Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 4, Road to the Everfree

Aug 5th, 2016
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  1. >”Okay boyo, your mission is quite easy. Well, not that easy, there is the risk that ponies actually discover that you are related with me, but if you are smart enough you can evade that probability.” Discord makes a quill appear on his paw, he draws what you think is a badly draw of you outside the area you needed to go. “Your mission is to infiltrate the Everfree Forest, in this area I believe there is a group of ponies that want to do a tiny rebellion against me. In the past I have been attacked by these ponies, not that they can hurt me badly, but they are annoying to the point that they make me lose focus of other areas that I have in chaos!”
  2. >Discord starts to point out green areas in the map besides the Everfree Forest. Some near it, others away from it, but the map was randomly with pink areas
  3. >”And before you ask, the pink areas are the places my chaos domain. I can’t just spread chaos all over Equestria in one day or in a blink of an eye, my chaos magic takes time to affect some places. This… forest, for example, is quite the magic defense from my chaos. Months ago I went there to defeat the two princesses all by /myself/.” Discord proudly says. “But now for some reason that pesky forest is giving me trouble. Weird how that castle I fought them got affected but the forest didn’t…”
  4. “And you can’t go by yourself and… you know, do your magic?”
  5. >The map now transformed into a chess table, showing the Everfree Forest in the background and the chess pieces were looking like ponies. Maybe this was the pony version of chess. The pieces in the Forest were white and its king was yellow and the queen pink, the other pieces had normal colors
  6. >You take notice of the black pieces of chess that weren’t in the forest but near a pink area, instead of pawns, towers were placed in their place and the king was a tiny miniature of Discord himself holding a scepter
  7. >”I’m going to think that you already know how chess works. The whites move first, and they did the first move time ago.” The chess pieces started to move, the pink queen going around the table, but what was weird was that the black pieces weren’t moving… only the pink one and a white pawn were doing the moves. “Each piece moves in one turn, but there are a few things you need to know about your father, Anon.” The pink piece moves towards a tower with the white pawn, ready to take it down. “One, I do the moves.” The pink queen took the black tower down and the pawn another one. “And two, I don’t play rules”
  8. >Next thing that happens, the pink queen and white pawn are cornered with four towers, what was weird is that they moved as if it was a game of Chinese checkers. One tower takes the white pawn but the pink queen manages to escape by… jumping the tower pieces
  9. >”This little rebellion had a good time trying to win against me and they just don’t surrender. And right now with a new party pooper in the north of this place, I just know that I’ll return weak and they will take that tiny opportunity to give me the last blow.” Discord voice was all serious; the chess even was playing by itself as he was talking. “This is why I’m giving you this mission, to prove yourself and work out your new magic. Each time you success in something chaotic related, your magic will go stronger, if you do the opposite… well, you’ll get so weak that you don’t know what hit you”
  10. >Does this means that if you act like an asshole each day of the rest of your life, you’ll get so powerful that nothing will stop you? Man, talk about being overpowered
  11. >This won’t be easy, you know it. And one wrong move in that forest and you’ll be done for… this was quite the hard work for your first day in chaos land
  12. >You take a gulp and look at the chess pieces that stopped moving, then at Discord and again at the chess table
  13. “So… what’s the plan?”
  14. >”Act natural and make its leader go out to my domain. Lie to him or her, act innocent as a kid and get your ways.” Discord snapped his talons, making a suitcase appear near him, he started putting snow related clothes into it. “Well I better hurry because I have a trip to the Frozen North and a new empire that probably would look better with candy canes instead of crystals. “He chuckled slightly. “Any more questions, Anon?”
  15. > Technically… yes, you did have a few questions but knowing him, he’ll just teleport you right in front of the entrance of that forest…
  16. “Just one”
  17. >He was about to snap his talons, you fucking knew he would teleport you right there in the spot. But one question wouldn’t bother him that much
  18. >”Ask away then”
  19. “How are we going to communicate? I mean, I’m going without anything but my magic that I don’t know when or how to use”
  20. >Do they have cell phones in this place? Or maybe you’ll talk with him telepathically with him! Man that needs to happen
  21. >”There’s no need to communicate; I’ll know when you’ll be done with your mission.” Discord prepared his talons to teleport you away. “Oh… one more thing, be careful with your chaotic magic around ponies! The Everfree Forest is quite a magical place, but if you do something and they notice… you can say goodbye to everything as they’ll keep you hostage”
  22. >H-Hostage? W-Well, maybe ponies are peaceful and wouldn’t hurt a soul, right?
