. >Either way, you need to get away from here before that man sees you
  1076. >You quietly turn around as you listen to the dog's cries
  1077. >There is nothing you can do
  1078. >There is nothing you can do
  1079. >You repeat in you mind as you start walking away
  1080. *Splash*
  1081. >You freeze in place
  1082. >You stepped into a puddle
  1083. >Scared to even look back you pray that he didn't hear you
  1084. >Dog runs past you without stopping, just like you did
  1085. >There is nothing it can do
  1086. >Shaking in fear, you slowly turn around
  1087. >He's walking towards you
  1088. >You see his mouth move, but you can't hear him over your heartbeat
  1089. >Blood is dripping from his chin to his jacket
  1090. >As he steps closer, you take a step back
  1091. >Only to trip on your own leg and fall
  1092. >He walks closer, you can't even move away
  1093. >Your mouth opens as he reaches for you
  1094. "HELP ME! HEEEELP!" Your scream rips through the night
  1096. >You are Thousand Sunny
  1097. >This is not a good time for jokes
  1098. >Because you've just heard a really really desperate scream
  1099. >You are Sunset Shimmer
  1100. >And you are swinging towards the scream as fast as you can
  1101. >As you start hearing some music, a night club comes into the view
  1102. >Club Vendigo
  1103. >"HEE-"
  1104. >Another scream puts you in right direction
  1105. >To an alleyway across the night club
  1106. >There you see a man dragging a woman into the alleyway while trying to cover her mouth
  1107. >Wait, you know her
  1108. >That's Ursula!
  1109. >You fling yourself towards them with you web
  1110. >Your first action should be getting Ursula somewhere safe
  1111. *Thwip*
  1112. >You catch her with your web on the right hand and pull her out of the man's grasp
  1113. >Throwing another web from your left wrist, you attach it onto a building and pull up
  1114. >It must be a really unplesant experience for Ursula
  1115. >She's been screaming her lungs out the whole time
  1116. >But now you got her on the roof and away from that man
  1117. >"No, please. Please, leave me alone!" She is trying to get up on her feet but probably too afraid
  1118. "Hey hey hey, look at me. It's okay, I'm not here to hurt you." You try to calm her down. "You are safe now, but I have to catch the guy that attacked you. Just wait here, alright?"
  1119. >She's still frightened but she gives you a hesitant nod
  1120. >"Good, don't go anywhere." You jump down the building into the alleyway, but the attacker isn't there
  1121. >You sprint to the street and saw him running away
  1122. *Thwip*
  1123. >You spin a web to catch him but he does something you didn't expect
  1124. >He swings around and catches your web before it can latch onto him
  1125. >You two stay like this for a moment, looking at each other with surprise
  1126. >Then you recover and pull on the web you just spun
  1127. >He gets of the ground, flying towards you
  1128. >A second later his face meets your punch and he flies away from you
  1129. >He slowly starts to get up but you will not let him
  1130. >His back is turned
  1131. >You pounce onto him, intending to land a kick in the back of his head
  1132. >He ducks
  1133. >"I do not-" He starts but you cut him off, throwing a punch to his face which he dodges with ease
  1134. >"-want-" He dodges another punch
  1135. >"-to fight." But you were expecting that
  1136. >You keep the momentum from your missed punch and carry it into a roundhouse kick to his side
  1137. >He falls down towards the road and you spin a web to glue him to the ground, catching him on the right hand
  1138. >He tries to rip get free but he can't
  1139. "Don't worry." You say. "There won't be much fighting."
  1140. >He keeps pulling the web
  1141. "Don't waste your energy. That web is- Oh..."
  1142. >He actually broke free by ripping apart your web
  1143. "I guess we're going to play a little."
  1144. >You throw another web but he ducks under it and jumps onto you
  1145. >You jump up, press on his shoulders and send him thumbling down on the road
  1146. "Leap frog!"
  1147. >He jumps right back up
  1148. >This time he just runs toward you
  1149. >You somersault above him and throw a web to catch him on the back
  1150. >Instead he turns around and catches your web
  1151. >Was he expecting it?
  1152. >Not leaving you much time to think, he pulls you towards him and punches you in the face
  1153. >You spin around and fall on your face
  1154. "Nice move." You say sarcastically while getting up
  1155. >"Learned it from you."
  1156. >Cheeky
  1157. >He doesn't follow up with another attack so you decide to go this time
  1158. >You spin another web which he catches as you expected
  1159. >He pulls onto it, but you already let go
  1160. >Expecting more mass to pull, he loses his balance and you kick him in the guts, sending him crashing into a car
  1161. >It actually caves in and the man falls to the ground
  1162. >You definitely broke some bones there
  1163. >Hopefully he's not injured too bad
  1164. >He starts moving again
  1165. >This is one sturdy guy, huh?
  1166. >Something is wrong
  1167. >He looks up from the ground and screeches, making you cover your ears
  1168. *Run*
  1169. >Adrenaline is pumped into your veins as you feel the impending danger
  1170. >You jump up as he leaps to your previous position to grab you with his right hand, but he catches your ankle with his other hand
  1171. >You suddenly impact the ground
  1172. >The air is knocked out of you lungs
  1173. >You feel a hand grabbing your throat
  1174. >Now you are flying through the air
  1175. >A wall abruptly stops your journey and you once again find yourself laying on the floor
  1176. >Everything is blurry, but you know one thing
  1177. >You have to put some distance between you and this... thing
  1178. >You raise you arm and attach a web to the building
  1179. >You barely muster the strength to pull yourself up and lay down on the top of the building
  1180. >Breathing hurts but at least the blurry vision is decreasing
  1181. >You should make sure that thing doesn't follow you up here so you get up on your feet and look down to the street
  1182. >Good news, he isn't coming for you
  1183. >Bad news, he just went into the night club
  1184. >You are pretty sure he isn't going there to party
  1185. >You jump down once again and hurry into the club after him
  1187. >You are Anonymous
  1188. >You are getting increasingly nervous as nothing seems to happen at all
  1189. >You are not sure if this is a good thing or not but you made your bed and now you have to lie in it
  1190. >It is at that moment you hear some screams muffled by the loud music
  1191. >You rush up close to Vinyl to look down and see what's going on
  1192. >Some weird dude is throwing people around like ragdolls as they scream and try to run away
  1193. >He catches some guy and takes a bite-
  1195. >You hear the music stop as Vinyl halts her playing
  1196. >Octavia, also rushed to the DJ booth, speaks with a scared voice
  1197. >"What is this? What's going on?" It's weird to see that calm and collected girl so agitated
  1198. "I think we are in big trouble." You barely get to finish your sentence as a familiar figure jumps on the crazy dude and throws him across the club
  1199. >Towards the DJ booth
  1200. >Towards you!
  1201. >As he reaches his destination he collides directly with you knocking you to the floor unconcious
  1203. >Be Sunset Shimmer because writefag ran out of puns
  1204. >You've just saved that guy from being eaten
  1205. >However you threw the monster towards some civilians and possibly injured one
  1206. >At the very least it seem that it doesn't geting back up
  1207. >Oh no it does, right there
  1208. >It's attacking the blue haired girl
  1209. >You aim your web towards them and spin it but the creature just ducks down
  1210. >Some other girl tries to save her friend but gets a backhand slap that sends her falling down to the dance floor
  1211. >You spin your web and throw it twice without interruption
  1212. >Once to the falling girl and once to the DJ booth leaving her suspended in the air
  1213. >She looks up at you, her face bloodied and swollen and screams
  1214. >"PLEASE SAVE HER!"
  1215. >At that moment you feel for the first time the weight of what you were doing running around in the streets, catching criminals
  1216. >You feel for the first time, the weight of responsibility on your shoulders
  1217. >You have to get up there, you have to save that girl
  1218. >You cannot fail
  1219. >You throw your web to the ceiling and pull yourself up ahead towards the booth
  1220. >You attempt a dropkick as you close in on the creature, but once again he just dodges your attack without even letting go of the girl
  1221. >You need to stop him from moving around but you can't do it if he just avoids your webbing
  1222. >But you can try to trick him
  1223. >You throw your web towards his face and just as you expected he moves to dodge it
  1224. >Using this moment as a distraction you spin more web, this time sticking his feet to the ground
  1225. >This however incites an unexpected reaction from him
  1226. >The creature roars, blood dripping from his chin and throws the girl toward you
  1227. >You brace yourself to catch her but at that moment your injured leg gives in, sending a wave of pain that is enough to make you lose your strength for a moment
  1228. >Girl's flinging body hits you like a sack of bricks, sending both of you into a giant loud speaker
  1229. >Electric current shakes your body, causing your muscles to contract violently
  1230. >The girl you were supposed to save is faring no better but luckily this causes a fuse to blow and cut out the power of the entire building
  1231. >You don't notice however as it went all dark for you some seconds ago
  1233. >Be Lemon Zest
  1234. >Anon seems like he really screwed things up
  1235. >You should fix it before he kills you again
  1236. >That is, if you aren't too late already
  1238. >You come to realize that you are Sombra Morbius as the sound and light around you suddenly dies
  1239. >Not needing the light, your vision is still clear
  1240. >However, you aren't sure about where you are
  1241. >You were fighting this strange woman and then it's all fuzzy
  1242. >You notice that the clawing hunger is gone now
  1243. >The implications of this frightens you and as you look around you find valid reasons for your fear
  1244. >The woman you were fighting lies motionless on the ground, along with two others
  1245. >You walk towards your unmoving opponent as you hear someone crying
  1246. >It came from below which makes you realize that you are standing on a high platform
  1247. >Further investigation of your surroundings tells you that you are in a nightclub
  1248. >Perhaps the one that was across the street?
  1249. >There was definitely a party in process there so if you are in that nightclub...
  1250. >"Vinyl?... Anyone?" Calls out tearful voice of a young woman, making you put your speculations aside
  1251. >Maybe they can tell you what happened
  1252. >You go to the edge of the platform and look down
  1253. >It is high but... Something tells you that you can jump down just fine, so you do it
  1254. >Reaching the floor you hear a surprised gasp, which tells you where the person you're looking for is
  1255. >You turn and see a young woman suspended in the air by some rope
  1256. >She looks around, unable to see anything in the dark, unlike you
  1257. >"V-Vinyl?" Her voice is so hopeful that you almost don't want to speak and take it away
  1258. >But alas
  1259. "I am not Vinyl." You speak. "My name is Sombra. Can you tell me what happened here?"
  1260. >She frowns but obliges, "Some guy just ran into the club attacking people and this girl came in and threw him up there."
  1261. >She points to the platform you were on
  1262. >"I don't think she did it on purpose but the guy hit one of my friends and then attacked me, but Vinyl tried to cut him off and h-he-"
  1263. >She stops for a second. "Is she okay? Can you go up there and look?"
  1264. >You open your mouth but can't bring yourself to speak about it
  1265. >Instead you decide on something else
  1266. >There is nothing you can do here but maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. can
  1267. "Do you have a phone?" You ask the girl. "I'll call for help."
  1268. >She nods. "Yeah it's in my pocket." She pulls it out and starts dialing 911
  1269. >You take the phone from her before she can finish
  1270. "Not 911, you don't want them involved in this trust me."
  1271. >"Who then?" She asks
  1272. >You just turn your back to her and dial
  1273. >>"Yes, this is Lilac Patissery, how can I help you?"
  1274. "Sombra M. Alpha, foxtrot, one, three, one, one, x-ray, sierra. Requesting immediate medical support to my location. Please suspend any Non-Shield interventions to the area."
  1275. >>"Understood, support inbound, ETA three minutes."
  1276. >You hang up the phone
  1277. >"Did you just call S.H.I.E.L.D.?" The girl asks
  1278. >You grab her hand and put her phone in her palm
  1279. "I'm sorry." You say before running out of and away from the nightclub, ignoring the girl calling after you
  1281. >Cold
  1282. >Dark
  1283. >You are laying down
  1284. >Who were you again?
  1285. >It's fuzzy, but you remember something... someone
  1286. >She called you Vinyl
  1287. >Yes, you remember
  1288. >You were at the nightclub with Octavia and Anon
  1289. >Some guy attacked you
  1290. >Your hand goes for the two puncture wounds on your neck as you remember the event with more details
  1291. >Your arm brushes over your nipples
  1292. >You are naked, but why?
  1293. >You try to sit up but before you can move ten inches, your head collides with some metal plate
  1294. >Using your hands, you try to find out where you are
  1295. >It feels like a metal box
  1296. >You shiver, this place is like a refrigerator
  1297. >Could it be that...
  1298. >No way, this is not a movie, they would know if...
  1299. >There is a way to be sure
  1300. >You move your feet and feel something touching your skin
  1301. >Your other foot confirms that this is indeed a name tag as you thought
  1302. >There is very little doubt now, you are in a morgue
  1303. >You feel panic rising inside you
  1304. >What if it's night and everyone left? Would you freeze to death?
  1305. >No one would even know that you were alive!
  1306. >What would Octavia feel if you were dead?
  1307. >Does she think you are dead? Did they tell her so?
  1308. >Is she even safe? What if she's in another drawer right next to you?
  1309. >You need to get out, now!
  1310. >You start hitting the confines of your enclosure
  1312. >You trash around some more
  1313. "IS ANYONE THERE?! I'M NOT... not... dead?"
  1314. >Your hands close around your mouth
  1315. >You talked
  1316. >You just talked!
  1317. >It wasn't some meaningless moaning, you spoke actual words!
  1318. >How is this possible?
  1319. >Not even the clanking sound of your cage's door opening diverts your attention from this highlight
  1320. >Only when the drawer is pulled out and light hits your eyes with painful intensity, you realize that you are rescued
  1321. >"Oh my God!" You hear a woman's voice. "I can't believe we made a mistake like this! I'm so sorry!"
  1322. >You take a few moments for your eyes to adjust to the light
  1323. >Slowly opening your eyes, you see a woman with pink hair in a nurse uniform
  1324. >"Are you alright?" Nurse asks with a surprised expression on her face
  1325. "I think so?" You say. It feels weird to talk again after all those years. "Are my friends okay? Where is Octavia?"
  1326. >"Are you sure?" She asks again. "I mean you look okay now but you had severe burns from electrocution when they brought you in."
  1327. >You look at your naked body for any injuries, which also urges you to cover yourself with your arms
  1328. >"How is this possible? Are you a mutant?" You look back at her bewildered
  1329. "No! I'm just a normal girl, this doesn't make any sense! What is going on? Where are my friends?"
