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Chieftain's Clan Rules

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  1. 1 - Steamgifts.com rules are without exception defended in and by the Chieftain's Groups.
  2. The Chieftain's Groups positioning to steamgifts.com rules, mods, and for the work of everyone in there is of upmost respect and all possible colaboration.
  3. a)Every giveaway created inside the group is made according to every steamgift.com (No fakes, No bundled keys, No steam or origin accounts, etc.)
  4. b)Everyone while member of the Clan, should refrain from attacking or undermining the mods, the mods work, or the work of any steamgifs.com user that uses the available tools to help them, anywhere in steamgifts.com
  5. c)No one is forced to colaborate with the steamgifts.com, all that is asked while members of the Chieftain's Groups is that they're work is respected
  6. d)You don't allways have to agree with every steamgifts.com decision, in fact they often ask your opinion, doing so in a respectfull and constructive way is considered colaboration
  7. e) Being in anyway and anywhere on steamgifts.com disrespectfull to steamgifts.com rules, mods, and for the work of everyone in there may lead to membership review.
  10. 2 - Admission:
  11. a)Every member is proposed at Sunday night meetings (after 21:00 London Time). There he must have a 75% approval rate to be admited. Along the vote, a member can change his vote after reading other member's reasons for accepting or declining a new member. On close Call Chieftain's Army Admins decide if the new member joins the Clan. After a new member is invited and joins both the new member and all existing members must keep tey're differences and previous matters outside the Chieftain's Groups.
  12. b) No member is recruited directly into the Chieftain's Army, everyone interested in joining must be accepted in the Clan and there remain for at least a month.
  13. c) Asking any member for a way to join is the best way for it to not happen. If you're supposed to be here, in time you will be.
  15. 3 - Giveaways:
  16. a) No member is enforced to do any kind of giveaway. Yet, you are asked to avoid excessive leeching.
  17. b) You can enter giveaways even if you don't make any, just be a bit selective to what you really want, what you are really going to play, and what you are going to co-op with other members. Excessive leeching may lead to membership review.
  18. c) It's giveaway's maker's choice everytime: Any rule accepted by steamgifts for a re-roll is accepted here.
  19. d) The ammount of giveaways made is wellcomed but is not relevant to Chieftain's Army invitation.
  21. 4 - Activity
  22. a) No one forces you to be active in chat all the time, yet you are expect to be at least present now and then
  23. b) Idling and not participating in chat or co-oping is not required.
  24. c) Life happens, so if something happens that forces you to be away for a while, we all hope for the best and wait your return, as long as you try to say something in advance
  25. d) Being active in steam and constantly absent in the group may lead to membership review.
  26. e) Being a loudspeaker and telling the best jokes in the world makes you a nice mate to chat to, but not relevant to Chieftain's Army invitation.
  28. 5 - Co-Oping
  29. a) Not enforced, but strongly encouraged.
  30. b) There will be some games of the day, week, month and long-term suggested by the Chieftain's Army. You are not enforced to have them installed if you don't want to join, but when the announced time, or when a spontaneous session of these games start, don't expect the others to wait for install.
  31. c) There will be co-op events in the Clan, no one is enforced to enter but if it is scheduled and you sign up you are expected to show up.
  32. d) Missing scheduled events you signed in for, without valid reason may lead to membership review. Yet that is the only aspect related to co-oping that may lead to membership review.
  34. 6 - POTW
  35. Every Sunday Night Meeting a POTW is voted by the members, for recognition of the rules 1, 3, 4, 5 and 10
  36. The existing Admins will have the week to vote for promotig the member to admin, and in case of draw, Chieftain's vote prevails.
  37. Being POTW every other week is great but not relevant to Chieftain's Army invitation.
  39. 7 - Chieftain's Army Invitation
  40. After being in the Chieftain's Clan for at least a month if you show enough commitment to rule #5, you may be invited for the Chieftain's Army
  42. 8 - Membership / Admin Status review
  43. a) Chieftain may revoke Admin Status from members who fail on rules 1, 2.A), 3, 4, 5 and 10
  44. b) Every Last Sunday of the Month, Chieftain's Clan Admins present at that meeting will privatelty review membership status of every member according to the rules above and vote on his continuation or not in the clan.
  45. c) The Honorary Membership no longer exists.
  47. 9 - No member is forced to join the upcoming Chieftain's Group Forums, but that will be used to announce, vote or plan the groups events as well as providing private space for other announcements and information that may not be posted in Group Page.
  49. 10 - Have Fun
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