Heavy Metal Chelation Challenge

Aug 25th, 2016
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  1. Heavy Metal Chelation Challenge
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  3. adaiz86
  4. Message 1 of 4 , Aug 22 5:54 PM
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  6. Hi NatChat,
  8. I have recently been informed (outside of natchat) that the urine challenge test for heavy metals has changed. That the current thoughts/consensus is to check for heavy metal levels by doing a 24 hour urine test without any provoking agent.
  10. I searched natchat and found one conversation/topic regarding the issue but they stated you wanted to do a pre challenge (provoked) urine test and a post challenge urine test to get more accurate results/data. By the way it's the message # 82581.
  12. I was under the impression that a provoked urine test (IE DMSA in the AM with urine collected x 12h or 24 h) was necessary in order to assess total body burden for heavy metals. And it appears things may have changed recently.
  14. Questions:
  15. 1) What is the current consensus regarding how to assess for total body burden for heavy metals? This also includes patients who are currently undergoing heavy metal chelation and need to get retested (as well as those who want to get tested for the first time).
  16. 2) If someone has already answered this question can you please let me know?
  18. Any info is much appreciated.
  22. adaiz86
  23. Message 2 of 4 , Aug 22 5:55 PM
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  25. By the way it's:
  27. Angelica Gonzales, ND
  28. Bend, OR
  31. (I don't do this very often so I forgot)
  35. Usha Honeyman
  36. Message 3 of 4 , Aug 23 8:01 AM
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  38. Most of the ACAM docs use Doctors Data in Illinois for the urine testing. Drs DAta is very good with providing information to clinicians, so if you want the latest, I highly recommend calling them. I've been told you get the best data with a 24 hr challenge collection, but I have patients do a 6 hour collection after a provoking agent like oral DMSA, as I get better compliance. Dr's Data suggested 6 hour collection a few years ago. If you send a kit home with the patient and it sits in their closet for years - which does happen, then you get no data :-(
  40. Usha Honeyman, DC, ND, DABCI
  41. Chiropractic Internist, Naturopathic Physician
  45. adaiz86
  46. Message 4 of 4 , Aug 23 5:57 PM
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  48. Dr. Usha Honeyman,
  50. Thanks! I was also considering giving them a call since I have an account with them.
  52. Angelica Gonzales, ND
  53. Bend, OR
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