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May 30th, 2014
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  1. I got a lot of tells from this person, irate and upset about the city referendums (there are several up, each designed to help give citizens more power and a voice in the governing of the city), in the middle of the Holy War. In particular, this person was indignant and upset, under the impression that the Charter referendum (see below) was changing how we pick the Chair. I explained that the Senators have always picked the Chair, instead of the citizens. I explained that the Constitution guides what we do and that when I became Chair, the Constitution specified that the selection process be done this way, and it has not been a topic that has been brought up ever in recent history. At this point I needed to postpone the talk, cuz, war.
  3. Referendums:
  6. New law: Chair's Charter
  8. Description:
  9. New law for administrative code I.E. "CHAIR'S CHARTER: Each
  10. Chair of the Secretariat will compose a public charter, visible
  11. in CHELP CHAIR'S CHARTER, detailing the goals and tasks they
  12. will aim for and adhere to while in office. This charter will be
  13. drawn up and ratified by a 3/5 vote of the Senate upon selection
  14. of a new Chair."
  17. Citizen Law/Referendum Proposals
  19. Description:
  20. VIII will be changed to read: "Motions for changes to the code
  21. of laws shall be made by elected Senators or a through a signed
  22. petition with the names of ten members of the city holding
  23. citizen status. Changes to the code of laws shall only be
  24. enacted if they pass a majority vote in the Secretariat followed
  25. by a referendum among the citizens and proletariat. For changes
  26. to the Constitution, the same procedure is followed, but a
  27. four-fifths and two-thirds majority shall be required in the
  28. Secretariat and public referendum, respectively. In
  29. addition,citizens may petition for referendums for policy
  30. changes or to gauge public interest via signed petitions with
  31. the names of five members of the city. Only three
  32. citizen-sourced referendums can be made per year, with a minimum
  33. of a year's grace before a reversal to a new change may be
  34. petitioned for."
  38. Law Amendment: Ministry Appointments
  40. Description:
  41. Administrative Code I.C. will be modified to read: The Chair
  42. shall appoint ten adjutants to serve as heads of the ten
  43. ministries of the Republic. Adjutants will be chosen based on a
  44. 3/5 majority vote of the Senate after an application process.
  45. Applications will be accepted for at least one year and openings
  46. will be posted both on city news and in the city logs. If no
  47. majority agreement is reached by the Senate after six months of
  48. voting, the Chair will exercise executive authority and appoint
  49. a minister.
  52. New Law: Government Review
  54. Description:
  55. New law for administrative code I.D. "REVIEW. Citizens may
  56. petition for a public review of a government official (Senator
  57. or Minister), through a petition with five signatures of members
  58. of the city holding citizen status. In addition to citizen
  59. petition, the Chair can also be brought to review through a
  60. majority vote of the Senate. The review will consist of an
  61. examination of the official's service to the city, conducted by
  62. a tribunal of a Senator, Minister and one of the citizens listed
  63. in the petition, with a final hearing overseen by the City's
  64. Patron, with the goal of assessing the official's work -
  65. exemplary work will be brought forward and lauded, with the
  66. official recommended for civic rewards, while any wrongdoings
  67. will be investigated further in a public trial. Each official
  68. can only be brought forth for review once a decade. This law
  69. will undergo a trial period of 25 years - if, during this time,
  70. the Senate decides it is detrimental and unproductive for the
  71. city, they can vote, through 4/5 majority, to strike it down.
  74. (Tells|<name>): An abrupt memory strikes you - the notion of <name> telling you, "You also said that another time you would finish a conversation with me because of that war."
  76. (Tells|<name>): You tell <name>, "Give me a bit. I just got here, and I'm grabbing a lesser."
  78. You say, "Want to chat briefly?"
  80. You say, "I'm gathering ylem, but I can take a quick break."
  82. A cloaked figure says, "I would appreciate that."
  84. You say, "All right."
  86. You say, "Your major issue seemed to be that the city doesn't pick the Chair, the Senate does?"
  88. A cloaked figure says, "My main problem is the senate picks and they can pick who they want and be just as corrupt as Bloodloch just less open about it. I mean for example you have already removed one senator you could not prove was acting against the city but you had hunches and another that openly did stuff but was never punished who finally stepped down."
  90. You say, "Again, I did not REMOVE anyone. I do NOT decide who is on the Senate. I do not get the power to appoint or dismiss Senators - they are elected through public election, and my vote is the exact same weight as yours or any other citizens."