  1330. >She gives you a suspicious look before speaking
  1331. >"I don't know what's happening but we'll figure it out. Your friends are okay, physically atleast. Just a couple of bruises." She takes off her lab coat and wraps it around you. "Here, take this for now. I think they took your clothes as evidence."
  1332. >You wear the lab coat on your naked skin and button it up in few places
  1333. >"We though you were dead and uh... We let your friends know." She gives you an apologetic look. "The girl you were talking about, Octavia, she passed out and-
  1334. >She's cut of by you suddenly jumping on your feet
  1335. "Take me to her." You see a little spark of hesitation in her eyes. "NOW!"
  1336. >"Okay, okay!" She raises her hands before turning towards the door. "Follow me."
  1338. >You are Anonymous
  1339. >You fucked it all up real nice
  1340. >Octavia is laying down on a hospital bed, passed out from shock
  1341. >You know Spider-Woman is here too, probably in a different room since she needs intensive care
  1342. >Maybe you should say Sunset, since they took off her mask when they treated her wounds
  1343. >You almost didn't recognize her
  1344. >Her skin had red patches, burnt and flayed areas along with swollen pockets all over
  1345. >If it wasn't for the fuse, the electrocution might've cost her some limbs
  1346. >That's what the doctors said anyway
  1347. >You woke up on the way to the hospital, or whatever this place is
  1348. >Apperantly you just hit your head, but you're just fine
  1349. >Octavia has a broken cheekbone, Sunset is heavily sedated under intensive care and Vinyl...
  1350. >She's dead
  1351. >All thanks to you
  1352. >You were going to make her speak again
  1353. >Instead you silenced her for good
  1354. >Oh, and you got out scot-free!
  1355. >Now your powers won't say anything to you
  1356. >Guess you really can't bring back the dead
  1357. >Look what you powers got you anyway, it's better off if you stop using them
  1358. >Sound of the door opening draws your attention
  1359. >In walks a very familiar figure dressed in a lab coat along with a woman with pink hair
  1360. >You feel you heart lighten and tears welling in your eyes
  1361. >She rushes towards you and Octavia, stopping right next to the bed and leaning over the black haired girl
  1362. >"Octavia." She whispers as she puts her hand on the girl's cheek
  1363. >You are left absolutely breathless
  1364. >It worked
  1365. >Vinyl isn't dead
  1366. >And she's is talking
  1368. >You are Aryanne Degurechaff
  1369. >A high level Hydra field operative and assassin
  1370. >You've been summoned for a new mission
  1371. >Following beside you is Tracey Cage
  1372. >While she is under your command, she doesn't always go with you on the field
  1373. >She's a voluntary test subject of Hydra experiments
  1374. >She takes pride in being a lab rat, something you don't understand
  1375. >You both support a black leather Waffen-SS uniform with a Hydra armband
  1376. >Tracey is also wearing a large metal collar with a short chain attached to it
  1377. >Which is weird because you haven't seen her with that before
  1378. "What's with the collar?" Your question is met with one of her signature predatory grins
  1379. >"It's a surprise, you might get to see it if our mission goes bad."
  1380. >You stop before a large mahogany door with a symbol of the organization carved onto it
  1381. >You knock on the door and a quick "Come in!" is heard before you walk in
  1382. "Hail Hydra!"
  1383. >"Hail Hydra!"
  1384. >You both salute the man who's sitting behind his desk
  1385. >"Hail Hydra," He responds nonchalantly. "I will not take much of your time, the mission is very straight forward."
  1386. >He hands you a dossier, which you open upon recieving
  1387. >It's about a man named Sombra Morbius
  1388. >"The man you see there is a SHIELD scientist." He gets up from his chair and starts walking
  1389. >"He went AWOL about seventy-two hours ago and according to our sources his location is currently unknown." He walks around the table and comes closer
  1390. >"We know he was working on an important project for SHIELD and unfortunately for us didn't finish his work before leaving."
  1391. >"We want him found and brought here, alive." He says, looking at Tracey "So he can complete the project."
  1392. >"Yes Baron." She responds, knowing her failings in the past
  1393. >"We think the doctor may have been enhanced." He looks back at you, "That's why we are giving you your blood bag. Keep her under control."
  1394. "Yes Baron." You respond
  1395. >He walks around the table and returns to his chair
  1396. >"Be on your way then, and good luck. Hail Hydra."
  1397. >"Hail Hydra!"
  1398. "Hail Hydra!"
  1399. >You exit the room along with Tracey
  1400. "Make your preperations and meet me at the courtyard, you've got fifteen minutes." You talk stern
  1401. >"Yes ma'am." She hastily takes off, but you stop her
  1402. "Tracey," She turns to you. "If you kill him, I will personally cut your limbs off."
  1403. >She barely supresses another grin. "Yes ma'am."
  1404. >You nudge her to continue
  1405. >Wrong choice of words, Aryanne
  1406. >How do you punish someone who enjoys punishment?
  1407. >You should figure something out before you find your target or Tracey might just kill him in hopes of getting tortured
  1408. >Fifteen minutes later you and Tracey are both walking towards a helicopter LZ
  1409. >You are both wearing jeans, a white shirt and a leather jacket
  1410. >You have your guns strapped onto your back, under your shirt, hidden by the jacket
  1411. >You assume Tracey has a gun and a giant knife hidden there
  1412. >Only thing that is a bit off is that metal collar she's wearing but she insists it might be necessary
  1413. >As you take your seats in the helicopter the co-pilot hands you a pair of headphones
  1414. >Putting them on, you speak to the pilot
  1415. "Drop us off at Hammer Industries building located in Canterlot. The security is informed about two VIPs coming, we expect no problems."
  1416. >"Understood." He says before taking off
  1417. >The headquarters isn't very far from Canterlot city, so this should be a short ride
  1418. >You turn your head and look at Tracey
  1419. >She returns your look with a wave of her hand and a cute smile
  1420. >Someone who doesn't know her would think she's a nice person
  1421. >"What's wrong Anne?"
  1422. >You've been staring
  1423. "Nothing." You say as you turn away from her
  1424. >There is an idea you have in mind to stop her from killing your target
  1425. >You don't like it and she might not even be planning to kill him
  1426. >But Baron seems to believe this mission is really important, so you will not take any chances
  1428. >Be Anonymous
  1429. >You are having trouble deciding about where you want to look at
  1430. >Octavia just woke up and decided to welcome Vinyl with a very enthusiastic french kiss
  1431. >A very long and sloppy one too
  1432. >You are pretty sure Vinyl has no clothes under that lab coat because you can see her nipples poking out
  1433. >Anon Jr is at full attention
  1434. >You had no idea Vinyl and Octavia were... uh, dating?
  1435. >Goddamn they just won't stop huh?
  1436. >You panic a little when Octavia's hand starts to lift up the lab coat
  1437. >Thankfully the nurse intervenes
  1438. >"Woah! Woah!" She pushes them away from each other. "Enough kissing, okay?"
  1439. >Her face is a little red from the commotion
  1440. >Then there is Octavia's face when she realizes there are other people in the room
  1441. >You think she might be going for a purple-ish color there
  1442. >This Octavia is VERY different from the calm and collected one you came to know at school
  1443. >"A-Anon! Hi!" She stutters. "I was uh... We were just-"
  1444. "I didn't see anything." You deny your spectatorship
  1445. >"Yeah you did!" Vinyl jumps in, pointing at your raging erection
  1446. >You pull your legs to your chest in an attempt to hide your shame
  1447. >Meanwhile Octavia looks at her girlfriend, startled
  1448. >"How did you- You talked?!"
  1449. >Vinyl gives her a smug look accompanied by a nod
  1450. >"Oh, Vinyl!" She basically tackles her to the ground which exposes some of Vinyl's lower parts
  1451. >It's only a side view but you can't help but stare
  1452. >"You like watching huh Anon?" Vinyl's voice brings you back to reality
  1453. "N-No!" You blurt out
  1454. >Now you understand why Octavia didn't translate everything to you
  1456. >You are Aryanne
  1457. >You and Tracey just arrived at Hammer industries building and are exiting the chopper
  1458. >You see someone waiting for you at the landing zone
  1459. >A man wearing a white suit, carrying a suitcase
  1460. >As you and Tracey walk away from the LZ and toward the entrance he runs ahead and holds the door
  1461. >Once you are inside he greets you appropriately
  1462. >"Welcome. It is great to have visitors from our partners." He reaches for a handshake which you accept
  1463. "I'm afraid we will not be staying too long," You remark. "as you are probably aware."
  1464. >"Of course, duty first." He gestures to an elevator door. "This way, please."
  1465. >Following the man, you two board the elevator and allow him to lead you to the ground floor of the building
  1466. >He keeps walking as you two follow him through some scientific personnel, workers and security
  1467. >Once you are outside the building he finally shows you to a car
  1468. >"We had this prepared for you, completely disposable so don't worry about keeping it safe."
  1469. >While it is not too luxurious, the car is not very cheap looking either
  1470. >It is also somewhat dusted so it doesn't draw attention at all
  1471. >"Of course, if you prefer something more mobile," the man adds, "we can get you a couple of motorcycles instead."
  1472. >You shake your head
  1473. "No this is just fine, thank you." He gives you the keys and hold the suitcase for you to take
  1474. >Your questioning look is returned with an explanation
  1475. >"This is a prototype, portable railgun. No bigger than a pistol but much more silent." He clarifies. "It had performed perfectly on every lab environment and we'd like you to give it a field test, if that's possible."
  1476. >You don't really want to risk anything by testing a prototype, but something silent might be good to bring along
  1477. "I will see, if an opportunity presents itself." You take the suitcase
  1478. >"That's all we ask." He says, taking a few steps back
  1479. >You unlock the car and nudge Tracey to get in which she obeys immediately
  1481. >Sitting behind the wheel you start up the engine and start your way towards the provided address
  1482. >Time to make sure Tracey doesn't kill the guy you're after
  1483. "Tracey?" You call without taking your eyes off the road ahead
  1484. >"Hm? What?" She asks nonchalantly
  1485. "Remember how I said I would punish you if you killed our target?"
  1486. >"Yes~?" She sounds perky
  1487. "I changed my mind." You can just feel her mood drop even though you aren't looking
  1488. >"That's okay." She speaks with disappointment. "I mean, I wasn't going to deliberitaly kill him or anything, Baron was really serious this time, but I was hoping for an accident."
  1489. >Huh, maybe you misjudged her self-control
  1490. >She might not need an incentive afterall
  1491. >"You should trust me more, you know?" She bemoans. "You break my heart sometimes."
  1492. "You don't have a heart. Literally." You object
  1493. >"Not funny." She sits back in her seat looking through the side window
  1494. >Now you feel kinda bad, she does always obey your orders
  1495. >Albeit with some childish complaining sometimes, but that's kinda her thing
  1496. "Tell you what, if you do a good job on this mission, I'll get you a new knife."
  1497. >"I don't want a new knife, I like my knife." You sigh
  1498. "What do you want then?" She turns around and looks at you
  1499. >"I want you to stab me." You can hear her grin. "In the chest, repeatedly."
  1500. "Goddammit Tracey!" She just giggles like the fucking lunatic she is
  1501. >"You'll do it though, right?" Sudden seriousness in her voice would startle you in your early days with her
  1502. "Yeah, I'll do it." You say while you step on the gas pedal a little harder in frustration
  1504. >Be Vinyl Scratch
  1505. >You, Tavi and Anon decided to see how Spider Woman, or Sunset, is faring
  1506. >Now that you are in her room, you almost feel bad for walking away fine from this
  1507. >She has bandages all over her body and she's hooked up to so many machines that she's covered in cables and tubes
  1508. >It seems like she lost some of her hair too, or maybe the doctors shaved it to clean the wounds properly
  1509. >You are standing at the side of her bed, Octavia hugging your arm and Anon is at the bottom of the bed along with the nurse
  1510. >During your small conversation on the way here you learned that her name is Clare Redheart
  1511. "Will she be alright?" You ask the her
  1512. >"She survived the first crucial hours, so we expect a full recovery." Redheart starts. "However, she still needs to be kept under close watch for the time being."
  1513. "How long?"
  1514. >She thinks for a while
  1515. >"Aside from what you can see, she has internal injuries and some bone fractures aswell, but from what we observed so far she's healing really fast."
  1516. >She looks at you with inquisitive eyes
  1517. >"Not as fast as you, but we expect her to be fully healed in about two weeks. She will be up on her feet in a couple days."
  1518. >That's good to hear atleast, but still, you know better than anyone that doesn't mean she'll walk away without a reminder of this event
  1519. "What about scars?"
  1520. >"Well, with her healing ability, she might not have any permenant scars, but there is no way to be sure." She curls the corners of her mouth in a weird expression. "At least electrocution scars look pretty."
  1521. >You nod and notice that Anon has been just staring intensely at Sunset this whole time
  1522. "Anon?" His snaps back from his thoughts and looks at you. "Are you alright?"
  1524. >You are Anonymous
  1525. "Uh... Yeah. Yeah I'm fine."
  1526. >You're not fine
  1527. >You did this
  1528. >Your wish to help Vinyl led to someone else getting hurt
  1529. >You cannot even say that you didn't know this would happen
  1530. >You were okay with stabbing someone for it
  1531. >Why not electrocute someone? Is it okay as long as they don't die?
  1532. >How did you even know that no one would die?
  1533. >Vinyl almost died
  1534. >What you did was right, but how you did it...
  1535. >Does the goal justify the means?
  1536. >You want to say it does but could you say that to Sunset?
  1537. >Some more indistinct conversation finds its way to your ears as you get lost in these thoughts once again
  1538. >You realize she was calling your name for a while when you finally perceive Octavia's words
  1539. >"Anonymous? Are you sure you are alright?" She looks worried. "You seem really out of it."
  1540. "Don't worry about it." You say plainly. "I'm just a little shaken is all."
  1541. >She looks back at Sunset. "I know what you mean." Then looks back at you again. "Ms. Redheart was saying that we could have some breakfast in the cafeteria. Are you coming?"
  1542. >Breakfast huh? Has it been that long?
  1543. "You go ahead. I'll catch up."
  1544. >"But you don't know where the cafeteria is." Nurse objects
  1545. "I'll ask around." That sounded a bit too harsh even though you didn't mean to say it like that
  1546. >Some weird looks are exchanged between the trio before Octavia talks
  1547. >"Alright, see you there then..." She says before they all quitely leave the room
  1548. >You wait a few seconds before talking
  1549. "I'm sorry, Sunset. I didn't mean for this to happen."
