LH Bridge Bug Timings

Devil6Lair May 2nd, 2018 87 Never
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  1. Currently before Escort we get flower bug, cliff bug, then dash all the way to LH Bridge bug and warp back to CT for Backslice.
  2. Idea is to move this bug to be gotten at the end of the Post AG arc (before warping graveyard).
  3. This bug is not needed during Agitha 1 so there are no issues there
  4. It was faster to roll to backslice from cliff bug by ~1s as opposed to staying by cliff for bug then transforming wolf to dash to backslice.
  6. Current:
  7. Flower bug->cliff bug->LH Bridge bug->backslice = 94.34 (
  8. Warp Graveyard instantly = 0
  10. Idea:
  11. Flower bug->cliff bug->backslice = 35.53 (
  12. Get LH Bridge bug from bug before bridge THEN warp graveyard = 43.58 (
  14. Current = 94.34
  15. Idea = 79.11
  17. Idea saved ~15.23s
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