  92. You say, "That is how the city works - citizens elect Senators. The Senators may cause trouble - <name>, for example, comitted some rather serious crimes against the Syssin for which he was eventually ejected from the city - but their spot on the council remains up to the citizens. Corruption can and does happen under our current laws, yes."
  94. A cloaked figure says, "You do not remove them with a wave of your hand but you thoughts and voice carries much weight behind it Madam chair."
  96. You say, "Let me make this clear - that's the Spinesreach I was given when I took over Chair. That's the Constitution that the city had."
  98. You say, "Changing the Constitution is not simply something I can do on a whim, on my own - that itself would be corruption, surely?"
  100. You say, "Instead, changing the Constitution is done through referendum...which is exactly WHY I am putting referendums up right now. The Senate has voted for these law changes and now the city as a whole is voting on it."
  102. A cloaked figure says, "Corruption is not such a bad thing so long as you at least admit to it, I mean my house itself worships the goddess of corruption."
  104. You say, "For example, the referendum about Government Review will give us a way to look into a Senator who is making trouble."
  106. You say, "Instead of us all pointing fingers and whispering rumors, the government review will let us say "Ok, let's give him a formal review to investigate the stuff being said"."
  108. A cloaked figure says, "And what about ministers and how they are appointed. Right now the senate chooses them as well and it is about who you know and who likes you more then who is more qualified."
  110. You say, "Again, there is a law amendment about that in the referendums. The current law states that the CHAIR - just me - appoints ministers. I don't think that's fair. I think that's open to bias, so since I took office I've ALWAYS extended that decision-making outwards to the rest of the Senate. The Constitution says it's JUST the Chair who decides. I've pushed past that to make it the entire Senate, and there's a referendum up to make that the new law."
  112. You say, "You have to do things in steps."
  114. A cloaked figure says, "Yet you openly appoint people who should not even be minsters."
  116. You say, "Appointments are based on who applies."
  118. A cloaked figure says, "I never saw an application for Grand Courser."
  120. You say, "Sometimes, only one person applies and SOMEBODY is better than nobody."
  122. You say, "You were dormant during that time."
  124. You say, "There was a post, a city log notice, a city announcement - up for an entire Aetolian year."
  126. A cloaked figure says, "I also never saw an application for Ambassador, but I was asleep during a long time when ALathesia took over."
  128. You say, "I don't know what to say, <name>. There very much was advertisement - and, again, the law is going to ensure that the council legally HAS to advertise the application process openly. I'm sorry you didn't see it, but there were posts, log notes, announcements and updates from Ashayth."
  130. A cloaked figure says, "I said yet again I was gone during that time so it was my own fault, though I am sure I would not of gotten the job anyways because I know half the council at least do not like me."
  132. You say, "The council are reminded to vote objectively and without bias, and they nearly always do. <name> had issues with it - that is one reason he was contested."
  134. A cloaked figure says, "All the people I see apointed to ministry and senator positions are about who is most connected not who is best qualified and would perform the job the best."
  136. You say, "Again, the Senate is not appointed. They are elected by the people. I have no control over that. I do not tell anyone how to vote, I do not endorse or condemn any candidate."
  138. A cloaked figure says, "That is not fully true. Though you may not say in words who you interact with most and are seen doing things with makes them hold more highly over others. Your actions speak louder then any word ever given, like when Catty was elected as senator."
  140. You say, "The ministries are appointed based on who applied. For nearly EVERY ministry the application pool is either one person so the choice is an obvious one or filled with several outstanding choices, so we deliberate based on a range of factors. Alathesia, for example, was chosen over Xemnas because she is new to government and Ambassador is the least intricate ministry and suited for someone new to things, whereas Xemnas might find a spot in another role later."
  142. You say, "I interact with everyone equally. If someone requests a meeting, like you have here, I give it. If someone wants to put on a project or event, I sit down and brainstorm stuff with them to help make that happen. I spend time training my guild and fighters. Aside from that, I rarely spend time with Toz. My husband. I quite literally have no friends, partially BECAUSE I do not let people close to curry favor."
  144. A cloaked figure says, "Your giving control to Catty at a lesser as target caller speaks enough on its own."
  146. A cloaked figure says, "At least when she was apart of the city before moving as she always does."
  148. You say, "I have offered the role of target calling to many people - Xenia, Catty, Toz, Grimdale - to help train them and get them learning the ropes of combat leadership."