  1550. >You are not sure if she can hear you
  1551. >You are not sure whether you'd want her to
  1552. "I was just trying to help Vinyl get her voice back and everything just went out of control."
  1553. >You feel some tears welling up and stop for a moment
  1554. >No need to raise anymore questions, so you'd rather not go to the cafeteria with red eyes
  1555. "I don't know what I can do but I'll make this right. Who knows? Maybe I can save your life without you even knowing about it."
  1556. >Thinking about you and her like a team brings a little smile to your face
  1557. >You start walking out of the room, but stop as you open the door to say a few more words
  1558. "Rest well and get better soon. And don't worry, I'll try to keep the streets safe for you. Somehow..."
  1560. >You are Lemon Zest
  1561. >Though S.H.I.E.L.D. is a publicly known organization, they keep the location of their buildings to themselves
  1562. >So it is not every day you get to be in one of them
  1563. >Unfortunately, you are not here for sight seeing
  1564. >You thought that Vinyl's death was why Anon asked, or more accurately forcefully enlisted, your help
  1565. >Now it seems that Vinyl didn't die
  1566. >All her wounds have somehow healed aswell
  1567. >So it must be someone else
  1568. >Well, technically Vinyl might still die but for now Sunset seems to be the better candidate
  1569. >You wish Anon gave you more to work than "Save my friend," before shooting you
  1570. >Still, you don't need to wait around to see if Sunset dies from her wounds
  1571. >There is nothing you can do to prevent it if that's the case anyway
  1572. >Which means that since you don't know who it is that dies, it'll be hard for you to stop that from happening
  1573. >So you will probably have to die again
  1574. "Goddammit." You mumble.
  1575. >The worst part is that there is no way to avoid it because anything Anon want's somehow ends up happening
  1576. >With unexpected consequences, sure
  1577. >But if he wants you dead, you are pretty sure you'll die
  1578. >It's unfortunate that you have a moral compass that stops you from killing people
  1579. >You could just kill him here and be done with it
  1580. >Well, since there is nothing you can do here, you might as well follow Anon to the cafeteria and get some breakfast yourself
  1581. >You wait next to the door and quickly exit as he opens it
  1582. "Why thank you, Anonymous. Such a gentleman."
  1583. >No answer, of course. He can't hear you
  1584. >Food in the cafeteria looks good
  1585. >Salad, eggs, honey, butter, toasted breads, jelly...
  1586. >You'd love to get a food tray and sit somewhere, but making things that don't touch your skin imperceptible requires actual work from your part
  1587. >Needless to say, you are pretty tired
  1588. >You've been following Anon around for a few days now and you got no sleep last night
  1589. >You need some place to sleep that won't get you caught, you can't use your powers while you're asleep
  1590. >You just go ahead and grab a fork
  1591. >Taking a tray and making the food disappear may be hard, but you can just eat here
  1592. >It does look like self service, there is no "lunch lady", so floating food won't gather much attention
  1593. >You hope
  1594. >It is good that there is not many people getting breakfast too
  1595. >You wait a little for Anon to finish up and start up with some cheese
  1596. >It's pretty gouda
  1597. >Heh
  1598. >Looking around to make sure no one's watching, you continue your meal
  1599. >After a while, it starts to get crowded
  1600. >Apperantly you were just early, so you decide not risking getting caught and head for the table that Anon and others are sitting
  1601. >People in your way subconciously move away from you
  1602. >Once you are at the table, you listen in on the conversation
  1603. >"They should let you go after getting a report on the events at the club." Nurse speaks. "I think it would be smart to run some tests on you though." She says to Vinyl. "I think you might have acquired some new abilities."
  1604. >"Like superpowers?" Vinyl seems excited. "Oh man, this is great!"
  1605. >You are kinda impressed how comfortable Vinyl is with just a lab coat as her attire
  1606. >Pretty hot to be honest, Anon would agree you imagine
  1607. >He doesn't seem like he's paying attention to anything around him right now though
  1608. >Probably thinking about Sunset if you were to guess
  1609. >"OW! OW! OW! MMMHH!" Vinyl's cry makes you and everyone else look at her
  1610. >She's holding her tummy with a pained expression
  1611. >"What is it, Vinyl? What's happening?!" Octavia asks.
  1612. >"I-" She gags. "I think I'm gonna throw up!"
  1613. >"Let's get you to a bathroom." Nurse quickly gets up and helps her to her feet, but before they can go much further she bends forward in pain
  1614. >Once again, she's grasping her stomach. "Ah, it hurts!"
  1615. >Falling on her knees, she gags again and eliminates the need to get to a bathroom
  1616. >All others can do is watch
  1617. >She keeps gagging even after there is nothing left to let out
  1618. >Octavia rubs her back while Vinyl tries to catch her breath
  1619. >"I think I need to lay down." She says with a tired voice
  1620. >Octavia helps her up and grabs her around the waist, lifting some of her weight
  1621. >"I'm sorry about all this." Vinyl says to the nurse
  1622. >"It's fine." She cuts short and turns to Octavia. "Take her to the room you were staying, I'll be there once I find someone to clean this up."
  1623. >Octavia simply nods and motions Anon for help
  1624. >As the two help their friend to a bed you follow suit, reviewing your theories
  1625. >Maybe Vinyl's not so well after all
  1627. >You are Aryanne
  1628. >Tracey and you are sitting in the car, across the road from Morbius' apartment
  1629. >"I hope you're right, Anne." Tracey says. "I really want some action."
  1630. "I don't think S.H.I.E.L.D. would just leave the scene unchecked." You reply. "There must be someone watching the place."
  1631. >"Well, do we go in or not?" She's ecstatic as ever
  1632. "Yeah, let's go. Just try not to get too much blood on yourself." You switch one of your guns with the railgun before heading out
  1633. >It is a weird weapon
  1634. >It seems to have not one, but two magazines
  1635. >One for small metal balls that it launches, one for a power cell that contains the electrical energy to accelarate the projectiles
  1636. >Strikes you as inefficient, they could make them into one magazine if they measured the power needed to launch each projectile
  1637. >Then again, there may be other factors you aren't aware of
  1638. >This is why they wanted you to test the weapon
  1639. >You walk into the building and start climbing the stairs
  1640. >There are other people living here, you shouldn't carry your weapons openly
  1641. >You may need them fast though, so you are holding one with your right hand behind your back, concealed under your leather coat
  1642. >A couple floors up and you reach the door you seek
  1643. >Tracey takes the lead as you take position for cover fire if needed
  1644. >She kick the door in and you both rush inside with weapons in your hands ready to fire
  1645. >Checking the rooms one by one, you clear the entire place, not encountering any hostiles
  1646. >You stand there confused for a moment
  1647. >S.H.I.E.L.D. can't be this sloppy
  1648. >It is in that moment one of the windows shatter into a thousand pieces and you hear a metallic ping
  1649. "SNIPER! GET DOWN!" You yell, running for cover
  1650. >You put a wall between you and the shooter
  1651. >Tracey is laying motionless on the floor, her eyes looking out of the window that the bullet came in from
  1652. >You are worried for a second until she speaks
  1653. >"He thinks he go' e." She says, without moving her lips. "I can't see 'ere he is though, I need another shot."
  1654. >Thinking for a second, you reach and grab a desk lamp
  1655. >You and slowly raise it in front of the window, into the sniper's field of view
  1656. >Sure enough, he takes the bait and shoots the lamp off your hand
  1657. >It is at that moment Tracey gets up and fires her gun out the window
  1658. >Another shot from the sniper hits to a random spot inside the room
  1659. >Silence falls as Tracey stops firing
  1660. >There is no more shooting
  1661. >Tracey either hit the guy or he decided to relocate after beind found out
  1662. >You shouldn't risk it though
  1663. "Let's get out of here and be sure he's dead." You say
  1664. >Rushing out of the apartment and through the stairs, you exit the building with Tracey in the lead
  1665. >Once you reach the sniper's nest, you see him fallen face first next to his rifle with the back of his head blasted open
  1666. "Nice shot." You say, holstering your gun
  1667. >Tracey also lowers her gun and turns to you. "Look." She lifts up some of her hair and you see some metal showing under her skin. "How much of my hair is gone?"
  1668. "Not much." You answer. "I wouldn't notice if you didn't show me."
  1669. >"Good." She says before kicking the sniper's dead body. "You. Son. Of a. Bitch."
  1670. >You put your hand on her shoulder
  1671. "Let's get back to the apartment. He might have alerted them. We don't have much time."
  1672. >You hear some cars stopping and go take a look out the window
  1673. >Some troops in tactical gear exit the cars, armed with M4s, along with a man wearing a suit
  1674. >Presumebly the man in charge
  1675. >Some of them go up your target building while some head for the building you are in
  1676. >Two of them is left behind to protect the man in suit
  1677. >You have an idea
  1678. "How would you like to go on a killing spree?" You ask your companion
  1679. >"Oh yes! Finally!" She exclaims. "What about not getting bloody?"
  1680. "We are way past that point." She grins wider than she ever did today. "Just one rule, don't kill the man in the suit. We need him. You can take out the ones in this building. I'll provide you cover fire once you go outside."
  1681. >"Yes. Ma'am." She says, exiting the room
  1683. >Be Tracey
  1684. >Boy oh boy!
  1685. >It's time to shine and have some fun
  1686. >You draw your giant knife in your right hand and switch the gun to your left
  1687. >Sounds of the soldiers climbing the stairs reaches you
  1688. >You go to an apartment just next to the stairway and ring the doorbell
  1689. >Sure enough some woman opens the door shortly after
  1690. >Which you immediately shush by hitting in the head with the stock of your gun
  1691. >You walk in and shut the door, looking through the peephole for enemy movement
  1692. >One guys passes by the door
  1693. >Two... Three... Four... Five... Six...
  1694. >They are all headed for the sniper's nest
  1695. >You won't let them reach there
  1696. >Moments later when no one else passes by the door, you go out and get the jump on the sixth guy
  1697. >You run your knife all the way through his right lung and out the other side, causing him to let out a pained cry
  1698. >You lift him up in the air by using the knife as a handle
  1699. >The others turn around to see their friend dangling from your blade, frantically trying to get free while he slowly drowns in his own blood
  1700. >You fire your gun and take out the guy closest to you
  1701. >"I CAN'T GET A CLEAR SHOT!" One of the soldiers yell as you use his impaled friend as a shield
  1702. >"RUSH HER DOWN!"
  1703. >With the order, they start running towards you
  1704. >You let out a deranged giggle and turn your gun to your meat shield instead
  1705. >Your opponents hesitate for a second, thinking that you are turning this into a hostage situation
  1706. >You just pull the trigger and blow the man's brains out before hurling the body at an attacker
  1707. >As he fails to avoid the incoming projectile, you aim your gun to another and shoot him in the face
  1708. >It is at this moment they start shooting at you
  1709. >You quickly run back to the apartment you were just in, only getting shot a couple of times
  1710. >You take position just beside the entrance as you feel the gelatinous compound under your skin harden and stop the bleeding quickly as it comes in contact with the air
  1711. >Bullets might be still inside, but that hardly matters since you lack many organs that would be considered vital for a human
  1712. >No heart or lungs
  1713. >Only potential danger from the bullets is heavy metal poisoning, but that's a long shot
  1714. >Heh, puns
  1715. >Blood loss is still a thing though and you have only so much of that clotting agent in your system
  1716. >"What the fuck man?!" You hear one of the soldiers
  1717. >"Seer, this is Yankee Leader, we have been ambushed, three officers KIA, pursuing the assailant, over." This must be the team leader
  1718. ~Copy that, be careful Yankee, over~
  1719. >"She's inside that apartment. I think we shot her."
  1720. >"Let's end this."
  1721. >The moment you see a barrel of a rifle poking in, you switch your knife to a reverse grip, turn around the corner and run it through the man's throat
  1722. >He's coughing up blood while his hands try to grab the knife
  1723. >Other two start shooting but you once again move behind the ,now dead, man and walk towards them while using him as a shield
  1724. >Oh the irony!
  1725. >You are done with this bullshit
  1726. >Raising your gun, you aim for their legs and fire your weapon
  1727. >They both fall to the ground
  1728. >Letting your lifeless victim go with the knife still inside him, you also drop your gun and squat between the injured man
  1729. >Acting quickly, you yank their weapons from ther hands and throw them away before talking
  1730. "One of you gets to leave this building alive." You say with a big grin on your face. "Can you help me make a choice?"
  1731. >They say nothing for a few seconds and then one of them spits in your face
  1732. >"Fuck you! You bitch! I'm gon-" You grab his mouth and silence him
  1733. "Thank you." You say before start bashing his head against the concrete
  1734. *Smack*
  1735. *Smack*
  1736. *Smack*
  1737. *Crunch*
  1738. ...
  1739. >Other guy tries to get up, but you push him down by the throat
  1740. >Every hit sends a shiver down your spine and you laugh with ecstasy
  1741. >After a while the sounds turned into a wet slapping, but the pleasure you take only gets more and more intense
  1742. >Unfortunately, you have a job to do so you have to let this go
  1743. >You stand up and force the last soldier to his feet
  1744. >You are still slowly choking him so he can't make any noise
  1745. >Walking towards an apartment that oversees the entrance of the building, you kick the door in and walk inside
  1746. >You see some guy with a knife in his hand getting ready to attack, but he just backs up to a corner after laying eyes on you
  1747. >You just ignore him and walk towards a window
  1748. >Without bothering to open it, you just throw the man you're holding out the building
  1749. >Breaking glass and the body that hits the floor grabs the attention of men that are waiting down the street
  1750. >When they look up, you smile and wave your hand before going back in
  1751. >That should make them call back the team in the other building
  1752. >Walking out of the apartment, you grab your weapons and start decending the staircase
  1754. >You are Aryanne
  1755. >There is some shooting and screaming going on
  1756. >You are not concerned with that however
  1757. >Tracey has her own job and so do you
  1758. >You are going to wait for the team in the other building to come out
  1759. >You could engage them from here, you see them, but that would give them too much cover
  1760. >Once they come out into the open, you will have the height advantage
  1761. >They won't be able to hide very well
  1762. >If they find a way, then so be it
  1763. >That will give Tracey more opening
  1764. >You see some poor soul plummeting to his death
  1765. >So does the man in the suit
  1766. >It doesn't take him too long to speak to his radio
  1767. "Good work, Tracey." You say as you push the sniper's corpse aside and get ready to fire at anyone that's on the street
  1768. >Sure enough, not even half a minute later, second team comes out of the building, positioning themselves to open fire at Tracey if she walks out of the front door
  1769. >You count five of them
  1770. >It's time
  1771. >You take aim and fire while slowly breathing out
  1772. >As the somewhat reduced sound of the suppressed rifle echoes through the street, your target hits the floor, lifeless
  1773. >"SNIPER!"
