Another Man's Wife 03 - 04

Jul 4th, 2019
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Another Man's Wife - Shitty Gist (03 - 04)

MC keeps fucking his wife til both of them climax, she looks at him and seems really satisfied with tonight performance. MC tells her that he isn't exhausted at all and can keeps going he asks her for more round, she happily accepts his offer.
More sex, MC cums two more time inside his wife, he doesn't know why but thinking about Brunette inside the closet looking at them he got really hard and keeps going til totally exhausted.. He asks to Wife if she's satisfied, she tells him that was awesome tonight and she never climax this much. MC is happy and asks her if she wants another round inside the bathroom, she's okay with that and tells him that she'll wash him clean. Brunette takes her chance to escape the closet when MC x Wife in the bathroom.

Next morning, MC thinks about what happened last night and still doesn't know why the feeling of being watched by Brunette was so strong.. He feels a bit guilty toward his Wife and gets hard again.. He wakes up his wife and tells her that he want to fuck her, she's surprised about MC stamina and accepts. The morning when they're heading to work, MC looks at his wife and thinks that he was a long time since he saw her face shinning like the sun and hope that their future was as bright as the weather today.

At night, MC his doing a lot of foreplay with his Wife, she tells him to stop because she can't take it anymore and wants his dick, he tells her that he wants to please her a bit more, she tells him she doesn't want to cum because of his tongue but want his dick. He tells hers to wait for a moment and flees toward the bathroom.

Hubby is depressed because he can't get hard and doesn't know why yesterday i was on fire.. he thinks that he can't ever again have sexual relationship with his wife..

Next day, they're having a meal together and Wife tells MC that she'll go out today because she has a meeting with a friend. She says her goodbye and leaves, MC is alone in his living room thinking about how he can solve his erectile dysfunction.. He thinks about what changed between the night with Brunette watching him and yesterday.. Eureka.. He thinks that he needs some thrill to stimulate him.

He goes at Brunette door and asks if he can come in, she lets him enter, he closes the door and prostrates himself in front of Brunette surprising her, she asks him what the fuck he's doing.

MC is still on his knees explaining to Brunette that he really love his wife and he can't be happy if she's not. He begs her to come to his room tonight and to watch them having sex, she's is shocked and wonders if she isn't dreaming and asks again what he wants, he begs her again to watch him making love to his wife because without her he can't get hard.

She asks him why he needs her help and to take care of his couple problem himself, he tells her that he tried to solve it himself but he's helpless. He tells her about his erectile dysfunction and says the she was watching them he got surprisingly hard and kept fucking wife all night. He says he can only get hard in her presence and asks for hem to watch him one more time to be sure..

She tells him that he is bastard, selfish and disrespectful because she can help him but what about her and the trauma of watching someone else fucking in front of her. She asks him if he thought she enjoyed it (You were wet asf..).. He finally realizes that his demand his a bit too much and he only thought about he and his wife happiness. He stands up and begins to leave apologizing to brunette telling her that he's a selfish bastard who only care about his family, he keeps apologizing and tells her to forget what he asked her to do. She tells him to wait and she accepts his proposal, MC is happy and she tells him she has one condition and it's to do something for her later and he can't refuse. He tells that he will do anything for her because what she's doing for him is really important. She asks him what she needs to do now.

MC is having a dinner with his wife, meh talk about they did today. Wife tells him that the dinner he prepared is really tasty today and she really likes it. She's happy to have married MC because he's so good a cooking..
MC is happy and tells her to eat lot because tonight she'll need a lot of energies.

Wife leaves the shower and dries her hair, MC tells her he wants to fuck tonight. She looks at him and tells him they're not obliged to do it every night, he tells her that tonight it's special because he wants to try something new, she's surprised about that.

He puts a blindfold / eye patch on her, she feels a bit scary about being totally blind and oblivious to what happen around her, he tries to reassure her telling her that it's part of the play of tonight and she'll feel more pleasure being engulfed in the darkness..
The foreplay begins, Wife is really aroused by what MC is doing, he asks himself if what he's doing his good because it's his first time doing something like that.. Meh talk about his wife moans and how wet she is, Brunette appears, MC thinks the night can finally start and will be very long.


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