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  1. October 18th,
  2. Your question
  3. Hello, My name is [Name]. Sorry for selecting the incorrect phone in the dropdown-list, but i couldn´t find my i9505 there.I would like to first of all prepare you for a long text that will follow. I have also attached a copy of my receipt to prove my purchase. The receipt for my spare battery is gone, im afraid. But if you wish to doubleccheck, i have the S/N on the battery available. It is: [Notsurewhyiblankthisbuthey] And the manufactory date is 2013.06.10. Or if it is a date for some other purpose i cannot say.
  5. . This text is merely a verbatim of the one i already have posted on your facebook wall for Samsung Philippines.
  7. Any way, happy reading:
  9. Dear Samsung Philippines.
  10. I bought my Samsung Galaxy S 4 (i9505) in the store you have located in [blank] a while back. Superhappy. Was told (and only that, nothing else regarding charging) that i had to have it plugged in for "several hours" so it would be fully charged before first use.
  12. And never let the battery drain completely. Basic simple quite sane recommendations.
  13. Less than 2 weeks later my phone starts to behave really odd. Closed down apps by random, started to become incredibly warm to the touch. And i saw a big bulge on the back cover.
  14. I went back to the same store were i had bought the phone. I was told "it was a known issue" and my only option was to pay for a new replacement battery. Even if the phone was less than 2 weeks old. Even if i had brought my receipt, i would have been required to pay for it.
  16. Because "you have overcharged the battery, and that is why it looks like that. Never leave the phone plugged in for more than three hours at a time. After that it will risk to become damaged."
  17. So not only do i have to pay for something that clearly should go under warranty (yes, batteries has their own clause regarding warranty, but it would atleast be longer than 2 weeks, right?)
  19. I´m also being told that i am the cause of this, and not that it may have been a mechanical fault.
  20. My Samsung Galaxy 1 (i9000) could sit in the charger for an entire night without issues. Because it switched off the charger when it was full. Are you telling me that the 4th generation for some reason should have downgraded its charging mechanism and now would require some sort of Great Overseer of the ocean of charging Galaxy S4´s when it was plugged into a socket?
  22. I find that fairly hard to take in. Aswell as having your sales-reps that know about the issue, but cannot do much about it, just stand there. I guess you want your sales-figures up so yeah. I understand you completely.
  23. I am in no intention going to describe the sales-reps i met during these occasions, Because they are there to sell. They don´t get money by sitting next to me listening on how moan and complain.
  24. They need to know that they can stand with their back straight and say
  26. "-Sir, apologies for the unfortunate situation that has arisen. Please accept my humble wish and grant me this frivolous act in which my swift and solemn overture supply you with a replacement-battery as a service to you, our trusted customer"
  27. (ok maybe not all to full-on, but you get the idea.)
  29. And yeah? The battery thing? I hear you hand out free replacement-batteries now.
  31. Well since i was told by the sales-rep that my old battery was "useless, and most likely not healthy to have laying around the house" i accepted his offer of disposing it. I only have the replacement. (which i have had plugged in for 4.5 hours one time,hahaaaa.. i´m a rebel!).
  33. I really don´t require anything. More than that you maybe once in a while would take the time and listen to your customers, It is us that feed you after all.
  34. One last thing.
  36. I guess you know about and read the article posted on trustedreviews.com regarding the S 4´s battery problem?
  37. If not, then you might want to do that now.
  38. Thank you. That was all.
  40. /Me
  42. http://bit.ly/19DITqX
  44. .
  45. And as i said earlier. This has already been posted on Samsung Philippines facebook-wall and yes, i will have time to call the helpdesk aswell until i get a reply.
  47. Oh by the way.
  48. There´s a handprinted text on my receipt that states
  49. 1 year warranty c/o Samsung. Parts & Service. Thank you. Because i think it might need a service.
  51. ---------------------------------------------
  53. Counselor answer
  54. [Name]
  56. Thank you for contacting Samsung Philippines; we appreciate the opportunity to assist you.
  58. We have received your concern regarding the issues you had with your device and its battery. We understand how much trouble this may have caused you. We are more than happy to provide you some information to assist you with your concern.