  1774. *klink* *schlik*
  1775. >As the soldiers scramble to find better cover, Tracey runs out and starts shooting at them
  1776. >You see one aiming at her and take your shot
  1777. >Not being aimed as carefully, your shot doesn't kill the man, but takes his arm off from the elbow
  1778. >You reload the chamber and finish him off with a second bullet
  1779. >Mean while Tracey took out two of them before running for cover
  1780. >She's changing the magazine
  1781. >Someone's moving in on her
  1782. >You realign your sights, but before you can shoot, some bullets lodge themselves around the window you are firing from
  1783. >Ducking to avoid getting hit, you scream to warn Tracey
  1784. "ENEMY AT YOUR 5!"
  1785. >You run out the apartment to find a new nest, hoping she heard you
  1786. >Not that she's in serious danger, but she gets really mad when she's injured in fights
  1787. >And she's not immortal, so getting shot less is a better idea
  1788. >Seing an open door, you run inside
  1789. >Some guy with a knife is sitting on the floor in fetal position, shaking
  1790. >You ignore the man and take position
  1791. >The guy who shot at you is still aiming for your previous spot while the other three are exchanging bullets with Tracey
  1792. >One he came after her is laying on the ground with his guts spilled all over
  1793. >You should finish this quick, if the man in the suit is any capable, he must've asked for more reinforcements
  1794. >You take aim and shoot the guy who's aiming for you
  1795. >"FUUUCK!"
  1796. >One of them screams and starts running back to the building
  1797. >You move your sights but Tracey gets him first so you change your aim for the last guy with the uniform
  1798. >One more pull of the trigger and he's down as well
  1799. >You watch as Tracey gets out of her cover and starts walking towards the man in charge
  1800. >It's all up to her now
  1801. >You leave the apartment and start walking down the stairs
  1802. >The guy sitting on the floor didn't move an inch this whole time
  1804. >Be Tracey
  1805. >This idiot actually said the line!
  1806. >"Drop your weapons!" You just stand still
  1807. >He's carrying a pistol unlike the men he commands
  1808. >Well, commanded
  1809. >You'd laugh at him, but you are kind of pissed right now
  1810. >You heard Anne's warning, but the bastard still got you in the shoulder
  1811. >Rolling your eyes, you let your gun and knife fall to the floor
  1812. "Now what, big man?" You ask. "You gonna cuff me?"
  1813. >"Turn around and get on the floor!" He takes a few steps around the car he's been using as cover
  1814. >That one actually get a giggle out of you
  1815. "I'm going to come over there and we'll go on a ride together, if y-" He fires a shot to the ground next to you
  1816. >"I said on the ground!"
  1817. >Oh, how you wish if you weren't ordered to keep him alive...
  1818. >Ignoring him you continue speaking
  1819. "If you shoot me, I'll rip off one of your fingers for every bullet that hits me." You start walking again and he fires the gun
  1820. >Three bangs, three hits
  1821. >Doesn't even slow you down
  1822. >Clearly surprised, he slowly lowers his gun
  1823. >You grab him by his shirt and pull
  1824. "I warned you."
  1825. >You hold his left wrist and he starts trashing to escape
  1826. >"No, no, no! No please!"
  1827. >All futile
  1828. >Wrapping your hand around his index finger, you twist it with a satisfying crunch
  1829. >Slowly pulling at it, you make sure he feels every snapping ligament and tendon
  1830. >His screams are music to your ears
  1831. >And boy, does he scream!
  1832. >People that are living around here will probably be traumatized after this
  1833. >You move on to his middle finger without giving him a chance to recover
  1834. >When you grab his pinky finger you realize screams and trashing has stopped
  1835. >Pathetic weakling passed out from the pain
  1836. >You get ready to pull off his finger but decide to postpone that
  1837. >No point in torture if he cannot feel it
  1838. >"Well, if you're done, grab him and let's go." You turn to see Anne handing you your gun and knife
  1839. >She seems unfazed by all this, as usual
  1840. >You take your weapons and holster them before lifting the guy on your shoulder
  1841. "Yeah, let's go." She points at the man's hand
  1842. >"You are sitting in the back with him, make sure he doesn't bleed to death." You sigh
  1843. "Yes, ma'am."
  1845. >You are sitting at the head of a mahogany table
  1846. >While everyone around the table are important people, you are the Prince of Canterlot
  1847. >Others that sit in the room are supervisors of different districts around the city
  1848. >Only one standing in this room is a young looking boy near the exit, leaning to the wall
  1849. "I'm sure you are all eager to know why I've gathered you all here." You say calmly
  1850. >"Yeah, the sun is already up." Woman with red hair answers. "What was so important that you couldn't wait until the sundown?"
  1851. "You see," you start, "there are rumors of an attack whispered among humans since last night."
  1852. >You narrow your eyes with concern
  1853. "A vampire has attacked a night club."
  1854. >Everyone around the table frown, one gets up from his chair but sits back down, sighing before he speaks
  1855. >"How do you know it was one of ours?" He asks while combing his orange tinned blonde hair with his fingers
  1856. "I don't." You say plainly. "I suspect the possibility of a vagabond fledgeling."
  1857. >"Nonsense." Voice of an old man chimes in. "The punishment for unauthorized conversion is death of both the sire and the childe."
  1858. "Regardless," you respond, "the attack happened and I need you to investigate this, all of you."
  1859. >You point to the young man standing next to the door
  1860. "I will send my own at sundown. Meanwhile, you will use your ghouls and otherwise human servants." You speak firmly. "For all our sakes, we must find the attacker and make sure humans don't get their hands on it."
  1861. >"Still, you could've just called." Red haired woman intervenes. "I hate riding the car in that coffin."
  1862. "I doubt any of you would personally come to the phone." You say. "It doesn't have the same urgency."
  1863. >It's not about their loyalty to you, you know they have none of that
  1864. >It's just that they are very uppity with their behavior and they would rather sleep than to answer a phone call
  1865. "If there isn't anything you want to add, we can dismiss." No one seems like they have anything to say
  1866. >You get up and so does the others
  1867. >After a moment, you walk towards the exit while the young man opens the door for you
  1868. >You turn back one more time before leaving the room with your varlet
  1869. "Remember my friends, we MUST uphold the masquerade."
  1870. >Once you are out, you revert back to your true self
  1871. >Sickly, broken body of a leper...
  1872. >It is unfortunute that your long matured scars remained after your rebirth
  1873. >What is more is that when your body heals, it reverts back to its scarred apperance
  1874. >So you need to use blood magic to change your visage
  1875. >Not that it would make you look weak or it is a secret, a vampire's strength comes from their age
  1876. >You'd just rather not look like a rotten corpse
  1877. "I want you to look into this, Pip." You speak to your companion. "Go as soon as you can, we cannot have lowly ones of the kin thinking they can do whatever they want."
  1878. >"Aye, Miss Chrysalis." He replies. "I be leaving as soon as the sun don't shine."
  1879. "Good." You nod
  1880. >You should retire to sleep now, it is hard to keep awake when the sun is out
  1881. >You are a creature of the night afterall
  1883. >Be Anonymous
  1884. >You are once again in a hospital room
  1885. >This time Vinyl is laying in the bed and you along with Octavia keep her company
  1886. >Redheart collected some blood sample from her and sent it for analysis
  1887. >That was the point where the nurse's expression turned into a wary one
  1888. >The blood just wouldn't come out
  1889. >Now she's checking her blood pressure
  1890. >"I'm fine, guys." Vinyl insists. "I was in a freezer for hours, it must be some sort of cold. Though I am hungry again."
  1891. >"Just a few tests to be sure." Redheart murmurs for the tenth time
  1892. >"It is fine Vinyl. They were going to run some tests anyway." Octavia speaks. "We are going to eat all we want once we are out of here. It'll be a celebration." She entangles her fingers with hers
  1893. >It still feels weird to see them like this, they never revealed this side of their relationship before
  1894. >You are staring
  1895. >You should stop staring before you get teased by Vinyl again
  1896. >"This is..." Redheart sounds confused. "You have a blood pressure of 60 over 20. How are you still... awake?" She says
  1897. >It is at this moment some guy in a lab coat comes in
  1898. >"Here's the resuts you asked for Clare." He says. "Gotta say, this is not what I expected at all."
  1899. >Nurse Redheart starts reading the paper as the guy leaves the room
  1900. "What does it say?" You ask, hoping that Vinyl is safe
  1901. >For all you know, she could die now
  1902. >She talked, right? That was what you wanted
  1903. >The rest is arbitrary it seems
  1904. >"What is you blood type?" Nurse asks Vinyl
  1905. >"Zero positive. Why?" She asks expectantly
  1906. >"Not anymore." She says with an addled voice. "You have no blood type now."
  1907. >"What?"
  1908. >"What?"
  1909. "What?"
  1910. >You all ask at the same time
  1911. "Is that even possible?" You challenge
  1912. >"Apperantly it is." She says
  1913. >"But... What does that mean?" Vinyl asks
  1914. >"I don't know." She replies. "What I do know is that your body should be in shock from extreme blood loss right now. I'll get you a serum and we need blood transfusion aswell."
  1915. "I can do it." You pitch in. "Any type is fine right?
  1916. >You feel like maybe doing this could put your conscience at ease a little
  1917. >"That's sweet of you, Anonymous, but I would like to be the one who shares blood with Vinyl." Octavia says with a light blush on her face
  1918. >"Wow, don't fight over me you guys." Vinyl says with a smug, sultry grin on her face. "There is enough of me for both of you."
  1919. >Unf...
  1920. >This new Vinyl might be too much for your heart
  1921. >"Ahem~" Redheart gets your attention. "Well, actually, I need both of you so... good news?"
  1922. >"Oooh! It's a threso-" Octavia shuts Vinyl up by pressing a hand to her mouth
  1923. >"Vinyl, please!" She says with a red face while removing her hand
  1924. >"Okay, okay." Vinyl rolls her eyes. "Let's get this over with then."
  1925. >"I'm glad to see that you've reached a decision." Redheart says. "I'll go get the apparatus.
  1926. >You faintly hear her whispering something about teenagers to herself as she exits the room
  1927. >You look back at Vinyl and see that mischievous look in her eyes
  1928. >You'll be tending to Anon Jr.'s needs once you get home if she continues with these "jokes"
  1930. >Be Redheart
  1931. >You decided to drop by the lab before doing the transfusion
  1932. >You'd rather not risk a patients life based on what may be a mistake
  1933. >You walk in and find the same guy that gave you the results
  1934. >He's busy with a centrifuge
  1935. "Hey, uh sorry." You get his attention. "Are you certain about this test results? They seem... strange."
  1936. >"Heh. I know what you mean." He answers. "But we triple checked it, by machine and manually. This blood doesn't react to any antigen or antibody, including various animal's."
  1937. >What could've caused such a change? Who attacked them? How did she healed so fast?
  1938. >All these questions...
  1939. >"You need anything else?" His voice breaks you out of your thoughts
  1940. "N-no. No, thanks." You turn around and leave the room
  1941. >You should call this in, there is definitely something going on with this girl
  1942. >Better to keep watching her for now
  1944. >You are Fury
  1945. >It is a code name, but it suits well with your fiery hair
  1946. >Real name: Nicole Spitfire
  1947. >You are watching a video footage of the street where you lost thirteen agents
  1948. >You are not sure about what went on in the buildings, but you have some theories
  1949. >The sniper reported contact with two possible hostiles
  1950. >According to his report, he had taken out one of them
  1951. >He didn't answer any calls after that and was probably killed
  1952. >Despite his report, two hostiles left the building, headed for his location
  1953. >Agency decided to send reinforcements after not hearing from the sniper
  1954. >Two teams went up to two buildings
  1955. >According to radio records, the team that was sent to recover the sniper got ambushed and was swiftly eliminated
  1956. >One of the team members fell on to the road, presumably thrown out of a window
  1957. >Team in the other building encountered no hostiles and was called back to defend the perimeter
  1958. >This is where things got interesting
  1959. >Angles on some shots suggests that sniper's nest was taken over by one of the hostiles
  1960. >The other one however, moves in with some cover fire from the sniper
  1961. >At the end of the footage, she gets shot three times from close range
  1962. >Despite that she's able to hold the struggling agent in place while torturing him
  1963. >Then she carries him on her back to the car
  1964. >Definitely an enhanced person
  1965. >Agency is looking for them all over, but all you know is that they were after Agent Sombra, an important scientist
  1966. >He's been missing for more than three days now and he last contacted the agency last night from a nightclub that was attacked by some enhanced individual
  1967. >A report was delivered to you about the incident, saying that you had some eye witnesses under observation
  1968. >Maybe it is time you meet these witnesses
  1970. >You are Anonymous
  1971. >You and Octavia are now laying on hospial beds, hooked up to some tubes, giving blood to Vinyl
  1972. >She's unusually quiet, just looking at the blood flowing through the tubes
  1973. >"You alright, love?" Octavia asks Vinyl
  1974. >Vinyl seemed like she just snapped out of a daze
  1975. >"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. It's just... I didn't realize how weak I was." She looks confused. "But now, my body feels so light. It's... hard to describe."
  1976. "That's good, right?" You inquire. "You are feeling better."
  1977. >"No, it's more than that." She looks thoughtful for a second, but before she can continue, the door opens
  1978. >A woman, wearing black clothes with a long leather coat walks in
  1979. >She has short, blond hair with some red mixed in, giving her a fiery look
  1980. >She takes a long look at all three of you
  1981. >Her eyes feels like they are looking past your skin
  1982. >"My name is Fury." She introduces herself. "I am the director of SHIELD." Her voice carries her authority
  1983. >"You are eye witnesses of the incident in Club Vendigo." She states. "If you feel alright, I have some questions to ask."
  1984. >"They've already took our statements." Octavia speaks. "I don't know what else we can tell you."
  1985. >Fury walks toward you and gestures to your bed. "May I?"
