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Oct 27th, 2018
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  1. Emilia, Bella and Vera stood in a circle, engaged in a staring contest that was destined to end rather soon. Their ritual would soon begin, the contest of supremacy that they endulged in every month.
  2. Emilia's tail flared up as it swished from side to side, her scaly hands holding their fingers extended and ready.
  3. Bella's round mouse ears stiffened as her hands slowly balled into fists.
  4. Vera's tiger tail was stiff and her claws rythmically extended and withrew.
  6. They were all tense as piano strings, waitig only for the signal. They didn't need to wait long.
  7. "GOOOOOOO" shouted Peter, their referee.
  9. They all sprang into action instantly, rushing to the round table in the middle of their little circle. On said table there was white rice, dried seaweed and several different typed of fish. As soon as their fingers could reach it, all three girls started to quickly slice up the fish into suitable size pieces and make nigiri, maki and uramaki with the rice and seaweed.
  11. Peter quietly moved around them, observing their individual efforts.
  12. Emilia was quite good at cutting the fish into nice pieces with her claws. That had always been a strong point for her, but she usually had some trouble rolling the seaweed. As he watched her now, that particular stage of her preparations was still her slowest. She had improved, but still lagged a bit behind on it.
  13. He did notice though, that she had sped up her work in other areas and thus managed to make more time for herself to get the slow part done.
  14. Nodding to himself and noting it in his mental notes, he moved on to Vera.
  16. The tiger woman Had initially been the slowest of the three by a noticable bit, because even though she could retract her claws and avoid the problems Emilia faced, her claws was so much larger that it was difficult for her to cut the fish in an acceptable manner. This was a big deal since wasting fish was a huge no-no.
  17. However, it would seem that she had made remarkable strides since the last time they held this contest. Her claws now moved with a dexterity that defied belief, cutting the fish into thin slices of a nice thickness and length.
  18. Peter nodded approvingly to himself, this must have been the reason for all those times she dissapeared and he just couldn't find her anywhere. She must have been practicing by herself a lot.
  20. As he circled around to Bella, his curiosity grew. She didn't have natural claws like the others, so she had gone to a dwarf and asked for a set of clawed gloves instead. However she lacked the natural feeling for using claws unlike the others, so she had struggled quite a bit with not just the cutting, but other elements as well.
  21. Their restaurant's motto was "Only the best, purely hand-made sushi" after all, so no knives were used in their kitchen.
  22. What he saw on the mouse girl's work bench now though, it was truly something to behold.
  23. Her hands danced across every surface, moving as if in a trance. Her fingers looked like they were doing some sort of dance, not a single wasted movement as each action flowed seamlessly into the next without pause.
  24. He found it hard to take his eyes of the scene. Even harder to believe how much she had improved.
  26. When Peter finally tore his eyes away from their work, his gaze fell to his own hands. Scarred, bruised and rough, they where no chef's hands. They where the hands of a former mercenary. A mercenary who had one day run into a hot headed salamander, somehow managed to defeat her, only to have her propose to him on the spot.
  27. The idea had seemed to ludicrous to him at the time that he more or less forgot to kill her and just moved away from the scene of their fight.
  28. Then he had met a hinezumi and the exact same thing had happened almost step by step. Then a Jinko, same scenario.
  29. Then the weeks of the three of them endlessly chasing after him trying to propose marrige, to the point where he finally snapped and just said "Fine then, whoever can make me the best sushi, I'll marry or whatever".
  30. He had said it just to say something, anything, but they took it so seriously that their competition resulted in the three of them opening this ridiculous restaurant together and now had monthly contests like this one.
  31. The whole thing almost made him laugh out loud when he summed it up like that. It was such a bizzare series of events that had lead to him now owning a sushi restaurant when his idea of food had always been 'whatever you can grill over a campfire'. The girls seemed all to happy with him not doing any work on the food though. That way they could keep treating it as the challenge he offered to them back then.
  33. Coming back to events in the moment, Peter noticed that they were all standing in front of him, plates full of sushi pieces and eager looks on their faces. Smiling, he moved to his 'judge table' and sat down. "Alright girls, lets see the results".
  35. It was honestly hard. Harder then any previous contest he had judged. All three of them had improved so much that it was really tough to pick a winner now.
  36. Eventually, Peter raised his hand. "Alright, verdict time".
  37. The tree girls were almost bouncing on their heels in their excitement as he spoke. "For this contest, I just have to say that wow, you have all really improved a lot".
  38. He took a moment to watch their beaming smiles before he continued. "As far as I'm concerned, you are all winners. However, the rules demand I pick someone for the winner spot, so here it is".
  39. He moved his hand down and extended his index finger. "Bella, it's you this time".
  40. The mouse girl looked surprised at first, then her brain caught up and she quickly ran around the table and hopped into his lap, arms locking themselves around his torso. He lovingly ran his fingers through her hair and lightly scratched the spot behind her ears he knew she liked. Her smiling face pressed hard against his chest as he did.
  42. Vera held out her hands with her palms facing up, shrugging her shoulders and slowly shaking her head. "Well well, I kind of felt it would be her this time. I honestly could hardly believe how her hands moved when I saw it".
  43. Emilia followed suit. "Honestly, she is making me feel like I've been lazy for not trying harder".
  44. Peter grinned. "Now now, Don't overwork yourselves on this you hear. This is already leaps and bounds better then someone like me even deserves".
  45. He was almost immediately met with multiple counter arguments from all three of them. He didn't need to hear them properly though, he had heard them before (and honestly liked the force they were delivered with).
  46. He held up a hand to interrupt them. "That's all well and good, but we have some rewards to hand out right now, don't we?"
  47. He cupped Bella's cute shin and lifted her face up, then met her lips with his own in a deep kiss. Emilia and Vera smield, dissapeared under the table and he soon felt their hands removing his pants and their tongues on his penis, which quickly swelled up to it's full size.
  48. He could hear Bella moan cutely and feel a slight moust sensation on the part of his shirt that her crotch was touching.
  49. He let the two girls lick him a little longer before grabbing Bella's cute butt that fit nicely into his large hands, lifted her up and brought her down, driving himself deep into her tight, wet tunnle.
  50. Her head flew back and a wonderful gasp escaped her lips before he began to forcefully move her hips up and down. Vera emerged from under the table, a smirk on her face. She moved close to them and put a pawn on Bella's back, then extended her tongue and started licking her slinder neck. As she did this Emilia also appeared and took one of the round mouse ears into her mouth and started nibbling on it.
  51. Bella gasped and moaned, her pussy constricting really hard around Peter's member. It did not take long for all his pent up desire to burst through the dam and he erupted straight into her pussy. He wrapped his arms around her small, trembling body and held it tightly against his chest, continuing to pump more cum into her. Her arms and legs held on to him as she moaned into his ear.
  53. Once their orgasms calmed down, he leaned down and kissed her gently. Then he extended his hands to Emilia's and Vera's faces in turn to pull them in for a kiss each.
  54. Smiling, he stood up with Bella in his arms. "Shall we head for the bedroom? The restaurant openes tonight and I want all of you three properly motivaded to serve what you just served me". Grinnign from ear to ear, the two girls follwed him as he carried the limp Bella, who was quickly starting to look more awake again.
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