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May 6th, 2015
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  1. Diagram 2:1:05 : A list of names
  3. This is some of the gate locations.
  5. MACHU PICHU is an ancient gate that is active. There is always a part of that that stayed safe.
  7. Spanners are core gates. They will interact through a set of gates that refer to the Ark Cov gates which are in an interface system where if Amenti fell they would still hold the passages. They haven't given specific locations of the core gates except for one which is referred to as Shalon 7. That is in Arizona but it connects into Scottsdale in Phoenix.
  9. SG 1 – 12 Amenti gates that have fallen: SG 1 at the South Pole, SG2 we are sitting on Florida. It is a controlled gate. This used to be part of the Atlantis region. SG 3 is on Bermuda islands, SG 4 is Cairo in Giza and it actually interfaces through several. It comes in through the big pyramid, Cheops, it is also angled into Cairo and Saqqara. Machu Pichu is gate 5. In Moscow is Gate 6. Lake Titicaca Peru is Gate 7. SG 8 is in China, SG 9 is in Tibet, SG 10 Iran, SG 11 is in England and SG12 in France. That is where the CATHARS were massacred. Those are the main Amenti gates.
  11. Cue sites interface with the gates. There are 12 of those. There are gates that connect into the parallel earth stargates which are now under the control of the fall force.
  13. The Ark of the Covenant hub gates and the Polarian gates interface through the Aurora time continuum.
  15. There are the Trinity gates and they are the ones that step down to a D3. Most of the gates you need a minimum of D4 but mostly D6, six strand activation to take a body fully through. The Trinity gates were designed for if you had third strand activation and you could still go through them and go into safe spaces until you can get into six strand activation and finish the process. Trinity 1 is Malibu beach California. Trinity 2 is Belize City. Trinity 3 is off the South West Cost of Goa India. Trinity 4 is in New York City, 5 is in Tuscany Italy, 6 is in the Adaman sea off the Coast of Burma.
  17. They require to be plugged into other gates, the larger gates, the Ark Cov gates. They run of the Ark of the Covenant portal between here and the Andromeda galaxy. They are a 12 strand activation. Certain beings who have certain contracts would be able to use them. They can plug them into the spanner gates: which requires 24 strand activation. And they can plug them into the Trinity gates: which allows people with average DNA activation levels. The dynamics are very specific.
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