  1986. >"Y-yeah." You move to the side slightly and she sits down at your feet
  1987. >"You know that it was a SHIELD agent that called us for help." Octavia nods. "That agent was, and still is, AWOL. That was the last communication we recieved from him."
  1988. >You look at each other, wondering where she's going with this
  1989. >"Today, two HYDRA agents broke into his apartment." She furrows her brows. "They killed twelve agents and kidnapped another before escaping the scene."
  1990. "You don't think we are HYDRA, do you?" You blurt out
  1991. >"Believe me kid, if I did, you wouldn't be laying there comfortably." She answers. "I want to know what our agent said. Maybe it can give us a hint about where he is."
  1992. >"You think he's hiding from you?" Vinyl asks
  1993. >"Maybe. It is more likely that he's trying to hide from HYDRA."
  1994. >What reason can there be to not come to SHIELD if you are trying to hide from HYDRA?
  1995. **There is a mole
  1996. >If that's the case none of you are safe here
  1997. "Why didn't he come here to hide?" You ask. "What if you have a mole and he knew that?"
  1998. >She gives you an amused look. "Smart thinking kid, but we are already investigating the possibility."
  1999. >"Anon's a smart boy." Vinyl says with a smug voice
  2000. >"He did not say much, the agent." Fortunately Octavia diverts the subject. "But I remember that he said he was sorry. He sounded... upset."
  2001. >"Nothing else?" Fury persists, but Octavia just shakes her head
  2002. >Sighing, Fury stands up and walks toward the door. "Well then, I'll leave you to rest."
  2003. >She seemed really troubled when she spoke of the agents that died
  2004. >Should you do something? Could you find this missing agent if you used your powers?
  2005. **You could
  2006. >You did promise to keep the streets safe for Sunset. What better way there is than to help SHIELD?
  2007. >You hear the door close behind the director and grab the tube that's connected to you
  2008. >Better hurry if you want to catch up to her
  2009. >You pull out the tube from the IV in your arm and get up
  2010. >The blood inside drips onto the floor
  2011. >"Anon, what are you doing?" Octavia asks
  2012. >You squeeze the tube and hand it to Vinyl
  2013. "Hold this for a second. I'll be right back." You hurry out of the room, after Director Fury
  2014. >Fortunately, she's still in sight
  2015. "Director!" You call out, making her turn around. "I think I can help you find your agent."
  2016. >She walks closer before asking. "How?"
  2017. "If I had an ability that could help, would you keep it off the books?"
  2018. >She gives you a suspicious look. "Are you asking me to violate an international agreement, Mr. X?"
  2019. "Maybe?" You cringe
  2020. >She nods. "I can do that."
  2022. >Be Octavia
  2023. >Anon just ripped off the tube from his arm and went after the Director
  2024. >You are left looking at the door, wondering what might be so important
  2025. >Looking back at Vinyl after a few seconds, you see her sucking the blood from Anon's tube
  2026. "Vinyl! What the hell?!" For a moment she looks at you with feral eyes before talking
  2027. >"S-sorry... It just smelled so tasty." She looks at the tube hungrily. "It was tasty."
  2028. >She turns to you with fearful eyes. "What's happening to me?"
  2029. >All you can do is to shake your head
  2030. "I don't know, but whatever this is, we will get through it together, okay?"
  2031. >"Okay." She looks back at the tube she's holding and back at you again
  2032. >It's a silent ask for permission and you give it to her with a nod of your head
  2033. >How could you not when she looked so... covetous and desperate?
  2034. >You lay on your side and watch her drink what little blood there is in the tube
  2035. >This whole thing reminds you of those vampire novels you secretly read
  2036. >Vinyl would never let it go if she knew
  2037. >That thing in the night club did bite her in the neck
  2038. >In the ambulance she had so many wounds and burn scars
  2039. >They told you that she... died, yet she came back, talking and everything!
  2040. >Not that you aren't happy about it, but surgeons said it was brain damage that may never heal
  2041. >Now she's just fine, drinking blood
  2042. >What more is that she threw up all the food she ate in the cafeteria
  2043. >If she's a vampire, does that mean she'll burn under the sun?
  2044. >How much blood will she need to survive? Can you supply her well enough?
  2045. >What if you can't? Will SHIELD help you? Will they let her live normally if you tell them?
  2046. >"Stop Tavi." You look at Vinyl. "I know what you're thinking. We'll deal with things as they come."
  2047. "Aren't you worried?" You ask. "I think you might be a...be a..."
  2048. >"Vampire?" She completes. "I'm terrified, but you said you'll be with me, right?"
  2049. "Yeah." She gets up from her bed and walks over. You scoot over for her to lay down
  2050. >She's unsuccessfully trying to get the tube out of the way
  2051. >You motion her to come closer and pull the tube out of her IV and put it over yourself
  2052. >After a moment of surprise, she lays down next to you and presses her forehead against yours
  2053. >"You are not afraid?" She asks
  2054. "Of you? Never. I trust you." You pass her the tube, spilling some blood on the bed. "I bet it tastes better than Anon's."
  2055. >She hesitates for a second before putting it in her mouth
  2056. >Her hand finds yours and your fingers intertwine. "Actually, it does taste better." She signs with an impish smile
  2057. >That gets a little laugh out of you
  2058. >You won't let anything happen to her, you will protect that smile
  2060. "Water." That's the third one you ordered
  2061. >The waitress is getting annoyed that you don't actually want anything that has a pricetag
  2062. >You are pretty sure you are not kicked out only because there are no other customers
  2063. >If you could be considered a customer that is, you were pretty much a free loader
  2064. >Waitress turns on the TV
  2065. ~...13 SHIELD agents were killed during the incident...~
  2066. >She skips the channel
  2067. "Wait, wait!" You call out. "Can you go back please?"
  2068. >Waitress gives you an annoyed look, but does as you asked
  2069. ~...officials are yet to make a statement about the event and fate of the missing operator is unclear. We will show you some footage of the incident, recorded by a brave citizen. We must warn you, the images are very disturbing.~
  2070. >You are Sombra
  2071. >You are watching SHIELD agents getting torn apart by gunfire in front of your apartment building
  2072. >That woman they were facing got shot atleast twice now, but she doesn't even seem fazed by it
  2073. >This must be HYDRA, they are after you
  2074. >How did they know where you live? Were you being watched?
  2075. >If HYDRA is after you, you doubt you can evade them much longer
  2076. >The question is, do you go back to SHIELD?
  2077. >It is definitely a better alternative than getting caught by Nazis
  2078. >Suddenly you hear multiple vehicles parking outside
  2079. >Looking out the window, you see SUVs with SHIELD logos on them
  2080. >Guess that saves you the trouble of making the decision for yourself
  2081. >Agents scramble out to secure the perimeter while one of them opens the door for none other than Fury herself
  2082. >You must be in some trouble if Nick Fury came in person
  2083. >A boy is following her as she walks into the diner
  2084. >You feel like you've seen him before, but you are not sure where
  2085. >Fury opens the door and walks straight to you
  2086. >Waitress that was serving you moves out of Fury's way quickly and runs into the kitchen
  2087. >"Doctor Sombra, you're a hard man to find." She has a displeased look on her face
  2088. >Not surprising
  2089. "I uh... Had some health issues." You say half-heartedly
  2090. >"So I've heard." She answers with a stern look on her face. "I am hoping to hear more about it at the HQ." With that she turns around and starts walking
  2091. "Yes ma'am." You say as you rise to your feet and follow her outside
  2092. >You can only hope that your new condition will not be an issue for SHIELD
  2094. "Stop trashing around!" You are Tracey and you are currently interrogating the SHIELD agent you've captured this morning
  2095. "Do you know how hard it is to flay the skin while keeping the bleeding to a minimum!" You are met with unintelligible moaning
  2096. >Suddenly the screams stop
  2097. >You promptly go and check his pulse to see that he is indeed, still alive
  2098. "He passed out again~" You call out to Aryanne who's in the next room, looking out the window
  2099. >You walk and stand beside her. "This is a waste of time." She says. "No one gets their spine punctured and refuses to give intel."
  2100. >It's not that he didn't tell you anything, but any further questions to confirm the information he gave were met with contradictions
  2101. >In other words he was lying to stop you from torturing him
  2102. "What will we do then?" You ask. "We don't have any other leads."
  2103. >"No, we don't." She says. "So we will make one for ourselves." She turns and looks at you. "I need you to implant a tracker behind his eye and two other random places of your choosing. Can you do that?"
  2104. "Oh, I see." You grin. "I'm on it, even made an accidental pun!" She gives you a small smile as you go and pick up a scalpel
  2106. >Be Lemon Zest
  2107. >You are in the SUV with Fury and Anon, Dracula is riding in another one
  2108. >This one has facing back seats, you are sitting on one side while Anon and Fury are sitting on the other
  2109. >You reevaluate your decision to go with Anon as your eyes sting from tiredness
  2110. >It's been almost 24 hours since you last slept
  2111. >Normally you could handle it, but this seats are too damn comfortable and you are extra tired from using your powers almost all the time
  2112. >It's hard to open your eyes, you need something to keep you awake or you will get caught
  2113. >Looking at Anon sitting next to Fury a devious idea comes to your mind
  2114. >You'll need to extend the use of your powers for a moment, but it'll be so worth it!
  2115. >You get up and turn Fury's hand palm up on the seat
  2116. >Then you take Anon's hand and put it on top of hers
  2117. >Now to intertwine their fingers aaannnd... show time
  2118. >It takes them a few moments to realize they are holding hands
  2119. >"Anonymous!?" Fury quickly moves away with a questioning look on her face
  2120. >"M-Miss Fury!?" Anon recoils
  2121. >"Why are you holding my hand?"
  2122. >"Why are you holding my hand?"
  2123. >Awww... They even said it at the same time!
  2124. >"I have no idea how that happened!" Anon tries to explain
  2125. >"I did NOT hold your hand!" Fury exclaims
  2126. >You are just dying of laughter in front of them
  2127. >They look each other with suspicious eyes for a few seconds
  2128. >"Lets not talk about this ever again." Fury suggests
  2129. >"Agreed." Anon says as he slowly goes back to his proper sitting position
  2130. >Fury does the same while carefully watching Anon
  2131. >They are so cute with those red cheeks!
  2133. >You are Ursula
  2134. >Last night after you got attacked by that strange man Spider-Woman rescued you
  2135. >She left you on a rooftop while she was fighting him so you'd be safe
  2136. >You are not sure what happened after she followed him into the nightclub, but thankfully roof door of the building was open so you could come back home without your father noticing
  2137. >"You go to buy flour today?" You father draws your attention
  2138. "Oh, um... Yeah, I almost forgot. Thanks Daddy." You say honestly
  2139. >It was a stressful night and flour was the last thing you were thinking about right now
  2140. >"Are you sick? You are not eating breakfast." Your father asks with a hint of worry in his voice
  2141. "Ah yes, I'm fine daddy." You put some white cheese in your mouth. "I was thinking if I should make brownies again or maybe try something else."
  2142. >He smiles. "You are good girl. It is good to help people." He gets up from the table. "You pick up dishes, yes?"
  2143. >You go to see Sunset after washing the dishes
  2144. >She has work today and she has a bad habit of oversleeping
  2145. >You knock on her door. "Sunny! Are you awake?" No answer. "You'll be late for work again!"
  2146. >Well, it won't be the first time you had to pull her out of bed
  2147. >You try to open the door, but it's stuck again
  2148. >Giving it a few pushes, you get it open and walk inside
  2149. >She's not in her bed. Maybe she woke up early today?
  2150. >Looking around, you see her clothes scattered everywhere
  2151. >Poor girl will be tired when she comes back. She wouldn't mind you tidying up the place, right?
  2152. >You just started to pick up her clothes when you inhale her scent
  2153. >It brings back the memory of the moment Spider-Women carried you to the rooftop
  2154. >It's the same scent. You bring the shirt to your face and smell it again to be sure
  2155. >You just put the clothes on her bed and exit the apartment
  2156. >There is no way. She can't be Spider-Woman... right?
  2157. >You go to the living room and take a seat beside your father, who's watching morning news
  2158. ~...many SHIELD agents lost their lives in...~
  2159. >That would explain her strange injuries and her coming home late every day
  2160. ~... in other news...~
  2161. >But if it was her last night, then where is she now?
  2162. >Did that man do something to her? Is she hurt?
  2163. >"I am happy you didn't go out tonight." You look at you father curiously. "News speak of fight between Spider-Woman and some freak. They say she got hurt bad."
  2164. >Oh no...
  2166. >"Ouch! Be gentle!" Tracey complains as you pull another bullet out
  2167. "You are such a baby sometimes." You say as you continue to the next bullet hole
  2168. >"You pulled out a bullet from my boob!" She objects. "I bet you'd cry if you got shot in the boob."
  2169. >She whimpers as you re-open her wound with a clamp
  2170. "I think you are enjoying this." If you couldn't tell by now, you are Aryanne
  2171. >Tracey made quick work of those trackers and you dropped that barely alive man to a sidewalk
  2172. >Now you are back at the safehouse, getting bullets out of Tracey's chest so she doesn't get heavy metal poisoning
  2173. >"You got me." She smiles and gives you a seductive hum as you pull another bullet from her chest
  2174. "Not now Tracey. We have a mission." You say as you patch her up, but she's not having it
  2175. >"C'mon, just a kiss." She grabs your cheek. "You know how it makes me when you hurt me."
  2176. >And she knows you can't resist when she talks like that
  2177. >You lean in and give her a kiss
  2178. "You can have more when we're done with this mission, successfully." You add
  2179. >"Oh, we will succeed!" She says enthusiastically
  2180. >A beep from your tracking device warns you that your bait is on the move
  2181. "Time to move." You get up and start getting your weapons while Tracey puts her clothes on
  2182. >"Where is he going?" She asks
  2183. "Looking at the current trajectory, Canterlot General Hospital," You say checking the tracker, "but I think they will take him to a SHIELD facility when they find out who he is."
  2184. >"What if they take him to a different facility then our target's in?"
  2185. "There will be someone that knows where he is in that facility." You respond
  2186. >"I'm gonna get shot again, aren't I?" She asks.
  2187. "Possibly." You rephrase. "Extremely likely, but I'll get them out for you." She giggles
  2188. >"I'm gonna get shot if you keep saying things like that." You laugh as you take the lead
  2189. >It's not long before you are sitting in the car parked in front of the Canterlot General Hospital
  2190. >The corner you parked has perfect view of both the main entry and the emergency entry of the hospital
  2191. >"So what's the plan?" Tracey asks
  2192. "We wait for SHIELD to come and pickup our bait, then we follow them to a base and find someone that knows where this Doctor is."
