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  1. Lesson 4 Writing Assignment
  2. Instructions
  3. In lesson 4, you learned about inequality based on gender and race.  In the discussion, you focused on understanding lived experiences of race and intersecting identities.  In this essay, you'll focus more broadly on society as a whole and the impact of gender inequality.  
  5. Materials:
  7. Lesson 4 Online and Text (Chapter 12) Gender Content.
  9. Purpose:
  11. Along with sociologists, government and nongovernment organizations, such as the United Nations and World Health Organization, identify gender inequality as a major social problem.  This writing assignment will help you make the link between structural constraints placed on a minority/subordinate population and the overall wellbeing of the entire society.  It will help you articulate the strong effects of gender inequality. (Learning Outcomes 1.1, 1.10, and 8)
  13. Task:
  15. Construct an essay in three sections that explains the impact of gender inequality on society.  
  16. Section one, approximately one paragraph: Introduction to the essay that includes a strong thesis statement.
  17. Section two, approximately two - three paragraphs: Argumentation that includes multiple references to course material as support
  18. Section three, approximately one paragraph: Conclusion of the essay that includes a brief but persuasive restatement of the overall argument
  19. Incorporate a plethora of course material as support.
  20. Reference only course material in your essay.
  21. Be careful with your academic integrity; do not use any sources outside of the course in or to inform your essay.
  22. Cite, in the text, all information that did not originate with you in your essay.
  23. Cite, in the text, correctly using MLA, ASA, or APA style.
  24. Proofread your essay for clarity and standard English grammar.
  25. Save your document as a word.doc, word.docx, or pdf.
  26. Upload the document to the assignment dropbox by the due date/time listed on the course schedule.
  27. Expectations and Criteria for Success:
  29. Your essay should be approximately 500 words.
  30. The essay should follow instructions.
  31. The essay uses correct, standard English grammar and mechanics, and is free of typos as well as punctuation, capitalization, and word choice errors.
  32. The essay incorporates multiple, accurate references to online and text content as support for thesis/claims/argument. Parenthetical references at the end of the sentence using said material is sufficient. They essay should use accurately one style of citations (MLA, ASA, or APA).
  33. The essay demonstrates superior, academic knowledge of the topic under study, and is free from general statements, fluff, and summary.
  34. The language is clear and concise with logical flow.
  35. The essay is submitted prior to the due date/time.
  36. Here is an example essay Sample Essay for SOCI 1101
  37. Grading Criteria:
  39. Thesis: is your thesis easily identified?  Is there a strong connection to course content?
  40. Analysis, Logic, and Argument: Did you provide a thoughtful and insightful reaction and/or analysis of the topic?  Are your points logical, clear, and reasonable?
  41. Use of Evidence: Did you base your post on relevant course content and course concepts?  Did you cite course material and other sources correctly?
  42. Structure/Organization: Are your posts well organized with appropriate paragraph breaks and a smooth flow from one point to the next?
  43. Mechanics: Are your posts virtually free of grammatical errors, spelling errors, and typos?  Did you use proper sentence structure with good word choice?
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