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  1. [Main tank] Peak SR: 4.2k+ Current SR: 4247
  2. Looking for Top OD teams  (4.2k+)
  3. -Country: UK
  4. -Age:19
  5. -800+ hours of scrims, experience scrimming against tier 3 scrims 50+ hours, played for ESPIRE E-Sports
  6. -Competed in OD season 2 6-4 , puck cup 3rd place, scrim central 3rd place and the weekly brawls, 7-3 this OD
  7. -Extremely vocal
  8. -Prefer to being a secondary shot caller
  9. -Can target call and directional call
  10. -Have vods I can provide
  11. -Can play all 3 main tanks at a high level, Can play Hammond too
  12. -Flexible schedule ( can play at anytime through out the week)
  13. -PMA, able to give and receive constructive criticism
  14. -Looking to play professionally
  15. -Looking to play everyday and long hours
  17. If interested DM's are open, discord- [LFT] Stedderz#3412
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