  2193. >She looks bored already. "I hate waiting."
  2194. "And because you tortured him so much they will probably need to put him under surgery." You tease
  2195. >"Hey! You ordered me to!" She's gives you a semi-frustrated response. "It's not my fault that I'm good at my job."
  2196. "Yeah, it is." You smirk. "You did do a good job though."
  2197. >"Hell yeah, I did! That guy would sell his own mother out if I asked for it!" She grins widely. "He screamed so much too."
  2198. >You smile at her getting perked up so easily as you look back at the hospital doors
  2200. >Be Octavia
  2201. >Vinyl fell asleep after her... feeding
  2202. >You have a vampire girlfriend
  2203. >You bite you lip
  2204. >Not everyday a girl's fantasies come true
  2205. >Now there is one important question that needs answering
  2206. >Can you feed her directly without turning into a vampire yourself?
  2207. >Hopefully the answer is yes so you can-
  2208. >Sound of the door opening interrupts your thought process
  2209. >"How is the transfusion going?" It's the nurse
  2210. >She gives you and Vinyl's sleeping form a surprised look
  2211. "I'd say it went well." You say with a hushed voice
  2212. >"Where is Anon?" She whispers
  2213. "I'm not sure. I think he went with Fury." She raises an eyebrow
  2214. >"Huh... Well, since everything seems fine, I'll give you some privacy, but" She adds. "I still need to do some tests when she wakes up."
  2215. "Sure." You nod and she leaves
  2216. >You barely turned your gaze back to Vinyl when Fury walks in with Anon and some other man in tow
  2217. >You unwillingly shake Vinyl awake
  2218. >"Hmm, what? I'm already full." She mumbles before she sees your visitors. "Oh, you're back."
  2219. >"That we are." Fury speaks. "I brought the agent that called SHIELD in for help."
  2220. >"Hey." He simply raises his hand to greet you
  2221. >"I thought it would be better to take his first statement when you are all together." Fury states and gestures you three. "I already read your statements, but feel free to intervene if you want to add anything."
  2222. >She turns to the man in the long black jacket. "Let's hear your version of the events."
  2223. >Man lets out a long sigh
  2224. >"First, you should know that, I am the villain in this story." He starts. "I was experimenting with some kind of DNA adhesive when a vampire bat drank the blood I was experimenting on before biting me."
  2225. >"The adhesive fused my DNA with the bat's, altering my body significantly."
  2226. >You think you know where this is going
  2227. >"They were upgrades, for the most part." He continues. "But it devolved my digestive system to the likes of a vampire bat. I can no longer eat anything humans normally eat."
  2228. >"I need pre-digested and absorbed nutrients. Namely blood."
  2229. >"So you attacked people to feed?" Fury asks
  2230. >"No, I was feeding on a dog when I heard this girl watching me." He shakes his head. "I didn't want more attention, but when I turned around to explain she started screaming. So I tried to cover her mouth and that's when Spider-Woman came to rescue her."
  2231. >"I tried to tell her that I didn't want to fight, but she wasn't having it. We fought and I lost it after a pretty bad hit. When I came to, I was in the nightclub standing over you guys."
  2232. >He looks at you for a moment. "You know the rest. I left the club after calling for help and spent the night wandering around the city until SHIELD found me."
  2233. >You should be angry
  2234. >This man hurt you and your friends
  2235. >But... Vinyl can talk thanks to him
  2236. >"So you are my ma-" You tightly squeeze Vinyl's hand. "Ouch!"
  2237. >She gives you a questioning look
  2238. >You lightly shake your head
  2239. >She looks at you for a moment before talking again
  2240. >"You should check on Spider-Woman." Vinyl says. "She got hurt the worst."
  2241. >He looks with a pained expression in his face
  2242. >"May I?" He asks facing Fury
  2243. >She nods, "Yeah, lets go."
  2244. >You look at Anon, he seems troubled
  2245. >Before you can ask however, he leaves the room following Fury
  2246. >You wonder what's going on with him
  2248. >You are Anonymous
  2249. >Standing next to Fury in Sunset's room
  2250. >"I did this?" Sombra speaks with an incredulous voice. "I am a monster."
  2251. "No." You state coldly. "I did this."
  2252. >"What?" Sombra looks at you with surprise while Fury seems to be expecting more from you
  2253. "I have a power." You start when Fury cuts in
  2254. >"Are you sure you want to tell about this to Doctor Sombra." She asks. "I cannot guaratee his discretion."
  2255. "I can." You reply and continue. "It is triggered by questions and gives me the answers to those questions."
  2256. >"So you did this how?" Sombra asks
  2257. "My friend, Vinyl, the blue haired girl in the next room, she was mute until today." You sigh. "So I asked myself, how can I make her talk?"
  2258. >"What was the answer?" Fury looks more intrigued now
  2259. "Spider-Woman needed to be stabbed in her leg. So I arrenged a few things and she got stabbed in her leg."
  2260. >"What do you mean you arranged a few things?" Fury sounds upset
  2261. >You don't blame her, you are upset with yourself as well
  2262. "That's not important right now." You answer. "The thing is Vinyl can talk. She recovered from brain injury over night and it had to do something with you attacking us in the club."
  2263. >"How do you know?" You give Sombra a dissappointed look. "Oh, right... So can you answer all questions?"
  2264. **No
  2265. "Apperantly, I can't." You say plainly
  2266. >"What are your limits then?" Fury asks
  2267. **You cannot predict the exact time of a future event that you did not directly cause by the means of this power
  2268. **You cannot answer anything that involves a different timeline from which you are in
  2269. **You cannot know what others think
  2270. **You cannot-
  2271. "The list is longer than I think." You answer. "Do you want me to write it down?"
  2272. >She seems to be thinking about it for a second. "No. Just be more careful when you use your powers from now on. I'll be watching."
  2273. >You nod
  2274. >"Good, I will take Doctor Sombra for further questioning. Until next time." She walks out with Sombra in tow, leaving you alone with your comatosed friend
  2276. >You are... Sunset?
  2277. >You are not sure about where you are
  2278. >It's dark and cold
  2279. >It's hurting all over
  2280. >Wait no, it's not dark
  2281. >Your eyes are closed
  2282. >You... can't open them
  2283. *Beep* *Beep*
  2284. >This sound is familiar somehow
  2285. >You listen harder
  2286. >Is that a heart monitor?
  2287. >Someone is talking
  2288. >"...next room, she was mute until today."
  2289. >Is that Anon?
  2290. >The voice is fading away, you need to concentrate
  2291. >"...Spider-Woman needed to be stabbed in her leg. So I arranged a few things."
  2292. >He planned this? How is that possible? Why?
  2293. >You try to talk, but your lips don't obey
  2294. >You are paralyzed, all you can do is listen
  2295. >For now...
  2296. >"...The list is longer than I think."
  2297. >What list? Nothing good you presume
  2298. >"...I will be watching."
  2299. >That woman's voice is the last thing you hear as your conciousness fades once more
  2300. >What did you get yourself into?
  2302. >You are Lemon Zest
  2303. >Now you know how Anon gets everything he wants
  2304. >His powers must have told him to kill you to save his friend
  2305. >Still, you didn't expect vampires when you signed up to help him
  2306. >What a nice girl you are, helping your murderer
  2307. >But you need sleep and you need it soon
  2308. >You need to find somewhere to hide and hopefully everyone will be safe in the SHIELD base for the moment
  2309. >You leave the room and look for a bathroom
  2310. >You could stay there for a while hopefully
  2311. >Can't wait to get some sleep
  2312. >One should consider their life choices when sleeping in a toilet is the highlight of their day, huh?
  2313. >Pff...
  2314. >You are too tired for that
  2315. >Finding a bathroom, you open the door and head for a cabin before locking it's door
  2316. >Thankfully, the place is really clean
  2317. >You close the lid and take a seat
  2318. >Uncomfortable as your position is, sleep comes easily with the help of exhaustion
  2320. >You are Anonymous
  2321. >Fury and Sombra left you in Sunset's room
  2322. >You look at her stricken form one last time and make up your mind before leaving the room and head for your friends'
  2323. >You find Vinyl closing the blinds on the windows and Octavia sitting on the hospital bed
  2324. "What's up?" You greet
  2325. >"It's so bright in here." Vinyl complains
  2326. >It's really not
  2327. >Sunrise was a couple hours ago and it seems like it could rain today
  2328. >Her strange behavior confirms your suspicions
  2329. "So you are a vampire now too?"
  2330. >"What?!"
  2331. >"What?!"
  2332. >That seems to shock them
  2333. "It doesn't take a genius to figure it out." You laugh. "Fury probably knows too."
  2334. >Octavia seems worried. "Are you certain?"
  2335. "Don't worry, she knows how to keep a secret." She gives you a questioning look
  2336. >You sigh
  2337. "I have something to tell you guys." You are not sure how to start this, so you just let it out
  2338. "All this happened because of me. The attack in the night club, Vinyl becoming a vampire, Sunset being in a coma... All of it."
  2339. >You can see the disbelief and confusion in their eyes
  2340. >Well, you better start explaining
  2341. ...
  2342. >"So you have superpowers too?" Octavia states more than she asks
  2343. "Yeah, basically. And I used them to get Vinyl to speak again." You say. "I didn't expect it to cause so many issues. I'm sorry."
  2344. >"Sorry?!" Vinyl exclaims with an incredulous voice. "Dude, you didn't just give me my voice back. You gave me freaking superpowers!"
  2345. "But you are also a vampire now." You remind her
  2346. >She shrugs. "You win some, you lose some. Also..." She walks up and sits beside Octavia before wrapping an arm around her. "I have a steady supply of blood right here." She says with a predatory grin as Octavia whimpers with a blush
  2347. >"W-well, it did end pretty horribly for Sunset." She says
  2348. >You sigh
  2349. "Yeah... That reminds me, I should go pick up some disguise." Vinyl gives you a suspicious look
  2350. >"Anon, are you going superheroing?"
  2351. "I kinda promised Sunset that I'd keep the streets safe while she's gone." You reply
  2352. >"She's awake?" Octavia asks with surprise. "She seemed really hurt."
  2353. "No, I just... you know... Spoke to her while she was just laying unconscious." She nods
  2354. >"A promise is still a promise I suppose."
  2355. >"Indeed!" Vinyl jumps in. "Count me in!"
  2356. >"Vinyl?!" Octavia objects
  2357. >"What? He's gonna need some muscle if he's gonna fight crime." Vinyl states. "Don't worry. I literally regenerated back from the dead. Anon is much more vulnerable than I am."
  2358. >Octavia opens her mouth to object further but decides against it
  2359. "I appreciate it Vinyl, but I can't ask you to put your life on the line for me." She smirks
  2360. >"You are not asking, I want to do it and I'm not doing it just for you." She continues. "I feel bad for what happened to Sunset too and this is pretty much all I can do for her at the moment."
  2361. >"What about S.H.I.E.L.D.?" Octavia asks. "I though we didn't want them to know."
  2362. >"All this mess happened because that guy didn't come to S.H.I.E.L.D." Vinyl says. "They are supposed to be the good guys here. I think we should trust them. Plus, Anon said Fury probably knows anyway."
  2363. >Octavia bites her lower lip with worry
  2364. >"Just... be safe, okay?"
  2365. >Vinyl kisses her lips lightly
  2366. >"I'll come back to you." You decide to wait outside when Octavia pulls her in for a deeper kiss
  2367. >Vinyl joins you about a minute later, looking all flushed
  2368. >"W-well, let's go find someone to get me some actual clothes." She says, out of breath
  2369. "We also need permission to leave here I think." You say as you start walking. "We need to find someone with clearence as well."
  2370. >This should be exciting
  2372. >You are Aryanne
  2373. >It's been a couple hours since you started to watch the hospital for your guy to be picked up
  2374. >Tracey has gone to sleep long ago and you've been keeping busy making guesses about the ailments of people coming to the hospital
  2375. >You've heard of an experiment about boredom before
  2376. >Apperantly when someone is left in an empty room with nothing but a button that electrocutes them, they will press that button just for the stimulation it gives
  2377. >Something like that
  2378. >Which means people choose pain over boredom
  2379. >Makes sense to you
  2380. >You sigh
  2381. >Tracey's right, this sucks
  2382. >You turn on the radio, which wakes up your partner
  2383. >"Are they here? Are we going?" She asks expectantly
  2384. "Unfortunately, no." She sinks back into the seat
  2385. >"I am so BORED!" She exclaims her frusration
  2386. >You're bored? You've been sleeping this whole time! If anyone's bored that's me
  2387. >Those are things you want to say, but one of you needs to maintain their professional integrity
  2388. >"Worst mission ever." You would agree, but this is hardly your first survelliance experience
  2389. >You know this can go on for a while
  2390. >Still, you'd expect SHIELD to make their move by now
  2391. >Maybe the agent is still in surgery or something
  2392. >While you think about this someone knock on the glass on your side
  2393. >You nod to Tracey and grab your gun before opening the window
  2394. >Some guy in a streaky shirt leans in with a file in his hand
  2395. >"Your guy turned up in a SHIELD base." He says before dropping the file on your lap and walking away
  2396. >Normally you'd question how they found you, but you know they are tracking Tracey through some implant they placed in her
  2397. >You relax your grip on the gun and pick up the file
  2398. >"What does it say?" A curious voice asks as you open it
  2399. >There are some pictures of a building that looks like a business center along with an address and security details of the said building
  2400. >They also put in a photo of the target
  2401. "We got a location." You say as you turn the ignition key and putting the car in gear
  2402. >"Hell yeah! Lets kill some SHIELD scum!" Tracey makes her enthusiasm known
  2403. >It's about half an hour drive to the location they gave you
  2404. >Could have been quicker, but there was some traffic on the way
  2405. >You park your car about a hundred meters away from the building and start perusing the security details on the file
  2406. >They have two guards on each side of the building, a total of eight
  2407. >They report back every ten minutes
  2408. >Two snipers on the roof at opposite corners for maximum field of vision
  2409. >Four rotating infrared security cameras overseeing the building from four poles surrounding it
  2410. >All glasses are blast resistant
  2411. >There are over five hundred personel in the base during daytime, but only thirty at night so you'd rather wait for the night to make your move
  2412. >With this much security, your best bet is to walk in from the front door
  2413. >You turn to Tracey who's patiently waiting for you to come up with a plan
  2414. "We'll wait until midnight and pull a nightout." She looks excited
  2415. >"We are going in through the front door then?" You nod and reach into your pocket before pulling out a twenty
  2416. "Get us two bottles of cheap vodka." She gives you a crooked smile before opening the car door
  2417. >"Yes ma'am!"
