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Dec 20th, 2015
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  1. <!DOCTYPE html>
  2. <html>
  3. <body>
  7. <p>If anything in this article confuses you or raises further questions, please do not hesitate to ask over at the #Help channel.</p>
  9. <h3>
  10. Nickname Registration
  11. </h3>
  12. <p>The following command will begin the registration process:</p>
  13. <ol>
  14.     <li>
  15.         <code>
  16.             /msg NickServ REGISTER
  17.             <em>yourpassword</em>
  18.             <em>your@email.address</em>
  19.         </code>
  20.         <br> </br>
  21.         Make sure that your password is longer than 5 characters, and that your email is valid.
  22.         <br> </br>
  23.     </li>
  24.     <li>
  25.         Check your email for a response from Rizon. Copy and paste the confirmation code found in the email, which should have the following format:
  26.         <br> </br>
  27.         <code>
  28.             /msg NickServ CONFIRM
  29.             <em>ConfirmationCodeFromEmail</em>
  30.         </code>
  31.         <br> </br>
  32.         If the confirmation code above is not entered within 24 hours, the nickname will be released and available for others to register.
  33.         <br> </br>
  34.         If you have not received your email within xx minutes/hours, please make sure that you have checked your spam folder, and that the email provided is not <a href="link-to-subpage">blacklisted</a>.
  35.         <br> </br>
  36.     </li>
  37. </ol>
  38. <p> Having a registered nickname is very useful in many ways, benefits include <a href="">registering a channel</a> and <a href="">requesting a vHost</a>.
  39. </p>
  41. <h3>NICKSERV GROUPS</h3>
  42. <p>If you plan to have more than one nicknames, you might want to create a NickServ group. This will allow you to share channel access, memos, and configuration across all nicknames in your group.</p>
  43. To group your current nickname with another nickname, make sure that your current nickname is <b>not</b> registered to NickServ, and that the nickname you're planning to "merge" with <b>is</b> registered to NickServ.</p>
  45. <ol>
  46.     <li>
  47.     For example, if you want your new nickname <i>joe142</i> to be part of your other nickname, <b>Joe</b>, you'll want to make sure that your current nickname, <i>joe142</i> is not registered, and then issue the following command:
  48.     <br> </br>
  49.     <code>
  50.     /msg NickServ GROUP
  51.     <em>Joe</em>
  52.     <em>Joepassword</em>
  53.     </code>
  54.     </li>
  55.     <p>If succeeded, NickServ will then send you a message confirming that</p>
  56.     <b>You are now in the group of Joe.</b>
  57. </ol>
  59. <p>
  60. If the nickname <i>joe142</i> <b>is</b> registered before grouping, it will not work. You'll want to <b>drop</b> the nickname <i>joe142</i> from registration.
  61. </p>
  62. <ol>
  63.     <p>To do this, you must make sure that your current nickname is <i>joe142</i> and then type the following commands:
  64.     <br> </br>
  65.         <code>
  66.             /msg NickServ DROP
  67.             <em>joe142</em>
  68.         </code>
  69.     </p>
  71. NickServ will then send you a message, asking you to confirm the drop with a special code along the lines of:
  72.     <br> </br>
  73.         <code>
  74.             /msg NickServ DROP
  75.             <em>joe142</em>
  76.             <em>specialCode</em>
  77.         </code>
  78. </ol>
  80. <p>
  81. After this code has been entered, you are free to retry the grouping process.
  82.     <br> </br>
  83. Please note that any channel access associated with <i>joe142</i> will be removed when dropping it.
  84.     <br> </br>
  85. <b>/msg NickServ HELP GROUP</b> will explain this further.
  86. </p>
  88. <h3>TROUBLESHOOTING</h3>
  89. <h4>Errors while registering</h4>
  90. <p>If you entered the wrong email while registering your nickname, you can cancel the registration process with the following command:</p>
  91. <p>
  92.     <code>
  93.         /msg NickServ CANCEL
  94.         <em>registrationPassword</em>
  95.     </code>
  96. </p>
  98. <p>
  99. <h4>Reset Password</h4>
  100. <ol>
  101.     <li>
  102.         To request a reset of your password, type the following command:
  103.     <br> </br>
  104.         <code>
  105.             /msg NickServ RESETPASS
  106.             <em>yournick</em>
  107.         </code>
  108.     <br> </br>
  109.     </li>
  110.     <li>
  111.         An email will be sent to the email address registered to your nickname from Rizon, which will include a co. Copy and paste the line found in the email, which should have the following format:
  112.     <br> </br>
  113.         <code>
  114.             /msg NickServ ENTERCODE
  115.             <em>codeFromEmail</em>
  116.         </code>
  117.     </li>
  118.         Note that this code will expire if not used within 24 hours.
  119.     <br> </br>
  120.     <li>
  121.         NickServ will assign you a temporary password with the message
  122.         <code>
  123.             Password changed to tempPassword.
  124.         </code>
  125.         Use this temporary password to identify to your nickname with:
  126.     <br> </br>
  127.         <code>
  128.             /msg NickServ IDENTIFY
  129.             <em>tempPassword</em>
  130.         </code>
  131.     </li>
  132.     <br> </br>
  133.     <li>
  134.         If you have successfully identified to your nickname, you can change your temporary password to anything of your own choice:
  135.     <br> </br>
  136.         <code>
  137.             /msg NickServ SET PASSWORD
  138.             <em>yourPassword</em>
  139.         </code>
  140.     </li>
  141. </ol>
  142. <p>
  143. In step 4, please note that
  144.     <code>
  145.     SET PASSWORD
  146.     </code>
  147. is part of the command, and that you enter your personal password in the part after it, i.e
  148.         <code>
  149.             <em>
  150.             yourPassword
  151.             </em>
  152.         </code>
  153. .
  154. </p>
  155. <h4>Expired Nickname</h4>
  156. <p>If a nickname has not been identified to for 90 days, the nickname will expire of inactivity, as well as its access on any channels. You will have to re-register it.</p>
  157. </body>
  158. </html>
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