thezxtreme gameplay

Sep 28th, 2014
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  1. General features:
  2. -----------------
  4. - At first character creation, players get introduced to the "Recommended faction" feature.
  5. - This feature is meant to suggest new players which faction they should pick in order to keep a balanced gameplay in matters of horde/alliance ratio.
  7. [--> CHARACTER SETUP <--]
  8. - Upon first login, newly created characters get all spells learnt. Filing talents updates the spellbook automatically with talent associated spells.
  9. - The fastest way to set up a character is by picking one of the many templates meant to automatically learn talents, gear, gem, enchant, glyph, to suit player's needs.
  10. - If picking one of the templates does not fit your needs, you can choose the classic way to set up your character anytime.
  11. - Starting/Free PvP gear is Furious. Starting/Free PvE gear is represented by all items between 200-213 item level.
  12. - Once your character is set up, you can queue for battlegrounds or arenas, otherwise you will receive a warning.
  14. [--> CHAT SYSTEM <--]
  15. - Upon login, players are invited to the Public chat. The Public chat can be left anytime.
  16. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. Gameplay description:
  19. ---------------------
  20. [--> PVP GAMEPLAY <--]
  21. - The starting PvP gear is Furious; honor points are used to upgrade to Relentless.
  22. - PvP players have two alternatives for earning Honor Points: queue for Random Battleground or join the Battle of Ruby Sanctum.
  23. - The next PvP gear tier after Relentless is Wrathful. Wrathful can be purchased for honor points, arena points and arena rating.
  24. - Arena rating and points can be obtained by playing arena games. The arena system comes with a "Ready Check" feature. If all players click the "Yes" button, this feature shortens the time before the arena starts.
  25. - When the first battleground of the day ends, winners get a transmogrification emblem which can be used to transmogrify gear parts.
  26. - The PvP gameplay grants only one transmogrification emblem per day, per character.
  28. - The Battle of Ruby Sanctum is a free-for-all no-grouping instance with enhanced gameplay.
  29. - The faction controlling the middle zone of the Ruby Sanctum is granted with 50% more honor points per kill.
  30. - In the middle zone there is also found a spawned buff object which grants the players speed, damage or heal.
  31. - This object is automatically respawned every 45 seconds.
  32. - The Ruby Sanctum gameplay is also improved by the kill streak system implementation. For each kill it does a players is granted a bonus amount of honor. The higher the kill streak is, the more bonus he gets, but upon death the player killing him will be granted bonus honor aswell.
  33. - Another epic feature of Ruby Sanctum is the base capturing system. Basically this system grants 5% increased damage dealt for the faction controlling both bases.
  34. - Bear in mind that this is a free-for-all zone and grouping is disabled.
  35. - Implemented kill streak system in battle of ruby sanctum, at each player kill you will a bonus amount of honor.
  37. - In order to provide a fair gameplay an anti farm system was implemented. Killing the same player consecutively does not grant rewards.
  39. [--> PVE GAMEPLAY <--]
  40. - The starting PvE gear is represented by all items between 200-213 item level.
  41. - To upgrade their gear to items between 226-245 item level, players need to obtain Dungeon emblems.
  42. - For every 5 man wotlk dungeon, players get an amount of Dungeon emblems for each killed boss, depending on difficulty.
  43. - To upgrade their gear to items between 258-277 item level, players need to obtain Raid emblems.
  44. - For every 10/25 man wotlk raid, players get an amount of Raid emblems for each killed boss, depending on difficulty.
  45. - For each boss killed in every dungeon or raid, players are rewarded with a special kind of emblem (depending on difficulty), which can be spent for other kind of items: mounts, instance reset, group buffs, tabards, shirts etc.
  46. - All prices are balanced.
  47. - By using the random dungeon finder, first completed dungeon of the day rewards players with a transmogrification emblem.
  48. - The PvE gameplay grants only one transmogrification emblem per day, per character.
  50. Other features:
  51. ---------------
  52. [--> MISC <--]
  53. - The Teleporter which allows players to travel to different places.
  54. - The Enchanter which allows players to one click enchant their gear.
  55. - The Starter NPC which allows players to setup characters very fast by picking one of the templates provided.
  56. - The Profession Master which allows players to learn any profession and pattern with just one click
  57. - The Beast Master which allows hunter class players to easily get their pet.
  58. - The Transmogrification system which allows players to change their items' display to any other item provided in the transmogrification vendors.
  59. - The Donation System allows players to get items faster. Does not provide any custom items or advantage which can't be obtained from the normal gameplay.
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