  60. You may check the warranty we have for Samsung mobile phones you have bought here in the Philippines through the page we have supplied:
  62. http://www.samsung.com/ph/support/warranty/warrantyInformation.do?page=POLICY.WARRANTY
  64. Battery is one of the most important part of your device. We would like to give you suggestions in taking care of your device's battery:
  66. 1. Going from all the way full or all the way empty would not help you have a better battery; in fact, it will do a little damage to your battery and can be worst if you do a full drain on a regular basis. It will not make your battery explode but will definitely shorten its lifespan.
  67. 2. Your battery will behave the best if you take it off the charge before it hits 100 percent. Leaving it plugged when it is already full causes a little degradation.
  68. 3. Your battery degrades much faster when it is hot regardless of whether it is being used or just sitting around doing nothing.
  69. 4. If you are going to leave your battery or device for a long time, try to leave at least 40 percent of power on it.
  71. We have noted your thoughts and sentiments regarding the product you got from us and the experiences you have had with it. Your insights are very important for us to provide you better products and services in the future.
  73. We highly suggest that you bring the device to the nearest service center in you area to have it checked. We would like to make sure that when you had the initial problem with the original battery that came along with the package, the device was not affected. Please let our technicians do a check up on your unit to ensure your safety and your unit's. You may locate the nearest service center in your area by taking advantage of our service locator:
  75. http://www.samsung.com/ph/support/location/supportServiceLocation.do?page=SERVICE.LOCATION
  77. We thank you for taking the time relaying your experiences and thoughts to us, [Name]. If you have prompt questions that need real-time answers or if you want to receive the latest marketing updates from our company, please feel free to contact our toll-free number. The reference number for this transaction is 2114208241.
  79. Please feel free to visit our support website often at http://www.samsung.com/ph/support for frequently asked questions, service location and repair self tracking.
  81. If a question arises, do not hesitate to call us on 1-800-10-7267864 (1800-10-SAMSUNG) or you may write us again. We will be glad to be at your service.
  84. Sincerely,
  85. Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp.
  86. Online Support
  88. -------------------------------
  91. You ask me to check the warranty. I have. And if i bring in my phone to your store, say hi to the female sales-rep that sold me the phone, and then was talking to another rep  telling me i  have to buy... a new battery. Where in this situation would YOU as company begin to take action? I asked if this was ciovered by warranty. I was given a straight no. It was MY fault.
  93. ---By submitting your unit for repair, you are deemed to have waived any claims of compensation, monetary or otherwise, which you may be entitled to and are deemed to agree to accept any compensation whatsoever, by way of additional repair or otherwise, which in our absolute discretion we may deem fit to offer. The giving of compensation under this paragraph shall be subject to the provisions in this warranty.---
  95. I offered my battery in replacement, I was offering my warranty. I was declined.
  97. The box is a regular cardboard box like any other. The handling has been the same . As i said. I am i
  99. I was told i was the one doing something wrong and not the technology.
  100. You make it sound like i have had the phone hooked up to a nuclear facility as a night light during a bbq.
  102. I haven´t.
  103. I will gladly accept a new battery. I had good feelings that this would be solved easily. I need my phone in my daily life.
  105. The part that is most ironic in this part is that i am bein asked to call you, for guidance in finding a servicepartner.
  107. Only to be told i will have to pay for the entire service aswell, because of some loophole in the warranty that no man nor woman on this planet would ever have a clue what it meant.. in real words before or since?
  110. I do not feel that case has reached it end just yet.
  112. But thank you for taking your time and effort putting your words into print.
  114. Bye for now,
  116. [me]
  118. --------------------------------------------
  120. Counselor answer
  121. Dear [Sir]
  123. Thank you for contacting Samsung Philippines; we appreciate the opportunity to assist you.
  125. We acknowledge the receipt of your inquiry regarding your battery and your unit's warranty. We understand how troublesome this can be for you. We are sorry if you feel bad for the actions of our dealers. We are more than happy to provide you options to address your concern.
  127. Please be reminded Mr. [Sir] that our dealers do not process the warranty claims, our service centers do. If you would like to claim your warranty, you would need to contact our service centers directly. If you have concerns other than repair of your unit, you may also clearly state them to our technicians as they are the ones that create the reports that are submitted to the Head Office.
  129. We would like to help you with your concern especially with the warranty. Please take time in contacting or visiting directly the nearest service center in your area:
  131. http://www.samsung.com/ph/support/location/supportServiceLocation.do?page=SERVICE.LOCATION
  133. Mr. [Sir], we hope that the information we have provided helps you in one way or another. If you have prompt questions that need real-time answers or if you want to receive the latest marketing updates from our company, please feel free to contact our toll-free number. The reference number for this transaction is .
