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  1. Hi all, lately I’ve seen a lot, and I mean a LOT, of queries from players on the megathread about where to spend their various tickets. I figure this is likely because of all the Dream tickets Konami has been giving us lately, as well as player’s own reluctance to spend tickets due to fearing missing out on cards. So here’s some generic help for you guys.
  3. What I’ve done is listed a ticket type, the specific tickets from X or Y event that this ticket was obtained in, and then a run-down of what I think are the most relevant cards in that pool and for what decks we currently have. This is relative, so if a pool contains the same cards as another ticket and more, I will *not* include the same recommendations as the older card pool. Not sure if I’m making myself clear on that.
  5. For those somewhat new to the game, I must tell you; most ticket pools are honestly ass. Like, you see this wall of cards and you think “well, even if 10% are viable that’s still a lot!” But the issue is that in making this guide I scrolled all the down these card pools and found like, 3-4 cards of real interest per pool. And to be frank quite a few of them are outdated. That shouldn’t change your decision; after all, you’re coming here to get the best cards you can out of your tickets right? The catch is just that the best is not that great anyway. So if you own 30-40 tickets and think you have a deck waiting in there for you...sorry to rain on your parade but that’s not gonna happen.
  7. One last thing! I am making this guide based purely off of the tickets I have because I generally have a habit of spending my Tickets right before they expire (except for Dream tickets). But I have spent some tickets early/missed some tickets. If anyone reading this comes across a ticket I missed, please let me know! Give the card pool a quick skim so I know which category to put it in.
  10. N tickets
  12. I only included these for completion’s sake. These are arguably less valuable than gold, or at best the same value. The only card I can see anyone wanting is Contact Out or Madolche Cruffsant. Spend them however you want; you won’t be running out of these anytime soon.
  15. R tickets
  17. I don’t think any of these are noteworthy either, but if you are 100% casual they’re kinda cool. They contain old staples for decks like Hammer Shark, Card Trader stuff, budget/farmable tuners, and Sanctuary in the Sky. If you were around during DL’s simpler times these are a nice trip down memory lane and not much more. Storm used to see top-tier play!
  20. SR/UR Kuriboh Tickets
  22. For those not in the know, Kuriboh ticket pools are entirely made up of cards you can obtain just by farming legendary duelists, so it’s impossible to miss out on what they have to offer. Does that mean you shouldn’t care what you grab? No, of course not! Kuriboh tickets are fine place to get an Enemy Controller if you’re still missing one, or Union Attack for your farm decks. If you play an LD archetype like Cyberdarks or Dark Magician you might want to redeem a ticket just to help bling out your deck (and help get Kaiba Corp Bling nerfed to the ground! /s).
  24. SR Ranked Duels Ticket (exp at the end of the next season)
  26. The card pool here is surprisingly decent if your collection is small. Red-Eyes fans can look forward to both Insight and Spirit in this ticket, which also contains Wetlands, an old Frog and Paleozoic staple, and Solemn Scolding. Interesting and new inclusions are Spiritual Art – Kurogane for Earth decks like Magnets, Hyper Psychic Riser for monster-type decks that make 6* synchros easily, and the new Cyber Dragon Vier for all you Cydra fans. Older players might remember Rose Archer, a semi-popular handtrap of Plant decks in DL history.
  29. SR Duel Quest (exp 12/31/2019)
  30. SR Mission Circuit (exp 12/31/2019)
  31. SR 2nd Anniversary Login (exp 12/31/2019)
  32. SR Choose your Gift campaign (exp 1/31/2020)
  34. Contains most of the current SR Ranked rewards as well as regular event cards. Notably, it has Toon Dark Magician Girl, which used to be impossible to obtain. Zeradias, Tethys, Divine Punishment, and more Counter Fairy support are present in here. Anime-Exclusive Ojamandala, Monarchs Awaken, and former budget backrow answer Chow Len the Prophet.