  23. >Just… calm down… is your first mission and you are ready to show Discord what you are able to. There are many possibilities of how to get inside and outside with the target, juuuust act natural, he says act as a kid, right? Then you’ll act as a kid…
  24. >You’ll eat your pride if you have to cry, whatever that gives you power, is worth the shot
  25. >You look at Discord and give him a smile with a determinate look
  26. “Got it, I won’t fail you, papá!”
  27. >Discord says no words and snaps his talons, teleporting you away from his castle
  28. >”Good thing that zebra is out of the way… otherwise she could notice Alberto’s magic.” Taking a seat in his throne and making an orange appear in his paw, Discord starts laughing slightly evilly as he peels the orange. “Any minute now… Celestia will be…”
  29. >The doors of the throne room open normally, Celestia walking into the room with no sight of her sister at her side
  30. >”Here…”
  31. >Your body appears near the forest, the Everfree Forest. Your eyes were dizzy but that trip felt great! Man you wish to learn how to teleport as soon as possible… is so freaking fun
  32. “Okay, body check…” You look at your hooves. “Four hooves, check.” You give a look at your green coat. “Still a pony, check.” You turn your head to see your tiny pony tail that waves as you look at it. “Tiny cute tail that I have the urge to chase… check”
  33. >It was so weird how the place looked. It was day, yet you can’t see the sun. The forest was in front of you and behind you a crazy random town with too many things to even talk about. It is curious, really curious how all stops at the edge of the forest…
  34. >You put a hoof inside the forest and feel a shiver in your back
  35. “Mierda… this place really feels weird…”
  36. >Okay Alberto… focus. Time to act like a child who got lost in a forest, find that leader and try your best to bait him out and into Discord’s claws
  37. >You enter the forest and as you walk a few steps away from the entrance, you could hear the sound of nature in the background, crickets and other tiny animals giving live to this forest. It was so calm… so mysterious and fascinating
  38. >What was interesting was the sky. It showed the sun and some normal clouds, moving as normally as a cloud would. This place was really intact from Discord, uh?
  39. >You keep walking as you look around, then… something shiny and tiny calls your attention. It was a butterfly… it was… golden. For some reason, you wanted to follow the butterfly… because it looked cute? Because it could be secretly a pony in disguise? Because… reasons?
  40. >Hell, you don’t know. You just follow it out of instinct
  41. “Ay, mariposa de amor… mi mariposa de amor… hmm, hmm~” You sing some lyrics as you follow the butterfly around the forest
  42. >The road starts to fade as you follow the butterfly; you keep your eyes on it so she doesn’t go away or disappear. Suddenly, your hind hooves get stuck into a root of a tree, making you fall straight into a mud
  43. “Me lleva la-“ You cry out as you fall
  44. >The splash it makes was loud and what was worst, you ruined your mane and probably bruised your face…
  45. >There was also some mud in your face. You couldn’t see a damn thing now and your hooves weren’t doing a great job in removing the mud from at least your eyes. Guess that butterfly can go away now
  46. >You get up slowly; it hurts way more than it looks like. You need to remember that you have a pony body, a kid’s pony body to be more exact… and be damn careful with your surroundings
  47. “Agh… it got in my mouth… eeww…”
  48. >You spit what you can from the mud and blindly try to reach for something to get the damn mud out of your eyes
  49. >You keep trying searching for whatever as you craw slowly in the ground, maybe some leaves could do the work. You hear some noises from around you and notice the damn awful smell of the forest… did you shit yourself? Or did something shit near you? Maybe you ran near an animal’s personal bathroom
  50. “Ugh… first a mud and now a bad smell…”
  51. >You keep searching for some leaves as you ignore the smell. It shouldn’t be anything important in a forest of ponies
  52. >It happens again, you smell something really fucking awful, as if a Mexican restaurant bathroom was full of clients that had the special of carne asada with extra chilly
  53. >You know what, screw the fucking leaves. You try your best to remove the mud from your eyes and… slowly starts working, your sight starts getting again with the view of the… place
  54. “…”
  55. >You… don’t know what the fuck is in front of you but it’s body was made out of wood and he is bigger than you… it was drooling, his breath was shit and it looked really like… a wolf… oh no… A WOLF!
