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  1. “Magic” refers to techniques utilizing mana to cause various phenomena, and it is the crystallization of wisdom that has been continuously cultivated by humans and monsters since ages long past!
  3. This book concerns the world of sorcery which is full of fascinating knowledge, but first, to deepen your understanding of magic, I will give an explanation of “mana”, which is absolutely required for using magic.
  5. [b]1. What Mana Is[/b]
  7. It is a general name for the vital energy contained within the bodies of animate beings; all living things possess mana. Naturally, that's true of humans and monsters; divinities possess vast sums of mana within themselves, and even plants and animals possess mana, albeit in small quantities. There are minute differences between races and individuals, but generally speaking, when ordered in terms of who possesses the most mana, it goes divinities, monsters, humans, animals, plants. Furthermore, there also exist races that do not have bodies of flesh, whose bodies are instead comprised entirely of mana such as “spirits”. Mana is not at all a special energy just for using magic; instead, it is the fundamental essence that organisms use to perform vital functions. In other words, it is life force itself. It tends to be misunderstood, but just because someone cannot use magic doesn't mean that they do not possess mana. For example, most “slimes (encyclopedia I – p.16)” cannot use magic, but that's because they lack the knowledge and wits to use magic. A slime's body itself is mostly made up of mana, and for that reason, we can say they are creatures who possess extremely large amounts of mana within themselves.
  9. Other than that, most “werewolves (Encyclopedia I – p.26)” are just poor at controlling mana in the form called magic due to their racial characteristics; however, they instinctively use mana to enhance their physical abilities and control their posture when exerting themselves. Humans and other animals are also the same way. Ultimately, whether or not one can use magic is determined by one's inherent proficiencies and inadequacies, as well as subsequently acquired knowledge and training. It has very little to do with the presence or absence of mana, or the magnitude of the mana possessed. The vital energy, mana, is essentially required by organisms to perform vital functions, so in the first place, a lack of mana would signify that something is non-living rather than living.
  11. Even when people possess the same amount of mana, on the one hand, there are individuals who have a frail constitution and poor physical abilities that invest their mana into the gift known as magic, while on the other hand, there are people who possess brute strength and boundless stamina due to mana, but are completely unable to use magic, while still others are endowed with a good balance of everything. We can say there are endless variations in how mana is used depending on the particular race and individual. In this way, mana is not simply energy used for magic.
  13. Mana is also the “vitality”, and “overall energy” of living things. Basically, beings who are filled with mana are also highly active, while if mana is lacking, they will feel fatigue, and if mana is lost, it may cause lethargy or a loss of consciousness. Since possessing more mana is equivalent to possessing a greater life force, even though they're still human, powerful sorcerers tend to have greater longevity compared to ordinary humans.
  15. It's generally all lumped together and treated as “mana” most of the time, but in fact the nature of mana differs depending on each race, and it's classified as divine mana, mamono mana, human mana, and so forth. Mamono mana can be further classified according to race as succubus mana, lamia mana, slime mana, etc. Moreover, the mana of each individual is slightly different even when they are of the same race. Each and every animate being possesses a unique mana, and there is no one else in the world who has exactly the same mana. Even human twins raised together with the same mother and father, and even two golems created from the same material by the same craftsman, and animated by the same mana, do not possess exactly the same mana. For that reason, naturally, it's possible to identity race, and even uniquely identify an individual by performing a detailed analysis of mana. In general, humans do not have the power to sense mana; however, those who normally deal with mana such as wizards and golem engineers are an exception, being capable of sensing mana to some degree, and there are also humans “with good intuition” who are inherently able to sense the presence of mana. On the other hand, monsters excel at sensing mana. Other than being able to sense mana as a presence, there are also those who can sniff out the scent of mana and even visualize mana. Additionally, they are extra sensitive to human mana, men's mana in particular, and can sense the presence of humans even from a location some distance away. Naturally, they can identify whether it's a human or a monster, and even discern particular individuals, but they can also sense what other mana is mixed in with the mana possessed by the target, and it's even possible to discern whether or not the target has a partner, and identify who that partner is as well. The mana of a monster's own partner in particular is unmistakable, and even if her partner has been transformed into another person or beast due to a spell, she can identify him as her husband at a glance; conversely, it's absolutely impossible for a monster to mistake someone using magic to masquerade with her partner's form and mana as her actual husband.