  37. SR Road to Worlds Campaign (exp 12/31/2019)
  39. Strictly better than the Duel Quest ticket due to having been released after, it contains the entire card pool of the above ticket and then some. After going down the list of exclusives all I can really find of note is Mahjong Munia Maidens, a repeatable looting effect for Subterrors. Golden Dragon Summoner and Green Turtle Summoner are also in this ticket pool, but again, not much noteworthy so I’m grasping at straws here. Silent Paladin if you’re a big fan of the Silent archetype.
  42. SR DSOD World Release Celebration Campaign (exp 1/31/2020)
  44. Another upgrade to its predecessors, this ticket contains the cards from some recent events that are somewhat sought after, less-so Dark Magician cards like Magician’s Robe and Dark Magic Expanded, and more so the Fortune Lady SRs. Merciful Machine Angel, the Cyber Angel support spell is also in here, as well as Infernity cards in case you missed some from the event. Another gem in this ticket is Amano Iwato. Oh, and Gren Maju Da Eiza. And the Monarch traps. Wow, this ticket just never stops giving!
  47. SR 100 Million Downloads Appreciation Ticket (exp 2/29/2020)
  49. So technically this ticket is strictly better than the one above, but the additions aren’t really anything worth talking about. Going by release date, the only cards I can see that are new are the ones from the Unknown Duelist event and Kalin Kessler’s raid, plus Horse of the Floral Knights which is probably the most usable one in my opinion, and only one copy is available otherwise. Still a great ticket, everything I wrote in the ticket before this applies.
  52. UR Ranked Duels Ticket (exp end of next season)
  54. For the record, these are a lot better than seasons’ past, when I think the only notable card was Dynatherium. Now we have Ojamatch, Voltanis the Adjudicator, the Elemental Lords like Windrose and Pyrorex, Evilswarm Salamandra for all you Dino enthusiasts (kinda outdated), and Vylon Omega, which sadly hasn’t found a home yet. Psychic Ace used to see play in Blue-Eyes and Toons!
  57. UR Mission Circuit (exp 12/31/2019)
  58. UR Duel Quest (exp 12/31/2019)
  60. This ticket is so limited and lackluster I contemplated not putting it on here. I’m pretty sure everything on here is obtainable via UR Ranked tickets or legendary duelist drops. I think I used one to get the Synchro Parshath.
  63. UR Special Gift Campaign (exp 12/24/2019)
  64. Road to Worlds Campaign (exp 12/31/2019)
  66. Only a slight upgrade to the tickets before it. The most notable cards are probably Magician of Dark Illusion which is pretty good for DM decks to be frank, Elemental Hero Grandmerge for Hero decks, and Meltiel for Counter Fairies.
  69. UR DSOD World Release Celebration Campaign (exp 1/31/2020)
  71. This is it. The big daddy of event UR tickets, only outdone by Dream Tickets if you ask me. We got Fortune Lady Light, Cyber Angel Izana, Toon Dark Magician, Nine-tailed Fox, Granmarg the Mega Monarch, and the elusive Statue of Anguish, on top of all the goodness that the previous ticket brought. If you missed these specific events or if you were just shy a copy of something, you’re in luck if you’re still holding on to one of these guys.
  74. UR 100 Million Downloads Appreciation Ticket (exp 2/29/2020)
  76. So technically this ticket is strictly better than the one above, but the additions aren’t really anything worth talking about. Going by release date, the only new cards I see are Dark Rainbow Dragon and Duza the Meteor Cubic Vessel. Still a great ticket, everything I wrote in the ticket before this applies.
  79. UR Dream Tickets
  81. Truthfully I won’t be going too deep on these, nor do I think I’m qualified to. I’m just giving some general advice. The smartest thing to do is to wait as long as possible to make as informed a decision as you can. Also, I wouldn’t go after any Mini Box card since those are relatively accessible, especially now with the half-gem price sale on the more obsolete ones. And even before redeeming for a Main Box UR, check to see what other chase cards are in the box. Canadia is a great staple for sure, but looking at Valiant Souls there are so many reasons to dig through that box anyway that there’s a good chance you’re better off spending your Dream ticket elsewhere; say, Cosmic Cyclone. Just my two cents.
  83. Again, if I missed something big please let me know. I’ll try to update this thing based on feedback and improving it over the next few days however I can. Hope this was helpful!
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