  134. -----------------------------------
  136. Hello Samsung. This is starting to get slightly onesided. Oh sorry.. I forgot the numbers..Here is the number from the case when you told me that i should read the warranty better, and learn how to charge my phone.  You  also recommended me to look at a link to find my nearest service locator even though you could have assisted me with those details instantly by asking where i live just as discreetly as you avoid any type of confrontation.  2114208241. That was my first reference number.
  137. My second reference number is 2114214364
  138. This is the correspondance where you push all responsibility regarding service and quality-control down a step of the ladder away from yourselves and point down at your dealers and their responsibility towards me and how to proceed if the outcome would render  a undesirable situation.
  140. You then recommended me again, while shielding yourself behind this magical human wall of service-technicians.
  141. (Present days heroes if you were to ask me. With their bottomless patience and buckets of knowledge. Them. and ever  to  often are seen as ..the guys without girlfriends and if they are girls well then they probably wanted to be boys already from childhood, so no point in asking them about boyfriends... )
  142.  to follow the supplied link that i once already has been supplied. To which link you have supplied i already have given you might insight and consideration it deserves. The reason for this is to be found in my previous iterations with you. Perhaps regarded in the same  dismay as i do to the ever returning link you keep feeding me.
  144. As you may notice all this i have been talking about up until now appears to lead  nowhere. Nor build up to any vital input or any kind of outcome that would resolve this entire situation. Nothing consequent or tangeable.
  145.  And in a way it might be so.
  146. But it may also be a reflection towards the situation i am in, and how i feel treated.
  147. Plenty of text without a probable constructive resolution. With the added buildup of resentment this has caused i am not only starting to lose hope about my.. battery.
  148. Can you hear yourself saying that?
  149. Battery.
  150. It´s a simple little rechargable Lithium ion lump, that somewhere along the way from the production-line to the compartment in my phone become damaged in such a way that it eventually turned into  a potential lethal weapon. A lethal weapon in the shape of a exploding fire ball capable of causing well above the scale of survivable bodily harm.
  151. Had it not been for the buckling and crackling backcover. Yes the phone should have credit for this, Had it not shut it self down when the levels of heat reached so high to not cause damage to itself or the operator but instead stayed on, things would be different.
  152. Many times greater than the incidenct back in 2011 when a man, owner of a Galaxy Note suffered second degree burns, after the battery had caught fire while being placed in his pocket. Not even mounted in the phone.
  153. I´ve tried to be reasonable all way along. And yes i do admit that some things mentioned, and or described may have been approached in a less than adult and presentable act.
  154. But the way i have been met has not been a favorable one. Although there might be a chart to go by. Separate channels that need to be transferred through and most likely procedures that are locked solid to the core, i feel let down. jEven if i know that the person "helping" most likely would follow his or her skills and material to the tip of the point according to the material and skills deployed ongoing during the employment, i still do not feel more  than a sucker that sticks to the brand no matter what.
  155. I am a man that can and usually do keep the temper at bay, but the only thing i have gained from this conversation is that you open up a case by informing the customer (or user if you wish) how the product should be used. -This is a phone, not a hammer. use the phone to communicate with - . That is already informed to me by the staff in the store. Step 2 is to make sure that the customer understands the product . -Charge the phone to the max the first charge charge or two- and it´s limitation in service -you charged the phone to long and this is what the result is-. and thereby also releasing number 3, which is the limited responsibility/liability regarding your own product.
  156. -You did this, YOU contact OUR sub-division. Here is a map. They are all over it. Don´t ask me i didn´t cause this.-
  158. And that´s just it.
  159. I did nothing out of the ordinary. As it now have turned out. By studies and reports.
  160. The battery is faulty. And if your resolution is to confiscate the users phone for an unknown frame of time to examine what may be the problem, why not replace it straight away?
  161. Yes it would be an ridicuoulus sum of money to replace all the released phones. But according to what i have read in the studies made, only a few, well "few" of all the manufactured models are in danger. You would be able to pin it down to a certain batch. And control it that way.
  163. But i guess that you´re already on to that? And any potential  wish of replacement would be viewed as a way for "everyone to do the same and we don´t do charity"
  165. Fine. i don´t care. I still won´t "submit my phone and thereby waive my claim for for compensation," so that you can have a look and poke around in my phone for a week to actively find a cause.