  17. The fact that “human mana” is the main staple of the *succubi is a point that is especially noteworthy. The vital energy possessed by humans called “essence” is the favorite treat of all monsters, and that's another word for this human mana. In this book, for the sake of convenience, “human mana” will most often simply be referred to using the word “mana”, but please note that it means exactly the same thing as “essence”. Due to the influence of the mamono lord, an immensely powerful *succubus, all monsters are endowed with the traits of a “succubus (Encyclopedia I – p. 8)” and have a habit of feeding on human mana, i.e., essence, so their mouth, vagina, and womb have a sense of taste to enjoy the flavor of mana. The flavor of the mana of human men is strongly preferred by all monsters, and the semen ejaculated by men is particularly full of it. For that reason, monsters will do things like taking the penis deeply into their mouth, and licking and sucking it to spur ejaculation, or uniting the penis and vagina, and shaking their hips to produce stimulation that induces ejaculation. In other words, they ingest men's mana by engaging in sex with men. Additionally, their sense of smell with regard to human mana is also sharp, and a man shrouded in mana has a wonderfully delicious scent to monsters. The taste of the mana of the man recognized by a monster as her partner is exceptional, and after knowing that sweet taste, other men's mana will taste awful and no longer be tolerable to her, so much so that a monster's body will gradually alter into one specialized exclusively for sex with her partner. Her sense of taste with regards to mana will also gradually change so that only her partner's mana tastes more sharply and deliciously. Not only will a monster not get bored of her partner's taste, the more they have sex, and the more she slurps his mana, the more intoxicated she will become. In fact, many monsters even end up begging for their husband's semen practically like addicts. On top of that, they even become more sensitive to the presence and odor of their partner's mana, and in many cases it gets to the point that just being near their partner and smelling him is enough to make their head giddy, and inflame lust, resulting in a surge of sexual excitement.
  19. [b]2. Mamono Mana[/b]
  21. Since all monsters are under the mamono lord's influence, all mamono mana contains “succubus mana” within it. This mamono mana has several special properties that are absent in the mana of other living things. One is that by pouring it into humans, it accelerates the release of the mana originally possessed by that person, which is a power with *succubus' origins. In other words, when mana is poured inside men, it facilitates more frequent and voluminous ejaculations, enabling monsters to feed on their favorite treat, “essence”, smoothly.
  23. Additionally, a major characteristic of mamono mana is that it has the power of “erosion”; it actively binds with other mana and converts it into mamono mana. If a human woman's body is showered in large amounts of mamono mana, even the mana she originally possessed will all convert into mamono mana, and the inside of her body will be filled with mamono mana instead of human mana, triggering “monsterization”, transforming her body and even her mind into that of a monster. The same applies to other entities as well such as “spirits” which are formed entirely of mana. Since they do not have bodies, they are even more defenseless and vulnerable to erosion by mamono mana, and will be easily converted into monsters with comparatively less mana exerted. Furthermore, even animals, plants, etc., are affected by erosion and may convert into different varieties, and even the properties of goods such as swords and magic items may be altered when imbued with mana. Mamono mana has the property of being strongly drawn to emotions and intentions. Perhaps because of the succubus mana contained within, it will attempt to erode especially aggressively and bind with women whose hearts are filled with emotions such as “desire”, “love”, and “attachment”, or complex entanglements of them. Mamono mana acclimates more easily to human women who have such powerful emotions and mentalities, and they may be innately highly predisposed to monsterization and conversion into a specific race.