  150. You say, "If you are interested in calling targets, you are free to do so - CHELP COMBAT RANKS discusses how to train in combat and eventually become a leader for citizens in battle."
  152. A cloaked figure says, "I care not for combat calling because no one listens to me anyways. I brought it up because you allowing her that while others who are higher city rank then her there made her look better then them."
  154. A cloaked figure says, "I have done many things yet I am still a recruit in the command structure."
  156. You say, "Combat leadership isn't about cityrank. It's partially about who knows what they are doing and partially simply just about who is interested in giving it a try. Nalor calls targets if I drop - he's a Proletarian. If Stridor said he wanted to give it a try, I'd be 100% behind that and help him learn how to assess targets."
  158. You say, "The command ranks aren't appointed simply out of the blue. You need to approach a command leader and ask to be verified for your tasks to get promoted up."
  160. A cloaked figure says, "I know what I am doing at lesser and have been to enough I have lost count and many people forgot I was there and never gave me credit for them but I never complained about it. Why you may ask because I do it for the city not to get my head patted every time I do something a citizen should be doing to start with."
  162. A cloaked figure says, "No command leader approaches anyone unless they like them I an not a fool madam chair."
  164. You say, "Again, tracking your attendance at a lesser is your own responsibility - that's why everyone in the clan can readlog and writelog, to add their name if they got missed. Often I take the time to record it, but I tend to be very busy and can sometimes forget or leave out names. It's not an intentional slight - it's simply that we are busy, which is why you are given the power in the clan to WRITELOG COMMAND <name> WAS THERE TOO to make sure it's tracked as well."
  166. A cloaked figure says, "I have done so a few times but again I am not in the clan and doing it just to be patted on the head for being a good kitty and doing as citizens should be doing to start with."
  168. You say, "And, again, if you want to be promoted through the clan - and I absolutely encourage you go through the ranks system, it's a great way to get trained and learn new things and get some rewards - you need to let one of us leaders know. In a perfect world, sure, I might check in with every single member of the city every day. But that's hard and time consuming and it just is not going to happen. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and you need to take initiative to have your tasks verified for promotion."
  170. You say, "...why are you not in the clan?"
  172. You say, "Regarding changes, probably mostly importantly, there is a referendum up for citizen law amendments. This new law will let you guys, the citizens, suggest changes you want to see in the Constitution or with public policy. I'm trying to lay the groundwork for as much citizen involvement and self-direction as possible. I can't think up everything, and this lets the citizens bring ideas, issues and changes they want to the Senate."
  174. A cloaked figure says, "Madam chair, I might not be the strongest fighter the Spire has to offer but I am able to hold my own when not outnumbered, I do not know why I have to beg for anything. What you call leaders I call figure heads that only communicate with their friends and tell them to do things instead of all."
  176. A cloaked figure says, "What clan am I not in?"
  178. You say, "The Comand clan."
  180. A cloaked figure says, "I am in the command clan and only a recruit as I said, I have never been promoted and did more lessers then many in there."
  182. You say, "Again, promotion is about attending lessers. Lesser attendance is something you can tradein for city favors or credits. Promotion comes from following the training scheme laid out in CHELP COMBAT RANKS. Would you rather I just promote you? I don't promote people because then it denies them the chance to earn the credit rewards promotion via the combat ranks earns them."
  184. You say, "*promotion is NOT about attending lessers, sorry."
  186. You say, "The leaders in the command are those who have gone through the training ranks or who are Senators, or who are ministers. And, if you look, you'll see that I *have* promoted you, quite some time ago. Twice, up to soldier, so you would be eligible for more credits in the city credit sale. I did that as a recognition for your attendance."
  188. A cloaked figure says, "So I have to tell someone pretty much what both of us know and write a letter discussing a loss to become something that is more horrible of a name then recruit, to become a soldier I have to spar five more times and do group arena events and pretty much try and impress people I care not about impressing just to show I am able to do something I can."
  190. A cloaked figure says, "Well when I read my clans for positions it says I am a recruit."
  192. You say, "Check CLANHELP COMMAND."
  194. A cloaked figure says, "I am still listed as a recruit as well is why."
  196. You say, "Everyone goes in as a recruit. You are also listed as a soldier."
  198. A cloaked figure says, "I am listed as both a recruit and soldier."
  200. You say, "Better?"
  202. A cloaked figure says, "Yes it is, it was showing improperly to me."
  204. You say, "The rank requirements are there as an OPTIONAL training scheme, and doing it earns you credits and cityfavors. However, when I put in extra credit purchases for the city's fighters, I promoted a handful of people up to soldier in recognition for their past work, so they'd be able to buy extra credits each 6 months - you were included in that group."