  166. Most hopefully on your behalf you would find something not standard. And there you have it. Bang. Warranty voided, compensation claims waived because... You had angry bird installed. A release not yet on the market.  Still in beta. "Heres the culprit" Doesn´t matter what i would say. Even if i would have been a volontary betatester. W v Warranty voided.
  168. So no.  I´m not handing my phone in to anyone i don´t know.Unless you give me something of yours that is worth 31000 PHP?
  170. And as you may have realized by now, i have plenty of time and buckets of patience on my hand.  
  171.  Dan
  173. P.s.  One more thing.
  174. I´ve got plenty of these already. You really don´t need to send it everytime. I´m sending one back for you.
  175. But that can´t be helped i presume.
  176. Atleast refrain from sending me to the support one more time or recommend me to sign up to your newsletter.
  180. [Please feel free to visit our support website often at http://www.samsung.com/ph/support for frequently asked questions, service location and repair self tracking.
  182. If a question arises, do not hesitate to call us on 1-800-10-7267864 (1800-10-SAMSUNG) or you may write us again. We will be glad to be at your service.
  185. Sincerely,
  186. Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp.
  187. Online Support]
  188. --------------------------------------------------------------
  190. October 19th,
  193. Counselor answer
  194. Dear [me],
  196. Thank you for contacting Samsung Philippines; we appreciate the opportunity to assist you.
  198. You have reached Samsung E-mail Product Support. Your concern is about your Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) and its battery. We understand your frustration over this issue and we would like to help you on this. We will provide information and options to address your concern.
  200. For issues regarding replacement of the battery, please contact or visit the nearest Samsung authorized service center. They will assess and check the battery and the unit. A technical report will be created and will be sent together with your request to our head office. e advise that you discontinue using the battery with the unit to avoid damage on the handset.
  202. Please bring any available documents or proof of purchase. Our Service Center Rrepresentatives will be glad to assist you.
  205. Address: Jaka Center, #2111 Don Chino Roces (Pasong Tamo), Makati City
  206. Contact Numbers: (02) 4031490 / Fax: 02-4031328 / 09224323888
  209. Address: 4th Flr. Bldg. B Cyber Zone Area SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
  210. Contact Numbers: (02) 5849423 / 09228238248 / 09158991988 / 09391632388
  212. If you have further questions and if you want to make a follow-up, please contact us at our Customer Service Hotline or use Live Chat Service, which are accessible on this link:
  214. http://www.samsung.com/ph/info/contactus.html
  216. We value your time and effort in coordinating your concern with us. We hope the issue will be resolved as soon as possible. The reference number for this transaction is 2114223735.
  218. Please feel free to visit our support website often at http://www.samsung.com/ph/support for frequently asked questions, service location and repair self tracking.
  220. If a question arises, do not hesitate to call us on 1-800-10-7267864 (1800-10-SAMSUNG) or you may write us again. We will be glad to be at your service.
  223. Sincerely,
  224. Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp.
  225. Online Support
  226. ----------------------------------------------------------
  228. Are you kidding me? Are you even reading ANYTHING send to you?
  229. Wait. I am supposed to give you my referencenumber.
  230. Twobilliononehundredfourteenmilliontwohundredtwentythreethousandsevenhundredthirtyfive.
  232. I´ve had enough... YOU CANNOT READ.
  234. "For issues regarding replacement of the battery, please contact or visit the nearest Samsung authorized service center. They will assess and check the battery and the unit."
  236. How.... Please tell me just how.... i am supposed to be able to present to you a battery that was thrown away by one of your sales-reps in june?
  238. Do i look like friggin´  David Blaine or something?
  239. I cannot do magic.
  240. Nor can you do logic.
  242. I am not asking you to look at my battery. I am not asking you to look at my phone. I am not asking you to do anything else BUT one of the following:
  244. 1. Give me my replacement battery that i am entitled.
  245. 2. Replace my phone entirely.
  246. 3. Refund me the 31 thousand plus extra battery i had to pay for,
  248. What i DO NOT want you to do is the following.
  250. 1. Send me a standardized response stating that you are apologetic and what department you work from. Unless it´s pretty high up the rank and have the position to fulfill my request.
