Training Pink.

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  1. *Blue closed his eyes, the grass scattering underneath his feet, wind catastrophically exploding outward from him as he became the epicentre for a powerful maelstrom; his body attuned itself to his will, and a subtle change of his musculature occurred, the efficiency with which they worked amping up tremendously, so his every blow carried that much more power despite not having gained even a hint of mass.
  3. "The body yielding is simple. A trigger, a push, a rush, all it'll take, and then you need to narrow down that -feeling-, that high, and be able to cease it on command, make it your own, trigger your adrenaline on command. You've known how to do this instinctually for decades, even if you never really isolated what the cause was, where the power stemmed from."
  5. His energy swirled around him, condensing, manifesting itself in the form of vicious violet sparks that surged along his body. His eyes remained shut, as if this were an entirely natural phenomona.
  7. "The mind is almost as easy. It only takes the realization that nothing can come out of a fight from fear; you learned that a long time ago, your body yields to your every command, after all, so it's only a natural evolution that your mind does as well."
  9. This time, the ground quaked, the skies not darkening, not here, in the thoughtscape of a God, but even so lightning arced from the very skies, struck Blue himself as he became the conduit to a power that seemed to stem from an external source...that was still all his own. Beyond the physical, delving into the spiritual, grasping at something intangible, no longer anything concrete, but pure resolve, love, the most powerful of human instincts, the fear of death...
  11. ...Crimson sparks joined the violet as they battled for dominance.
  13. "To achieve this level, you can't keep your feet on the ground anymore. This is what it means to grow wings and fly, to take the impossible and make it real by sheer force of will. This sounds like a bunch of flowery, sugar-coated necessity."
  15. Energy circulated around him, illuminated his eyes, reddened his skin, fired his soul, powered his force of will so he -embodied- what it meant to embrace life.
  17. "Are you ready to get started? This is going to feel impossible somedays, like you aren't making a hint of progress. But -nothing- is impossible." He shook his head adamantly at this point; this was a belief he held with unerring conviction. "Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing."*
  18. *Pink takes a savage blow to her ribs, sending her nearly broken body crashing into the dirt below. Her body trembles, the woman using all of her willpower just to get back to her feet, gritting her teeth, feeling a familiar kind of self-loathing starting to creep into her mind.
  20. "..Nnn.." Her eyes burn holes into the floor, even drawing breath was a painful chore to her, at this point.*
  21. *Blue slid his blade across the ground, the bubbling, liquidic blade having mostly gone unused, only to remind her that there was lethality in the way he was fighting, that if she wasn't careful, there was a constant, ever-present danger. Mostly, he'd used -cripplingly- powerful blows, disattaching himself from his emotional attachment for the sake of this training.
  23. "It's not about how hard you can hit."
  25. He slid a foot back, and beckoned, as if he hadn't just kicked the complete piss out of his fiance.
  27. "It's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward."
  29. His strength steadily rose as he drew from the planet, far exceeding his usual limits, as he had in the fight. Unlike usual, he didn't even offer to restore her life, didn't make any sort of indicator that he planned to make this the slightest bit easier, just came at the woman he loved with such ferocious force that it'd be easy to mistake it all for a murder attempt. He twirled his blade in his hand as he rushed forward, knowing her conciousness had lapsed. She only needed a push, just a push, and this would be all over...
  31. "If you stand around letting me hit you this hard, you might die this time." He somehow managed to sound incredibly dispassionate about the entire endeavor, a completely different person. "Still you hesitate. Is it because I'm me? Is it because you're fighting -me-? I want you to fight from your fucking heart!"
  33. He'd attempt to display, with every swing of his fist, every slash of his sword, the urgency.
  35. "THERE ISN'T A TOMORROW FOR ME, NOT UNLESS I WIN TODAY; NO REST IS WORTH IT BUT THE REST THAT IS -EARNED!-" He exclaimed, eyes -burning- with passion. "Raise your aching body, let there be no room for indecision, and -thank me with a kick to the teeth-, because I'm gonna free your fucking soul!"*
  36. *Pink 's power had faded from the devistating onslaught she'd suffered from before. It was all she could do to force herself back to her feet, gathering all of her resolve to not be beaten into the ground again. She didn't want to go down this way.. so one-sided, so completely outclassed that this 'training' appeared less like practice and more like a culling. It almost hurt her worse emotionally, seeing the ferocity with which he came at her.