  56. “Uhm… hello? P-Please be friendly…”
  57. >He howls at the sky as any wolf would do and looks back at you. You could clearly see his teeth that were wood too…
  58. >He was starting to step closer to you, each step he was taking you crawled out of his way
  59. “A-A-Amigo? H-Hola? You.. no don’t hablar english? I… saber… mal, no taste good… groooowl… raaawr…. Woooof!…”
  60. >Shit, shit, shit! Control yourself, Alberto! Your English is fucking up like an immigrant in United States who is new and is in front of some gangster… and trying to imitate animal sounds is no use. Keep calm, keep calm…
  61. >Fuck, Discord didn’t tell you there were dangers in this forest… no… no, this was your fault for not asking him!
  62. >You try crawling away from him but you hit something that makes you stop… was it a tree? Please be a tree…
  63. >You look behind you and now four of those motherfucking beasts were near you
  64. >You yelp and go away from them, but the previous wolf was now in the only possibly exit
  65. “Aja… jaja… jajaja….”
  66. >You were laughing out of nervous. You were losing it; five wooden wolves were around you, ready to tear the living fuck out of you
  67. >They were approaching slowly… 1 vs 5… kid’s body… novice in chaos magic… no one around to save you…
  68. >One of the wolves looks at you directly to the eye. You could see your reflection in his eyes, you were laughing, laughing as you smiled madly at him
  69. >You were trying to say “DO IT” but your lips were moving with no voice coming from your mouth
  70. >Your vision starts to get blurry… your eyes catch something shiny again… it was another butterfly, another golden butterfly… the little shit that got you in this problem. It flew near an opening between the wolves… it was enough room to escape… but let’s get into reality… your pony body is no deal with these 5 monsters… unless they like to chase their food
  71. >You sit there, waiting for your death call. Until a voice came from behind the wooden wolves
  72. >”Who goes there!?” It was a female voice, your blurry sight only caught some yellow and pink colors, then your body couldn’t take it anymore and your body decides to take a nap in front of the beasts and the unknown mystery voice
  73. “Mamá…” You say your final words before fainting on the ground of the forest
  74. >You open your eyes and find yourself inside a tent
  75. >Your body was resting in a regular bed
  76. “Ugh…” You complain from the previous pain your body felt after the attack of the wolves…
  77. >Wait a minute… wolves… you were surrounded by a pack of wooden wolves and next thing you knew… you saw someone and… nothing else that you remember
  78. >You try standing from the bed but you fail as you try so. Your injuries weren’t that bad, your face was the only affected, unless the wolves did something to you
  79. >How you got here you have no clue
  80. >”Oh, you finally woke up! I’ll have to call the nurse to let her know you’re awake” You hear a girly voice from near you
  81. >You try lifting your head to search for the pony or creature that was in the tent with you. It was a pony, a tiny one just like you... except that she was a unicorn. A white coat as the snow and purple and pink mane colors, for both their tail and mane. This was the first pony you’ll ever see by yourself alone
  82. >The moment you try to talk you feel a sting in your tongue
  83. “Eek…”
  84. >”Don’t move! The nurse gave you something to make you feel better and cure your bruises, and I think you just felt the taste of the local medicine.” She looks at some paper that was in front of the bed, you forgot what it was called. “Uh, according to this you’ve been sleeping for quite some time, it’s been nine hours since they found you lying next to timberwolves”
  85. >Timberwolves? Jesus at least in your world they… nevermind, you’ll still get fuck anyway by any kind of wolves
  86. >And nine hours? Is incredible that all this time in this world you have done nothing but sleep instead of having fun as the secret prince of chaos
  87. >And yes, you now feel the fucking awful medicine in your tongue, did they gave you more medicine when you were sleep? Or was this fucking medicine so strong its taste still goes? Ugh… you don’t mind medicine but your pony body does mind…
  88. >”I’ll be back in a minute… do you want water before I leave?” The filly kindly asks before leaving the tent
  89. >Actually… you do want some water. You are so thirsty for some reason, is the fact that you slept 9 hours or just the medicine
  90. >You nod to the filly without saying anything else
  91. >Her horn shines and a tiny plastic bottle of water levitates above you and stops at your belly
  92. >With a smile in her face the filly leaves the tent
  93. >You give a wide drink to the bottle, feeling the gorgeous water in your system… then you leave the bottle over a chair next to your bed
  94. >Ok, recap time. You were searching for the rebellion of ponies, you probably found it… or they found you. Timberwolves… wooden wolves, dangerous creatures that you have no idea how they didn’t get you harm… or did they?