  2419. >You are Vinyl Scratch
  2420. >After talking with some people in the SHIELD hospital/base they pointed you to the armory
  2421. >Hell yeah
  2422. >They gave you standart issue SHIELD agent field uniform because apperantly your clothes were now off-base
  2423. >This shit is slick
  2424. >Navy blue shirt with a black leather gilet on top, complete with tight fit black corduroy pants
  2425. >The guy in the armory initially refused to give you the gilet, but he was too uncomfortable with a highschooler haggling him in just a plain lab coat
  2426. >You are still going commando under all this though, which is kinda unfortunate because these tight fit pants are rubbing against your nethers
  2427. >Gotta make do for now you guess
  2428. >They want the outfit back when you get your clothes back from them of course
  2429. >You do plan on keeping the gilet though, if you can
  2430. >They also let go of Octavia since Doctor Sombra is now back and they don't need you to find him
  2431. >You cringe to the brightness of the sun when you walk out of the building
  2432. >"Your sunglasses..." Octavia passes a pair of purple tinted glasses
  2433. "You kept them?" You ask with a smile on our face as you take them from her hands and put them on
  2434. >"Of course. They wanted them for evidence as well, but I wrangled with them quite adamantly." She puffs up her chest slightly
  2435. >"She was super scary." Anon pitches in. "I'm pretty sure that's why they gave up on the glasses."
  2436. "That's my girl!" You throw an arm over her shoulders and pull her in. She hugs your waist and gives you a little kiss on the cheek before letting go
  2437. >"I'm so glad you are okay." She mumbles
  2438. "Me too." You ruffle her hair and she gives you a pout as she tries to fix her hair again which gets a chuckle from Anon
  2439. >"So where are you going to go for costumes anyway?" Octavia changes the subject
  2440. >"We don't need costumes per se." Anon answers. "Just some disguises for now. I'm not planing to turn this thing into a career."
  2441. "I got an idea." You exclaim. "Anon, where can we get the best disguises?"
  2442. >Anon looks surprised for a second then gives you a playful smile. "I see what you did there. Well, the best one is pretty far, but we got the second best now so far away. Follow me!"
  2443. >He quickens his pace and you follow suit with Octavia beside you
  2444. >Anon said he didn't want to make this into a carreer, but the excitement in his steps and his determined posture gives you a different impression
  2445. >Would you help him if he decided to become a full fledged superhero?
  2446. >Your eyes fall on your girlfriend who reciprocates your gaze with a smile
  2447. >You smile back and turn your gaze to Anon who is leading the way
  2448. >The things he did for you are nothing short of outstanding, in both meanings of the word
  2449. >What you don't understand is why he was willing to go so far for you
  2450. >Sure he's your friend, but is that all he thinks of you or is there something else behind his actions?
  2451. >Suddenly his figure seems to grow more imposing and reliable in our eyes
  2452. >He is someone you can trust with your life, but what about Octavia's?
  2453. >Would you entrust her life with him?
  2454. >The answer is yes and it frightens you just as much as it relieves you
  2456. >You are Anonymous
  2457. >Through the use of your powers you learned that Caurosel Boutique was the best place to buy disguises in near vicinity
  2458. >However it failed to mention that the boutique was owned by parents of a school mate of yours, Rarity Belle
  2459. >What's worse is that it seems they live upstairs of the botique, so when Rarity's mother, Betty Bouffant Belle, recognized Vinyl, she decided to call to her daughter
  2460. >Apperantly Rarity told her how Vinyl helped them win the music contest about a year back
  2461. >You didn't get the chance to stop her from calling to her daughter as she said. "Oh, you are Vinyl, right? You must be here for Rarity, just a second. RARITY YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE TO SEE YOU!"
  2462. >The three of didn't even have time to decide on a joint course of action as Betty told you about how she heard so much about Vinyl
  2463. >Lucky for you Vinyl was smart enough to go for a mute act
  2464. >"Is it the girls mom?" A sleepy looking Rarity in pajamas comes down the stairs with her hair disheveled
  2465. >Her eyes open wide when she realizes it was indeed not 'the girls' that came to see her
  2466. >"Oh sweet heavens!" She runs back up as she shouts back. "GIVE ME JUST A MINUTE!"
  2467. >This family sure screams a lot
  2468. >"Let me get you something to drink while you wait." Betty leaves for presumably the kitchen
  2469. >You turn to Vinyl and Octavia
  2470. "What are we gonna do?" They look panicked too
  2471. >"Obviously we can't shop for disguises here!" Octavia exclaims with a loud whisper. "She would recognize you if you two get on the news or something."
  2472. "Then what do we tell her we came here for?" They both look at you with nervous expressions
  2473. >"I have an idea." Vinyl says and you both look at her to continue. "Would she keep it a secret if we were to tell her the truth?"
  2474. ~She would unless someone she loves were to be threatened~
  2475. >You sigh, that is a fair enough condition
  2476. "Vinyl, you can't just use my powers like that." She shrugs
  2477. >"Why not?" You have no real reason other than that it feels wrong to do so, but you can't tell her just that
  2478. >"Sorry I made you wait. What did you need?" Rarity's voice saves you from your predicament
  2479. >Octavia looks at you two. "So do we tell her?" Vinyl looks at you for your answer
  2480. >You take a look at confused looking Rarity and sigh once again
  2481. "Alright, fine. Let's do it." Vinyl grins while Octavia bites her lower lip nervously
  2482. >You tell Rarity that you need to talk to her in private, she takes you to the kitchen where her mother pours you some orange juice
  2483. >Rarity has her leave with some hushed words you don't hear and sits at the table in front of you with Octavia and Vinyl on the sides
  2484. >"So what is it you wanted to talk to me about dears?" She takes a sip of her orage juice
  2485. "Well, I'm not sure how to say this, but..." Really, how do you say this? "Uh..."
  2486. >Vinyl, ever the impatient, jumps in. "We are here to get disguises."
  2487. >Rarity is taken aback, but not for the reason you though. "I though you were... You couldn't talk."
  2488. >"I can now." Vinyl shrugs at Rarity's suspicious gaze
  2489. >"How?" Rarity asks plainly
  2490. >"I have enhanced powers of regeneration." She leans forward with a grin
  2491. >Rarity looks at you all with incredulous eyes
  2492. >Her pristine white dress with blue edges and her luscious purple hair that gives her the look of a lady contrasts greatly with her expression
  2493. >"Are you... Is this a prank?" She looks down in though and mumbles to herself. "It can't be a prank, I'm sure Vinyl couldn't talk."
  2494. "It's not a prank, that's why we came here to get disguises." Her confused look focuses on you for a second before her eyes light up
  2495. >"Y-you want to become a superhero and you came to me for costumes?!" She jumps to her feet in excitement. "Oh, I always wanted to design superhero costumes!"
  2496. >"Rarity! Keep it down!" Octavia says with a loud whisper that snaps Rarity out of her soliloquy
  2497. >"Yes, yes apologies darling." She sits back down and takes a deep breath. "So how did this even happen? I promise, I won't speak about this to anyone."
  2498. >"Long story short, Anon tried to make me speak and ended up making me into a vampire."
  2499. >"WHUOAT?!" Vinyl cackles at Rarity's reaction while she blushes with emberassment and clears her throat. "Vampires are a thing?! Are you a vampire Anon? Did you bite her?"
  2500. >"Hah! He wishes." Vinyl says before you can answer with a crooked smile on her face. "It's more complicated than that."
  2501. "I have a power that allows me to know answers to questions, so I asked how can I make Vinyl speak again and acted on it." You explain. "Which caused her to become a vampire in the end and Spider Woman got badly hurt in the process. I promised her I'd keep the streets clean while she recovers."
  2502. >"You know Spider Woman?" She looks excited again
  2503. >"You don't? Ouch!" Vinyl's question is met with a kick from Octavia
  2504. >"Should I? Is she someone I know? Is she from our school too?! Is it-" You interrupt Rarity
  2505. "It's not our secret to tell you." She stops and nods
  2506. >"Fair enough, but... Just wait here for a second." She runs outside
  2507. >You look at the girls for answers, but they look as clueless as you are
  2508. >Rarity returns a few seconds later with a blue and red spandex bodysuit with a black spider on its chest area
  2509. >Thin black webbing spreads from under the spider and stretches along the red sections of the suit
  2510. >"I made this suit for her, but I didn't expect to get a chance to actually give it to her." Rarity explains. "Would you do it for me? It'd make me really happy."
  2511. >Octavia takes it from her hands. "I'll make sure she gets this."
  2512. >"Thank you." She claps her hands with an excited smile. "Lets get your measurements then, shall we?"
  2514. >You are Lemon Zest
  2515. *Knock* *Knock* *Knock* *Knock* *Knock*
  2516. >"Hey! You okay in there sister?" Knocking on the door and a woman's shouting wakes you up
  2517. >"Are you sleeping in there?!" A few more knocks
  2518. >You struggle to remember where you are for a second before it all comes back to you
  2519. >You get up and open the door
  2520. >"D-Director Fury?!" The woman gives you a nervous salute as she pulls her act together. "Ma'am!"
  2521. "At ease." You say before clearing your throat. "Let's keep this between us, alright?"
  2522. >"Yes ma'am!" She says and you walk out of the women's restroom and become invisible immediately after stepping out into the corridor
  2523. >You walk to the room Anon and his friends stay
  2524. >They are not here
  2525. >Oh boy, you fucked up
  2526. >You need to find them before one of them ends up dead
  2527. >Maybe they are with Sunset
  2528. >You go to her room, but there is no one there but Sunset who's sleeping on her bed
  2529. >Yep, you fucked up
  2530. >You leave the room and find an agent
  2531. "Where are the witnesses agent?" He gets up and salutes you before answering
  2532. >"They left the building, ma'am." He says this as if you should know about it
  2533. "Why did you let them go?" You ask
  2534. >"You said we didn't need them anymore since we found the Doctor?" He says with suspicion in his voice
  2535. "Of course I did." You try to look like you just remembered that. "Sorry, I am very tired these days."
  2536. >You turn around and start walking to continue searching for Anon and his friends, but the sound of a gun cocking stops you
  2537. >"I'm sorry if I'm wrong, ma'am." He speaks. "But I don't think you are who you appear to be."
  2538. >You sigh before replying
  2539. "I was that obvious, huh?"
  2540. >"Yeah, you were." He states."How did you get into the building? Even if you are a shapeshifter, you still need a card to get in. Did you kill one of us?"
  2541. "I won't tell you how I got in, but I didn't kill anyone, don't worry." You say. "You really don't know where the kids are?"
  2542. >"What do you want from them?" He answers with a question
  2543. "I need to protect them." You answer truthfully. "Which means I need to find them quick, so I'll be taking my leave."
  2544. >"I wouldn't move if I were you." You just disappear and reappear to his right from his point of view
  2545. >"Do that again and I'll shoot you!" As he shouts at the mirage, you walk out of the room, invisible
  2546. >When you leave his line of sight, you dismiss the illusion and hear him asking for a lockdown of the building
  2547. >"Intruder in the facility! Initiate lockdown!"
  2548. >You fucked up bad
  2549. >You need to stop the building from going into lockdown, so you disrupt the electrical signals that run through the walls
  2550. >As you walk through the hallway, the commotion has already started
  2551. >A group of agents are running toward you with their guns drawn
  2552. >Not that they can see you, but rather because they are converging on your last known location
  2553. >You use your powers to make them move out of your way and they just keep running without even realizing what you did
  2554. >Walking past the security room, you hear the man talk to his radio
  2555. >"I can't put the building in lockdown! Systems are non-responsive!" Answer comes quickly
  2556. >"Keep trying." You are pretty sure that was Fury
  2557. >You board an elevator alongside several SHIELD agents to go to the ground floor and get off on your destination
  2558. >Walking to the exit you try to push open the door, but it is locked
  2559. >"You might have disrupted our electrical systems, but mechanical locks still work." You turn around to see Fury just standing there
  2560. >You start walking to the side, but her eyes don't follow you
  2561. >It is safe to assume that she didn't see you, but rather saw the door being pushed
  2562. >A mistake on your part
  2563. >"There is no way out of here now. Come out and let's talk."
  2564. "Where are the keys?" You ask
  2565. >The voice she hears should be a digital one coming from all around her
  2566. >"They are not on me." She shrugs. "I sent them away with the security guard. Just you and me now. Come on."
  2567. >Instead of answering her, you look for the bio-electrical signals in the building and start moving them to the entry hall of the building
  2568. >As the first agent comes into view Fury turns to look at him
  2569. >"What are you doing? I told you not to interfere." Agent looks surprised and scared
  2570. >"I-I can't stop!" He's walking like he is being pulled around by strings, like a puppet
  2571. "Do you have the key?" You ask using that cold digital voice
  2572. >"No, I don't. Please let me go!" He suddenly takes out his gun and shoots himself in the head
  2573. >At least that's what Fury sees
  2574. >"NO!" She shouts. "Why did you kill him?"
  2575. "Because he didn't have the key." You answer plainly
  2576. >Meanwhile the agent tries to tell her that he's alright, but that information doesn't reach her brain
  2577. >A group of agents come in to the entry hall and state that they do not have the key before killing themselves
  2578. >Well, not really...
  2579. >Fury's face contorts with anger
  2580. >When two more agents come in and draw their weapons Fury shouts
  2581. >"STOP!" She looks defeated. "I'll open the door."
  2582. >She moves behind security gate and opens a drawer before taking out a keychain with about a dozen keys on it
  2583. >Moving to the locked door, she tries a few keys before one of them unlocks the door
  2584. >Opening the door she speaks. "Just go."