  25. It is said that such individuals “became monsters because they were meant to be”, and compared to those who were originally monsters to begin with, there is a strong tendency for them to end up as monsters with an even more lascivious mentality who are filled with desire for even greater pleasure and enjoyment. Moreover, mamono mana not only affects humans, but is even drawn to animals with strong emotions, and sometimes even non-living things or plants which were imbued with strong human sentiments, monsterizing them as well. Mana is a mass of pure energy. Originally, it has no will, but aggregates of highly condensed mana will at times spring to life purely as vital energy endowed with emotion and a will. Due to its nature, mamono mana can easily manifest emotions such as “desire” and “love” towards human men even just as a mass of mana, and may even convert into monsters formed purely of mana such as “dark matters (Encyclopedia I – p. 226)”, etc.
  27. Ordinarily, when combining mana, the relationship is purely additive or subtractive. In other words, if you add one mana to one mana, you simply get two mana. And to cancel out two mana requires the same amount, two mana. This rule is applied regardless of the mana's possessor, and like in the case of adding divine mana to human mana, it is the same when combining the mana of other different races too. Due to the synergy of different kinds of mana and the resultant improved efficiency of mana consumption, greater effects than normal can be exhibited when using magic; however, the amount of mana itself follows the basic rule. Also, even if you crash mana into mana to cancel it out, each type of mana just scatters into the surroundings rather than disappearing. No matter what the case, the total amount of mana in existence remains constant. This used to be the fundamental rule concerning mana.
  29. However, this rule only persistently applied during and before “the age of the former mamono lords”, before the current mamono lord came to power, and we monsters assumed the forms of women. Since the arrival of the present-day “age of the new mamono lord”, the beings known as monsters have changed greatly, and the properties of mana have also changed, so this rule has also been broken.
  31. The most noteworthy property of modern mamono mana is that when added to the mana of other races, in other words, when eroding it and converting it into mamono mana, it causes the amount of assimilated mana to tremendously increase. That is to say, binding one mamono mana with one human mana can result in a total amount of mana as high as three or four. Furthermore, even if you crash less than one mamono mana into two mana, not only will they not cancel each other out, instead due to erosion, the total amount will increase, and all the mana will effectively end up being engulfed by the mamono mana. Back when mamono mana used to obey the “fundamental rule”, when *succubi had sex with humans during the age of the former mamono lord and milked them of mana, since the total of amount of mana was fixed, it was just exploitation and a unilateral usurpation of mana from humans, and being sucked dry of life force would often prove fatal. However, when monsters have sex with men and milk them of mana currently, since mamono mana increases the total amount of mana, monsters have become able to gain mana while still returning an amount greater than or equal to what they took to the men. Ordinarily, when a man ejaculates, he's releasing vital energy outside of his body, so he should experience feelings of malaise and fatigue, but since that which is released is replenished on the spot by even more mana, instead, it turns out that the more he engages in sex, the greater his vigor and stamina will surge. Because of that, although the penis should normally wither and lose power, even if a man pours mana inside a monster countless times, his erection will continuously tower without withering, and it's possible for man and monster to continue having sex according to one another's insatiable lust and urges.
  33. Men end up ejaculating repeatedly in a single night to the point that it seems as though they have been milked dry. The pleasure and ecstasy experienced from having the mana sucked out of themselves certainly is so potent that it causes men to hallucinate as if they had their entire life drained out of them along with it, but of course, the mana is continuously replenished, so there's no way that a man could actually be milked dry to the point of death. In other words, not only the monster, but the man also sustains himself on mamono mana through sexual intercourse, from which he can obtain the required energy for vital functions. As long as they're having sex, a man and monster married couple don't even need to utilize any other means of energy replenishment such as eating, etc. and they're still able to live. Also, even without using sex as an intermediary, just by touching each other, or even just being near each other, this mechanism works. They say that man and monster married couples elevate one another's abilities just by living together. “Dragon knights”, human male riders who fight astride dragon mounts such as “dragons (Encyclopedia I – p. 214”) or “wyverns (Encyclopedia II – p. 152)” exploit this effect, with the dragon mount becoming even more powerful and agile than she would be individually, and the rider's combat strength becoming incomparably higher than it would be individually.
