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Oct 21st, 2019
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  1. In light of Biden's reference to the 17th and POTUS's trip to Dallas tonight, please join me in prayer.
  3. Dear God, please protect POTUS, VPOTUS, their immediate families, their extended families, the Cabinet secretaries, the agency heads, the Senators, and the Representatives from all harm. If they have done wrong, then let the justice system deal with them according to the law. In any case, please protect them from all crime, terrorism, physical harm, mental/emotional harm, financial shenanigans, spiritual harm, political ploys, and all other types of harm, hazardous situations, and potentially hazardous situations.
  5. Dear God, please similarly protect Q, the Q-team, Jim and Ron Watkins, and the anons from all harm. Please let us do our jobs and Q-tasking in safety and without fear of retaliation, exposure, or ridicule. Please guide our digging and meming such that we can help our fellow neighbors and the country as well as the whole world. Please help our hive mind to promote good and to stamp out wickedness and evil. Wake up the minds of the population to the treachery among our past and current politicians and help our voters discern which politicians on the election ballots will be the best ones to lead our country out of the swamp.
  7. And, finally, please guide us such that we will walk the path you set out for us and accept your Divine Plan even though we may not understand it. May Thy Will, not ours, be done.
  9. In the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, we ask that you grant the above requests, dear God!
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