  95. >You remove your bed sheet and your body didn’t look like it had a bite or anything bad… good. Unless ponies have the technology or magic to heal injuries that quickly, you don’t know what happened
  96. >You remember a voice of someone else there… but you barely remember how it sounded like
  97. >Well, time for a plan. Let’s think you are in the camp of the ponies that want to rebel against Discord… you need to think and act like a child so they fall from any trap of Discord… what could be a good strategy…
  98. >Hmmm…
  99. >Maybe the “I lost my family and I don’t know where I am” could work, you need to act dirty… don’t use chaos magic and don’t act suspicious… just act as a lost kid who… decided to run into a dangerous forest because of yes. Then backstab the shit out of them
  100. >There is the probability that they don’t believe your lies, but it doesn’t hurt trying. Unless, they do try to hurt you. But nah, unless they bite or kick as the horses from your world, you are not afraid of them
  101. >You hear some steps from outside, is time to act nice and cute. Ok Alberto, remember… pony words… somepony, anypony… don’t cringe, just relate with them…
  102. >Three ponies enter the tent, the filly from before and two mares, one had a white coat with pink mane and tail and had a red medical cross in her butt… guess she is the nurse, she didn’t had any wings or horn, so she was an earth pony like you. The other pony had a yellow coat and pink mane and tail too along a pair of wings, a Pegasus with two butterflies in her butt. What’s up with the color pink here? The sky is pink outside of the forest but this is too ridiculous
  103. >They look at you; the filly and nurse were smiling, maybe for seeing their patient awake and healthy, but this yellow pony… wasn’t. She had a stoic expression
  104. >”So you are awake… who sent you?” The Pegasus directly asks you, not leaving the eye contact with you
  105. >Jesus, you look that suspicious!? Did they discovered you already?
  106. >The nurse stays in between you and the Pegasus
  107. >”You don’t think you are overdoing it, Miss Fluttershy? He is just a kid! The poor thing just got scared from the timberwolves! How you would feel about it if you were in his place?”
  108. >So that yellow pony name was Fluttershy… uh, for some reason you need to remember that name. Wait a minute what kind of name is Fluttershy? Discord didn’t tell you the names of the ponies were so… weird and dumb. Or maybe it was only she?
  109. >”It could be a trick, you know how Discord is, he probably knows our hideout is here in the Everfree Forest. I know he is your patient, Redheart, but that doesn’t remove the probability that he is a trick from Discord… and with Zecora lost somewhere else, we need to be careful”
  110. >The nurse, or as she is called, Redheart, was starting to accept what Fluttershy was saying as she moved away from between you and she
  111. >Well, is time to swallow your pride and cry like a little bitch. You already planned everything to make sure you are innocent
  112. >You’ve been this whole time with your eyes open, just so you get tears in your eyes. You start to sniff as your eyes do the rest and your plan begins
  113. >The ponies notice you started crying, the filly and nurse looked worried but the other pony didn’t look convinced, just lifted an eyebrow
  114. >Suddenly crying is suspicious, but not if you are a kid… right?
  115. “M-Mommy…” You lift your two hooves in the direction to the Pegasus as you start to fake cry some more tears. “I found you!”
  116. >In an attempt to stand and jump from the bed, the bruises don’t let you and you trip on the bed. The filly and nurse quickly lift you up and ask if you’re okay, but you only look at the Pegasus… you see to her eyes… and for some reason, your tears stopped. Her eyes were… she was… angry?
  117. >Shit, what’s with this pony and her stare? Is like it froze you as a statue. Shit, change of plan
  118. >You look down and don’t look at the ponies as you sniff again
  119. “S-Sorry… I thought you were my mama… you looked like her” You say in a sad tone
  120. >You were doing an attempt of sadness, the filly and nurse were falling from it, but this horse wasn’t and damnit even when you cringed inside as you called her “mommy” she didn’t flinch
  121. >Okay… you’ll go for the nurse and filly, this mare is impossible to control with your adorableness or whatever kid power you have
  122. >”Who sent you?” Fluttershy once again says almost as a command
  123. “W-What is she talking about?” You lie as you look at the nurse with a sad expression
  124. >”Listen little colt… what Miss Fluttershy is asking is… how you got in the forest? This is a dangerous place for a little pony like you, good thing our timberwolves are tamed but that doesn’t get you out of trouble. What were you doing here?”