  35. Furthermore, this special mana amplifying characteristic can exhibit even higher effects by thoroughly, carefully, and persistently mixing together one another's mana, and is capable of producing even larger amounts of mana. By milking mana precisely when one another's bodies and hearts are in a rapturous state due to mutual gratification from the pleasure and ecstasy, a couple's mana melts into a gooey mess and mixes together, resulting in gradual fusion through deeper intertwining and binding. That is to say, more passionate sex with one's partner, filled with love and pleasure, is required. Due to the nature of monsters, I've never heard of even a single case like this, but let's say a monster went around indiscriminately milking a large number of men of their mana. Just continuing to mechanically milk men would not increase the total mana by much, and the monster would lose almost all of the mana just from returning the amount milked to the men, so she would end up gaining only an extremely small amount. In order to deliciously feed on mana and satisfy herself, “being joined with one's beloved partner”, and “sex that is filled with mutual pleasure and happiness” are elements that cannot be absent.
  37. An old adage that we can say has been handed down by the succubi is this: [i]“without delicious sex and pleasure, there is ne delicious mana.”[/i]
  39. While we have been greatly blessed by the mutation of mamono mana that overturned the great fundamental rule of mana, and organizations such as Sabbaths are conducting research and investigations concerning it, the reason why mamono mana mutated in this manner and the underlying mechanism behind increasing the amount of mana still have yet to be ascertained. But this increase in the total amount of mana is the main cause behind the birth of today's new monster races and the rapid increase in “spirit realms” which are new dimensions created by powerful monsters, and it's certainly useful for developing magical techniques and enriching our sex lives with our partners.
  41. [b]3. The Production and Release of Mana, Mana Recovery[/b]
  43. All living things have the power to produce mana, which is vital energy, within their own bodies. Mana is always constantly being produced, and when old mana is swapped for new mana, the old mana is naturally released outside the body into the surroundings. Men's semen, saliva, sweat, etc., contain mana, but the quality of each is different, and they also taste differently to monsters. Out of all of these, semen contains the largest amount of freshly produced mana, which tastes the richest and is the most nutritious; it is a monster's favorite treat, but it is thought that the mana contained in semen is plentiful and fresh primarily because it is energy that human men pour into the wombs of human women during ejaculation for the purpose of producing offspring. The mana discharged outside the body and the mana contained in waste products such as sweat, filth, etc., are the oldest of all mana released by men. Even old mana like this is tasty to monsters, but precisely because it is old, we can't say that its quality is good. Plus, it contains impurities such as a mixture of all the foreign mana that entered a man's body from his surroundings, so it is generally regarded as being less tasty and nutritious than the fresh mana contained in semen; however, races such as “beelzebub (Encyclopedia I – p. 178)” and “akaname (Encyclopedia II – p. 200)” are endowed with a special gustatory perception that can remove the impurities and sense the taste of the pure mana, and apparently due to that, old mana tastes completely different to them. I've heard that mana that has ripened inside a man's body has a unique flavor, no better or worse than fresh mana, and it's rich, or rather, greasy, so much so that it gets stuck on the tongue and in the mouth; according a beelzebub known as a gourmand, “even a mysophobic young lady's tongue and head would melt and become useless for a whole day if she knew the true taste of sweat.“ Furthermore, even races not innately endowed with this special sense of taste can develop it by continuing to lick their partner's sweat daily. Additionally, the taste of the mana contained in saliva isn't so important as the act of ingesting it through kissing. From what I've heard, the unbearable sensation of having a man's mana flow into one's head, seemingly melting one's thoughts, is even sweeter than an internal vaginal ejaculation, and it is addictive, so many monsters will frequently beg their partner for kisses.
