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Jul 17th, 2015
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  1. Solar Liberator (SL) is a crowd sourcing initiative to get certain solar panels with and without electronics brought to live. They tried to raise $25,000,- but instead raised $413,658.
  2. It even has it's own reddit section:
  3. The fact that that hasn't been updated in over a year says plenty
  5. This far, 18 months into the project, they haven't delivered anything.
  6. Refuse to supply photo's and a clear time line what is going to happen when and how.
  7. Just remarks about local initiatives and protection of their intellectual property by filing patents.
  9. Several articles have been written, beforehand about this project eg:
  13. SL keeps removing my posts.
  14. Not only mine btw, all messages that urge SL to come forward with accurate information are removed.
  15. They got so tired of my comments that they first files a complaint with Indiegogo to get me removed.
  16. No response from Indiegogo, they don't share the view of SL
  18. Even though SL claims they have refunded $30k in money already, they didn't know how to proceed with my refund.
  19. But finally I received this:
  21. ---------------------------------------------------------
  22. Solar Liberator Support via
  23. Jul 4 (13 days ago)
  26. Your payment details have been noted. Your refund will be processed within 5-7 business days. You will be notified once the wire transfer is sent.
  28. We request that you do not selectively delete the content on this email thread when communicating with us.
  30. All communication with respect to your refund is being copied to Indiegogo Support.
  32. Solar Liberator - Support
  33. Phone: (727) 288-2164
  35. ------------------------------
  36. So when I didn't get a notification nor my money back after 8.5 days I wrote an email and a comment on the indiegogo page (which was removed same day)
  37. Today I got this reply
  39. -------------------------------
  41. We have instructed our bank on 15 July 2015 to carry out the funds transfer and are awaiting confirmation from them on the fund transfer.
  43. Once we obtain the wire transcript we will send it across.
  45. We cannot send confirmation that we do not have yet.
  47. Indiegogo Team,
  49. We will attach the wire transfer script as soon as we receive it from our bank.
  51. Once the funds transfer is confirmed, please take necessary steps to cancel the perk and remove fromport from the backers list as per your Terms of Service.
  53. Thanks and regards,
  54. Team Solar Liberator
  56. --------------------------------
  58. So SL sets a time frame. fails to deliver within that time frame, does nothing and when I ask for status update
  59. they make it sounds they are not the one to blame. Sounds familiar ?!
  61. Plus they want me off the comment section ASAP.
  62. They can not stand people with critical remarks.
  64. I urge everyone to ask for a refund for the following reasons:
  66. -They are clueless.
  67. -Solar panels keep getting cheaper and cheaper.
  68. -The concept of plug in solar panels (which is what the 500 Watt panels I ordered 2 off are) will never be inline with NEC (national electric code)
  69. -putting batteries under a solar panel that is in full sun, will give such a thermal load, that the batteries won't survive long.
  71. Live long and prosper.
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