  38. Pink rises from her near-limp state, but the moment she'd raised herself to fight again..
  40. Pain.
  42. A blow so utterly violent as to send the woman hurtling into the ground with the force of a meteor strikes at her stomach, forming a crater large enough to hide her body from view. Buried in gravel and dirt, Pink's body convulses with waves of pure, indescribable pain. ...Her eyelids were... heavy. She wanted to forget this, forget training, forget the pain and let herself collapse into sleep. Pink wanted it to be over... so her eyes close shut.
  44. "What are you doing?"
  46. Startled, she looks around... where had she gone? Pink stood upon a floor she could not see, surrounded by a darkness her eyes could not penetrate. Who spoke just now? It didn't make any sense.
  48. "Are you giving up?"
  50. Visions suddenly illuminate the darkness around her, depicting graphic scenes of violence across the two connected worlds, showing her scenes of her friends; scenes of the people she cared about being brutally destroyed. It was.. horrifying.
  52. "You're letting this happen. Every second you spend holding yourself back, every moment you let yourself believe you've hit your limit, is one more moment towards this reality. You're to blame."
  54. Her body trembles, staring wide-eyed at the visions before her, cringing at the deafening screams that filled her ears. Guilt, shame and hatred all build within her until it threatens to boil over, nearly sending her over the top. Her visions fade, forcing her into the creeping darkness of this abyss once more. ..She couldn't.. no, -wouldn't- let that happen.
  56. "Get up."
  58. Intense light erupts into life from the depths of the crater that Pink had been driven into, ripping away the loose debris that had built at the very bottom. So bright was the flash that, to most, it would have been difficult to make out the shadowy silhouette behind it. ...Pink floats from the darkness of the abyss below, bathed in a brilliant aura that crackled with an undenyable kind of intensity. Her body was scarred, but her eyes were alight with an absolute kind of determination - there was no trying anymore. She'd decided. Through sheer force of will, she had brought herself back from the brink.
  60. Now filled with a sense of purpose, her body lets loose, acting with a new kind of absolute finesse that accompanied every subtle move she made. Pink appears before Blue, hand extended, releasing a titanic wave of raw energy not more than an inch from her fiance's chest.*
  61. *Pink feels herself fall, again, her efforts literally doing nothing to dent the man so intent on pushing her past her limits and into something more than she was now. More than.. this pathetic kind of worm, desperately struggling to do so much as stay alive. It was sad that, this was less a metaphor and more true than even she realized. This hadn't been a training session, this was a struggle for survival. Every passing moment that Blue drove this session on, his onslaught became more and more heated, more and more deadly, forcing Pink always on the defensive. Aching now with a kind of pain even greater than before, she grips her sides, pushing her muscles to their limit to try and support her weight while on her feet once more.
  63. Her breathing was labored, as well as her clothing torn straight through in numerous places. ..This wasn't mentioning the blood; heavy gashes lined her body, staining much of her tattered gi an odd crimson color. Pink's body was quivering, doing everything it could to simply -sustain- itself. How could she be expected to go any farther with her condition so critical?
  65. "I.."
  67. Pink stops, immediately forcing herself to wipe the thought of trying to talk Blue down from her mind. This was a test of resolve, a test to determine if she had the strength of will to come back from nothing and become -something.- ..She was damn well going to make something out of herself.
  69. There was no longer the question of "if" she could do it now. Pink -had- to.
  71. Once she'd realized this, it was almost easy. Her body feels the familiar kind of raw adrenaline from building her focus; it was that kind of natural attunement that made her realize just how close she'd been to going that extra step farther all this time. Her second stage of tension comes to light, drawing itself from a power that she shouldn't have had. Face devoid of all emotion, she lifts her eyes to meet her attacker; a cold, resolute glare shooting out to penetrate the man's soul.
  73. ...and then she fucking -commanded- herself to go farther.
  75. Raw, unhindered energy instills itself within every inch of her body, bringing out a kind of feral instinct in her. Pink's mind because utterly attuned to every aspect of, not only her body, but of the very environment around her. Every subtle movement, every minute sound revealed itself to her incredible sense of self. Her breathing comes under complete control. Her pain did not exist. Her fatigue was not real.
  77. Pink had risen above that.*
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