  45. Even though they are both human, there is a difference in the mana production abilities of men and women. Essentially, men have a strong ability to produce mana, while women's ability is weaker. On the other hand, women excel at taking in the mana that exists around them and using it as their own, and women are generally able to possess a greater total amount of mana within their body than men can. Because men produce greater amounts of mana, this tends to be misunderstood, but when using magic, men tend to rely solely on the mana within their own body, and as a result, quickly run out of breath, while women can efficiently use external mana, thereby conserving their own mana as well as adding to it. For this reason, women tend to be able to use greater amounts of mana, with more potency and efficiency, so we can say that women are generally more well-suited to handling mana in the form called magic as magicians. On the other hand, in men's case, they are more well-suited to using the mana within their own body to enhance their physical abilities, etc. Since their mana, i.e., vitality, recovery is faster, they also have superior physical strength than women, and tend to be much more well-suited to doing physical labor, serving as warriors, and so forth. Nevertheless, aptitude varies on an individual basis. Even among men, there are those who can innately manipulate external mana and are well-suited to using magic, as well as those who become outstanding mages through subsequent training, and likewise, even among women, there are those excel at the physical use of mana, whether innate or not. In fact, many even exhibit brute strength and physical abilities greater than men and are active as warriors.
  47. There are also those who excel in both, and other than that, there are even cases when people have an aptitude oriented towards such things as boosting intelligence and accelerating thinking abilities, or sharpening artistic senses.
  49. Since women excel at handling external mana, we can say that their aptitude for things like hieromancy, which borrows the power of the gods, and elemental magic, which uses the power of spirits, is greater than that of men, but at the same time, it also means that it is easier for them to take in mamono mana, and we can say that they are very well suited to becoming monsters as well. If mamono mana, which has the power of erosion, enters a woman's body, all the mana inside will change into mamono mana in no time at all. Since women already have weak mana productivity in the first place, their own mana production can't keep up with the erosion, and even the organ which produces human mana will be eroded and converted into an organ which produces mamono mana, resulting in them becoming a monster.
  51. On the other hand, since men have high mana productivity, erosion by mamono mana is gradual, and even when completely eroded, since the human mana is still continually produced and coexists with the mamono mana, they will not become monsters. Since monsters are beings which seek men's mana, and since mamono mana remaining within a man also furthers that goal by working towards boosting a man's ability to produce mana, men will become beings called “incubi” who are the partners of monsters that infinitely produce mana and pour it into them.
  53. Because of these differences, when human men and women concurrently stay in a mamono realm where the air is richly condensed with mamono mana, the monsterization of women tends to occur even faster than the incubization of men. Moreover, the act of handling external mana and taking it within herself is much akin to the act of a *succubus draining a man of mana and taking it within herself. In that respect, we can say that a *succubus is a being with the powers of a human woman infinitely increased in every regard including her beauty and ability to seduce men; conversely, we can say that all human women innately have qualities that make them well-suited to becoming *succubi. In actuality, there are even human sorceresses who replenish their mana by having sex with men, and they do take pleasure in the act of draining men of mana, though not as much as a *succubus would. If a woman repeatedly engages in the equivalent of *succubus' behavior while human, eventually, she'll become enthralled with the ecstasy of slurping mana, and end up acquiring a body and mind specialized for the act of draining mana. Sooner or later, she'll end up “awakening” as a monster such as a “succubus” or “dark mage (Encyclopedia II – p. 80)”.
  55. Monsters are basically beings with even more mana than humans. The method of using mana that they specialize in is determined not by sex, but by race. There are races that are well-suited to using magic, races who use it to boost their physical abilities, races that can fly who use it to control their flight, races who use it in a way specialized for seducing men, as well as races that use it for other special abilities, and so on. Mana serves many more functions for monsters than it does in the case of humans. The amount of mana innately possessed and the amount they can store within their bodies is extremely high compared to humans, and their ability to take in the surrounding mana, in other words, their mana absorption abilities, are also extremely high.
