LoCaA 12 - Python comments

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  1. Wish's LoCaA 12 Judging - Make the Old New!
  2. -=Python's Entry=-
  4. Rubric:
  5. -20 points per pattern - 10 points to creativity and pattern aesthetics, 10 points to fun factor and pattern design.
  6. -20 points towards general aesthetics, sound, and little touches.
  7. -20 x n points for general improvement over the original script - n is determined by how many patterns you have compared to the usual minimum amount (4), so the more patterns you have the higher this is worth.
  8. At the end, the total points will be divided by the total possible points, and then multiplied by 20 to get your final score.
  10. Stage: 18/20 (After scaling by 9/4 - 40.5/45 )
  11. Notes: Thank you for reminding me that I needed to figure out how to grade a stage, haha.
  12. This is a very good stage though, it was fun and not too difficult.  Very nice.
  14. Pattern 1: Nonspell 1
  15. Creativity: 6/10
  16. Notes: Nothing I haven't seen Yukari/Ran do before, but nothing glaringly bad either.
  17. Fun/Pattern Design: 7/10
  18. Notes: Overall fun to play but pretty easy even for Hard.
  20. Pattern 2: Boundary "Gradient of Square and Circle"
  21. Creativity: 6/10
  22. Notes: Overall not really changed from the original but does a couple different things.
  23. Fun/Pattern Design: 7.5/10
  24. Notes: Honestly dodging this can get very fun and dynamic, but it doesn't help at all that the pattern is basically the same each time.
  26. Pattern 3: Nonspell 2
  27. Creativity: 6/10
  28. Notes: Pretty similar to the original, not too much to say about it.
  29. Fun/Pattern Design: 4.5/10
  30. Notes: Alright fun wise but I noticed a pretty big problem - the green waves can wall you if the dark green kunai go at bad angles.
  32. Pattern 4: Boundary "Difference Between Instant and Eternity"
  33. Creativity: 9/10
  34. Notes: Definitely uses time slow in a way that's not very typical of Sakuya time slow and uses it well.  Very nice.
  35. Fun/Pattern Design: 6.5/10
  36. Notes: Pretty fun but because it's so slow it makes dodging the bullets and the fireball walls more difficult than it needs to be - though that's moreso the fault of how the red wave is aligned.
  38. Pattern 5: Nonspell 3
  39. Creativity: 7/10
  40. Notes: Nothing too drastic but it is very pretty.  Definitely the best nonspell so far.
  41. Fun/Pattern Design: 8/10
  42. Notes: Fun to dodge!  Trying to align yourself in the correct way is definitely interesting.
  44. Pattern 6: Sinister Spirit "Trapped in a Phantom Hourglass" (Haha spell name reference)
  45. Creativity: 8/10
  46. Notes: An interesting use of Deflation World gimmicks but more closely resembles a Doremy pattern.
  47. Fun/Pattern Design: 2.5/10
  48. Notes: Some major problems here - from the yellow bullets' movement not being telegraphed well to how the pellets can wall you AND hit you during timeslow...reeks of bad gimmick management.  It's not very fun either.
  50. Pattern 7: Nonspell 4
  51. Creativity: 7.5/10
  52. Notes: The best nonspell here.  Very pretty and fitting for Yukari, even if it's been done.
  53. Fun/Pattern Design: 8/10
  54. Notes: Very fun and hectic to dodge too, a bit of a difficulty spike though.
  56. Pattern 8: Sinister Spirits "Paradox on Repeat"
  57. Creativity: 9/10
  58. Notes: Yes, the gimmick has been done before, but the way it's used gives it an identity, being used during the latter half of every wave.
  59. Fun/Pattern Design: 7/10
  60. Notes: Dodging with the gimmick is intrusive given the nature of control flipping but other than that it's pretty fair even if it's easy when not reversed.
  62. Pattern 9: Objectless "The Untainted White Line"
  63. Creativity: 8.5/10
  64. Notes: The pattern makes great use of Ran, that's to be sure, and the time stop is used in an interesting way.
  65. Fun/Pattern Design: 4/10
  66. Notes: The attack isn't that fun to dodge on top of being by far the hardest attack in the script.  It's aimed for the most part but as a whole I'm not entirely sure how you would tackle it.
  68. Improvement Score: 15/20 (After scaling by 9/4 - 33.75/45 )
  69. Notes: All in all this improved from the original pretty well, though not as much as some of the others.  While a number of attacks are improved or at least changed, most of them aren't changed nearly as much as I would like,
  70. though there are a lot of aesthetic and system changes and the stage is entirely new, giving this a significant bump up.
  72. Other things:
  73. Aesthetics: 7.5/8
  74. Notes: Stage and general feel is very pretty, typical Python system, though that's not a bad thing.
  75. Sound: 7/8
  76. Notes: Very good music choice and no glaring sound issues.
  77. Extras: 4/4
  78. Notes: The stage and the dynamics of the background were very nice and well done, showed a dedication to the script.
  80. Score Ratio: 214.75/290
  81. Final Score: 14.81/20
  83. Final notes: Great entry as usual Python.  Don't have a whole lot to say otherwise, but I liked the script as a whole, even if I think the improvements weren't quite where I hoped they would be.
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