  125. >They tamed those beasts? Uh… that explains now why you aren’t hurt and probably the voice from before was that yellow menace. Weeell, time to let the plan out
  126. “I… forgot how I got in here… I was… looking for someone but, I don’t remember who it was… I…” You wait some seconds before continuing, as if you were remembering something. “My father… He… told me to run… I was running from some laughter… I heard him scream… then my mom…” You again wait some seconds; some tears come out of your right eye. “My mom…”
  127. >The filly was concerned about you, the nurse was eating from your hand, eh… hoof, as she was starting to cry. And of course miss frozen heart nothing, she didn’t believe anything from your bullshit
  128. >”This is useless… I’ll just get some ponies to look at him if he tries anything suspicious.” She stared again at you and boy… was she scary. “Do you hear me, mister? Try anything suspicious and you’ll get a visit to the hydra’s home”
  129. >You take a gulp; you did know what a hydra was after all… Jesus this mare… was she in her days or something?
  130. >And like that, she leaves the tent and leaves you with the filly and nurse. Boy, finally she is gone… fucking bitch, hope Discord transforms her into a cockroach; you would send her via mail to your mailbox… so you can crush her with a hammer
  131. >”Don’t worry, you are safe with us.” The filly says with a kind smile right at your side. “So… what’s your name? My name is Sweetie Belle!” Her tone was so… adorable
  132. >Okay, you might stop the sadness act now
  133. “My name is Anon”
  134. >”Uhmm, what a… weird name”
  135. >Says the filly with a name that sounds like taco bell. Maybe you should fake a name like a luchador, probably Green Demon or Green Arrow… eh, you’ll have time to think about that
  136. >”Do you feel any better now?” The nurse said as she placed her hoof over your forehead. “Hmm, your temperature is normal. That’s good and you didn’t had any major injuries, just give it a minutes until the effect of the medicine fades away”
  137. >Aren’t they going to give you a lollipop? Eh… not like you don’t mind, buuuut
  138. >Nah fuck the lollipop, you want to see how the outside looks like
  139. >You slowly try standing from the bed, the medicine was still affecting you but that didn’t stop you into standing up. The filly, Sweetie Belle was attempting to help you with her hooves
  140. >”Here, let me help you Anon”
  141. >Damn… her hooves feel like marshmallows, they were softer than Luna’s hooves
  142. >With her help you stand up in your four hooves and look at the two ponies
  143. “Thank you, uhmm, Sweetie Belle… I want to walk outside for some… sunlight”
  144. >The nurse nods and Sweetie Belle stays at your side in any case that you collapse or fall, even if you are in four hooves
  145. >You step outside of the tent and look at the place where the “rebellion” was located
  146. >The place looked like a rural town, the zone was wide enough to build a damn town here… there were some constructions over trees but most builds were on ground level. You calculate that around one hundred ponies live in this place. Okay, not exactly, but something between fifty to one hundred at least
  147. >You could be wrong anyway; you are not a genius in guessing
  148. >And the way this place was near cliff… damn, that’s dangerous as fuck
  149. >”Do you remember where you came from at least, Anon?” The filly stops holding part of your body and asks the question out of curiosity
  150. “Uh… no.” You look around for some seconds. “I don’t remember, sorry niña”
  151. >”Nina?”
  152. >Oh shit your Spanish got out by accident
  153. >You were about to correct yourself, but Nurse Redheart started to speak
  154. >”Sweetie Belle, would you be a kind filly and get Anon with the other kids? Maybe some company is what he needs after… that experience”
  155. >Shiiit, you don’t want to be around more kids, well, this filly was okay because she was kind and innocent, but you are not the type to get around kids...
  156. >And you need to know who the leader of this rebellion is, but if you ask all of the sudden… it’ll be suspicious. Ok, maybe asking the kids could be better idea, they must know at least who is in command of this place
  157. >Maybe this filly knows about it too, you should her if she can stick around you for a while
  158. “Are you going to stay with me, Sweetie?”
  159. >This made the filly slightly blush. Probably because you called her by her… first name? You don’t know how pony names work anyway
  160. >”Umm… I don’t know, nurse Redheart could need me for something, ehhmm, I’m her assistant after all, heh…” She placed her hoof behind her head as she avoided eye contact with you
  161. >Nurse Redheart rolled her eyes and with a sly smile looked at Sweetie Belle
  162. >”Indeed you are my assistant, and Anon is still our patient… shouldn’t that mean that you need to look up to him if he feels bad all of the sudden? Hmm?”
  163. >Well, she was right
  164. >”Right…” Sweetie Belle looked at you. “Follow me, Anon…”
  165. >And with a giggle from the nurse she enters back at the tent and you follow the filly to… whatever place the kids were
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