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rev ritter icomfort command reference

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Jul 18th, 2016
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  1. connection:
  2. To discover a rev ritter iComfort gateway send a UDP packet as BROADCAST to port 5556
  3. with payload message "D", the response from a gateway is send to udp port 5556 as broadcast...
  4. to cummunicate with a gateway use tcp port 5555 (netcat will do fine in default mode).
  7. first explain a few parameters used in requests and responses:
  8. a=0099CCCC -> a = device adress (0099CCCC is an invalid example), unknown for now is which device ID rages are for which kind of devices (e.g. power switches and power dimming devices)
  9. h=0 -> h = a handler id for a timeplan (valid from 0-31)
  10. d=3F -> d = Device status: 00=off, 3F=on (for dimming devices, NO \n at the end of the line!); D0= unidentified internal code seen only on non exitent devices like 9999D026, FF=slot/handle unused
  11. y=1320 -> y = minutes after midnight a status event from a timeplan is triggered (180=03:00am;1320=22:00pm); 65535=unused/invalidated shedule
  12. z=0011111 -> z = bit mask for days of week, high=sun, low=mon -> 0000001 is monday (1000000-> sunday, 0000010 -> tuesday, 0010100 -> friday + wednesday, 0011111 -> fri-mo, 1000001 -> sun+mon)
  15. commands, most require to send a "\n" at teh end of the line, but not all!:
  16. G\n -> status of all devices, only active devices returned
  17. G?a=0099CCCC\n -> status of selected device (kind of unreliable, not recomended)
  18. R\n -> list of all Timeplans
  19. B\n -> reboot gateway
  20. S?a=0099CCCC&d=00\n -> switch device XX to status off, for dimming devices a hex value
  21. between 00 and 3F is valid, but you must use NO \n at the end of
  22. the line (S?a=0099CCCC&d=1A for example)
  23. W?d=00&z=0000001&y=60&h=1&a=0099CCCC -> (important: no \n at end of line!)
  24. set timeplan handle id 1 for device 0099CCCC to
  25. set switch to state "on" at01:00am on monday
  27. response:
  28. after sending a command you get one or two responses, dependig if the device responded
  29. imideately with a positive result to the gateway.
  30. all communications with devices is bidectional, they confirm the commands recived -
  31. and the gateway does re-send the commands by default. Because of timing
  32. offsets you might recieve two responses or only one.
  33. In general sending a command to a device that was not active in the last minutes gives
  34. two responses, first being a failure. Also changing the stats usualy gives two responses,
  35. sucessfull for both if the device had been active in the last minutes.
  36. sending a command imideately a second time to the gateway gives usualy only one successful response.
  38. Important is to only check the last response, the first one can be an error or not.
  39. If in doubt always repeat any command.
  41. Error responses are staring with "F", suscessfull responses start with "G" for status or switch commands
  42. and "R" for time shedule commands.
  44. This is the response to "S?a=0099CCCC&d=00\n"
  45. F?a=0099CCCC
  46. G?a=0099CCCC&d=00
  48. If repeated the response is:
  49. G?a=0099CCCC&d=3F
  51. An imideately triggered status change (S?a=0099CCCC&d=3F\n) responses:
  52. G?a=0099CCCC&d=3F
  53. G?a=0099CCCC&d=3F
  56. For a new or changed time shedule command and response look like this (no \n at the end of the line):
  57. command "W?a=0099CCCC&d=00&h=0&y=180&z=1111111"
  58. response "R?a=0099CCCC&d=00&h=0&y=180&z=1111111"
  60. a=99999999 or a=FFFFFFFF indicate unused timeplan slots, h=X is the identifier of the timeslot (0-31)
  62. Important: to create a new time shedule you must pick an unused slot,
  63. unsed slots are having a=99999999 when they had been used but where cleared or a=FFFFFFFF when they never had been used.
  65. Some slots may remain in unclear status, like a=9999D026 (not a valid device ID)
  66. or refer to device ID's no longer used with he gateway, e.g. a broken device or one no langer used on that gateway.
  67. You should reset unclear timer handles with a unused setting like:
  68. "W?a=99999999&d=00&h=13&y=0&z=0000000\n" when you encounter unclear status or device ID fields.
  69. The clear command may end with \n but I suggest to use the default format for clearing:
  70. "W?d=00&z=0000000&y=0&h=26&a=99999999"
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