  57. On the other hand, their ability to produce their own mana is weak, and they also release large amounts of mana outside their body, so if a large amount of their body's internal mana has been consumed, it takes time to recover. Monsters are beings that are more powerful than humans, but their fuel efficiency is proportionally much worse. Basically, for a mana deficient animate being to recover mana, i.e., to replenish energy, eating and sleeping are required. For that reason, in the age of the former mamono lords, monsters that had lost mana needed to either prey on many humans or enter a state of dormancy and sleep for a long time to recover the huge amount of mana, but the monsters of the present can quickly replenish unlimited amounts of mana by having sex with their partners, so we can say that we've overcome that weak point. Also, there is a terribly awful tasting medicine for monsters without partners called “mana supplements (p. 161)”, but I hardly recommend it.
  59. Normally, a decrease in mana, or rather, vital energy, will result in fatigue and malaise, but it's mainly expressed in the forms of “hunger” and “sleepiness” most of the time. However, in the case of monsters, since their main method of mana recovery is sex with men, when mamono mana decreases, a monster will seek sex with her partner in the same sort of sense that a tired human would seek to eat or sleep.
  61. If they're hungry, their husband looks even more deliciously appealing, and juice will trickle down from their nether region like a beast drooling before a tasty morsel, and when semen is poured in their empty insides, they'll experience an unbearable feeling of ecstasy and fulfillment. If she's sleepy, a monster will seek her husband's embrace, like when a sleepy person desires the warmth of his bed and bedding, and she'll fall asleep with her partner while experiencing blissful peace as semen is poured inside her body. Monsters are beings whose various desires such as “hunger”, “somnolence”, and so on, are directly tied to lust for their partner.
  63. The trend of being able to possess greater mana, but having awful recovery efficiency is more readily apparent the more superior a life form is. For example, plants can continuously produce mana just by getting water and sunlight, but the mana is extremely weak and small. On the other hand, although this has yet to be proven, since the chief god once exhausted herself fighting the mamono lord and her husband, and she still has yet to be seen since, it is surmised that even though divinities, which are the most supreme life forms, have extremely mighty power, it takes an extremely long time for them to recover.
  65. [b]Topic - Incubi and Harems[/b]
  67. Human men transformed into beings that are suitable partners for monsters are called “incubi”. They're basically human men, but since they have the power to keep producing endless mana to pour into their monster partners, they possess extremely high mana compared to ordinary humans.
  69. As a general rule, the more mana possessed by a living thing, the longer its lifespan will be. Also, since we can say that incubi are in a state where mana is mutually shared between and circulated between them and their monster partners, an incubus' lifespan will be the same as that of his monster partners.
  71. Furthermore, in the case when an incubus forms a harem of numerous monster wives, mana flows between the incubus and all of the monsters in his harem, growing even bigger. For that reason incubi with harems tend to live longer the bigger their harems are, and all of the monsters in a harem will also end up sharing the same lifespan as the incubus regardless of race.
  73. [b]4. The Mana that Fills the World[/b]
  75. It has been mentioned that “mana exists in the surroundings” several times up until this point, and indeed, this world is filled with mana. It is the mana released by humans, monsters, animals, and plants, as well as the elements that exist in the world of nature, i.e., the mana of spirits. A mixed-up assortment of all these various kinds of mana is the mana that fills this world. The mana that all life forms discharge blends with the mana that fills the world, and the mana that fills the world nurtures plants and animals while at the same time dwelling within them. Preying on plants and animals aids the predators in producing new mana. In this manner, the mana that fills the world continuously cycles. Even mamono mana, which has the power to erode other types of mana, becomes so thin by being mixed with other types of mana that that power is neutralized. This mishmash of mana basically doesn't even have any effect on those that live there.
