Locker room love Part 1

Sep 10th, 2013
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  1. Its the last day of the Wonderbolts tryouts and you as well as a group of others have been temporarily hired to keep the locker room clean.
  2. >This past week has been a disaster to say the least.
  3. >Gunk and sweat clogged the drains.
  4. >Smelly towels and jumpsuits blanket locker room floor on a daily basis.
  5. > Rude people constantly make things worse.
  6. > And to top it all off your co-workers all mysteriously called in sick today, meaning you alone have to clean up the place.
  7. > You mutter obscenities as you roll your large laundry cart and cleaning supplies into the locker room.
  8. > You start picking up the towels and jumpsuit.
  9. > The roars from the crowd above only add to your frustration as you pick the last of the dirty laundry from the ground.
  10. > Placing the cart in the corner you move into the shower area and begin filling your mop bucket when a sound you didn't want to hear blasts into your eardrums.
  11. > There had to be dozens of them, the trainees pour into the room.
  12. > All shouting and screaming.
  13. > Some of victory, others of defeat.
  14. > You groan in suppressed rage as you leave the bucket in a corner and exit the room.
  15. > It takes about an hour before you think they've all left.
  16. > As you enter the locker room again the sight of all the towels and clothes on the floor make you nearly cry in defeat.
  17. > You start picking up clothes all over again when you see someone opening a locker.
  18. >"Oh, excuse me i thought there was no one left in here" You apologize.
  19. >The stranger closes the locker and you finally see their face.
  20. > She looks back at you with half a sandwich in her mouth as she mouths something along the lines of "dont mind me i wont be in here long"
  22. > You shrug and turn you head to suppress the funny look on your face.
  23. > "WTF rainbow" You think to yourself as you continue to clean.
  24. > She opens her locker again and continues to to do her own thing.
  25. > You turn your back on her as you push the laundry cart back into its corner when you feel her tap your shoulder
  26. > You turn around to find the sandwich is gone from her mouth as she speaks." Hey could you zip me up? I can't reach"
  27. > Before you can answer she turns around and lifts her hair up .
  28. > You see she's in one of the jumpsuits the trainees wear.
  29. > It fits her well in all the right places
  30. > You look down and admire her firm, tight ass.
  31. > What you wouldn't give to peel her out of that. uniform.
  32. >" Could you stop ogling and zip me up" She says annoyed.
  33. > Looking up past her you see a mirror on the far wall and her eyes, locked directly on your face.
  34. > You apologize immediately and zip the back of the suit up.
  35. > She doesn't say anything as she returns to the her locker.
  36. > Great now you have a pissed off woman in here with you. As if the smell alone wasn't bad enough.
  37. > You move back into the shower area to give her some space and finish filling your mop bucket up.
  38. > Your boots squeak against the wet shower floor as you begin scrubbing the walls.
  39. > But it seems fate isnt done jerking you around yet.
  40. > A lone bar of soap somehow positioned itself under your foot as you took a step and sent both your legs skyward.
  41. > You kick a shower head as you fall causing the water to shoot for the hole, spraying everything in the area.
  42. > Your scream echos throughout the room as you hit the ground.
  43. > The rainbow haired female rushes in only to be sprayed head to toe.
  44. > You manage to scramble to your feet and shut the water to the room off via a nearby lever.
  46. > "dude what the fuck man" she shouts stomping over to you
  47. > She attempts to grab your collar but the suds from the floor as well as the evil bar of soap causing to fall backwards, taking you with her.
  48. > And you couldn't landed in a badder position.
  49. > In a daze you groan hard and vibration form your voice makes her entire body seize up like she was hit with a lightning bolt.
  50. > She grabs your head as she shrieks/moans and that's when you realize where you mouth is.
  51. > Right between her legs.
  52. > You try to mouth yet another sorry but she's unintentionally holding you in place with her hands.
  53. > Another wave of vibrations from your mouth rock her body as she unwillingly orgasms.
  54. > Warm liquid graces your tongue through her jumpsuit
  55. > You jerk your head up in shock.
  56. > "Did... did you just?" you mumble.
  57. > The situation has become very awkward.
  58. > In her daze she looks at you, lust painted across her face.
  59. > The look on her face combine with the wetness of her suit and her orgasm makes you take charge.
  60. > You flip her over and unzip her suit.
  61. > You manage to get almost all the way off her before she snap out of her daze.
  62. > HEY!, WAIT A SECO---" she doesn't get to finish her sentence before she hears the sound of your zipper.
  63. > This moment is to good to pass up as you push yourself into her moist depths.
  64. > She screams at the sudden intrusion and you start pumping very slowly.
  65. > Wait....i dont... we...can't....stop" she mutter incoherently
  66. > You prop her hips up to give yourself better leverage as she lays her head flap against the tiled floor.
  67. > Her silent gasps fill the empty space as you pump her tight ass, just as you semi wished you could earlier.
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