  251. 2. Do not send me the link to a service center. I have informed you multiple times my phone will not leave my custody unless there is a replacement available. And by replacement i mean replacement. Exactly what i have at the moment. A galaxy S4 running the latest android update.
  252. 3. An excuse that someone else has to do something.
  253. 4. Samsung, please refrain to use my Surname multiple times, Samsung, to try and win my confidence, Samsung, Because as you know, Samsung, that doesn´t always work. I´m sorry, Samsung, about that.
  257. And for the poor person on the floor-level taking all these messages from me.
  258. Sorry nothing personal. Just pass it on up the chain. It´s their job (usually anyway) to deal with things like this.
  260. Me
  261. ---------------------------------------------------
  262. Counselor answer
  263. Dear [me],
  265. Thank you for contacting Samsung Philippines; we appreciate the opportunity to assist you.
  267. We would like to inform you that your request has already been escalated to a supervisor. A technical report is required from our service center upon assessment of the unit. Your request and report will then be submitted to our head office for processing.
  269. Parts of our e-mail responses are system generated and are used as a general and standard format for all our e-mail correspondence approved by Samsung.
  271. We appreciate for your honest feedback and suggestions. Please bear with us as we find a solution for your issue. he reference number for this transaction is 2114236392.
  273. Please feel free to visit our support website often at http://www.samsung.com/ph/support for frequently asked questions, service location and repair self tracking.
  275. If a question arises, do not hesitate to call us on 1-800-10-7267864 (1800-10-SAMSUNG) or you may write us again. We will be glad to be at your service.
  278. Sincerely,
  279. Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp.
  280. Online Support
  282. Oct 21
  284. Dear [me]
  286. Good day.
  287. I am [employee] from Samsung Philippines. We received your concern about Galaxy S4 Battery.
  288. May I request if you can send a copy of proof of purchase in order to process
  289. the delivery of the replacement battery.
  291. Kindly provide your exact address and contact number and
  292. please be informed that we are going to pull-out the old battery
  293. once we delivered the new one.
  295. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused.
  297. Sincerely,
  298. [Personal information redacted]
  300. Hello, [employee] and Mr[Supervisor?].
  302. I'm highly grateful that you have taken the time to contact me regarding my case.
  303. I have attached a photo of my proof of purchase as requested. However the battery i have now is not the same as the one delivered with the phone.
  305. I'm not sure if you have had the opportunity to read any of the previous conversations placed between me and your online support. The original battery was thrown away on request by one of the sales-reps in your store and i was told to pay for a new one. The replacement battery i have now is behaving very much the similar way as the first one. So i don't think the fault lies in the battery  Unless you know if it is a certain batch that is the issue. And as i use my phone constantly during the day i would not be able to, nor find it favorable for me, to be without a phone during the time a service center has it in their possession. I understand that there are regulations and guidelines that are required. But what i also fear is what could happen out of my control.
  307. As i have brought up earlier, anything and everything could set off a trigger in your system to void a warranty. And I'm well aware that my perhaps bone headed, opposing demeanour is putting me up on that, if existing, list quite soon. I have read up on and gotten myself a better insight regarding Knox for example. And I am aware of the rulings towards "rooting".
  308. I do not see a combination between the fact that an unlocked phone would cause the hardware to overheat to the extent to cause an international cause of concern. But I'm quite sure this would be one of the if not the first things that eould be looked up.
  310. By saying that i do not admit to have done such a thing. Just a general pointer towards the following:
  312. If i turn in the phone, and the switch is triggered in any way, i am left without anything. And most likely become liable and will have to pay for the service. Just as i had to pay for the replacement battery i needed, two weeks after purchase of the phone.
  314. Sorry for the long and slightly at times harsh toned response.
  316. But i would simply have anything in the clear on the options there are available for me.
  318. Thank you once again for taking the time and effort in looking into this.
  320. I am a friendly person usually, and i don't run around with a tinfoil hat on my head screaming about aliens or conspiracies.
  322. I am just beginning to have a certain kind of distrust in what i am being told versus what actions are being done.
  324. I would be very thankful for a replacement battery. Or even have my phone checked up.
  325. But i don't have the option available that would require me to be without it.
  326. And if there is no other way of coming to agreements than the mentioned earlier, then i feel that my address would irrelevant.
  328. I would rather have to go and pay another 30000+ Php for a new S4 and hope it works better.
  330. Thank you.
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