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  1. im not in the same situation as you are per say but i do suffer from an undiagnosed disease for about 2 years now. we share the same experience when it comes to doctor dismissal and from my personal experience gender isnt a factor in this. im a male and while i dont make 6 figures salary i still get treated how you describe. in 2 years with 4 different doctors (as you pointed out ready to dismiss you before you even enter just from reading your chart) only 1 of them has ever been so kind to refer me to a specialist.
  3. my step father had a similar experience last summer in the time span of 2 months he was hospitalized 3 times with an average duration of 1 week. symptoms were consistent each times but the hospital never figured it out. after the 3rd time he tried to be as persuasive as possible to his doctor to find the root cause the doctor never wanted to. luckily so far hes been fine but you can see the pattern here.
  5. my friend's mother had a similar experience, intense pain one morning, the hospital never found the cause and did not want to investigate further. luckily she had a good doctor at the time who did investigate, she was in the operating room the next day. my neighbour, male this time, had a very similar experience.
  7. the one thing i can find in common in all of this is the doctors i saw and my step father saw were general practitioners aka over worked doctors flying through patients extremely fast. while my friend's mother and neighbour had long term doctors, the ones that take months to get an appointment with, see very limited patients but arent over worked and possibly follow you for life (or until they retire).
  9. i guess my point here is its just how the system is. finding the right doctor is hard, the fact your medical history is shared between them makes it even harder to get a fresh opinion. but there are a few good doctors who will listen and investigate no matter your gender. they're very hard to find but they exist.
  11. you mention facebook in your previous post while i dont personally use it there must be a way to turn it into your advantage to perhaps find someone near you who has that kind of doctor. maybe he/she doesnt see new patients yet but that'd be the first indication its one worth waiting/applying for.
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