  77. However, there are also some places where the land has an extremely thick concentration of a specific kind of mana, and the concentrated mana may exert influence on the place and the living things that visit it. The great temples of the Order are sometimes made into lands concentrated with divine mana by gods and angels where even those who aren't sensitive to mana can sense the existence of a great power, and they are well-suited for choosing heroes or utilizing hieromancy, which require the use of divine mana. It is also the same way for places teeming with spirit mana; for example, places teeming with earth spirit mana empower and enrich the growth of greenery including plant mana. Elementalists with subjugated “gnomes (Encyclopedia I p. 224)”, which are earth spirits, are able to use extremely powerful elemental magic.
  79. Places teeming with mamono mana are called “mamono realms”, where the erosive power of mamono mana is fully unbridled. These are the worlds of monsters, where other kinds of mana are engulfed and converted into mamono mana. The mana of living things that visit is eroded without exception, which causes mutation and monsterization. Mamono realms teeming with mamono mana grant endless vitality to monsters, dramatically boosting their physical abilities, enabling spellcasting monsters to use unlimited mana, and above all else, invigorating the power and desire of monsters as *succubi, making them even more alluringly beautiful, lascivious beings; they are ideal spaces for monster females to maximally work their charms on males.
  81. Human women who cast spells using the surrounding mana can also use the mana that fills mamono realms, however, due to the mana's nature, the effects exhibited are mostly different than normal, and since mana must be taken into one's body in order to be utilized, it ends up causing rapid monsterization.
  83. These kinds of concentrated lands are created under conditions such as when specific races crowd into one place, extremely boosting the concentration of their specific mana. They may also spontaneously arise just due to monsters possessing such tremendous mana that their mere existence is enough to create mamono realms, or due to other beings such as legendary trees possessing mana like that of a god despite being plants, and aside from that, there are even some that were artificially created through magical rituals.
  85. Even those terrible at sensing mana can “vaguely” perceive that places that are concentrated lands are somehow different than normal spaces. When ordinary humans visit sacred temples teeming with the mana of angels and gods, they are overwhelmed, regardless of the fact that they don't quite understand it. And the fact that humans who visit monster countries can sense something in the air that sort of sweetly clings to them, the way a monster would alluringly wrap her arms around a man and lewdly gaze at him, indicates that the land is concentrated with some sort of mana. Concentrated lands are extremely useful for casting large scale spells and as a mana resource. The magical organizations introduced in this book, “Sabbaths”, have also created small-scale concentrated lands at each headquarters. Furthermore, “spirit realms”, which are other dimensions created by powerful beings, are all concentrated lands, and most are made by monsters, which also makes them mamono realms.
  87. As previously mentioned, mamono mana has the property of inflating by eroding other kinds of mana; for that reason, when human men have sex with monsters, it produces a huge mana inflation which causes a proportional increase in the amount of mana released in the surroundings. Lands that have many monster denizens, i.e., that have countless man and monster married couples that are continuously having sex and constantly releasing vast amounts of highly condensed mana into the surroundings, easily end up as concentrated lands, leading to the birth of “mamono realms”.
  89. The concentrated mamono mana in mamono realms spurs monsters to have sex with their partners, further aids the production of mamono mana, and when the mamono mana produced in this manner spreads throughout the mamono realm, filling it, the cycle is repeated. Mamono realms have mana that is much more dense and plentiful, even compared to other kinds of concentrated lands, and we can say that they are locations that are extremely rich mana resources. These mana resources easily enable the creation of spirit realms (p.47) and long distance teleportation magic circles (p.46), which naturally require vast amounts of mana, and in many Order states which are hostile to monsters, there are hidden spirit realms that monsters use as a base of operations, so human lands are unknowingly linked to mamono realms.
  91. <><><>
  93. [b]Translation notes:[/b] “Essence” is used whenever the translation of “sei” into “human mana” or “men’s mana” wouldn’t work in context.
  95. *succubus = inma
  97. Hieromancy can also be translated as "holy magic."
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