  206. A cloaked figure says, "I apologize I am not trying to do this to fight and get recognition for things, I am just trying to point out a few things I have seen. Senators are a popularity contest for one, it is not about what you can do but who you know and how many friends you have."
  208. A cloaked figure says, "Another thing that agitates me is how some people wait till odd times to ask the city when they know everyone is either asleep or mindless at the time and ask if any rejections to induct a person into the city."
  210. You say, "If you want to OPTIONALLY do some training tasks and earn credits and cityfavors and improve at combat, that option is there, but it's not MANDATORY. Do you want to be at the rank of a command leader? Do the ranks, or prove yourself otherwise. Do you want to try out leading at lessers? Just step up and do it, or ask someone how to go about doing that - but do NOT get upset that others are getting the chance because they've taken the initiative to be leaders themselves. Leadership isn't a pot of chocolate that I dole out to people who flutter their eyelashes at me. Leadership goes to people who work to prove they are leaders, or people who ask for the chance to do things to lead. Toz wanted to try teaching others to lead, so he had Catty trying out target calling for a bit, because she had said she wanted to try being a leader."
  212. You say, "And, again, Senators are elected, not appointed. I cannot control who the city votes for. This election system is the one we've had since the days of the Grand Artifice, and it's simply what the gods want us to use."
  214. A cloaked figure says, "Catty is hardly a leader Madam Chair all she does is fuck people and try to reach into the pockets for things when she does not get what she wants she moves on to the next."
  216. You say, "I don't think that is appropriate, mature or relevant to this discussion. You brought her up as an example, I am explaining why she was calling targets."
  218. A cloaked figure says, "You say you give it to people who try to be leaders or who prove to be leaders."
  220. You say, "Regarding induction, CHELP INDUCTION has been created to cover the induction process. It does not matter what time of day someone is inducted - personal objections are not relevant to citizenship. If someone is an enemy to a city organization or divine or has a history noted in the city projects that's not going to change if 2 or 200 citizens are awake."
  222. A cloaked figure says, "Why do we ask about personal objections if they are not even relevant?"
  224. You say, "We don't ask about personal objections. Again, CHELP INDUCTION explains the process."
  226. A cloaked figure says, "Not to mention the last real lesser I attended I was killed by Xiuhcoatl and told that it was my own fault because I did not announce I was entering a room he was in and he holo globed me to death."
  228. You say, "Accidents happen in combat. Xiuhcoatl has been spoken to about being more careful about using his singularities, but in the heat of battle it's hard to see who is in your room - especially if you are wearing a cloak, as you often do."
  230. A cloaked figure says, "I wear the cloak to make it harder for my enemies to spot me in the heat of battle. If a magic user is going to use singularity at a lesser they should at least announce they is doing it."
  232. You say, "When a singularity is laid, there is a room message that it is being done."
  234. A cloaked figure says, "Not sneer at a person when they say something about it and tell them it is their own fault and to suck it up."
  236. A cloaked figure says, "I walked in after it was cast before it blew up."
  238. You say, "As I said, accidents happen and he was spoken to about being more careful."
  240. A cloaked figure says, "Just the right time to get fucked and told I need to pay more attention. You cannot pay attention to something you do not get to see announced."
  242. A cloaked figure says, "Talked to is all well and good but at the time you also told me to be more careful and to watch for him doing it."
  244. You say, "I have other work I need to go to doing. I cannot sit and address every minor detail and setback you have faced personally, just as I can't check in with every single person directly on a regular basis. Just as with leadership, there are things you have to take initiative and handle on your own."
  246. You say, "A single death to an accidental singularity is not the end of the world. It happens in big chaotic fights and we move on."
  248. A cloaked figure says, "The thing is, it was not a huge fight. it was one person he was fighting and three more of us in another room coming to him."
  250. You say, "Was there anything else you needed to discuss? Dwelling on the particulars of a single fight is not productive or useful. It was a mistake, we all learned from it."
  252. A cloaked figure says, "I do not dwell, I just have good memory and remember all that happens to me. I remember the past so it cannot repeat itself."
  254. A cloaked figure says, "I will let you be because I can tell you are already done talking about things long ago, farewell Madam chair."
  256. A cloaked figure says, "Duanathar."
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