  2585. >Once you exit the building, you revoke the power you used on her and the sound of agents that are still alive, telling her that they are alright is finally processed by her brain
  2586. >You hear her exhale in relief. "You son of a bitch." She mumbles as you walk away
  2587. >Now it's time to find Anon
  2589. >You are Anonymous
  2590. >After giving your mesurements to a very excited Rarity, you and the girls decided to go to your respective homes
  2591. >Your parent's must be worried sick, even though SHIELD said they notified them
  2592. >Especially Octavia's parents since Vinyl was severely injured when she was brought to the SHIELD's medical care
  2593. >You just hope they didn't notify them when Vinyl 'died'
  2594. >Nevertheless, you are glad that this whole thing with SHIELD is done and you can go home
  2595. >You still have some hard times ahead of you though since you promised to keep the streets clean' in Sunset's absence
  2596. >To be honest you have no idea how to do that, but you are confident that your powers can handle it
  2597. >Sure they have some unexpected consequences to them, but you used them with zero problems until you decided to do something outlandish
  2598. >You just need to not do things that would be too improbable to happen
  2599. >With these thoughts in your mind, you reach your house and ring the doorbell
  2600. >Your mother opens the door and immediately hugs you with all her might
  2601. >"Oh my boy!" You feel her tensed up muscles relax as she holds you in her arms. "Thank God you are alright. I was so worried!"
  2602. "It's okay mom." You hug her back. "I'm okay, sorry for making you worry."
  2603. >"Don't be sorry son." Your father comes into view. "It wasn't your fault. Who would've guessed that a superpowered maniac were going to attack the party."
  2604. >Yeah, not your fault at all
  2605. >"What would I do if anything happened to you?!" Your mother just refuses to let you go, so your father puts his hand on her shoulder to get her attention
  2606. >"Come on, honey. He must be hungry and tired after all that commotion." He talks softly. "You could at least let him come inside."
  2607. >You mother sighs and lets you go. "You are right. Are you hungry Anon?"
  2608. "Actually, yes. We did have breakfast, but that wasn't really all that much."
  2609. >She smiles and starts walking with you following suit
  2610. >Home sweet home
  2612. >You are Octavia
  2613. >Your parents were incredibly worried
  2614. >Because geniuses at SHIELD told them Vinyl didn't make it
  2615. >However they were equally ecstatic to see her alive and well
  2616. >A lot of tears were shed and there was a lot of hugging
  2617. >Vinyl pretented to be mute still and even twitched her eyes a little
  2618. >You were honestly surprised how masterful those fake twitches were
  2619. >After having a bite to eat, you decide to take a shower and then sleep for a long time
  2620. >Yesterday night was tiring, both physically and emotionally
  2621. >Now you just want to relax
  2622. >Stepping into the bathroom, you take off your clothes and stand in front of the mirror
  2623. >They patched you up nicely, but there is still a little bruising on your face where you were slapped
  2624. >You are honestly surprised how normal it looks considering your cheekbone is broken, but they said sometimes it doesn't look broken at all
  2625. >You apply a little pressure on it
  2626. "Ow!" Removing our hand, you turn around and turn on the faucet in the shower
  2627. >After waiting a little for water to warm up you step in and stand under the stream
  2628. >You sigh at the feeling of relaxation as warm water makes its way down on your skin
  2629. >Reaching for a bottle of shampoo, you pour some in your hand and start applying it to you hair
  2630. >As you wash our hair, you hear the shower curtain open
  2631. >You can't look at who it is and you panic for a second as the images of last night rush into our head before hearing Vinyl speak
  2632. >"We are finally alone." She says with a sultry voice and piches your right nipple
  2633. "V-Vinyl!?" You object despite the fire her touch lit in your stomach. "Our parents are home!"
  2634. >Your heartbeat increases as she runs her hand down your wet body
  2635. >"Then you we should be silent." Water finally washes away the shampoo and you can open your eyes
  2636. >You see her coming in for a kiss and reciprocate for a while before gently pushing her away
  2637. "Vinyl, please." You plead. "I'm exhausted."
  2638. >"But you were all over me before at the SHIELD base, so I though..." She trails away and sighs. "Nevermind then."
  2639. >You cup her cheek and lift her head to look her in the eyes
  2640. "We can still take a shower together. You were in the morgue for some time." She returns the smile on your face
  2641. >"I'll help you with your hair then." She pours some shampoo in her hand. "Turn around and close your eyes."
  2642. >You do as she says and trust yourself in your girlfriend's capable hands
  2643. >After the shower, she helps you dry your hair and you two put on your pajamas before laying down in your bed
  2644. >While you two were looking in each other's eyes, she closes in and gives you a light kiss on the lips then surprises you with a slap on your ass
  2645. >"Maybe next time Tavi." Hearing that nickname after so long brings back all sorts of memories from before the accident
  2646. >"H-hey!" She sounds worried. "Why are you crying? Did I hurt you?" You shake your head
  2647. "No, nothing like that." You smile with tears rolling down your face and into the pillow. "I'm just so happy!"
  2648. >She sighs. "You silly girl, come here. You are wetting the pillow."
  2649. >You giggle lightly and bury your head in her chest
  2650. >As you both lay under the blanket, holding each other in your arms, you feel safe and loved
  2651. >I love you, Tavi." For the first time, you actually hear those words from your girlfriend
  2652. >Squeezing her harder, you reply
  2653. "I love you too."
  2655. >You are Lemon Zest
  2656. >Right now you are waiting in front of Octavia and Vinyl's house
  2657. >Sun has almost gone down and nothing's going on
  2658. >You are bored, tired and hungry
  2659. >Right now you feel really frustrated with Anon for not telling you more about your objective
  2660. >Sure he was panicked because he was committing a murder, but still…
  2661. >You groan as your stomach grumbles
  2662. >You really don't want to steal from people, but you are getting there
  2663. >It is then an SUV with a SHIELD logo on the side closes in and parks in front of the house
  2664. >Now you are getting somewhere
  2665. >An agent wearing a suit with a red tie gets off the vehicle and rings the bell
  2666. >A woman with black hair opens the door, you assume she is Octavia's mother
  2667. >"Good evening, ma'am." SHIELD agent greets her and pulls out a SHIELD ID card. "I am Agent Koenig. Are you one of Miss Vinyl Scratch's guardians."
  2668. >"I'm her mother, yes." She replies coldly. "My name is Anastasia Melody. How can I help you?"
  2669. >"I would like Miss Scratch to accompany us back to the SHIELD medical base." She looks uncomfortable with that proposition
  2670. >"Why is that and who is 'us'?" Skepticism in her voice is clear
  2671. >Agent looks back at the car and motions to someone you can't see
  2672. >Another agent exits the car that looks just like the first one
  2673. >As he comes closer the first agent introduces his friend
  2674. >"This is Agent Koenig, my partner."
  2675. >"Pleased to meet you." Koenig 2 says with a warm smile
  2676. >"Likewise…" Anastasia's narrowed eyes betray her words
  2677. >"As for the reason we need her to accompany us," Koenig 1 continues. "I'm afraid that's classified, but very important for public safety."
  2678. >Anastasia opens her mouth to object, but Koenig 2 interrupts her rather rudely
  2679. >"You should ask your daughters about this if you want to know more." Anastasia frowns
  2680. >"Wait here." She says before closing the door
  2681. >Agents look at each other and shrug before seemingly deciding to wait quietly
  2682. >After about five minutes Vinyl comes out with Octavia and behind them is Anastasia
  2683. >"We'll talk more about this once you come back." She says firmly
  2684. >"Yes mom." Vinyl says with a dejected voice
  2685. >You are not sure about what happened, but they must've been arguing
  2686. >"This way please." Koenig 1 gestures Vinyl. "Will your girlfriend be coming with us as well?"
  2687. >The air freezes over after those words
  2688. >You can see the shock in the faces of all three women
  2689. >"T-they are sisters!" Anastasia retorts with clear hesitation and emberassment in her voice
  2690. >It seems that she knew something was going on with them, but she didn't want to acknowledge it
  2691. >Koenig 2 smacks Koenig 1's head from behind
  2692. >"I apologize for my partner's idiotic words." He says with an apologetic voice. "He just runs his mouth without thinking sometimes."
  2693. >"Ah yes!" Koenig 1 slightly bows. "I'm really sorry for misunderstanding the situation."
  2694. >"It's fine." Anastasia gives a nervous smile. "Now you take good care of my girls." She warns
  2695. >"Have no worry, ma'am." Says Koenig 2
  2696. >"Absolutely." Says Koenig 1
  2697. >With that they move towards the SUV with girls following close behind
  2698. >You rush ahead and take your seat at the back of the car
  2699. >Octavia and Vinyl take their places in the back seat, on either side of you, while Koenigs take the front seats
  2700. >Ride to the facility is silent and eventless apart from girls wanting to hold hands so now, unbeknownst to them, you have their hands on your lap
  2701. >Sun has set by the time you reach your destination
  2702. >Once you go inside, Koenigs escort you to a laboratory where many scientists work on different things
  2703. >You immediately recognize one as Sombra Morbius and he comes to greet the girls as you walk in
  2704. >"Oh I'm so glad you could make it." He sounds genuine enough. "I am sorry for having you brought here at this hour, but this is important."
  2705. >He presents a bright blue serum in a small test tube
  2706. >"What's that?" Vinyl asks
  2707. >"You see I became a vampire because my DNA was fused with the DNA of a vampire bat." He explains. "When I attacked you, I passed on the bat DNA to you and you were infected with vampirism because of that."
  2708. >He looks very excited about all this for someone who has to drink blood for the rest of his life
  2709. >"But the thing is, the substance that fuses DNAs can be deactivated." He raises the serum higher. "With this."
  2710. >"That's a cure?!" Octavia asks excitedly, but Morbius looks at her sadly and shakes her head
  2711. >"I'm afraid this just prevents the vampirism from spreading through injuries." He adds. "And it is only temporary, she needs to have this injection once every four weeks."
  2712. >Vinyl whacks the guy on the shoulder, almost causing him to drop the tube. "Don't be so sad Doc. I know you didn't mean for this to happen and this vampirism stuff healed my brain damage. Plus, if you can whip up a vaccine so fast, I'm sure you can find a cure in no time."
  2713. >"I'll do my best." Sombra smiles. "Now lets get you vaccinated."
  2714. >As he picks up a syringe and fills it with the bright blue liquid, you consider the possibility of this vaccine turning Vinyl into a pile of goo
  2715. >"Don't worry, I've already tested this on myself." He says as if he's reassuring you while he folds up Vinyl's sleeve
  2716. >He sticks the needle in her arm and injects the liquid. "All done, you can go home now."
  2717. >At that moment gunshots begin to be heard from inside the building and alarms go off
  2718. >Everybody looks at each other with nervous and questioning eyes as the Koenigs pull out their guns
  2719. >You might've finally found the problem you were supposed to fix
  2721. >You are Aryanne
  2722. >You've been watching the SHIELD base alongside Tracey when some weird guy came by the entrance of te building
  2723. >He was wearing a worn out leather gilet, a loose white shirt and some loose pants
  2724. >He had a red bandanna and he's brandishing what looked like a cutlass
  2725. >Those things don't really matter now, because he just cut down two SHIELD agents waiting outside the door while dodging incoming bullets with ease
  2726. >Your plans have changed drastically
  2727. >You were supposed to go in at midnight, when most of the personnel in the building was absent
  2728. >This guy just barged in the front door
  2729. >You don't know what he's doing here or who he is, but you cannot risk the possibility of him endangering your target
  2730. "Tracey, change of plans!" You say as you exit the car and she follows up on your motion immediately
  2731. >You two run towards the building as it goes into lockdown and barely make it inside before the shutters roll down
  2732. >Once you are inside, you see agents sprawled on the floor and gunshots continue some distance away from you
  2733. >Running ahead, you turn around a corner just as an agent falls to the floor, lifeless
  2734. >The intruder is nowhere to be seen however
  2735. >"ANNE!" Tracey suddenly pushed you to the side
  2736. >Looking at her while you fall down, you see her left arm spinning in the air before flopping to the ground
  2737. >"You saw me strike." You hear someone talk as you pick yourself up and see the intruder standing just meters away from you, blood dripping from his cutlass. "How?"
  2738. >Tracey looks at her seperated arm on the floor before answering. "My eyes are artificial."
  2739. >She pulls out her knife, but she is not smiling or even looking angry
  2740. >She looks dead serious and extremely focused
  2741. "Who are you?" Intruder looks at you with calculating eyes
  2742. >"Me name's Amaro Rodríguez Felipe." He says. "Me pals call me Pip."
  2743. >You are about to ask his purpose for coming here, but Tracey cuts you off
  2744. >"Anne, you go ahead and extract the target, I'll keep him at bay." You nod and start running
  2745. >Pip laughs
  2746. >"'Tis true you can see me, but you can't catch up to me speed, lad."
  2747. >You look back at him just to see him vanish from where he was standing
  2748. >Suddenly, the whole room flips upside down and you hear Tracey scream
  2749. >"NOOOO!"
  2750. "What's happening?" You lips move but no sound come out
  2751. >You fall to the ground and see a headless body dropping next to you
  2752. >"You're next."
  2753. >You wonder for a second why you can't breath before everything goes dark
  2755. >You are Lemon Zest
  2756. >After hearing the gunshots, you thought about going ahead and taking a look
  2757. >But this is an armed conflict and just because they can't see you doesn't mean they won't shoot you
  2758. >So you decided to stay behind Koenigs and help them if they need
  2759. >It hasn't even been five minutes since the gunshots started, but there is already silence
  2760. >Then you see someone come up the stairs
  2761. >He has a tanned skin and dirty beard
  2762. >What's more important though is that he's dyed in crimson with blood
  2763. >He swings his cutlass to get rid of some of he blood on it before he starts walking toward where you are
  2764. >There is a problem
  2765. >A huge problem
  2766. >This guy has no electrical signals moving inside him
  2767. >It's like he doesn't have a nervous system
  2768. >Koenigs start shooting, but he just deflects the bullets with his blade
  2769. >"C'mon lads, ye can do better than that!" He taunt as the Koenigs keep shooting. "Or maybe ye can't..."
  2770. >He vanished from your sight only to appear just before you as the Koenigs fall to the floor, headless
  2771. >"What are ye doin' here, lass?" He looks straight at you
  2772. >You are frozen in fear as his bloodthirsty eyes capture every inch of you
  2773. >"Who are you talking to you creep?!" You both turn to Vinyl as she shouts and snarls, showing off her long canines
  2774. >"I be here lookin' fer a vampire." He grins, showing his similar teeth. "'n it looks like I found her."
  2775. >As he ignores you and starts walking toward her, you grab his arm to stop him
  2776. >Big mistake
  2777. >"Fuck off!" He just nonchalantly swings his cutlass and chops you in half
  2778. >As you watch him continue walking like a wolf circling its prey, everything goes dark
  2779. >You wake up in your bed
  2780. >You need to find a way to stop that psycopath
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