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  1. imj0sh
  3. Where to start with Ryan xD the sad low life virgin child? Well firstly lets start off by clarifying a few things, you claim 'KKz' started NRPK in 2011 when his account registration is in 2010. Then you say he was a pure in 2010 but his application says, "I sold all my barrows gear/70 defence and divine" evidently proving being a main before resetting stats on you know... a RSPS (lmfao). Awkward moment when this same 'KKz' guy you're flaming was in No Remorse right before that application (again you know a main single PKing team). Oh and before that, another single PKing team *he led* because he had the ability to. You really don't know anything, you try to put pieces together and act like a puzzle solver.
  7. Yeah bros when Beard hit my main team at NG in 2010 I must of been a pure!!
  9. Then you have the audacity to say the same about Gum13 claiming he learnt to hybrid in 2011 when he was in Haste and Tha Outlawz you delusional wankstain. Not only do you lack knowledge but you repeatedly fool yourself in believing what is right and wrong. No one really cares about Orel but you, so we won't discuss whatever you typed about him (didn't even read after the first sentence tbh).
  11. Anyway now lets go onto the real 'backdrop' of 'Ryanxddddddddddddddddd'
  13. Now THESE facts are not made up, they are 100% real, evidentially proven to be authentic and have zero contradictions to prove otherwise. Ryan, the young 12 year-old prepubescent squeaker started as a young enlivened chap in 2010, he approached Pinky A.K.A. Hyland and slurped him for weeks and weeks begging to PK with him. Pinky introduced young clueless Ryan to audio, which at the current time was Ventrilo. Young Ryan was thrilled of the opportunity, but unable to do anything with zero PKing experience his weight was dead. Ryan continued to gag Pinky's balls for the following weeks until finally Pinky gave up and thought, "Fuck man this poor soul, he wants to be with me so bad I have to do something!" Pinky taught Ryan how to TB, and Ryan became a tagalong TB slave for Pinky. Later on, he was introduced to his first ever single team called Nutcrackers on BattleScape. Ryan was commonly referred to as a high-pitched pussy who had balls resting in his stomach. Some time later, Ryan xD made enough money to purchase his first ever godsword and was BSed soon after. He cried on Ventrilo, LITERALLY SPEAKING cried. Tears going down his face, begging for it back. He tries to justify this by saying it was expensive, then he switched ideas to, "Haha I scammed it!"
  15. Carrying on, Ryan became lonely, craving sympathy telling his story to everyone he met. Just a bit from that, he was invited to Koshmar's Ventrilo where people PKed on RuneScape. "RuneScape?" Ryan xD questioned himself, with his voice not yet broken he used to refrain from speaking often. Ryan decided to BUY a RuneScape account in 2010-2011 and would brag about it constantly in Koshmar's ventrilo that people still talk about it today. He would join, put his Ventrilo comment, "ON RUNESCAPE XD PM IF NEEDED, RS FTW!! SO MUCH FUN!" - It got really sad when Ryan xD had to intro to Froticle's team in 2011 called No Regrets. He lasted a week in there and met all the people that he tries to use a vouch for his name, little does he know they all laugh at him and view him nothing more than a fucking clown. The same clown that would place a pizzabox on his head naked in his room showing his boney figure to other men online. Gay much? No, this is what a socially deprived fuckwit has to do in order to compensate for real life interactions.
  17. However, there is a plot twist to this! Ryan xD played RuneScape on a bought RS account (ask him for proof anywhere PLEASE for his training/previous RSN/stats beforehand/log-in name ANYTHING) he will not be able to give you anything. The kid is 16 and was 12-13 back then, to of played and maxed on RuneScape he would of had done it from 2006ish at least, when he would of been 7-8? LOL? Does this seem accurate to anyone? No it doesn't you feeble minded ugly cunt.
  19. Have you ever noticed how this retard has symptoms of those people that are of addictive personalities? I think it's time we diagnose this kid with it unofficially, because it's not like he will ever step foot outside his house and visit the doctor.
  21. His entire 'clan history' is of RuneScape private servers, and those being the worst ones. Team Execution his home, his entire field of discipline - Osva taught him most of what he knows which could explain why he is so utterly shite. Even then, he was declined from Execution AGAIN in 2013... He was declined also from unimaginable TRPK teams, all young Ryan xD wanted to do was fit in with a group of people. Aha, he done it! Playing NRPK in 2012 Ryan xD found his best friends, "Crashies and Dread." After licking Jack's arse he was given a group to chill with. Jack ended up BSing him after a few weeks for his retarded traits and he was forced to talk shit his masters...
  23. After shit talking Jack he tried to sneak his way into KKz's territory, sniffing his feet. KKz instantly put Ryan xD at an arms-length distance, aware of his attributes being nothing more than a slimey two-faced snake. Not knowing of this, Ryan xD sat in TS with KKz having TS chats for days begging for friendship. He went to the extent apologizing on numerous occasions both in audio and chat. Saying how his personality isn't him, he doesn't know him, he's only been told what he has seen and on top of that his attitude was sculpted by Abyss (he joined 2ez at the midish of 07 LMFAO). The chatlogs were posted on pastebin where Ryan freaked out and decided to report the pastebin to save face, embarrassed and practically naked, he went into a personal and emotional state of wrath. Going out his way to try and find everything he could...
  25. Now, in 2014, on RS 07, Ryan has found the perfect community for himself with another Canadian Abyss Arr0w (he claimed he only ever met Abyss in 2013 with the previous 2ez remake) W00T! The two bear a resemblance to how they have never achieved anything in their entire 'years' of playing, and been the joke of both RSPS and RS. Together, their quest and thirst of a 'name' has began! The twatter Ryan had to fake and pretend being in Makaveli in 2010 and then he declined it LMFAO just to save face for having ZERO relevant teams in his 'career.'
  27. You're still shit as fuck and one of the dumbest people on RuneScape in general, you're a jealous and envious pussyflap that says the same shit to EVERYONE, hey check these out:
  36. I been doing this way before you, you can never do it like me. Hell you can't even do it, period. I've been making pig-nosed pasty shitters like you cry and retaliate only to get kicked back down for years and years. I made you repair barrows and repurchase b-gloves just for a fake kill picture of the RSN 'KKz' on 07, you understand? Look what I forced you to do, all these petty things. You don't like this, this isn't anything you're comfortable with - I love this.
  38. Fling back at me with something strong, not your juxtaposed comical statements, it's so distinctive in colour what you type is full of shit anyone with half a brain can recognize or ascertain what is right or wrong. With yours, it's 99.9% wrong sucks doesn't it?
  42. Ryan xD
  43. IRC : Ryan_E
  44. Affiliation : Team execution , DDoSer.
  46. IRL Name- Ryan Finn
  48. School - Millburn High school.
  50. School address -462 Millburn Avenue
  51. Millburn, New Jersey 07041
  52. 973 564-7130
  54. Facebook -
  56. Ryan Finney
  66. amanda olberg
  68. Right next to Ainley High school
  70. ryans friend
  79. possible address:
  81. J D
  82. Home (780) 455-1929
  83. 12213 128 Ave NW
  84. Edmonton, AB T5L 4M1
  87. B Finney
  88. Home (780) 490-6466
  89. 6215 100 Ave NW
  90. Edmonton, AB T6A 0G1
  93. G Finney
  94.  780-758-1761 201-10747 104 St NW
  95. Edmonton, AB, T5H 2W4
  98. Collins Dox
  100. Collin Rivers
  101. 2950 Dracula Oaks Dr.
  102. Dracula Ga, 30019
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